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Timeline photos 04/29/2022

Melissa had a goal to train and run in the Chicago Marathon—a race she worked so hard to qualify in. Then, hip pain sidelined her from running. After initially trying to ignore the pain, her friend and running partner, Brittany, encouraged her to get help from a physical therapist. The two worked with our team to get Melissa back on her feet and ran side-by-side in the Statesman Capitol 10,000. After crossing the finish line, Melissa now has her eyes set on the Chicago Marathon once again.

“Your goals matter and you can achieve those goals without having to suffer. It's also ok to modify your goals and create smaller goals to achieve the bigger ones.” -Brittany

Timeline photos 04/28/2022

When Kenneth woke up with chest pain, he knew something wasn't right. After his doctor directed him to Baylor Scott & White Heart and Vascular Hospital – Dallas, tests showed his arteries were 70-80% blocked. He needed quintuple bypass surgery. After surgery that next morning, Kenneth regained his strength through months of cardiac rehab. Though rehab was strenuous, Kenneth found comfort knowing he was closely monitored by his care team each rehab session. Today, Kenneth looks back on his cardiac rehab experience with gratitude and optimism—gratitude for the team who saved his life and optimism for what lies ahead.​

Timeline photos 04/26/2022

Quiz Time! 📝 Which of the conditions below can be treated through virtual care?


Paperless Billing

We’re going paperless! This Earth Day, we celebrate our planet and all she means to us. We’re doing our part for the planet by implementing paperless billing—a move that is expected to save nearly 10 million pieces of paper per year.

Timeline photos 04/21/2022

Get care without feeling the pain of the pump. Learn more by visiting

Photos from Baylor Scott & White Health's post 04/17/2022

EveryBUNNY welcome our new Tiniest Texans! 🐰

When is a cough more than just a cough? - Scrubbing In 04/14/2022

When is a cough more than just a cough? - Scrubbing In

Tickle in your throat? Let’s get to the root cause of your cough.

When is a cough more than just a cough? - Scrubbing In So, you have a cough. Besides being annoying (both to you and likely those around you), a cough can be a symptom of more serious conditions—especially if lingers for a long time, is accompanied by fever or other symptoms, or gets steadily worse. But figuring out when your cough is due to allergies...

Timeline photos 04/13/2022

This World Health Day, we recognize the work of our care teams to provide access to health services to patients close to home and across the globe. Through Faith in Action Initiatives, our medical professionals bring medical supplies and care to those living in remote Guatemalan communities for no cost. ​

Discover how you can support these initiatives by visiting

Timeline photos 04/11/2022

Chance learned that his father was suffering from stage five kidney disease and began looking into options.​

After discussing those options with his father's physician, he learned that his dad was qualified for a kidney transplant.​

Thankfully, Chance was a match. However, he wasn't qualified to donate due to his BMI. Determined he would help his father, Chance decided he would lose the weight. ​

After losing nearly 50 lbs, he gave his father the ultimate gift by donating a kidney and saving his life. 💙

How to help someone struggling with anxiety - Scrubbing In 04/08/2022

How to help someone struggling with anxiety - Scrubbing In

It can be difficult to discuss anxiety with someone. How can you start the conversation? What should you say? How can you really help? Here are a few tips to help you navigate these sensitive conversations.

How to help someone struggling with anxiety - Scrubbing In It can be difficult to discuss anxiety with someone, especially someone you love. Many people still see mental health as a taboo topic and may be uncomfortable sharing their personal struggles, but support of a loved one can be extremely helpful in coping with anxiety. By making sure your loved one....

Timeline photos 04/07/2022

Food labels can leave you scratching your head in confusion. Decipher what these labels mean and how they improve the nutritional value of your food.

Learn more 👉

Timeline photos 03/31/2022

What is something you would go back and tell your younger self? For Gina, it’s to take care of the body’s largest organ—your skin. ​

In her 20s, Gina frequently tanned, avoided sun protection, and used baby oil on her skin when out by the pool. Twenty years later, a routine mole check revealed that Gina had stage 2b malignant melanoma. A successful surgery discovered her cancer hadn’t spread, and Gina began her healing by advocating for those young and old to start taking care of their bodies today.

How exercise can improve your blood pressure - Scrubbing In 03/31/2022

How exercise can improve your blood pressure - Scrubbing In

Your blood pressure is determined by both modifiable and non-modifiable factors. While non-modifiable factors are out of your control, careful attention to the modifiable factors, like exercise, can yield lasting effects on your blood pressure health.

How exercise can improve your blood pressure - Scrubbing In If you have it, this article concerns your least favorite subject. The ever-looming elephant in many of our rooms—high blood pressure. The medical condition known as high blood pressure (HBP), or hypertension, is simply when the long-term force of blood against one’s artery walls is consistently...


