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Activity 'snacks' reduce the health risks of sitting for long periods. Here's what to do 01/17/2023

Activity 'snacks' reduce the health risks of sitting for long periods. Here's what to do

Not exactly rocket science, but hey, if you need to frame your exercise in the mental form of “snacks” then we need to have a conversation about your activity levels and possibly your motivations anyway.

Get Up. Move your body. Use food as fuel. Repeat.

Exercise alone is not the answer for weight loss, so stop trying to “work off” something you ate. Resistance training helps maintain muscle mass, bone density, metabolic rate, as well as pulmonary and cardiovascular fitness. Nutrition can no longer be ignored in the sedentary population (people who mostly sit all day). Let’s do more than just “snack” on activity this year, shall we?

Activity 'snacks' reduce the health risks of sitting for long periods. Here's what to do People who walked for five minutes every half hour had lower blood sugar and blood pressure than those who sat continuously

Photos from Total Pediatric Therapy's post 12/19/2022

One of the best Pediatric clinics in town.


Low-back pain happens to 80% of people over 40. 80% of THAT back pain is recurring. Find out what you are doing (like prolonged positioning, vs repetitive movements) to contribute to your own recurrence, and then learn what you should do to treat yourself.

If you don't want to treat yourself, we also are happy to return as many times as you need. Compliance is key, but we understand people are busy, and sometimes certain things are unavoidable.

Did you know we also offer Mobile Massage Therapy? Yes, we have 3 expert licensed massage therapists trained in:
Thai Massage
Swedish Massage
Sports Massage
Therapeutic Massage
Medically-Directed Massage for Palliative and Hospice Care
Pregnancy and Post-Natal Massage
Relaxation Massage
*Lymphatic Massage ($180/hr)

The Therapy Doctor


"Coming from a client of yours for 5 years now...the thing that I have always liked most is that you are just inspirational. No. That doesn't do it justice. You are a sincere person. You are a sincerely inspirational motivation. I think it's the relationships you build that really allow you to connect with your work and has built trust others just don't take the time and energy to invest in."

-Current Patient


Did you know we are sponsoring SANTA this year?
Tomorrow at 2pm!

Come have your photos taken, bring your kiddos, bring your fur babies and watch Santa arrive in style on his very own Firetruck! Free hot cocoa.

4254 N Brown Ave
Scottsdale, AZ
(Behind Gallaghers)


Did you know Dr. Amber was one of the first PORI Certified Head & Neck Cancer Physical Therapists in the state of Arizona?

If you have throat or tongue cancer, or brain cancer, you want a provider who knows more than just a little bit about cancer care.


“Nope, would you do it that way if this was your Grandmother? Do it with joy. Do it with care.”

Dr. Amber

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Small Businesses are the way to go

AmaZon isn’t the only company that can make your life better and more convenient. 🌻

If you need someone for anything, I might know a guy.


Do you know what NEUROPLASTICITY IS? It's a hot topic conversational item right now in medicine that Doctors of Physical Therapy have been using for a LONG time. It naturally occurs in the body WITHOUT DRUGS! Natural Neuroplasticity is just NOT the same as a drug-induced experience with Ketamine or Psilocybin's, because you do not have to alter the brain with anything other than a can-do attitude and some internal and external "cheerleading" (reinforcement) for the brain to accept that the performance you produced was better and better each time. We use Mass Practice. We use Challenge (the task much be difficult, not monotonous). We use many other forms of feedback that eventually becomes the patient's responsibility to produce internally. I was having a conversation with a gentleman about this the other day and he asked what Mass Practice is and how it helps with neuroplasticity.
Massed practice is basically repetitive new patterns. You could think of typing on a keyboard by touch, or tying your shoes. They were initially so difficult to learn, but so repetitious that your brain was forced to memorize it, and eventually turned it into an automatic task. So is walking, lunging, balancing in standing, many of the skills we take for granted. They all became automatic thru this concept of thousands of reps with natural elements of success and failure that shaped the outcome. The task must be challenging and require focus to be effective. The more challenging and focused, the better the neuroplastic change and output. Even mental imagery can help. I tell my patients to work on it so much in their head when they are tired that they fall asleep thinking about doing it CORRECTLY and they almost always end up improving their own performance the next day. The human brain is amazing. Neuroplasticity itself, does NOT require drugs.


