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Estoy aquí para testificar por lo que DR. ASIKA lo hizo por mí. He estado sufriendo de la enfermedad del (VIRUS DEL HERPES GE***AL) durante los últimos 3 años y tenía dolores y palpitaciones constantes, especialmente en mi parte privada. Durante el primer año tuve fe en Dios que algún día me curaría. Esta enfermedad empezó a circular por todo mi cuerpo y he estado recibiendo tratamiento de mi médico, hace unas semanas me encontré con un testimonio de Rose Smith en internet testificando sobre un hombre llamado DR. ASIKA sobre cómo la curó de 7 años HSV 2. Y también dio la dirección de correo electrónico de este hombre, aconseje a cualquiera que se comunique con él para obtener ayuda sobre cualquier tipo de enfermedad que pueda ser de ayuda, así que le envié un correo electrónico contándole sobre mi (VHS 2) me dijo que no me preocupara que me iba a curar !! Bueno, nunca dudé de él. Tengo fe en que él también puede curarme, DR. ASIKA preparó y me envió aceite curativo, jabón, raíces y hierbas que tomé. En la primera semana, comencé a experimentar cambios en todo mi cuerpo, después de cuatro semanas de usar sus raíces / hierbas, aceite y jabón, estaba totalmente curado. ya no me duele más como DR. ASIKA me aseguró. Después de un tiempo fui a mi médico para hacerme otra prueba, he aquí que el resultado salió negativo. Así que amigos, mi consejo es si tienen dicha enfermedad o conocen a alguien que la padezca o cualquier otra enfermedad como * VPH, * VHB, * VIH, * VITILIGO * ALS, * HTA, * VEB, * CÁNCER, * DIABETES, DERMATITIS, etc. .Puede ponerse en contacto con el DR. ASIKA para ayuda vía email} [email protected] o WhatsApp a través de su móvil +2347065795494.
I have been suffering from (HERPES) disease for the last four years and had constant pain, especially in my knees. During the first year,I had faith in God that i would be healed someday.This disease started circulate all over my body and i have been taking treatment from my doctor, few weeks ago i came on search on the internet if i could get any information concerning the prevention of this disease, on my search i saw a testimony of someone who has been healed from (Herpes and Cancer) by this Man Dr ASIKA and she also gave the email address of this man and advise we should contact him for any sickness that he would be of help, so i wrote to Dr ASIKA telling him about my (HERPES Virus) he told me not to worry that i was going to be cured!! hmm i never believed it,, well after all the procedures and remedy given to me by this man few weeks later i started experiencing changes all over me as the Dr assured me that i have cured,after some time i went to my doctor to confirmed if i have be finally healed behold it was TRUE, So friends my advise is if you have such sickness or any other at all you can email Dr ASIKA on : [email protected] sir i am indeed grateful for the help i will forever recommend you to my friends!!! He can also cure some other diseases like

contact him on his via Whatsapp
Take in the sunrise this morning. Courtesy of Revitalize Functional Medicine. There's a new complex being built on Lincoln Drive just west of Road. Oh what morning views the new residents will have.

The Valley's Leader in BioIdentical Hormone Replacement Therapy and Holistic Healing Modalities.

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Men’s Health 👨‍🦰

We are proud of our track record when it comes to optimizing men’s health, reducing risk of disease, and improving overall quality of life for so many male patients. Are you ready to feel like you are in your prime again? We are here for you. Our practice offers the full scope of men’s health services, including hormone therapy to help you look and feel your best at every stage of life. 👶👱‍♂️👴

How often should I schedule a men’s health exam❓

To achieve optimal health, better energy, and lower disease risks, it’s important to schedule a men’s wellness exam every year (at a minimum) so we can screen you for common men’s health conditions such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and elevated blood sugar.

What are the most common health issues men face❓

👉Hormone imbalance
👉 Erectile dysfunction
👉 Prostate problems
👉 Obesity
👉 Depression and anxiety
👉 Heart disease
👉 Diabetes
👉 High blood pressure
👉 High cholesterol
👉 Reduced muscle mass

Our team can address all of these symptoms. We tailor each treatment to your personalized needs, lifestyle, preferences, and desired outcome. We take a naturopathic approach to care offering conservative and noninvasive men’s health treatments whenever possible.

