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Can you tell it’s homemade? This is how we roll - plastering imperfection on the side of our house - like the rest of our life. Is your life imperfect, too? You don’t have to be perfect to be whole. Thanks @soul_camp for articulating this truth. #wholewomanhealthcare #beautifulmessywholeness #carrielevinecnm #womenshealth #functionalmedicine #rootcausemedicine #foodfirstmedicine


The photo is essentially irrelevant to what I have to say, but if you must know, sweet potato bourbon cheesecake bites with mesquite crust. More importantly, 3 1-hour calls this morning with the same sentiment: Not-enoughness. I’d like to make an ICD 10 code for this and call it a diagnosis for women. Honestly, it plagues us so, does not discriminate, and is a serious barrier to heath. We HAVE to deal with this - personally and as a society. Try the affirmation: I have enough. I am enough. I do enough. Fake it till we make it. #wholewomanhealth #carrielevinecnm #functionalmedicine #womenshealth #wellness #foodfirst #maine #monday #november


A couple of weeks ago I spoke with Dr. Roger Inhorn, Medical Oncologist at Maine Medical Center. We talked about many things but the juicy clinical pearl he shared was the use of hyaluronic acid for vaginal dryness. It's awesome to learn about an alternative to vaginal estrogen for women who are uncomfortable with hormone use or for whom it is contraindicated.


Let's get this done, people.

As a doctor, I take care of humans. Humans of all colors, all nations, sizes, shapes, ages, beliefs, religions and political persuasions – red, blue, purple.

And this I know after 30 years: we are all humans first, we all want peace, love, happiness, and goodness for those we love and our communities. How we imagine getting there may be different, but what unites us is far more than what divides us.  We are all Americans.  

This is a time for healing. For coming together to solve the big problems we face. To listen to each other, to honor each other, respect each other, even as we may disagree on how to solve our problems.  

We can choose fear or love. I choose love. I invite all of us to choose love. We don’t all have to agree, and we won’t.

But remember we all are born, love, live and die and life is too precious to fight with each other. Disagree yes. See different ways to make the world a better place, yes. But not to hate, vilify, or close our hearts to each other.  

I know many may not have voted for Biden, but I know he cares about health, healing and understands Functional Medicine and we now have a real chance to heal our sick nation.

I believe we can take a stand for health and for healing of humanity and the planet.  I am in.

Are you? #chooseloveoverfear


Commentary: Women are America's most important health care customers. So why is the system designed by men?

What would health care in our country look like if the system was designed by women??? Would people be better served? Would there be fewer disparities of health? Would there be less chronic disease?

fortune.com Commentary: Women control most health care spending in the U.S. So why is the system designed by men?


Open Letter to the American Medical Association

Please, let's celebrate all health care professionals and healers for what we each have to offer in caring for people.

aanp.org Dear Drs. Bailey and Madara, On behalf of the nation’s 290,000 nurse practitioners (NPs) and the patients they serve, the American Association of Nurse Practitioners® (AANP) calls upon the American Medical Association (AMA) to cease its disingenuous attacks on the NP profession. During a global.....

I recommend any woman who has struggled or who is currently struggling with her weight read the chapter in this book titled “Food.” Never have I read such salient wisdom and guidance. (Except about gluten). But that’s Anne Lamott for you: A top notch truth teller with an earnest sense of humor. In fact, I recommend reading her. Period. #wholewomanhealth #carrielevinecnm #womenswisdom #functionalmedicine #foodfirstmedicine #trustourselves #listen #listentoyourbody #listentoyourheart #beautifulmessywholeness

Best. Chocolate. Ever. #wholewomanhealth #carrielevinecnm #womenswisdom #beautifulmessywholeness #healthdoesnotmeanperfect #dowhatyagottado #chocolate


Midday Yoga Class to Open Back and Shoulders

Neck and shoulder pain from being at the computer? Sunken heart because of the stress of this time? Here is an antidote:

connect.kripalu.org Join Sadia Bruce for a yoga practice to open the shoulders, back, and heart and counteract the effects of sitting at a desk. You can use two thick books in place of blocks.

[09/21/20]   Molly Montgomery is teaching Zoom-based Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction classes through Maine Health. She is the real deal, having trained with John Kabat-Zinn at UMass back in the day. Who couldn't use a little stress reduction?

Lifecycle Women's Health

So many small health care practices are closing. I really struggled with whether or not to expand to a new location, especially because so many women are choosing telehealth. But this woman and her passion, and you - women in southern Maine who used to see me in South Portland - compelled me to take Susan up on her generous offer to share space. It's nothing fancy - which means the focus remains where it should - on a personalized, quality, caring interaction.