All my Scottsdale Living friends that wanna try a new workout, come to a Free class with me please, or get a group and see when you want to go!


INSURANCE IS SO CONFUSING. Thank goodness for people like Carin Whitehurst and Erik Holland.

Don't miss this Free Community Resource Course just for you. Medicare can be confusing. DO NOT MISS OUT on understanding Supplement/Advantage plans and the changes coming in 2023.

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Join BeKind People Project for

Dazzle on the Diamond

Oct 1 at Diamondbacks Stadium Chase Field for a One of a Kind Field-Level Event! ✅

Because “kindness changes everything”.


In my “free time” 🤣, I invest in the growth of other small business owners. You might not know that I started a group a year ago with my friend John Doering, that now helps 918 Arizona small business owners develop themselves and connect with the community. We have invested so much into this effort, and it has absolutely proven a worthy cause, and has been more helpful to these companies than I could have originally ever imagined.

I am a patient teacher, a support for others, and a lifelong learner, all the way down to my bones. It’s what I do all day with my patients, with their families, and with my time.

In 2022, I love what I can do as an entrepreneur, as a woman, as a free-spirited free-thinker, and I love what I can do as just one little human.

Let’s see where we go next! 😉

Dr. Amber Enright

Is it Normal to Leak? Are Kegels Bad for You? | Pelvic Floor Myths with Dr. Kaitlyn Kakar 08/27/2022

Is it Normal to Leak? Are Kegels Bad for You? | Pelvic Floor Myths with Dr. Kaitlyn Kakar

Have abdominal weakness after abdominal surgery, chronic back pain, or incontinence? Where do you get help? I can treat abdominal weakness, but incontinence and pelvic pain (during or not during in*******se) may require further assessment. But WHO DO YOU SEE?

I am NOT a Pelvic Floor Specialist! Yes, Physical Therapists treat incontinence, bladder dysfunctions, and train and education for bowel and bladder programs. Leaking is NOT NORMAL, even during stages of life that it is somewhat common. We live in the desert, please don't STOP drinking water to prevent your need to urinate. Normal pelvic floor function requires the same CONTRACTION and RELAXATION of ANY OTHER muscle group. If you are having trouble with bowel and bladder functions, consider an evaluation and some treatments with a Pelvic Floor Doctor of Physical Therapy like Dr Kaitlyn Kakar here in Phoenix. This is not my area, and I am happy to refer out to another qualified professional.

Is it Normal to Leak? Are Kegels Bad for You? | Pelvic Floor Myths with Dr. Kaitlyn Kakar The Pelvic Floor doesn’t have to be a taboo topic! It's a necessary group of muscles which support your vital organs, gives your body stability, aids in sexu...


We have just reached 500 followers! I know each of you are friends, colleagues, and some of you are local heroes in our eyes. Thank you for continuing support. Thank you for sharing, liking, engaging, and thinking of us for your family and friends. Thank you for your trust.

Please note that we will effectively be re-branding out name to: AZ Therapy Doc

Our URL and phone number will remain the same.
+1 480-797-1403


Want to de-stress? Do something simple. Do something enjoyably repetitious. Do something to completion.

My Mom made this probably 35-40 years ago. She used to cross-stitch all the time. She taught all of us to do it also, and always kept our minds healthy by keeping our hands busy. Then I thought…I don’t know that many people that take time to craft, paint, write, or play music these days. Are we really so busy that we have no time for simple and FREE forms of self-care?

