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The Role of Medications

Medication will always be part of almost every recovery plan. Their role is undeniable in our overall health. But of course, we should always be responsible when taking them.

Get the medication you need for your recovery with us!


Is It Possible to Be Allergic to Medications?

You can be allergic to certain commercial medications. When this happens, compounded medicines can be made specifically for your needs.

If you need compounding services, give us a call.


Why Is Compounding So Useful?

Compounding is essentially described as the process of creating a custom-made medication tailored for the specific preferences of a person. This process is highly useful because many may have hindrances to their medication intake.

They may not like the flavor of their medications, or they may be allergic to them. Some may also find it hard to medication of certain sizes. Through compounding, these concerns can be addressed with ease.

Call us today for your medication compounding needs!


Strengthen Your Immune System with Vaccines!

Vaccines ensure that you are protected against a variety of deadly illnesses. With this protection, you can live life with peace of mind.

If you need to keep your vaccinations up to date, we can help.


Generic Medications Can Be Cheaper

Generic medications may cost less compared to branded medications. If you want to recover without breaking the bank, generic medications may be for you.

If you prefer a generic plan, we can help.


Take Your Medications on Time!

Medications are powerful factors that directly contribute to your healing. However, patients should always take their medications on time and as prescribed by their doctors and pharmacists.

Doing this ensures that these medications work as intended. By following your prescription schedule, you can overcome your health conditions.

With that, take every step to take your medications on time and as prescribed. Call us today for your medication needs!


The Value of Vaccines

We all have a better chance of living a healthy life when we are protected against a variety of deadly illnesses. This is essentially the effect of the numerous vaccines available to us.

Despite a healthy immune system, several pathogens can still infect our bodies, causing deadly illnesses. Vaccines are created to help protect us against these deadly illnesses.

If you want to strengthen your immune system through proper immunization, make sure you give us a call.


Don’t Hesitate to Raise Your Concerns

Pharmacists have the knowledge and expertise to address all your concerns. If you have any questions about the medications you are taking, do not hesitate to ask them to our highly qualified pharmacists


A Happy Labor Day to Everyone!

Millions of employees, workers, and laborers put in work every single day to ensure that our society functions. Today, we give them the credit and appreciation they deserve.

Happy Labor Day from us here at Utica Express Pharmacy, Inc.


Are You COVID-19 Tested?

If you're not tested, it may be high time to do so. Getting tested for COVID-19 is one of the best ways to maintain your safety and wellness in these times of crisis. But what are the testing options currently available? Learn all about them here: https://mayocl.in/3u9yzJ7.


Take Charge of Your Health with Us

Achieving your healthcare goals is easy when you have a reliable partner in your community. Welcome to Utica Express Pharmacy, Inc., a community pharmacy that combines warm customer care with the latest healthcare services. Find what you need today!


Medication Side Effects

Some medications cause drowsiness or feeling tired as a side effect. If you have to take your medication during the day, you can ask your doctor or pharmacist to give you a non-drowsy version of the medicine. These are examples of the medications that usually have the drowsy side effect:

- Allergy medications (Antihistamines)

- Antidepressants

- Anxiety medications (Benzodiazepines)

- Blood pressure medications

- Opioid pain medications

Feel free to ask our pharmacist if we have the non-drowsy variety for your medication.


Covid-19 Rapid Test

For international travel and other purposes that require Covid-19 test results, we provide rapid tests by appointment. Visit our website to know.


Caring for Minor Wounds

The first thing to do is wash and disinfect the wound to remove all dirt and debris. When wrapping the wound, always use a clean dressing or bandage. If there is bruising or swelling, you can apply ice to the area.


Allergy Medication

Data shows that allergies are one of the leading causes of chronic illness in the US. Over-the-counter medicines are available to combat the symptoms of allergies. As a reminder, we are all advised to read and follow the directions provided in the packaging of the over-the-counter allergy medication.

You can also ask our pharmacist at Utica Express Pharmacy for instructions on how to properly take the medicine. They can also answer other questions about your medication.


Talk to Our Pharmacist

If you kept a record of your medications, you can give it to our pharmacist. They can see the interactions between the drugs and offer advice on how to ensure their efficacy or manage their side effects.


We Go Online

Quality healthcare is always accessible. That's why we have an online store that offers a wide catalog of the latest healthcare products we have in store. Shop for supplements, hygiene supplies, self-care products, and assistive equipment all in one place. Check it out now!