If you are overdue for a health exam or are experiencing any of the above symptoms, give us a call and we will get your body in prime condition, once again. 💙



Happy Friday! We hope you all have a wonderful relaxing weekend. Fall weather is almost here! 🍂

Photos from Revitalize Functional Medicine's post 09/27/2022

Look at these incredible before and after photos after treatments with Evolve 😱

These beautiful transformations are why we wanted to bring this amazing technology to our valued patients! Trim fat, tighten skin and tone muscle with Evolve 💪

Thanks to Dr. C Sugihara and Dr. S. Trammell for allowing us to use these transformative photos.

Give us a call today to schedule your initial consultation!



We are opening up a few more spots for the PCOS program hosted by Angela Colpaert!!

Angela has done extensive research on this condition and she wants to help women who struggle with PCOS or think they might have PCOS.

During your consult, Angela will educate you on dietary changes to help reduce inflammation and other lifestyle changes to treat PCOS.

This program is FREE as it is a part of Angela’s initiative through school so be sure to take advantage of this opportunity!

PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) risks include:
- Breast cancer
- Uterine cancer
- Diabetes
- Heart disease

Give us a call to schedule your consult! 480-970-0077


As tomorrow is Lily Seeger’s last day at Revitalize (🥺), we wanted to thank her for everything she’s done to help Revitalize run smoothly not only for our patients, but for our staff and physicians as well. She’s been a breath of fresh air to say the least

Although we will miss her dearly, we wish her all the success in the world as she will be going to school working towards a career as a Naturopathic Physician!

If you see Lily in the next couple days at the office, be sure to congratulate her for pursuing her dreams. 💙


This should be the standard for EVERY doctors visit! Whether you are seeing one of our physicians at Revitalize or at another clinic, you should never feel rushed or misunderstood. We take great pride in our quality of care. Thank you to ALL our patients. 💙


Women’s Health 🧘‍♀️

We have a plethora of women’s health services available at Revitalize! From standard wellness exams to menopause treatments, we’ve got you covered. 👇

Wellness Exams 🩺
During women’s wellness exams, we will review your medical history, address any current symptoms, and complete a comprehensive physical exam, including a breast and pelvic exam, and a Pap test if necessary. We might use blood tests or other diagnostic tests to screen for medical issues, and will offer treatment recommendations as necessary.

Nutrition and Disease Prevention 🍊
Women have unique nutritional needs that change as they age. We are experts in women’s nutrition and work with adults of all ages to prevent or better manage diseases using diet therapy and professional quality supplements.

Prenatal Care 🤰
Whether you struggle with infertility, you’re pregnant, or you’ve just had a baby, we are here for you. We offer nutritional and healthy lifestyle counseling, prenatal care, and help you manage every aspect of reproductive health, childbirth, and raising a family.

Menopause Treatments 🤩
If you’re going through menopause or are post-menopausal, you might experience some unpleasant symptoms of hormone imbalance. We offer nutritional intervention and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) to address fatigue, mood changes, weight gain, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, osteoporosis, depression, and other symptoms of low estrogen.

If you or someone you know could benefit from any of these services related to women’s health, tag them! We would love to get you treated and feeling like a million bucks! 💰


Photos from Revitalize Functional Medicine's post 09/13/2022

Beautiful skin is within your reach with SkinPen Precision!

This exciting treatment can improve your complexion, reduce wrinkles of the neck, reduce the appearance of acne scars and reveal smooth healthy skin.

SkinPen Precision is the leading microneedling device and it works to remodel the skin by creating temporary microscopic channels in your skin.

This simple procedure activates your body’s natural skin-healing power to increase collagen and elastin so your skin returns to a healthier looking and youthful appearance.

Watch your skin look more youthful and rejuvenated with SkinPen Precision.