Dancing Nurses

When one of our healthcare heroes asked her elderly patient if there was anything else she could do for him, he responded, "Well, can you dance?" So, she gathered a few of her team members and showed him how they rock the electric slide.

"Seeing his big smile, him clapping along, and ending with 'you precious girls, that was great' was THE BEST! When people ask how we have time for this, just know, we make the time because it’s TOTALLY worth it." - Chelsea, RN

Timeline photos 03/30/2022

As a surgical gynecologist, Tiffany has made it her mission to empower women at home and abroad to take better care of themselves. That mission has carried her halfway across the world on medical mission trips to Jamaica.

“A lot of women don’t take great care of themselves because they’re taking care of others,” Dr. Jackson said. “The opportunity to care for people who do so much for others and to make sure they have what they need is really special.”

On National Doctor's Day, we celebrate Tiffany and the many other doctors like her whose passion drives them to care for us both here and abroad.

Timeline photos 03/28/2022

For more than a decade, Eric has been ministering to veterans returning home from combat as a chaplain—passionate about healing the spirit of those who have sacrificed the most for our country. After receiving a life-saving heart transplant, it was a veteran who offered Eric a unique way to restore his body and spirit through their shared passion for martial arts.

Timeline photos 03/24/2022

If you haven't been caught, share your healthy snack secrets in the comments!


Tag, you’re it! Beating breast cancer starts by catching it early. ​

Tag a friend in the comments below to remind them to schedule their mammogram by visiting .

Building resilience: 6 ways to be a more resilient person - Scrubbing In 03/18/2022

Building resilience: 6 ways to be a more resilient person - Scrubbing In

With all the chronic sources of stress facing our world right now, implementing ways to build resiliency can help you cope and move forward.

1. Make time for self-care
2. Focus on what you can control
3. Take care of your body
4. Invest in your relationships
5. Do things you enjoy
6. Focus on the positives in life

Building resilience: 6 ways to be a more resilient person - Scrubbing In How do you react when something goes wrong? Maybe it’s a small disappointment like being passed up for a promotion. Maybe it’s something that hits deeper like a failed relationship or sudden health diagnosis. Or maybe it’s the often-overwhelming chaos of the world around us. What makes the dif...

Timeline photos 03/17/2022

Growing up, Jennifer loved science but never thought she’d work in medicine. After spending 18 years in Iowa working in research to make plants better, she found her true calling was to make people better through cancer research—a calling that became personal after she lost her father and stepfather to cancer. ​

Now, Jennifer is on the frontlines of cancer research to discover how immunotherapy can harness a patient’s immune system to fight cancer. ​

“The pursuit of knowledge is at the heart of what I do. Where there is knowledge, there will always be hope.” ​

Learn more about Jennifer’s research.

Timeline photos 03/16/2022

Emotional wellbeing impacts the way you’re able to cope and respond to life’s challenges, and plays a key role in taking the best care of your overall health.

Last week at SXSW EDU, our Austin team partnered with The Kindness Campaign to address the need for creating accessible tools to build emotional health in the home and the classroom. Together, we can continue to find solutions to creating healthier bodies, minds and spirits.

Timeline photos 03/14/2022

These best friends share more than just a brotherly bond—they share a liver. When Stephen was diagnosed with a chronic liver disease that required transplantation, he ramped up search efforts among friends and family to find a living liver donor. To his surprise, his search stopped right in front of him with his life-long best friend, Yuki. ​

After successfully transplanting two-thirds of Yuki’s liver into Stephen, both men are back to experiencing life together as fathers, adventurers and volunteers. ​

When asked if he thought it was a coincidence that he would be the perfect donor match for his best friend, Yuki said this was no coincidence.​

“I would say it was meant to be.”

Life is stressful — it’s time for a mental health check-in - Scrubbing In 03/11/2022

Life is stressful — it’s time for a mental health check-in - Scrubbing In

Time for a mental health check-in. ⏰. During stressful times, it's important to identify, process and regulate emotions.

Life is stressful — it’s time for a mental health check-in - Scrubbing In How are you feeling? How have you been feeling the past week? Most importantly, what are you doing about how you’re feeling? Let’s talk about the importance of checking into our emotions and mental well-being, and explore a few tools that can help us begin to notice, process and regulate emotion...

Timeline photos 03/10/2022

For every blood sugar spike, there is a season and a reason. Are you surprised by what may spike your blood sugar this spring? ​


Through our philanthropic mission to support communities locally and abroad, Baylor Scott & White's Faith in Action Initiatives is shipping crucial medical supplies to Ukraine and the neighboring nations aiding in the global humanitarian crisis. These pallets of supplies include wound care items, bandages, gauze and surgical packs to provide life-saving resources to our neighbors in need. 🇺🇦





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