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The Divine Feminine Oracle

🔥 Saint Brigid 🔥

Our Lady of Exalted Light

She come in a time when we celebrate Imbolc.
Reminding us of the internal
Light within ourselves.
A perfect time let go of the possessions that are no longer needed in your life. Instead release them by blessing someone that may have better use for them. Clear and declutter your home. Making it a sacred space. So you may tap into yourself bring light to those you cherish.


I have an announcement beginning 2023. For your Birthday, I’ll be giving a free dice reading. Can be redeem on your birthday month. Happy Holidays.


🧚🏼‍♀️ Oracle of the Fairies 🧚🏼‍♀️
Life Energy

☀️ Fairy of Sunshine ☀️
As the days get shorter Sunlight becomes scares. Get outside. When possible take a walk out and that in its Vitamin C. The life force with in its light will fill you up with restored energy.


🦋 Butterfly Oracle 🦋
For Life Changes


Letting go is the first step for forgiveness. There is no reason to Cary with you that heavy load that keeps you in perpetual unhappiness. Forgiving others that have wronged us is important for our mental state of mind. Forgiving ourselves helps with the emotional healing in our lives.


🌝 Moonology Manifestation 🌝
♌️ Last Quarter Moon in Leo ♌️

Lighten Up
“When I forgive myself, I set myself free…”

Having a positive view in life can be accomplished by balancing the light and darkness. Remember to fill yourself with happy thoughts. Wearing lighter colors can help the mindset too.

Remember, negative thoughts will pass through you mind all the time. It’s ok to acknowledge them and keep going. No reason to dwell on them. Just kick them to the curb.

Stones that can help you with this are Sunstone, Carnelian, Citrine, Rose Quarts, Aventurine or Dalmatian Jasper.


🌳 The Sacred Forest Oracle tree 🌳
✨Starry Night ✨


The acceptance of all aspects with in ourselves is the gift from a majestic nature. Surrender the dark side that has brought guilt. Forgive yourself. Don’t let it weight you down.

You to are worthy of magnificent things in your life. Learn to have strength in receiving positive things in life. Enjoy the blessings that have been given. Everyone has a place. That is what makes you special.


Hope y’all enjoyed my difficult sugar skulls.

Good morning y’all. Didn’t have time to past last night look for day of the dead. The half face represents life and death. Perfect for the last night Voodoo Ceremony hosted my Sally Ann Glassman. This one only took a little over an hour.


These are the alters for my ancestors.
Like usual rubber duckies for my beloved babies. Wendy, Todd and Fred. The others are pictures of my late brother Joseph and my late uncle Israel. I think I need to get more family photos.


The Winged Enchantment Oracle
🦚 Peacock 🦚

The Peacock comes into our lives to remind us about its beauty. Our inner beauty.
When ugliness is around in our community. We must be reminded of it’s beauty. With all its attributes. Become aware of your surroundings. Make your presence noticed. So you too can be admired just like the Peacock. Making things in your favor.

Other Peacock’s attributes to take advantage off. Spectacular Beauty
Masculine Power
Sisterhood Protection Showmanship
Pride Versatility
Vision and Awareness
Renewal and Immortality
Good Luck


🌚 Moonology Oracle 🌚

Full Moon in Gemini ♊️

The answer you need are coming

Be open to have a meaningful conversation with someone. The truth may not always be what you expect. Stay calm. Words have consequences. Remember find humor instead or reacting. Side not… Good time for job hunting. Prospects look good.


Sacred Light Oracle
🔥 Violet Fire 🔥

Transmutation, Detoxification,
Psychic Vision, Constant Distraction.

Sensory perception speak quickly. Learn their messages with structural balance.

In our search for spiritual enlightenment we can become our own obstacle. Wanting to feel, know or experience more. We end up loosing sight in our conversations with other. To allow the Violent Flame detoxify and transmute the anxiety by clearing the negative energy. Removing anything and all that prevents from hearing and listening to what our senses rely to our thoughts and heart.

Affirmation: I am the violet fire. My psychic vision is clear.


The Divine Feminine Oracle
Sarada Devi

❤️ The Divine Mother ❤️

How can anyone make declarations of loving an other when they have not learned to love oneself? An unconditional love which exists within. This form of love doesn’t have conditions, limitations nor expectations. It’s just love.

The acceptance of deeply self love. Without guilt or judgement. Embracing all of our faults with forgiveness. Only then can we be open to love others like ourselves. The presence of love is the absence of judgment.



