Training and Research in Intersubjective Self Psychology

Training and Research in Intersubjective Self Psychology


Hope there is an online peer study group for intersubjective self psychology for clinicans who are not in NYC.
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Currently I'm reading the book "Black Book" by James Patterson and David Ellis. The main character differs from Patterson's usual type and makes it more interesting. Because it's in the present tense and the main character makes lots of "I" statements, it feels as if we're right there with him.
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Thank you for creating a page that meets my every self-object need!

TRISP is dedicated to providing training to clinicians and educational programs based on the theorie

The Training and Research in Self Psychology Foundation (TRISP) was founded in 1987 as the first Self Psychological training institute in the country. Its tradition of intellectual vitality in an empathic and supportive setting is built upon a theoretical foundation that comprises Self Psychology, Intersubjectivity theory, and Relational Theory. TRISP offers educational opportunities designed to a

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We invite you to join us for our October workshop titled, "Intersubjective Self Psychology: A New Paradigm for Clinical Practice".

This workshop will present beginners as well as seasoned practitioners with an introduction to Intersubjective Self Psychology – ISP – and its core concepts of leading and trailing edge. Come learn how ISP, with its focus on the leading edge, provides you with clinical skills that expand your therapeutic range and provides your patients with new opportunities for growth and healing.

Register here:


We invite you to join us for our May workshop titled, "The Leading Edge-Trailing Edge Dynamics of a Single Session".

Based on a presentation by Kimber of her work with her patient Savannah, Peter will analyze the intersubjective field as it is constituted by Kimber and her patient Savannah in terms of the four constellations of leading edge and trailing edge of patient and therapist.

Register here:


Purchase your copy of "Intersubjective Self Psychology: A Primer" direct from our publisher, Routledge, and save 20%! No code needed!


“This book has many voices but one goal: to describe a new model for contemporary psychoanalysis. The authors develop its meaning from many rich and diverse perspectives. Sensitive cases illustrate the theory and make it more accessible for clinicians. This is a path-breaking and essential volume for anyone searching for coherence in the maze of contending approaches to psychotherapy that dominate the landscape.” —Charles B. Strozier, PhD., Author, Heinz Kohut: The Making of a Psychoanalyst


The twinship and alter-ego experiences, among the most significant concepts of Heinz Kohut’s Psychology of the Self, were referred to interchangeably throughout his work. Both are defined as “an experience of essential alikeness” and/or “a sense of being human among humans.” However, the two terms are not necessarily the same.

We invite you to join us for our April workshop titled, "Twinship, Alter-ego, and Player-Witness".

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We invite you to join us for our March workshop, "Who Needs a 'We'? It's All Her Fault!", with Harry Paul presenting and Gordon Powell as the Discussant.

The journey of a treatment guided by the principles of ISP sometimes mirrors the structure of a hurricane. Though there is often a calm at the center, the day to day perils always involve a vortex (the fear of traumatic repetition for both participants) that may appear to be endless. Building a “We” with a patient under such conditions, is a character building experience, for patient and therapist alike.

For more information and to register:


We invite you to join us for our January workshop, "Peer Supervision in Intersubjective Self Psychology".

Peer supervision is a time-honored experience that provides guidance, support, on-going education, and camaraderie for clinicians. Yet we rarely talk about it: especially, how and why it works.

Presenter Karen Roser will be joined by Discussants Gordown Powell and Aviva Rohde.

For information and to register:


Register now for our December workshop, "The Bad Analyst and the Cracked Mirror" with presenter Laura D'Angelo and discussant Michael McGarry.

Laura D’Angelo asks how do we reconstruct a generative transference in a world that seems to reflect so much turmoil and so little hope? Michael McGarry will discuss the case and then open the discussion to all.


Register now for our November workshop, "Working Intersubjectively: Couples at a Standstill" with Nancy Hicks.

This workshop will focus on a case involving two individuals who have reached a stalemate in their ability to relate to one another as a couple. Using Intersubjective Self Psychology as our starting point, we will examine the way these partners have come to mutually influence each other’s behaviors and emotional responses, creating intractable relational patterns that are difficult to unravel and understand.


Psychoanalysis is widely understood as a process of interpreting the past’s hold on the present in order to dislodge rigidified patterns, fortify personality structures, and clarify reality. However, ask anyone to remember their experience in a successful therapy and they will not tell you about insights gained or interpretations applied.

Join us online for "The Generative Moment: What Gets Remembered in a Successful Therapy" with Presenter Aviva Rohde and Peter Zimmermann.

Learn more and register here:


Introducing our One-Year Certificate Program in Intersubjective Self Psychology. This remote-learning certificate program is for licensed clinicians, and begins in October, 2021, and concludes in May, 2022.

For full program details, please visit:


Our first Reading Group was an incredible success, and we're excited to begin Group 2 this October!

We're proud to announce our Intersubjective Self Psychology: A Primer - Clinical Applications Reading Group that will have its first meeting at 6pm on Friday, October 29.

For full details and to sign up:


Congratulations to our very own Peter Zimmermann, editor of the current issue of The Psychoanalytic Review - a special issue dedicated to Kohut and Self Psychology. In addition to an introduction to the issue by Peter, there are articles by TRISP faculty Harry Paul, George Hagman and Charles Strozier, as well as contributions by Ranaan Kulka and John Riker, and others.

