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Te ha confesado / compartido algo tu hijo en algún momento y le has gritado de manera desproporcionada? 💔
Cuando nuestros hijos vienen a nosotros con información sobre sus vidas es muy importante empatía ante todo. ❤️🫂

Nuestras reacciones van a determinar si continúan compartiendo con nosotros y la calidad de nuestra relación con ellos. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👩‍👧👨‍👦 ❤️

Aunque tus hijos digan algo con lo que no estás de acuerdo. Aunque cometieran un error que consideras terrible ( ejemplo : "mamá me puedes venir a buscar a la fiesta? Creo que tome demasiado") si vienen a tí toma la oportunidad de conexión. De esta manera cuando incluyas la disciplina habrá menos conflicto.

No hay manual para ser padres. Estamos aquí para apoyarnos. Tu puedes. ❤️


Honrada de una vez más compartir un live con mi colega !

No se le pueden perder!


Can you believe 2022 is two months away from saying bye bye? We are literally singing our clean up songs and getting ready for pick ups. 👩‍🏫

I love November because has become my second favorite season.

We've been blessed with lots of events, a new book on the works and many more deserving families to help!

What are you grateful for? 🍂❤️



Excited to be this upcoming Saturday for !

Join us at 12 noon for a reading of


Dios sabe que no fué por qué no traté. Que conste 😩

Hicimos un trato y se enjuagó con el listerine que tiene pero ni por Dios quiso hoy el cepillo.

Estamos todos por aquí sin manual, haciendo lo mejor que podemos. 🫂❤️


When we allow children to be free during their learning experiences, it goes beyond acquiring skills. 🧠❤️

I am hands on creating and providing an environment that capitalizes on bringing out the best and nurturing the whole child 👦👧

It is an exhausting labor. To be a mom, therapist, advocate, educator and student (because my son is teaching all the things I didn't know about myself). Nonetheless it is a labor of love and devotion. ❤️

Today we worked hard. The whole backyard knows. Also parts of my living room, terrace, dining room and bathroom....😫😩🤣

Mothering a child ain't for the weak. Or for the tiny hearted. Hence why God decided this is my next chapter ❤️ and I thank him dearly.


Excited to be part of today's !

Hope to see some friends there so we can read together!


Lissarette Nisnevich on This is it TV

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is super important!

Here are some book recommendations divided by age group! ❤️

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We've been trying to focus on what's important.

Our son and ourselves. Our mental, physical & emotional health. 💕

Cheers to house Nisnevich!

I love this dress so effing much ! 😍💕

Thank you for making every visit super special!


Me pidieron que hiciera esto un y con gusto aquí está.

Mándenme sus para subirlos.

Tenemos que traer de vuelta el arte perdido de "atender su cartón"

Cuánta gente llevando vida ajena


Which words would you use for your child instead of “Don’t…“, “Stop…“, “You can’t….“,”Quit…”?

Here are some examples: “Let’s try…“, “Please use…“, “First…, then…“, ”Shall we…”

Leave your comment below!


Tantrums happen. Do you know how to best deal with your kid’s tantrums?

Understanding that your child has a need and not just being upset for no reason is important.

Try to stay calm, but if you feel overwhelmed it’s ok to step away to regain composure.

Offer empathy, in an attempt to help them understand their emotions and hopefully regain self-control.

Try staying present and listening. Take a slow, deep breath together and begin counting fingers, count to ten slowly, or just say one number together at a time. Once you have regained some calm, calmly explain what is bothering your child, or ask them why they are upset.

Try validate your child’s feelings by acknowledging what triggered the tantrum, and reassure them that you know how they feel. Offer language to help them express those feelings. If your child feels understood, they’re more likely to accept your next steps.

Have you tried it yet?


“Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.”-poet Rumi-


Gentle parenting emphasizes the importance of emotional connection between parents and children.

It focuses on assisting your child towards independence to an emotional level, in contrast with requiring absolute obedience, fear or control.

In gentle Parenting, children are taught how to manage their feelings on their own through modeling, repetition and consistency. Gentle parenting asks that parents accept their child as an individual and respond to them in a warm and respectful manner, which helps the child trust the world around them.

After practicing gentle parenting, your kid will feel safe exploring their own emotions, which is the first step towards good self-regulation in life.

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Parenting is always a challenge and parenting with love is even more challenging. But the fact that you are making an effort to be a gentle parent makes you ahead of others. These 3 books can help you practice on gentle parenting in your everyday life.

Elevating Child Care: A Guide to Respectful Parenting, by Janet Lansbury

How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish

Eldie Makes New Friends/ Eldie hace nuevos Amigos! by Lissarette Nisnevich

Have you read any?


Gentle parenting isn’t easy. I know it. I practice it myself. But you don't have to go at it alone with your kids. Join other parents in this community and ask questions, share advice and encouragement, and get tips on how to be more gentle with our kids day-to-day.


Become the best parent you can be with the help of a developmental psychology PhD.
Learn more about how you can create a positive environment full of support and encouragement for your kid by DM ​ “Childhood” in order to create a unique learning experience according to your child's needs!


It is OK if your child does not want to share a toy with their siblings or another child in the playground. Even if they had been the recipients of a share earlier. Don’t force your child to share with other kids.

Kids need to know that they have consent over themselves and their belongings. They also need to understand that no matter how great someone is to them, they don’t owe them anything.