🔹Rejuvenates from the inside out for younger looking skin
🔹Results are natural and safe for all skin tones and types
🔹Jump-starts new collagen without heat or chemicals
🔹Quick-and-easy with little to no downtime
🔹Significantly improves the appearance of wrinkles on the neck
🔹Improves appearance of acne scars

Give us a call today to get your treatment scheduled! 480-970-0077


“Lose it for Life” Weight Loss Program 🙌

Directly from Dr. Ramsey:

The weight loss program we offer is designed to break the patterns that put us into our current health. We discuss briefly what optimal nutrition is, then we dive into our personal emotional patterns that we are not aware of until we discover our subconscious mind. It’s a gentle technique that has helped people lose anywhere from 8 to 30 pounds in 90 days. The more important thing is keeping the weight off and not having to go on a diet again.

There are 2 tiers. The first contains a few supplements that we are all deficient in. Being deficient in any of the essential vitamins will make it harder to shed weight. The second tier is optional with added support to help you lose weight more efficiently. These add-ons work well for faster weight loss. Some people choose to stay on the add-ons and others choose to go off at the end of 90 days. There is no right or wrong with this.

We are happy to share that we offer our weight loss program 3 times per year and it’s for anyone not just for our patients.


Just a reminder to sign up for our nurse, Angela Colpaert’s PCOS program!

Angela is currently in school to be a nurse practitioner and is participating in a school project regarding the identification, diagnosis and treatment for PCOS in women. We applaud Angela for this amazing work and are looking forward to help women with this syndrome!

Please give our front desk a call at 480-970-0077 to schedule your initial consultation with Angela. We will give you until September 6th to sign up for the program. This 6 week program will address various lifestyle changes that address PCOS.

Get signed up today!


Happy Monday everyone!

Let’s be EXTRA this week and go the extra mile with our wellness 💪

What will you do to be proactive about your health? 🤔


Do you struggle with addiction? Alcohol, narcotics, sex, sugar, vaping, etc.?

We want to hold your hand through the recovery process.

Why should I seek NAD+ therapy over conventional rehab?

Choosing the right facility and approach is essential to your recovery success. Revitalize Functional Medicine is one of the few medical practices in the Phoenix metropolitan area specially trained to offer NAD+ therapy.  We offer a comfortable, discreet environment where you and your loved ones can experience a gentle but expedited recovery and always rest assured that you will receive compassionate support along the way.

This is a very safe, and very effective treatment with a proven track record of success for any addiction. Using an IV, our specialist delivers therapeutic doses of NAD+ directly into the bloodstream to help restore energy and repair brain function back to normal without any cravings after 8 days. This natural route to detoxification allows NAD+ to travel across the blood-brain-barrier for quick, powerful results.

Combining a healthy dose of compassion with this cutting-edge treatment approach, our goal is to make your path to addiction recovery significantly easier.

After NAD+ you will experience thorough detoxification of your body and brain.


“Dr. Ramsey actually saved my life.”

Wow! Happy Monday everyone! 🤠


In the season finale, Dr. Ramsey sits down with Angela Colpaert, a registered nurse at Revitalize to talk about PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). Angela is currently in school to be a nurse practitioner and she talks about a school project regarding the identification, diagnosis and treatment for PCOS in women. We applaud Angela for this amazing work and are looking forward to help women with this syndrome!

Please give our front desk a call at 480-970-0077 to schedule your initial consultation with Angela. We will give you 3 weeks to schedule that initial call with the deadline being the 6th of September. This 6 week program will address various lifestyle changes that address PCOS.

Watch the full video by clicking the link in our bio and selecting “The Dr. Ramsey Show (Season 2)” 💙

Thank you for following along for Season 2 of The Dr. Ramsey Show! Please follow along with our newsletter regarding future dates to look forward to whether it be events, show releases and even pricing promotions. If you currently don't receive our newsletter and would like to, please send an email to [email protected] with the word "subscribe" and we'll be sure to put you on the list.


Happy Friday! 🤩

Any fun plans for the weekend? Anyone planning on doing whatever this guy is doing?! 💪🤯

Revitalize Paradise Valley

Another day filled with opportunity and growth! Stop by Revitalize or visit our website ( for more information regarding the many services we offer.

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