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The book has arrived in the Macedon Ranges (just outside Melbourne 😉), Australia 🇦🇺
Hello Dr. I have been making Youtube videos for a while now. I mention your book on many occasions. In this one you get two shout outs! You and Dr Ratey. You are also big factors in my recovery and im doing a disstertaion in masters psychology and im referencing the pair of you!!! Please have a watch and let me know your thoughts. But if you dont have time. I just want to say thank you!
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Hello Dr Hallowell - I have following two questions. Appreciate if you could help me with these.

1. Whenever I eat simple carbs after 5pm that night sleep will be disturbed- my brain will keep thinking some endless loop thoughts. Does this happen to any one of you?. If eat protein my sleep is much better but dont want take lot of animal protein. I am also lacto intolerant 😀.
Really appreciate if you can share your personal experience along with some solutions.

2. What kind of natural suppliments helps inducing and making restful sleep. Like in day time night time also my brain keep thinking hence after i wake up i am not very fresh.

Appreciate your help Dr.
Just watched Jessica and added you to my ADHD pages. 52 and diagnosed in Feb means I’m learning how to ADHD. Of course I don’t want to hyperfocus so need people like you to say “Michelle, stop!” But in a nice way 😉
i have a child seven and half suffering from mild autism.
Dr. Hallowell, what are your thoughts on executive functioning and age deficits?
Samuel Johnson, hah! Thomas Hobbs said "Man's life is short, nasty and brutish" Jeez.
antifragile ADHD song?
antifragile ADHD song?
What is the youngest age that a child can be evaluated, diagnosed, and treated for ADHD? Yes - I understand everyone is different...

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Operating as usual


Ask Ned: Emotional Dysregulation; Live Q&A with Ned Hallowell

Live Q&A


Ask Ned (and Sue)

Live Q and A with Ned Hallowell M.D. and Sue Hallowell LICSW


ADHD and HHyperfocus

Q&A with Dr. Ned


ADHD and Preparing for College

Q and A with Dr. Ned Hallowell


Ask Ned: ADHD and Structure

Live Q&A with Dr. Ned Hallowell


ADHD and Work

Q and A with Dr. Ned Hallowell


Ask Ned: ADHD and Older Adults

Recording of Ask Ned: ADHD and Older Adults

Live Q and A with Ned Hallowell M.D.


Ask Ned: Addiction

Q&A with Ned Hallowell, M.D.


Ask Ned: Coaching

Live Q&A with Ned Hallowell, M.D.


You can join my one-week course this summer either in-person or virtually! We'll be covering all aspects of a strength-based approach to ADHD, with modules particularly useful for those in the health and education fields.

From childhood through adulthood, ADHD presents not only problems, but also unique opportunities for change, growth, and success.

Join us and Dr. Hallowell in-person and live online from August 15th - 19th as we explore the entire world of ADHD in its human, clinical, and scientific dimensions to provide a solid, practical basis for understanding ADHD at all ages in all contexts.

Link here: https://www.cape.org/courses-1/unwrapping-the-gifts-a-strength-based-approach-to-adhd-across-the-life-span


Why Coaching?

When I was learning about ADHD from my patients, back in the 1980’s, I discovered that many of them did not necessarily need a traditional therapist, a professional trained to help someone sort out and resolve emotional conflicts while learning how to make wise decisions. No, what these patients needed more than that, children and adults alike, was someone to help them sort out the nuts and bolts of daily life and help them resolve the problems that arise from missing deadlines, forgetting appointments, leaving key materials at home or in the car, and failing to wear socks that match. What we now call “executive functions”.

People needed what I came to call a “coach,” someone to help keep them on track throughout the day, the week, the month, and the year. The coach would help the person set goals and work systematically toward them; develop systems to be on time and arrive prepared; learn methods of avoiding procrastination while also completing a project rather than abandoning it halfway through.

The more I learned about ADHD, the more I could see that people with this condition often knew what they ought to do and wanted to do; they just couldn’t do it. They needed help in organizing to be able to do what they knew needed to be done. If you understand ADHD, you know that while most of us who have the condition can create brilliant schemes and beautiful tableaux, we can’t always deliver them to the right place on the right day at the right time. We desperately want to take responsibility, we want to deliver the goods, but try as we might, we sometimes just can’t.

To do that, we might need a coach. All the lectures in the world on taking responsibility will not instill what we lack in an ability to enact our plans, sort our socks, and cross our t’s. A coach can help a person compensate for weaknesses in executive function, but the coach also serves as a moral support, a cheerleader, always there to bring in the sunshine on dark cloud days.