If you are upset and do something as simple as one of these tasks, you will likely find yourself feeling much better after a short amount of time. I like cross-stitching because you are following a simple pattern, almost anyone can do it, and it requires enough attention to keep you from wandering away. I also like it because it’s highly completable. Find something like this if you can. 🌻❤️‍🩹


Someone just asked me for a written description because she was speaking with a doctor about me and they asked for more info. I don't even really like saying I'm a Physical Therapist anymore (even tho of course I do). Why? Because people think PT is LAME, boring, moderately effective. 😌

So this is what I wrote:
I treat patients with any diagnosis using creativity, function-directed NOVEL tasks, and manual therapy. I'm not treating the diagnosis, I'm treating the person and the impairments unique to them. That's even more important since I am a concierge provider and I have the unique view of seeing people in their own homes; where they perform with the least stress and can practice and prep for what may come. I like to take on patients who have tried traditional PT, or even had many other private PTs and didn't find them to be very beneficial, or mostly just said "I liked my PT they were really nice and good at PT, it just didn't really work/last for me". Those are definitely people I find I can make an impact with.

My care is highly personalized because I treat a population that needs much more than just exercises. They need cognitive strategies, future planning and equipment strategies, motivation to work hard enough to produce true neuroplasticity, not just repetition of something they find easy and monotonous, and that helps the patient and their family support eachother purposefully, without apathy.

That's why my slogan is "Moving You, With Heart".
Dr Amber Enright PT, DPT

And thank you to Dr. Benjamin Benulis, DC for inspiring me to share something personal and validating on social media today with the passion I tend to speak with. (It's not a video but it's a start) 🤣


THANK YOU! To everyone who believed I was bigger than I thought I was, thanks for seeing my higher potential. I exceeded my own expectations over the last couple of months. And on Day 1 of my completely Independent Business I have no business debt, a steady stream of revenue, and THE BEST clientele a person could ask for; they’re as close as family to me, and I love being their provider.


Love the support and energy leading up to my interview. Did you see it?

Today! in 2.5 hours... If you know someone who is battling Cancer, or simply would like to learn about the support available, tune in to today's Live Stream 9:00 AM PT at heartjoytransformationllc on Facebook❣️


Just meeting the neighbors.


Back Pain, Hip Pain, Knee Pain, We've Got You!
You do NOT require a script to gain Direct Access to Physical Therapy. No more excuses for why you can't move the way you want to.


My little home therapy dog.

Photos from The Therapy Doctor PLLC's post 06/30/2022

TEACHING is something I think any excellent PT has down to a science. "If you can't teach it, you don't know it" was a common phrase I heard growing up. Teaching involves more than just reciting information. Teaching includes knowing your audience; how they learn, how they communicate, how to use their language, how to inspire their excitement, how to assess for comprehension, how to identify misunderstandings before proceeding, and how to de-escalate and productively redirect frustration if errors occur.

The pandemic was hard for my patients in a completely different way, just based on the restrictions. Having a mask on was not an option for SO MANY of my patients. The ones with Neurologic impairments literally told me, "Amber, you have to take that off. I just can't understand what you're saying, and it's too distracting." The ones who couldn't speak demonstrated some distressed behaviors that immediately dissipated when I stepped back a ways and lowered my mask to unveil the familiar smile they had grown used to watching closely as I spoke or sang to communicate to them. I am incredibly expressive and aware of how to use my eyes and pointy eyebrows to communicate. Bottom line was, my eyebrows and words were just not enough. The bottom line is, there are SO SO SO many facets that allow a person to learn and to communicate, and they are very often NOT about hearing and speaking clearly. A good teacher knows when to pause, self-assess, then step back and "pull down the mask".


Today I asked all of my fellow Entrepreneur friends to share what they DON’T do!

For example, I'm a PT but I DON'T give a list of 30 exercises and babysit you doing them as your "treatment". I'm a PT but I DON'T bill your insurance. I'm PT but I DON'T like the concept that your insurance pays for someone to babysit you as you ride a bike that doesn't go anywhere to fill 10 billable minutes and call it a “warmup”.

Sometimes the frustrations of referrals and calls not being quite right is our own fault as business owners. WE alone have to differentiate ourselves. WE alone have to tell our story. WE alone have to earn the clientelle, trust, authority, and integrity for people to know WHY they MUST do business with us.