Safe Use of Pain Medicine

Misuse of pain relief medication can cause addiction, overdose, and even death. This is why we must practice the safe use of this kind of medication. For instance, drug experts advise to not take opioids with alcohol, antihistamines, barbiturates, or benzodiazepines. The latter substances slow breathing and their combined effects with the opioid pain medication could lead to life-threatening respiratory depression. You can learn more about this at www.fda.gov/consumers/consumer-updates/guide-safe-use-pain-medicine.


Immunization Awareness Month

The COVID-19 pandemic reminded us of the importance of immunization. This August, let us learn more about the benefits of vaccines and how being vaccinated protects us, our families, and our communities from preventable diseases.


Free Giveaways

Are you a first-timer on our pharmacy's online store? You're in luck. First-time customers get special giveaways like paper towels, pens, calendars, cups, little thermoses, and more. Feel free to check out our online store and learn what you can get!


Multivitamins for Seniors

Most seniors take multiple prescribed medications. These medications sometimes cause poor appetite as a side effect and might result in nutrient depletion. Taking multivitamins is one way to ensure that our senior loved ones are still getting the nutrients their bodies need. According to pharmacists, a senior’s multivitamins should contain higher levels of vitamin C, folic acid, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, and other needed nutrients.


Answer Your Questions

Is there a cheaper yet effective alternative to your prescribed medicine? Will syrups or tablets work better for you? Can your child take this medicine with no problems? Answer these questions by talking to our friendly staff when you stop by.


Understanding Chronic Conditions

Chronic conditions are a growing concern for a population consisting mostly of aging adults. Part of properly managing them is to understand what they are and what is needed to stay healthy despite them. Check out this public resource from the CDC here: https://bit.ly/3QRYezw.


Your One-Stop Store for Medical Needs

When you hear the word "healthcare" you may think of hospitals or emergency wards. But healthcare is more than just the curing of disease. It's the whole process of achieving the capacity to live a thriving life. Any measures you take to manage pain, supplement your needs, and stay in top condition is healthcare.

This is what our pharmacy stands for. We serve as your nearby source of healthcare aid. From pharmacist consultations to specialty medication, we help you and your loved ones take charge of your health. Visit us today!


Delivered to You

Did you know that we deliver prescription medicine free of charge? Now, getting the healthcare you need for successful care outcomes is much easier. Get your medication brought to you where you are and when you need it with our delivery services today.


Drug Interactions: What to Know

Not all medicines mix well with food, drink, or even other medicines. Drug interactions are a serious concern for those taking medication, and they can be lethal if you don't practice caution. Check out this quick primer on drug interactions here: https://bit.ly/3I158yr.


Bringing Quality Healthcare Products Closer

One of the key benefits of a community pharmacy is how it makes quality healthcare products accessible to many. Our pharmacy, in particular, offers the latest products from trusted brands and manufacturers, whether they be OTCs, prescription medicine, or supportive equipment. By doing this, we act as a key partner for your continued wellness, allowing you to immediately take the steps needed to overcome challenges to your health.

Check out our catalog of health products on our online store today.


Are You Allergic to Drugs?

Some people develop an immune response to certain medications, which often result in allergic reactions. Everyone should learn how to recognize the signs of drug allergies, what to expect, and what to do when they experience it. Learn more here: https://bit.ly/3R5JaPd.


Know Your Status

As we continue to struggle with the coronavirus, it's always good to know if you and your loved ones are still safe from the disease. It's a good thing we offer rapid COVID-19 testing by appointment. Get quick, accurate results for your peace of mind. Learn more!


Having a Trusted Pharmacy Can Save Your Life

Did you know that medication errors are among the leading causes of hospitalization and fatalities in America? At any point in the medicine buying process, there can be mistakes that lead to serious issues. And most of the time, it's pharmacies that spot them. Having a trusted pharmacy lets you have a "second opinion" of sorts on the brand of medicine you buy, your schedule, and your dosage. Medication errors can be corrected before they cause you serious harm.

Choose us today! Call now to learn more.


We Work with Insurance

Are you worried that you cannot buy the medicine you need? Utica Express Pharmacy, Inc. works with major insurance providers to keep your much-needed medication accessible. Talk to our staff and find out your options today.