This is an important lesson for all children to learn. Teach your kids that anyone has the right to choose what to share, when they really want it and not because someone is forcing them to and who they want to be friends with!

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Gentle parenting is all about communicating with your kids and making sure that they know you care about their thoughts and feelings. It is about your kids feel safe and secure, and that begins with making family time a priority.

To do this, try to make time for family dinners and activities, or simply hang out doing things together. Even if it’s just sitting on the couch and reading a book, it’s all quality bonding time that helps build a strong relationship between parent and child.

What was the last thing you did with your kid?


When your children hit you, it doesn’t mean they want to hurt you. They just don’t know the words to express their needs or feelings. Do your best to teach them ways of expressing themselves through words before showing physical force.

Learn how to help them get it together.


Our children should be allowed to make mistakes, so they can learn from them.

Help your child develop self-awareness and accountability by teaching them accountability of their mistakes and behaviors.

Give supportive yet firm boundaries and check-ins, while providing extra guidance and support when they need it. A supportive technique is to ask them what they would have done differently and what they learned from it.

This will help them feel safe and secure in their learning process. When they know the right thing to do, teach them that it is their responsibility to do it.


Patience and empathy form the foundation of my parenting style. This leads me to another principle: Setting reasonable boundaries. Many parents expect their children to know what to do without being told, but this works best if it is explained in simple words and actions. I try to teach by example instead of issuing orders all the time (like “put on your shoes”).

Gentle parenting techniques are designed around empathy, consistency and communication. It’s all about creating a loving environment where your child can grow, thrive and be successful. If you want to raise children who have respect for themselves, others and the world around them, then gentle parenting strategies are a must.

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As a mom, I know all too well that parenting is hard. It’s stressful and draining, yet rewarding and meaningful. It is so important to me that my children grow up to be kind, caring adults who contribute positively to the world. That’s why I use gentle parenting techniques that make me a better mom, and help my kids become responsible, considerate adults themselves.

Gentle parenting techniques start with empathy, for yourself and for your child. It’s important to teach our children the values we want them to grow up with, and that begins by setting boundaries around behavior and manners in a calm, clear way.


Raising children to develop healthy relationships begins with the way we talk to them. Being respectful creates strong bonds between you and your child—and helps them learn from their mistakes, stay on track and seek out new experiences.

Being responsive means being attuned to your child’s feelings, needs and wants. Connectedness is the result of both communication and responsiveness which equips your child with skills that will last a lifetime.

Parents are their children’s first and most influential relationship. Do you have a happy, healthy, secure childhood memory? Are you confident and resilient as an adult?


The early years are the most critical for a child’s development. Did you know that the brain of a child at the age of 0-5 years can create up to one million new neural connections (synapses) every second?

During these initial years, it is even more important to support children with extra love and attention, so that they can achieve optimal development!

As a parent, it is important to understand the influence of your child’s prior experiences in setting the foundation for his or her future emotional, physical and social well-being.

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Don’t view your negative thoughts as a permanent feature of your personality. In fact, the way you think about yourself and the world around you is easily re-written by your brain’s tremendous plasticity.

Our neuroplasticity means you can edit, sculpt, and even rewrite old stories of fear and limitation so that they no longer control you.

We can emerge from the shadows and the pain of our past and transmute those stories into strength and courage. We can rewrite those old stories in our minds. We have the power to heal ourselves, release fear, and build a brighter future right now.


Esta es una frase de Stacia Tauscher y me parece tan precisa.

Estamos a veces muy enfocados en moldear a nuestros hijos en como *pensamos deben de ser o en quienes *queremos se conviertan.

Fallamos en ver quiénes ellos están luchando por ser.

Deberíamos enfocarnos en apoyar a quienes ellos quieren ser no la idea que tenemos que a veces nada que ver.


If you want to raise your children in an approach that breaks trauma circles, there will be people who don’t agree with your choices. They may even try to impose their own ideas on how you should raise your kids.

But here are three ways that helped me deal with the opinions of others when raising my children:

1) Respond with a polite comment backed by evidence and move on.

Explain to them how your approach is different and have worked so far providing examples.

2) Use empathy instead of defensiveness

If someone says something negative about your parenting style (or your child), try responding with empathy instead of defensiveness. For example: “I can understand why you feel that way but I don’t agree with the way you see things because…” Or “I can see why your experiences would make you think that way but I believe my approach is working better for us right now based on what we have been seeing…"

3) Don’t take it personally

If someone makes an off-the-cuff comment, mentally file away their thoughts for later consideration (if necessary) when things have cooled off between the two of you.

The fact is that there are some things about our culture that we must change if we are going to end child abuse and neglect in our society. And one of those things is how we raise our children from birth onward. It isn’t enough just to teach them values in school or church — they need these principles showed throughout their lives at home as well! Leave a comment if it helped you!

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Me pidieron que hiciera esto un #reel y con gusto aquí está.Mándenme sus #atiendeeltuyo para subirlos.Tenemos que traer ...
Tantrums happen. Do you know how to best deal with your kid’s tantrums?Understanding that your child has a need and not ...
Gentle parenting isn’t easy. I know it. I practice it myself. But you don't have to go at it alone with your kids. Join ...
It is OK if your child does not want to share a toy with their siblings or another child in the playground. Even if they...
The early years are the most critical for a child’s development. Did you know that the brain of a child at the age of 0-...
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Tener un hijo no debe de ser algo de tu lista de "cosas que hacer antes de morir" muy egoísta y muy irresponsable.Yo ten...
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