Executive function coaches do not usually charge high fees. They get trained at one of the coaching schools that have grown up since coaching for ADHD was introduced in Driven to Distraction in 1994. Since then coaching has ballooned into a huge industry, well beyond the needs of people who have ADHD, and even within ADHD coaching, there are many schools, academies, courses, and programs. As yet there is no state certification or licensing, which means you want to check out the background and training of whichever coach you consult.

If you or someone you care about has ADHD consider hiring a coach. It is a practical, cost-effective intervention that complements the other elements of whatever treatment plan you select.

You can also learn more at Ask Ned on Facebook Live next Thursday April 14 at 1pm est.


Ask Ned

Live Q&A: ADHD and Stress


ADHD and Stress: the love-hate relationship

What is stress? Perhaps it is any task, person, physical condition, impending event, or chance occurrence that takes you out of your comfort zone and causes you to worry, brood, ruminate, lose focus on what you’re doing, and often induces physical changes like elevated blood pressure and heart rate, rapid and shallow breathing, fearful feelings and a sense of impending problems if not disaster.

Why would anyone like that? The definition I gave highlights the negative aspects of stress, what I call toxic stress. But there is such a thing as positive stress. For example, feeling anxious before you go on stage or take a test can actually improve your performance. If the anxiety gets too high, then it impairs your performance. But as long as it doesn’t get into the danger zone, some anxiety, some stress, promotes peak performance.

People with ADHD love stress, because we are adrenaline junkies. We often, consciously or not, seek out or create stressful situations in order to help us focus and super-engage with whatever we’re doing. The surgeon who has ADHD hyper-focuses while performing surgery. The rush of adrenaline he or she gets in the O.R. improves the quality of the surgery. When the operation is done, there’s a come-down which makes doing the post-op note, the paperwork, onerous and prone to be put off.

A trial attorney loves the crucible of the courtroom, the drama of playing to the jury, cross examining the witness, manipulating the judge, and trying to get under the skin of the opposing counsel. Stressful to be sure. If you measured the physical factors I mentioned in the attorney in action, they’d likely be slightly elevated, not too much, but just enough to take the attorney into “the zone”. The trader on the commodities exchange, watching five computer screens simultaneously, tracking three cell phones at once, while also texting and emailing, while also glancing every few moments at the Bloomberg ticker finds himself or herself in seventh heaven, in the midst of what many people would think of as holy hell.

Stress can be your ally or your enemy, depending on how you manage it. If you use it to get pumped up and deliver your best effort, then that’s great. But if you allow it to run away with you, and take you off into the world of hyper-stress, then not only will your performance deteriorate, but you’re putting your health at risk to boot.

Lots of people use medication to manage stress. While that’s ok, I’d not turn to meds first. Instead, use insight and anticipation. Know what’s coming so you’re not surprised when it hits. Practice preventative maintenance as well. You are not nearly as likely to let stress reach toxic levels if you exercise regularly, get enough sleep, eat well and don’t misuse substances; make sure your day has moment of positive human contact and connection.

So, learn strategies to turn stress into good stress, while also learning how to keep it from becoming toxic.


Ask Ned: Women and ADHD

2nd. live Q&A event, with Ned Hallowell, M.D.

Ask Ned: Medications 03/12/2022

Ask Ned: Medications

Here is the video recording of my first Ask Ned Facebook live with ADDitude. Thanks to all who joined - next one is Thursday March 17 at 1pm est. The topic will be Women and ADHD.

Ask Ned: Medications Dr Ned Hallowell Facebook Live recording on Medications


Loved doing my first Facebook Live with ADDitude! There were a few technical issues at the start which we'll have smoothed out next time! Thank you to all who attended, some great questions. Will share the video soon.

‎Dr. Hallowell's Wonderful World of Different: ADHD and Beyond: Bob Broudo on Apple Podcasts 02/18/2022

‎Dr. Hallowell's Wonderful World of Different: ADHD and Beyond: Bob Broudo on Apple Podcasts

How Far We’ve Come

If you work on a project every day for 40 years, pouring your heart and soul into it, your time and treasure, every drop of hope and optimism you can call up in the face of rank ignorance, prejudice and wrong-headedness, you sometimes lose track of how far you’ve come. Squeezing out of yourself as many bright ideas and persuasive words as you can come up with while borrowing what else you need from others, biting your tongue when people take potshots at you, misrepresenting what you said or not bothering to represent it at all, you can feel worn out and forget the good that’s come of all the work.

When you’ve done all this for many decades in efforts to enlighten people and provide them with the good and liberating news about how people learn, you should take a moment to stop and look around. Like climbing a mountain, you don’t often look down to see how far you’ve come.

When I chatted with Bob Broudo, retiring head of the Landmark School in Prides Crossing, Massachusetts, I got a chance to do just that.