Take Care of Your Chronic Care Needs

As the country's population continues to age, more and more people will develop chronic diseases. According to the CDC, the most common and gravest of these are heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, all of which require complex prescriptions to manage symptoms and control comorbidities.

Our pharmacy can help. We provide the latest prescription medicine for chronic needs, ensuring patients get the help they achieve long-term healthcare goals. Let us be your partner in your struggle for wellness.


Happy 4th of July

We join the rest of the country in celebrating the birth of our nation. Since health is key to independent living, we pledge that our services will help you enjoy the freedom we have today. Happy 4th July from the Utica Express Pharmacy, Inc. family to yours!


Medicine at Your Doorstep

Do you have no time to go to the pharmacy? Shop over-the-counter medicine with us! You can find the supplies that you need. Our products are available online and we deliver straight to your doorstep. Visit our website to know more.


How Do Vitamins Help the Body

Vitamins are essential to our body for many reasons. It has a variety of nutrients that fight viruses, repair damaged cells, and more. Other examples of how vitamins help the body are:

- Vitamins B16, B12, and amino acids help build proteins and cells.

- Riboflavin, Thiamine, Biotin, and other energy production nutrients help produce energy and convert food into energy.

- Vitamin C helps produce collagen that knits skin wounds and forms the base of teeth and bones.

Taking vitamins daily can help achieve wellness. Get yours now at our online store.


Consultation with a Pharmacists

Pharmacists are experts in medicine that can educate you about over-the-counter drugs for minor illnesses and provide you with clinical advice. More importantly, they monitor your medicine intake as prescribed by doctors.


Fight Against Covid-19

Vitamin C has an integral part of fighting against Covid-19. It is one of the ways to enhance your immune system to avoid getting sick. To get the protection that you need, we have over-the-counter vitamins that are always available in our store.


Signs That Minor Illnesses Need Treatment

Minor illnesses are commonly caused by a contagious virus spread through person-to-person contact. Some illnesses are due to changes in season or allergies. Symptoms of minor illnesses may start with a sore throat or a fever, colds, and cough. These symptoms can be treated with over-the-counter medicines to reduce the pain or high fever. However, if these symptoms aggravate, it is best to consult with your physicians to avoid the risks of developing pneumonia or other serious health conditions.


Father’s Day

Celebrate your dad's greatness this Father's Day by hosting a friendly family competition, making a homemade gift, or taking a mini vacation. Any gesture of love to him will surely be appreciated.

Utica Express Pharmacy, Inc. greets awesome dads a Happy Father's Day!


Preventing Minor Illness

Cold, flu, and rashness are some examples of minor illnesses. These illnesses can last up to 10 days. With enough rest, eating healthy, and drinking vitamins and supplements, these illnesses can be avoided.


Is Buying Online Medicine Safe?

Our pharmacy ensures safe, effective, and quality drugs. Our online store products are the same products we have in our physical store. We cater to our busy customer's medical needs by delivering the products safely to their doorstep.


Types of Immunizations You Should Get

Immunization prevents you from getting an infectious disease. It is administered through a vaccine. Children are usually the recipients of immunization as they are susceptible to many types of viruses. Immunization protects children from diseases. There are four types of vaccines:

- Live attenuated vaccines are used to weaken bacteria that cause chickenpox, measles, yellow fever, et al.

- Subunit, recombinant, polysaccharide, and conjugate vaccines are used against Hepatitis B and HPV.

- Toxoid Vaccines protect against tetanus and diphtheria.

- Inactive Vaccines used for Hepatitis A, flu, polio, and rabies.


Importance of Adhering the Prescription

Prescriptions are needed for patients with chronic illnesses, rehabilitation, and surgical wound healing. Taking the prescription is important to reduce the pain and reduce complications.


Pharmacists Main Responsibility

A pharmacist doesn't only hand over drugs to patients. They follow the federal law of providing exact refills and checking the prescription thoroughly. They have to provide effective, safe, and quality drugs to achieve optimal health outcomes.


Reasons to Get Covid-19 PCR Test

The covid-19 pandemic isn't over yet. With the development of the vaccine, people can slowly return to their usual lives. However, the risks of infection are still at stake due to the virus' mutation. Thats' why it is still recommended to take the Covid-19 PCR test. When do we need a PCR test?

- When people decide to travel in or out of the country

- Workplace, school, or conference screening

- When the health care provider requested for it

- If you have Covid-19 symptoms




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