Since I can not entertain you in my new office space, please enjoy this video as a substitute. I have more availability in this Brunswick office to provide menopause health care and sexuality counseling. I will continue to work at the Big White Barn in Readfield one day a week. I am happy to welcome Functional Medicine practitioner Carrie Levine, CNM who is sharing the office with me one day a week. All these prospects are making me feel so excited and I hope you all can feel my passion and joy. Thanks to my son Charlie for his mad video skills. Best to you all. www.lifecyclewomenshealth.com

Ready to welcome women to Susan’s beautiful space in Brunswick tomorrow! #wholewomanhealth #carrielevinecnm #womensbodieswomenswisdom #caringforwomen #brunswickmaine #functionalmedicine #simple #nursemidwives #collaboration #wholelifemidwife #sexlifemidwife #lifecyclewomenshealth #maine

How do you quiet your nervous system? Share here. Let's brainstorm a LONG list 'cause we all need it.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this. Simple. Clear. Any questions?

Imbalances in your hormones are triggered by bad food. ⁣⁣
If you eat sugar, you’ll produce more insulin, more estrogen, and more testosterone. Any type of flour and sugar can lead to these imbalances. ⁣⁣
Dairy and gluten are often triggers for inflammation and hormonal imbalances. ⁣⁣
Xenobiotics or environmental chemicals like pesticides in our food can act like powerful hormone disruptors and trigger our own hormones to go out of balance.⁣⁣
We know that sugar, caffeine, alcohol, stress, and lack of exercise all contribute to worse PMS and all hormonal imbalances – including menopause.⁣⁣
After removing the bad stuff, you will want to replace it with good stuff. ⁣⁣
Eat a whole, real, unprocessed, organic, mostly plant-based diet with organic or sustainably raised animal products. When you focus on this type of diet, you minimize intake of xenoestrogens, hormones, and antibiotics. Taking simple steps like choosing organic food and drinking filtered water can hugely impact hormone balance.⁣⁣
Getting good quality sleep every night and exercising regularly can help balance your hormones. Along with supplementing with Omega-3, vitamin D3, B vitamins, magnesium, and probiotics. ⁣


Video Conferencing, Web Conferencing, Webinars, Screen Sharing

Here is a gift: A link to the recording from last night's free webinar The Mysteries of Menopause. What an honor to share the floor with the spectacular Jennifer Weissner, sex therapist, and Robin Noble, OB/GYN at Intermed, and the interested, courageous women who attended.


zoom.us Zoom is the leader in modern enterprise video communications, with an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars across mobile, desktop, and room systems. Zoom Rooms is the original software-based conference room solution used around the world in board, confer...


StopTraffickingUs l Child Sexual Abuse l Explotation Awareness l 501c3

What are you doing August 18th at 7:30? Do you want to learn more about perimenopause and menopause? I'll be on this Zoom webinar. I hope you'll join me and this amazing group of expert practitioners. It's gonna be good!!!!
Peri menopause. Post menopause. Dryness. Heat surges. Night sweats. Painful intercourse. Sleep disturbances. The inability to fall asleep. And or the ability to fall back to sleep. Fatigue. Foggy brain. Crankiness. Loss of sexual desire. Weight gain.

I am so sick and tired of so many really really important issues in life...that have serious consequences... being so CONFUSING!

Estrogen? If we take estrogen does that mean we are going to have a heart attack or get breast cancer? Botox fillers face lifts tummy tucks.... Let everything go… Cut off your hair and let it go gray? Leave saline implants? Remove saline implants? How do we want to grow old?

Even in our day and age there are a lot of myths out there and it’s kind of a taboo topic. I thought I was pretty well educated until I realized I really wasn’t! LOL

When I started talking to my girlfriends I realized that they were pretty confused as well. So I decided to get three experts in this area on a zoom call and create a conversation by women, for women, with women.

So on August 18 at 7:30 PM Eastern standard time until 9 PM I am bringing to you Dr. Robin Noble who is not only an expert in this area in her practice with Intermed, but she’s also on the board.

Jennifer Wiessner was Maine‘s first Femsle sex therapist. Painful intercourse during this transitional phase for women isn’t some thing that we have to just except. There’s a lot we can do when we know what our options are.

Carrie Levine, CNM with Whole Woman Health in Newcastle Maine is a certified nurse-midwife and evaluates and treats most common women’s health concerns from preventative care to nutrition and lifestyle counseling. Jennifer Wiessner highly recommended her. I’m excited to hear her because I am a firm believer that food is medicine… I could make a joke about Ben & Jerry’s chocolate therapy ice cream but I won’t.

This is going to be a very enlightening and potentially life-changing conversation. Everything from what’s the truth about hormones and the dangers of taking them… is my sex drive gone forever… What foods can help with my fatigue and brain fog… Do I have to stop eating completely or just give up ice cream?

If you feel like you’re approaching 50 and you’re questioning absolutely everything in your life right now… If the physical symptoms are crazy making… This zoom call is for you!

You are not alone. Send me a private message with your email address and I will send you the zoom link

We’re on a journey. It’s a lot more fun when we go together. It’s even better when somebody in the group knows what they are talking about! It’s nice to have some wisdom in the group… Some experts who can explain what’s going on and why and what tools we have available to us to make the journey a little bit easier.

