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When will we learn!

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I love you...that’s all.

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Sensational desserts!

Go Saints!

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Posted • IT’S NEVER OVER! I CAN RECREATE MYSELF NOW! ‪It’s never final. It’s never over. Believe until it happens. Believe until it manifests. Keep believing in every situation even when you feel like the odds are against you. See everything happening in your favor. Our faith and vision carries us into a world of possibilities. ‬You need faith, vision, and a feeling of trust. Everything is a miracle. You breathing right now. The entire universe. The way everything is happening shows a power beyond physical at work. Don’t be limited by what you see. Don’t think what’s happening is real and solid. We have changed many times up to this point in our lives. You have changed in so many ways. Mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. A lot has came into your life and left. You learned a lot, you’ve evolved, your patience has been tested but you prevailed, you came out strong from situations that you thought would break you. All that power you have used is within you. Nothing is final. You clearly see that in your life. So look at your current situation like that. What can you believe into existence today? What can you imagine happening for you? It’s all possible. Why not? Breathe so deeply and trust. You are connected. You are powerful. You are a miracle. Feel stronger within. I know the inner worlds miracles. You have that access 24/7 for the rest of your life. The point is to stop playing tricks on yourself. Stop putting more faith into circumstances and put more faith into the power that sustains you. The power that gives to you. The power that nourishes you. It’s beyond physical but being here now you can be lifted in the mind and spirit first so you can alter what you’re creating. Take back your power. Believe the greatest things into existence. It doesn’t matter how. It doesn’t matter when. Just believe and watch things being to happen for you. Your only thing now is believing until it happens. Nothing else. Consistent faith. Consistent affirmations. Consistent power in your words. You are pure greatness. Believe in yourself. Comment IT’S NEVER OVER! I CAN RECREATE MYSELF NOW!

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Posted • I hate to be the one to tell you, but it’s never going to be as it once was...
But, that doesn’t mean it can’t be better than it ever was!
Stop trying to recreate what has been, and put your energy into creating what has never been.
Live. Learn. Grow.
And let’s Go! Go! Go!
The world is waiting for the future you!
Gimme a 💯 if you’re ready..!

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Giving honor to my mom on her birthday. Rest Ada, rest. ❤️

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Posted • Don't you love knowing that you don't have to figure it all out?

You do know this, right?

Of course, you'll still have those silly moments when you think it's all up to you.

Moments when your thoughts start running wild into the future.

Moments when what you want to accomplish feels like way too much to handle.

Soon, you feel overwhelmed and want to run away or take a nap.

Maybe both.

When that happens, give a big "thank you" to overwhelm for reminding you: Life knows what you want and how to get it for you.

Deep breaths.

All is well.

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