We’ve come a long way since 1971, when Bob started, and 1981, when I started. We’ve come even further if you go back to when we were kids. In those days there were basically two words to describe a child’s—or adult’s—brain: smart and stupid. For stupid, there was but one treatment, try harder. To motivate you to try harder you’d get humiliated, punished, or ultimately set aside if the trying harder didn’t produce the desired results.

How difficult it was to persuade people how much more there is to intelligence and creativity than smart and stupid. How hard it was for people to believe that some of the greatest contributors to human civilization, some of our greatest geniuses, were actually deemed stupid as children.

We talked about what has changed, and what still needs to change, before we can say we truly celebrate difference. I hope you enjoy our conversation.


‎Dr. Hallowell's Wonderful World of Different: ADHD and Beyond: Bob Broudo on Apple Podcasts ‎Show Dr. Hallowell's Wonderful World of Different: ADHD and Beyond, Ep Bob Broudo - Feb 17, 2022


What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Of all the holidays, Valentine’s Day is the only one dedicated to life’s most special feeling, the feeling of love. Not only is love life’s most special feeling, but nothing comes close to love in the good it can do you and the rest of the world. In my opinion, every day ought to be like Valentine’s Day, a day when each of us tends to our loves with care and devotion.

A person relishes life - not just enjoys life, but cherishes it, savors it, and delves into its every second with gusto - in direct proportion to the number and depths of the loves in their lives.

These loves of course will include people, but also projects you pour your most creative energies into, places in your past or present the mere imagining of which bring tears of joy and perhaps loss to your eyes, pieces of art you’ve always cherished, a musical instrument or a favorite song, a lake you adopted early in life, a restaurant you pray never closes, a certain cuisine, wines, a nightclub, a memory from way back, a baseball team, a little league moment, a coach from years ago, a teacher, a dog, a grandparent or grandchild, a distinct vision of greatness, a certain pair of very old and comfortable shoes, a hairdresser you can’t imagine life without. . .you get the idea. You relish life in direct proportion to the number and depth of the loves you hold dear.

So what’s love got to do with it? Only everything. Remind yourself of this fact every day, as you get caught up in the maelstrom of modern, crazy-busy life. You know it’s true, that love matters most, but it’s easy to forget, as obligations, demands, and incessant interruptions pull us off track. So today, Valentine’s Day, may I suggest you resolve to make very day a Valentine’s Day, a day during which you relish, and thereby deepen, as many of your loves as you can.

‎Dr. Hallowell's Wonderful World of Different: ADHD and Beyond: The Wonderful World of Dan Shaughnessy on Apple Podcasts 02/07/2022

‎Dr. Hallowell's Wonderful World of Different: ADHD and Beyond: The Wonderful World of Dan Shaughnessy on Apple Podcasts

Having a person through whose eyes you enjoy seeing the world, the part of the world that person chooses to show you, that’s a special person for you. And having a person who’s been able to do that reliably, consistently, with flair and spice for some 40 years, well, that’s Dan Shaughnessy for me. I’m so pleased and honored for him to appear on my podcast.

Growing up, I was an average athlete at best, but I was a whacked-out-crazy, pedal-to-the-metal, preoccupied, fervent, never-say-die, wait-til-next year fan of all the teams Boston boasted, which, in the 1950’s, the first decade of my life, included the Celtics, the Bruins, and the Red Sox. We didn’t have a football team back then, so, by default, I became a New York Football Giants fan, as that was the team that broadcast its games on TV into my little town at the elbow of Cape Cod.

I fell in love with watching, listening to, reading about, talking about, rooting for and in every other way imaginable (imagination being where sports fans live) involving myself in the lives of my teams. I lived through their victories and defeats every week. In the case of the Bruins and Red Sox it was mostly defeats. In the case of the Celtics it was an embarrassment of riches. In the 13 seasons between 1957 and 1969, the C’s, as they were and are called, won 11 world championships, including one stretch of an unthinkable (but, yes, imaginable!) 8 in a row.

My guides and teachers through all of these dramas, were the scribes, the writers who covered the teams. I grabbed all the local newspapers every day, and devoured each sports section (and only the sports section) as if it were my daily. The new writers like Dan transformed sports writing into writing period. He is a fine writer in his own right. I’d put his prose up against most of the novels I read these days. Not just for his style but for his bite. He doesn’t do boring. Shaughnessy possesses what may be a writer’s most valuable skill: he can get under a reader’s skin. He can inflame a reader, delight a reader, make a reader laugh, even educate a reader without the reader realizing he or she is learning something new. I’ve been reading him since the early 1980’s and I still look forward to his columns each time they appear. I hope you enjoy the episode.