Because BUSINESS doesn't go AWAY, it just goes to someone else. If you're thinking about the next 6-20 months in your business, we all need to buckle down, and get to hustling. If you aren't marketing, your business is probably leaking like a boat with a hole in it. Find that hole, and do more than plug it.


This is a trusted colleague of mine. Dr Maryk Geyer is not just an amazing Naturopathic Doctor but she is a brilliant mind, a loyal friend, a natural leader and teacher (she actually taught many of the Naturopaths I’ve met in Arizona), a dedicated wife and mother of 5, and a wonderful person.

I prescribe to the “take no prisoners” approach to therapy. I hold my patients accountable, without overwhelming them with non-practical solutions, whenever possible. My job is to teach you how to take control of your function, and then teach you and trust you to take action based on that education. So naturally, I find other providers who do the same. When I have someone who needs real answers, I typically send them to Dr Geyer.

Holistic care is the future of medicine. Most of the people understand that adding a caring provider they see in a matter of days instead of weeks or months, has actually reduced their total healthcare cost at the end of the year. Now THAT is WELLNESS.


We LOVE feedback about your experience with us. If you would like to tell others why they should experience the difference, please leave us a review here or on Google.

THANK YOU for sharing. It means the world to us to be your trusted providers.


Every one of my patients gets a unique video of their homework. A specifically guided “bang for their buck” I call it. I’m in there to do more than just supervise them riding a bike. This is DIRECT patient care, not some patient-mill paid by your insurance that doesn’t actually care if you get better. No one in insurance gets a pat on the back for getting you back to work in less visits, or by saving you money by referring you to other providers who can help the process of healing along. Don’t get scammed by a healthcare provider that can’t even remember your name.


“I made more progress in a winter/spring than some do in a LIFETIME!” 💯🥹👏

When the work speaks FOR YOU, and your patients truly become your friends…it is IMPOSSIBLE not to LOVE what you do. 😇🥰


Know anyone with Dementia, Cancer, Parkinson's Disease that has been basically forgotten by the medical field? You're not alone. No matter what you pay your doctor, they only see you 1-4 times a year. Don't let them dictate what you are capable of. Diseases don't have to be death sentences, even tho many are "terminal". Sometimes, a diagnosis can be a gift; an opportunity to live a better end-of-life than you lived your entire life, and a reminder that every day is a blessing. Let us help you make the most of that difference.

How to perform Physical Activity:

1. Find friend
2. Stand up or go outside
3. Move your body

Yonnie Procter is always moving!


Flattered, doesn’t cover it when your top colleagues are so impressed with your assessment and treatment skills. 💯💪😎

The Therapy Doctor on Google 04/09/2022

The Therapy Doctor on Google

NO ONE in my field does what I do. A few might say they offer something similar, but it does NOT even compare. Exercises alone don't get anyone back to function. When you don't know where to turn, or have been told there's nothing more YOU can do (besides surgery or medication management) because you have a Terminal Diagnosis, ask WHY, then call me.

The Therapy Doctor on Google Have you been diagnosed with Dementia or Cancer and don't know where to go? Have you been told there is nothing you can do? You owe yourself a call to Dr. Amber Enright to discuss what kind of life, participation, dignity, and purpose you CAN preserve.


I love treating in Desert Mountain and Whisper Rock this time of year. It’s flooded with vibrant climbing flowers, bougainvillias, and the Argentine Saguaros are just making their floral debuts.

That, and I get to work in some of the most beautiful homes in all of Arizona, with some of the coolest people on the planet.


Do you have swelling in your legs or arms that does not resolve by the time you wake up in the morning? Do NOT wait any longer to begin lymphedema assessment and treatment. Make sure your provider is actually certified. Make sure your provider is using research-based treatments, and make sure you understand the likely culprit of your lymphedema onset. Many factors that contribute to lymphedema are manageable, so let us teach you how to manage it as we treat you.

Have questions? Call 480-797-1403 to book your assessment with Dr. Amber or to begin treatment with our Certified LMTs.

-TTD Team


If only had The Therapy Doctor at his house. If you are having pain, stiffness, a limp, or have slowed down, you need to get an Evaluation scheduled right away.

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