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[11/10/20]   Happy birthday Dr. Anderson, have a great day


Something fun in these crazy times! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Something fun in these crazy times! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

[04/03/20]   Anxiety, Fear, Panic. These are all things occurring in our country/state today. It's no wonder given how the Covid 19 is being reported by the media and repeated (and enhanced) on social media. So what can you do to help yourself? First of all start using critical thinking. According to the latest figures I have found (3:38PM 04/03/2020) there are 7367 people in WA state diagnosed with Covid 19!! Concerning numbers. 273,409 people diagnosed in the USA again scary numbers! 1,088,878 souls diagnosed world wide! As testing increases those numbers will go up!! Now lets apply some prospective. In WA state the population of the state is 7,792,095 which means that less than .0009% of Washingtonians have this virus. The population of the US is 330,097,117 which means less than .0008% of the US has this virus. World wide less than .0001%. How about deaths? A bit harder but in WA state there have been 292 deaths attributed to Covid 19 that is 3.9% of those who have had the virus, In the US 7064 deaths which is 2.5% of those that have had the virus. Now as testing continues the positives and deaths will increase but most likely not to the extent that will significantly change these numbers. Keep in mind the number of people who recover ( a statistic that is not collected) will also increase. In the first post regarding this crisis I related that Seattle Infectious disease had said that 80% of those infected will have a mild case (flu/pneumonia), 15% will have severe case (respiratory distress probably hospitalized) and 5% will have respiratory collapse (ICU high fatality). So take the time to apply some prospective the the numbers that are being presented. So what should you do? Wash your hands, cover your coughs, if sick definitely stay at home, and follow the recommended social distancing rules the government has put out there. They will help bring this to a more rapid conclusion. Anxiety Fear and Panic are toxic and even more contagious than Covid 19. Hope this helps!

[03/24/20]   Not to take anything away from the gratitude shown to those of us in healthcare and first responders but I do need to say this, this is the job we signed up for; want to know who I am grateful for? All the support people who are behind us, receptionists, ward clerks, food service, house keeping, maintenance, office managers, supply personnel and all the rest of you, a huge THANK YOU!!


In medicine when I read studies and reports there are several things I keep in mind. Knowing that you can get statistics to say just about anything you want, the first question is; Who paid for the study? No surprise but every sales rep gives me studies showing how well their product works! The second is what kind of numbers are we looking at. 1000 or 10,000 may seem like a lot, but if it is out of 1 million or 10 million then maybe it's less impressive. So lets look at the Corona virus currently on everyone's mind.

I must preface this with this simple fact: viral pneumonia is a serous life threatening medical condition and should never be taken lightly. All precautions should be taken to protect oneself and the public. Panic is also a serious problem.

This comes from Johns Hopkins University

The world population is 7.8 billion people (
There are 372,563 cases of corona virus world wide
There have been 16381 deaths world wide
100,885 people have recovered world wide

Which means; much less than .001% has this disease.
4.3% of those that have had it died (no note of their health)
27% of those who have been diagnosed have already recovered.

In this country
US population 332,856,306
Confirmed cases US 41,708
Deaths US 552
Again much less than .001% has this virus
1.3% of those that have it have died (no note of age or health)

Now the number of diagnosed cases will go up over the next few weeks as more people are tested. Unfortunately more people will die from this pneumonia.

As in my last post the infectious disease specialists predict that 80% of those who catch it will have a non-severe pneumonia.

So keep this in mind when you hear the news reports and the second, third and fourth hand stories in the coming weeks. Ask yourselves, What do these numbers really mean?

Please continue the safety steps; cover your coughs, wash your hands, avoid crowds and if you are sick stay at home.

This too shall pass.

Take care God bless!!

[03/20/20]   To all our patients. We here at Anderson podiatry want to reach out to our community during this uncertain times. We are still seeing patients in our offices.

First some simple facts. As of 03/18/20 at Skagit Valley hospital there have been 835 patients tested. 299 tests are still pending. Out of the 536 tests that have been completed 33 are positive, that is roughly 6%. The data from Seattle infectious disease is that out of those people who contract the covid virus 80% will have non-severe illness (mild pneumonia), 15% will have severe illness (hypoxia or low oxygen, respiratory distress) and 5% will have critical illness (respiratory failure). The experts predict the number of cases will increase (this is expected with any illness) over the next few weeks then will start to decline. The measures the state is putting in place is in preparation for this increase. Elective surgeries are canceled to preserve open beds and to preserve the supply of masks and gowns needed when treating patients with an airborne illness, not because it is more dangerous. Cancellation of events and closure of places people gather is to give the virus less opportunity to spread person to person so it will burn itself out more rapidly.

So the bottom line is this: Covid is a respiratory viral pneumonia that has a greater than average ability to spread (contagious). Pneumonia is a serious illness that kills people every year. But we have viral pneumonia every year. You must take reasonable steps to protect yourself; cover your coughs, wash your hand frequently, avoid crowds and gathering of people, and if you are sick stay home do not expose others. If you have other health issues; respiratory illness, heart problems diabetes advanced age then you must be doubly careful to protect yourself. The treatment for this illness is supportive, rest, fluids, good diet. Only those with severe illness are going to need hospitalization. Turn off your TV Unfortunately our news providers are pushing the most sensational stories they can, it is unfortunate and irresponsible of them in my opinion, but it sells advertising.

So what are we at Anderson Podiatry doing? We are seeing patients. We are spreading out the appointment times so that we do not have people sitting in our waiting room. We are keeping our office clean, and we are seeing patients. So please give us a call if you are having foot or ankle issues.

God bless all,

Dr. Randy Anderson 02/10/2020

Morning is God's way. - Lessons Learned in Life

Yes โค๏ธ Morning is Godโ€™s way of saying one more time, go make a difference, touch a heart, encourage a mind, inspire a soul and enjoy the day. 01/20/2020

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[02/12/19]   Anderson Podiatry is closed today, Tuesday, February 12 to keep it safe!

[02/08/19]   Anderson Podiatry has closed for the day (Friday, Feb. 8) due to snowy weather! Please be safe and stay home!


The great Joost van der Westhuizen has passed away after a lengthy battle with motor neuron disease. He was 45. #RIPjoost

[02/04/19]   Anderson Podiatry is closed today because of snow. Be safe!



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