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New York Native Ary Nuñez has been synonymous with Health and Wellness Advocacy for over 20 years a Everything YOU have ever dreamed of will happen with us.

Please allow me to be your guide! Arysamerica is about THE DREAM - The American Dream through your eyes and for our united world.

Operating as usual


She makes me happy and so we celebrate!


No one said it was easy being us. with My


!!! It’s Your Eighth Birthday Today

We Love You So Much!

Thank You For The Best Party In Jacksonville, Florida! Your Bouncy House Was All the Rage! Is Grateful To Be With You And Josie And Your Wonderful Friends And Family!

All Your Dreams Are A Reality Because It Started With You!


No One, Absolutely No One, 🥷 ©AryNuñez


It’s in your DNA! You are never afraid!


You always impress your Wawa with your smarts. Looking through old images, I always find the receipts! Today you are a Ninja Gamer Ballerina Chef! Let’s keep the magic alive!


When you know you know. When it’s calm it’s calm.


Congratulations David Cooper! I am so proud of you and your work! This book is Dope! Now off to a good morning read y’all! by Kevin Hart
by David Cooper


You Are A Genius In Every Way. Watching You Grow Up Is Our Privilege. Thank You For Being You.


You Are The Personality Of Our Lives. Thank You For Being You


!!! You Are The Light Of Our Lives! I cannot Wait To Celebrate The Day Of Your Birth! And This In The as You Are The 🌞


Because the truth will set you free


I remember this day so clearly. It was the beginning to the end of a very toxic relationship with a childhood .

I left the hotel, hopped in a taxi, answered her follow up “where are you” and “why did you leave” call because I am raised so well and everyone deserves the truth and left it at .

Do that! Always do that! 🙏🏾💪🏾


You can’t argue with the truth. Thank you for the post . I added my own twist 😉🇩🇴 🇺🇸🥷💋🦁 ♥️


Clean Your Casa Clone. ©AryNuñez |


“You too can be! Focus on yourself! Clones are as simple as phones. There is always an upgrade!” 🥷©AryNuñez


Stop being a mean machine because machines break and mean remains ©AryNuñez


If you do not know what it is, stop asking.


“What? What? What Are You Doing? Choices Based On A Clean Conscience ~ That’s The Way To Go! Don’t Be A Clone!” ©Ary Nuñez on 16 May 2012 | Copyright Ary Nuñez


Mi belleza! Mi fortaleza! Mi sonrisa! Mi sorpresa! Thank you for being exactly who you are! Happy Mother’s Day


Everything you are. Everything you do. Everything you believe. You are Golden. Thank you Madre! Feliz Día Mami!!!! I love you!


Wisdom is shared from sources unknown. Listen. Always listen.


Disgusting! really? Where is your humanity? A Child has died at the hands of Peloton and They Had to Be Forced to Pull Their Product!!!! This is NOT FUNNY!!!! You Are Irresponsible And Disgusting! Does Anyone On Your Show Have Children???????


After two arduous long years of not seeing my beautiful, genius, incredible, brilliant, kind, generous, wise, indelible, healing, - we have arrived! We are together in her, our 🇩🇴celebrating what matters... and . Thank you and for making me. I love that you fell in love so that I could love.


It took the death of a child for any executive at Peloton to take action. Peloton has been irresponsible in the lives of many humans from day one.

I am one of many people who took call to action long ago and lost her position in the company for “calling all wrong doings” out from “all types of human rights discrimination to music and intellectual property rights theft” at corporate and human resource levels.

The truth always rises.

The horrific part of this is that an innocent child had to die at the hands of Peloton.

Peloton kills people. Remember that.


His Story Is Golden. Ary Does Not Play...Ary Does Not Play 💋💋💋


Upload Issues


Thank you !

If we do not know what happened to us, how could we possibly know what happens to others?

Compassion and Empathy are my biggest teachers.

Some of us are born with these alarming spirits that draw us to helping others.

You must understand the enormity of all of it.

Thank you Lady Oprah Winfrey.

I cannot wait to close my eyes and open my mind and listen on !

My patience will take a back seat to and the hard copy that follows! A girl must have the hard copy in her collection! Hello!!!!!

? By Bruce D Perry and Oprah Winfrey


I am coffee person. My mother is a coffee person. My father was a coffee person. My ancestors are coffee people.

Tomé mi primer café a los cinco años y así seguí. No me puedes decir nada!

That’s me!

Well! Today you can! Today you can say ! I feel energized!


It is so much bigger than what your see in front of you and at your feet. Stop blaming others...stop blaming me. Look at your feet! Look at your feet!


Dime Con Quien Andas Y Te Diré Quien Eres. 👁


Styled and Ready To Go


I reported the account in question as offensive to me and you said it does not go against your guidelines. This is contradictory. Please be consistent. It is offensive to me. These accounts are offensive to me. Block them from offending me I am the one reporting them.


Try For Right Not For Greed. You May Just Profit The is


Guilty On All Counts!


Analyze Your Insecurity Before You Go For The Jugular That Is Attached To A Person.


Still... via


You Are Better Than They Want You To Be.


Read The Article For Yourself In Consumer Reports. The Link Is In My Bio. I Cannot Even Begin To Imagine The Forever HeartAche of Losing a Child Because Of Peloton Interactive And Their Products. The Truth Always Rises. You Have To Believe And . Do Not Be Blinded People! Do Not Be Blinded By Greed!


Learn something about not being your worst self and then be a better self. It is way harder and way more gratifying. All else is boring and simply not worth the while

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