‎Dr. Hallowell's Wonderful World of Different: ADHD and Beyond: The Wonderful World of Dan Shaughnessy on Apple Podcasts ‎Show Dr. Hallowell's Wonderful World of Different: ADHD and Beyond, Ep The Wonderful World of Dan Shaughnessy - Feb 3, 2022


If you think you, or someone you love has ADHD, get a diagnosis. Don't wait for problems to pile up. ADHD can be an asset, and it can also ruin your life - knowing, and understanding how to manage it makes all the difference. This is why I call ADHD the "good news diagnosis" because once you know, things can only get better.

If you cannot find an ADHD center or doctor in your area, go to the nearest medical school and inquire at the dept of psychiatry for an ADHD expert.


So easy to read even Max was gripped!

My latest book is now out in paperback. It’s around 100 pages, full of practical tips and science and less than $20.


I'm excited that our latest book is now out in paperback! It's short, only around a 100 pages, perfect for the ADHD brain!

It covers the latest science and strategies to help you or someone you care about thrive in life with ADHD.


As a child, Christmas was always my favorite holiday, the most special of days, as it was for most kids who celebrated Christmas. As an adult, I still love it, as does my wife and our three grown children. Even though they are full-fledged adults, they’ve retained their childlike enthusiasm for the holiday, as have my wife and I. Long may that enthusiasm endure, I say to myself, as we get ready to celebrate Christmas together as a family once again.

The five of us will be together Christmas morning around the tree along with our young steed of a rescue dog, Max, weighing 90 pounds of muscle and love, as well as our two rescue cats, Tango and Whiskey, who only speak to us on special occasions as they scurry around the house, hiding under beds and in closets, dispensing mystery and their unique feline charm.

Still as impatient as we were as kids to get to the gifts, we’ll start with mugs of coffee and the flurry of the opening of presents. After we’ve filled several huge trash bags with wrapping paper and broken-down boxes, and each of us has stacked our gifts in our own private pile, we’ll feel the special elation and unique wind-down of another crop of presents fully harvested and stored.

Then we’re off to the dining room for the first feast of the day, a dish my wife, Sue, has made every year since we got married 33 years ago, biscuits with sausage gravy, a bequest from her childhood in Virginia.

Later we watch football games and begin cooking the Big Meal, the family dinner we’ll gather together to eat. Each of us volunteers to take care of one dish, while Sue oversees the organized chaos. The drippings from the roast beef pan provide the key ingredient to my dish of Yorkshire pudding which I love quite ardently.

All this is by way of wishing that each of you be filled with glad tidings and great joy this season. If the devil is in the details, it is most surely true that the angels reside there as well. The details of our lives tell the truest story of our lives. Whatever your details may be, I hope you will take time first to notice them, then to let them soak into your imagination where you can cherish them, honor them, relish them, and preserve them. Drink your mulled cider with great appreciation for cinnamon and cloves and spices everywhere. Sit on your holiday porch and watch the dogs trot by, or walk your holiday beach with an ear for the clang of the distant buoy. Eat your holiday goose or your figgy pudding or your Cajun jambalaya with the satisfaction each can bring like nothing else can right then and there.

While you are then and there, enjoy your here and now to the max, that’s my wish for you and for me and for all of us as we gather together under the skies for as many more moons as we’re allowed. Let your mind be struck with awe, your imagination fill with the sweetest of treats, and your love of life, both in its pain and its joy, bring you the peace that passes all understanding.

Dr. Hallowell helps Unwrap the Gifts in All Minds

From the opening of our first Hallowell Center in 1996, we’ve had a mission. That mission is to help people lead happier, more productive lives, regardless of their limitations. At the Hallowell Center, we employ a “strength-based” approach to treating ADD and other cognitive and emotional conditions. The strength-based model emphasizes first and foremost the search for what is good and strong and healthy in a person, then secondarily what is in need of remediation. Rather than treating your condition as a “pathology,” as happens in many clinical settings, we instead view it as a “gift” that can be “unwrapped” with the help of a customized treatment plan, leveraging all the best practices in the field today.

At the Hallowell Center, we take a 360-degree approach to the diagnosis and treatment of each problem, beginning with a detailed analysis of the symptoms presented. Our team of experts then develops a comprehensive, customized treatment plan that may include recommendations for lifestyle changes, environmental modifications, stimulant (or other) medication, counseling, individual or group therapy, and coaching. In some cases, complementary therapies such as Low Energy Neurofeedback, or a program of physical exercises for the brain, may also be suggested.

Learn more at http://www.drhallowell.com/the-hallowell-centers/

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Ask Ned
Ask Ned: Women and ADHD
Join me on Dr Hallowell’s Wonderful World of Difference this week as I talk to Ken Duckworth from the National Alliance ...




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