I can only have 50 people on this call so if you’re really going to be on the call send your email to me. You can even make it a girls night and have safe friends over to watch and learn together. During the event I’ll give you my cell phone number and you can text me questions if you are too nervous to ask in the chat.

Don’t worry I’ve got you! Let’s hold each other’s hands and walk through this next phase of life with grace and ease and FUN

This is by women, for women, about women. You will only see the 4 of us, not the each other. You can ask questions in the chat or I can unmute you durin Q & A. I will also give you a number to text questions if you need that.

This is a free offering

In Service,

Catherine Ann Wilson

Founder, Stop Trafficking US



stoptraffickingus.org Are you a survivor of sexual assault, abuse, or trafficking? Do you want to know how to spot and prevent sexual abuse? You're in the right place.

Supporting and empowering women is what I do. Honored to be thought of in this way @kirstenlouisecampbell #wholewomanhealth #carrielevinecnm #womenswisdom #challengeaccepted #womensupportingwomen

[07/20/20]   I have to commend the women who KNOW there is better way to take care of themselves - a way that gets to the root cause of the problem - and persevere until they find a practitioner who can help them. Too often getting well takes too long, costs too much money, and is too lonely. I am humbled by women's courageousness every day.


Trauma Super Conference |

This looks like a fantastic conference. Many experts and leaders from all aspects of health care are presenting. And the topic is, well, pertinent.


Here you have it.


Post-COVID: 5 Changes We Will See in Health Care

I sincerely hope you take the time to read this article. If you choose to not, here is a synopsis: Pandemics, redefined; Public health, redefined; Reimbursement for medical services, redefined; Planetary health, new awareness.

link.medium.com A place where words matter


May 2020 Update from Whole Woman Health

May 2020 Update from Whole Woman Health - https://mailchi.mp/aebdea634f64/december-2017-update-from-whole-woman-health-5039813

mailchi.mp I hope you are well and adapting to our current circumstances. I've been talking to a lot of women during phone consultations and there are many shared sentiments, namely: "what a weird time," "some days are easier than others," and "what can I do to prevent viral infections?"


The Story of Big Bold Health - Big Bold Health

I recently learned about himalayan tartary buckwheat. Here's a link to information about it and a source for it.



Three steps to improve immune resilience: Avoid sugar, eat vegetables, avoid inflammatory foods - fried, packaged, and flour-based. #carrielevinecnm #wholewomanhealth #womenswisdom #functionalmedicine #foodfirstmedicine #rootcausemedicine #lifestylemedicine #eatvegetables #vegetables #immuneresilience #immune #maine

A diagram from last night’s webinar on SARS-COV-2 testing. No testing is 100% accurate, the timing of testing is critical, and testing technology is changing every day. #wholewomanhealth #carrielevinecnm #womenswisdom #functionalmedicine #rootcausemedicine #lifestylemedicine #nothingsonehundredpercent #learning #growing #sharing #doingwhatican #maine

It’s not all about the virus - it’s also about our immune system’s response. Let’s not just support our immune systems, let’s build immune resilience. Lifestyle has a tremendous bearing on our immune resilience and has never mattered more than now. #wholewomanhealth #carrielevinecnm #womenswisdom #functionalmedicine #lifestylemedicine #foodfirstmedicine #rootcausemedicine #immuneresilience #immunesystem #immune #resilience #maine #systemsbiology #everythingisconnectedtoeverything

What should we focus on eating during the pandemic? According to recent article in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, choose foods rich in Vitamins A, C, E, B6 and B12, zinc, and iron such as citrus fruits, dark leafy green vegetables, and nuts. Photo is my new cookbook to keep me inspired! #wholewomanhealth #carrielevinecnm #womenswisdom #functionalmedicine #foodfirstmedicine #rootcausemedicine #food #cooking #cookingathome #cookbookjunkie #inspiration #beautifulfood #youarewhatyoueat #immuneresiliency #maine

Public health and the practice of clinical medicine are intertwined in a now undeniable way. #carrielevinecnm #wholewomanhealthcare #womenswisdom #functionalmedicine #foodfirstmedicine #rootcausemedicine #everythingisconnectedtoeverything #publichealth #maine

How will you build immune resilience today? #carrielevinecnm #wholewomanhealth #womenswisdom #functionalmedicine #lifestylemedicine #foodfirstmedicine #rootcausemedicine #immunehealth #takingtime #maine

The key to hope is knowing every problem has a solution. The greater our expanded consciousness, the greater the possible solutions. #carrielevinecnm #wholewomanhealth #womenswisdom #morning #meditation #tea #home #maine


The Coronation | Charles Eisenstein


charleseisenstein.org Covid-19 is showing us that when humanity is united in common cause, phenomenally rapid change is possible. None of the world’s problems are technically difficult to solve; they originate in human disagreement. In coherency, humanity’s creative powers are boundless.

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