Flower Therapy Oracle
🌸 Banksia 🌸

New Beginnings

Just as we se the Phenix rise from the ashes stronger and wiser than before. You too can take this opportunity of starting a new. It’s best to focus being proactive as you move forward. Regardless how rough things we in the past.

The opportunity to have a clean slate starting over. It doesn’t mean to go over and over past. Despite how grim or devastating it might have been. You have the opportunity to cut ties with the past and start a new beginning. Great time to enforce positive affirmations. Embracing people or redefining habits that will bring joy and positivity into your life.


Mystical Shaman Oracle
Luminous Warrior

No Enemies in the World

The focus is on light rather than darkness. Grow to empower, wisdom and beauty. Learn to win a battle not through fighting. Instead be witty with wisdom. Where you can turn a foe into a friend. #divination


Crystal Angles Oracle

Ceremonies and Celebrations

It’s important to honor and celebrate important occasions in your lives. Regardless if it’s a personal affair or joining with others mile stone moments of life passage. It fills everyone personal life with positive energy.

If you’re in a relationship, this is a great time to step in the next level. If you’re single, this is a positive sign to put yourself out there. To meet your long term partner.

Emerald is a gemstone of lasting love. Brings harmony,compassion, love and illumination. This stone healing of regeneration, renewal and recovery. Deepens your spiritual awareness in opening the heart to Divine Love.


Siblys Oraculum “Oracle of the Black Doves of Africa”

📐Will is the measure of choice📏

The calculation measure of an experience in a journey, a material possession or those around you make it worth the struggle. If it’s something worth it in your life; the sacrifice that you make are validated. However if it is something you can live without; it’s time to let go.


Good morning everyone. Happy Mamas Day. Decided that it would be a good day to come out to the square. If your in the area, stop my and say hi. On Pirates Alley Side. Between the Cabildo and Cathedral.


Good morning everyone. Happy Mamas Day. Decided that it would be a good day to come out to the square. If your in the area, stop my and say hi. On Pirates Alley Side. Between the Cabildo and Cathedral.


Exited… Tomorrow is the big day. Float 13 to be exact. I have stayed up decorating hand fans as our signature throw. Glitter everywhere.


Good morning, at the square reading to do my thing. If your in the area say hi. Now, if you want a reading I can do that too.


Wishing everyone a Happy Christmas.


It was a privilege and an honor to officiate the Nuptial Ceremony for these lovely pair.


Had the pleasure to officiate nuptials this afternoon. Raindrops added Blessings from above.


The Gathering Radio Show has asked me to participate again. This time with Willow. Join us at paraxradionetwork.com for a phenomenal discussion.


🌺 Flower Therapy Oracle 🌺


🌟 Reach for the Stars 🌟

Laws of Attraction. This is the time when focusing on what you want out of life. If you only see what you don’t want. There is a possibility you will miss your opportunity.


🧚🏼‍♀️ Oracles of the Fairies 🧚🏼‍♀️
Look in a Book

When your looking to expand your mind or just get lost in a different world. A good book can be the answer. A passage, paragraph or even the full storyline. It can enlighten with clarity.


🕊The Winged Enchantment Oracle🕊

🐔 Rooster 🐔

When you need a boost of confidence. The Roster has your back. It’s also there to protect your home. He comes as the guide to bring stability.


👼 Ángel Answers 👼


Live your life in Abundance. Universe gives us the opportunities for growth and prosperity. Opportunities can bring us closer to what we want or take us further away. We still need to stay focus with gratitude in our hearts desire.



🦋 Butterfly Oracle Cards 🦋 for Life Changers

Health-Care Change

Protect your health at all costs p. A beautiful loving sign is to acknowledge any differences with in your body. Don’t wait until it’s to late. Remember it’s easier to prevent than having to work harder to heal and make better.


After the stroke of midnight on The New Year. I will do an egg reading for myself. This year my hubby decided to participate. It is a reading I do offer clients that usually comes with a cleansing as well.


Take advantage of December Special. #


Need a reading? They also make great gifts. Take advantage 25% off special.


From now til the end of the year. It’s a 25% discount from regular rates. Call or text for your appointment.


I’m out on the square ready to do readings. Saint Ann side by Cafe du Monde. If your out come say hi.

Photos from Avant-Garde Spirit's post 10/22/2020

Now I feel like the Dragon Fruit Queen is about to arrive. Received my shipment of the dragon fruit varieties. Delight, Sugar Dragon and of course every New Orleans girl must have Voodoo Child. I’m so exited and grateful for having found a suppler. I’ll keep photos as they develop.

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