This Special Issue of Psychoanalytic Review 108(2) can be purchased in the US and Canada for $25.00, and Internationally for $35.00.

There are 3 ways to order:
📱800-365-7006, ext 1
📬 Journals Dept
Guilford Publications, Inc
370 Seventh Ave
Suite 1200
New York, NY 10001-1020
💻 Purchase a DAY PASS on and download all articles for $35.00.


We invite you to join us for our June Zoom workshop entitled: Just a Couple of I's Hanging Out as a We.

In Harry's words, "This playful and evocative title reflects the work and commitment of two I’s – my patient Wendy and myself – to find ourselves. For me it was a shift and change in my narrative of origin and a more fully developed I, more grounded in myself, as I better understood myself through our intersubjective engagement, and for Wendy, it was a developed narrative of her life, a capacity for self-reflection, to have an I that became undifferentiated and known to her and me through our intersubjective space."

Two Continuing Education Credits for NYS social workers, psychoanalysts, and psychologists.


We'd like to invite you to our April 9, 2021 online workshop, "Ghosts to Ancestors: Bearing Witness to “My” Experience of Genocide".

This paper describes the relationship between an analyst and her patient who are both children of survivors of the Armenian Genocide in Eastern Anatolia, Turkey, 1915–1923, and the impact of their shared cultural/traumatic history. It explores how their life stories came together via memories, fantasies, metaphors, and fragments of trauma. An empathic introspective stance facilitated understanding and working through of the affective, cognitive aspects of interweaving subjectivities and mutual transferences. A process of transformation from repetition to memory to the creation of coherent narratives is described.

Shake' Topalian will present, with Harry Paul as the Discussant.

Two Continuing Education Credits will be earned by NYS social workers, psychoanalysts, and psychologists.

For workshop details and to register:


We appreciate John's reading and review of our book, "Intersubjective Self Psychology: A Primer".

"Let me begin by saying that this book is indeed a primer and a fine one at that, for it teaches the basic tenets of intersubjective self psychology (ISP) with such conceptual clarity and clinical exemplification that it deserves to be read by all psychoanalytic practitioners, regardless of orientation."

- John Riker in Psychoanalytic Review, Vol 07, Number 2, April 2020

More about the book and where to purchase -->


Our February online workshop is next week! Register to join us on February 12th for "Heinz Kohut's Concept of Sexualization" with Charles Strozier and colleagues.

Sign up here:

In sexualization, there is often an objectification of the other and a detachment of empathy. It is necessary to define sexualization by an empathic understanding of the individual’s experience of the sexualized activity, rather than by the activity itself. We note the treatment implications of our formulations in the context of a number of case vignettes.


We'd like to invite you to our February 12, 2021 online workshop, "Heinz Kohut’s Concept of Sexualization".

Charles B. Strozier will be joined by colleagues Konstantine Pinteris, Kathleen Kelley, Deborah Mart, and Gordon Powell for a discussion about “sexualization,” as Kohut defined it, and argue for the continued clinical relevance of his ideas. We will discuss the psychological sequence that leads to sexualization; emphasize the fluid relationship between sexuality and sexualization; offer insight into the underlying role that shame plays in sexualization; and note the role of trauma in the early experience in those drawn to sexualized experiences, especially in forms of mirroring.

Two Continuing Education Credits will be earned by NYS social workers and psychoanalysts. We will update about potential continuing ed credits for psychologists.

For workshop details and to register:


We'd like to invite you to our January 8, 2021 online workshop, "Empathy Through the Lens of Intersubjective Self Psychology".

Karen Roser and Aviva Rohde will present clinical vignettes that illustrate empathy in action.

Two Continuing Education Credits will be earned by social workers and psychoanalysts. We will update about potential continuing ed credits for psychologists.

For workshop details and to register:


We invite you to join us for an upcoming event at NPAP that features our own Peter Zimmermann, founding member and faculty at TRISP and current president of the training institute at NPAP, and Laura D'Angelo, faculty at TRISP and NPAP. We hope to see you there (via Zoom)!

On Leading and Trailing Edge:
Toward a New Conceptualization of the Curative Process

Friday, August 14th, 2:30 - 4pm

Registration is required in order to receive the Zoom link. Register here:

For other questions, [email protected]

Romeo and Juliet (2009) for Free | Globe Player | Shakespeare's Globe 05/12/2020

Romeo and Juliet (2009) for Free | Globe Player | Shakespeare's Globe

{We will be sharing some thoughts and ideas that inspire us. Perhaps they'll be meaningful to you, too.}

A Shakespeare recommendation from George Hagman:

"In times of trouble I always turn to Shakespeare. Obviously it is not for his sunny world view and easy reassurances, rather I find solace in the sheer beauty and intelligence of his work. During this pandemic the Globe Theater is making available on their You Tube channel several of their filmed versions of live productions of Shakespeares plays. I recommend Romeo and Juliet which you can access immediately by logging on to You Tube and searching for the Globe Theater."

Click here to watch Romeo and Juliet:

Romeo and Juliet (2009) for Free | Globe Player | Shakespeare's Globe Watch Romeo and Juliet for free, with Ellie Kendrick and Adetomiwa Edun as the star-crossed lovers, filmed from Shakespeare’s most famous stage, the Globe Th...




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