Haylee's sober living Program

Haylee's sober living Program Haylee's sober living is an organization that serves the community in more than one way: We cater to We will help them get involved in recovery groups.

Quality of life recovery sober living a program that will help our clients reach their goals in life. We will advocate for people in our program, we will share resources for housing assistance, build relationships in the the community and there family. We mentor our people and set them up with a certified trained Peer recovery support specialist that will help provide and train our clients while t

hey are in our Quality of life sober living house. While in this program the result of the process is contingent upon your willingness to deepen your learning, improve your performance and enhance your quality of life, your actions and choices determine your ability to build a strong foundation and life worth living. This program is 90-180 days long. While here in our program your peer recovery support specialist and you will create a treatment plan together. You will make a list of goals you wish to accomplish each time you meet with your (P.R.S.S) you will choose topic of a goal that you will work toward each week. You will be required to find and maintain employment while in recovery, you will be required to pay weekly or monthly rent and board for your stay. You will be screened monthly and be required to follow rules of the sober living recovery house. Our program specializes in teaching our substance abuse recovery residents vital coping life skills and problem solving skills necessary for a healthy lifestyle in the community-oriented setting and we motivate them to approach their problems and issue from a different more positive and healthier farm of mind. We do this by connecting them to counselors and therapist skilled certified in substance abuse recovery through organizations like synergy mental health or saint joe recovery center and help link them to peer supporters we help them look for alternate ways to keep them occupied and serving the community through this program also by helping them with stable permanent employment so that they can create a positive impact in their worlds and be citizens of society who are meeting the needs of others on their own personal journey to freedom This is what they will have once they leave Haylee's sober living program.


Just wanted to get things off my chest.


It’s amazing how people want to see you fail instead of actually getting your dreams and goals accomplished.
Why is it people talk more about u or what your doing instead of trying to help u according to how recovery is ment to be! I never seen so many fake people in this recovery field until the last four months.

I have had so many calls sent to state,wavarr ,parole so many lies spreading that’s not funny I been doing the sober living for 14 months and had five houses with 30plus beds but in the last 60 days from what I call haters I been to jail for 30 days for disobeying a order from parole. Then the owners at a location on Lynn kicked everyone out my girls house and I lost six girls plus over 5600 dollars of labor and repairs fixing house up for the men and women have a home to live in while working on their recovery.

I have lost nearly $14.500 in people moving out and owed fees but I never once called that person asking for one penny I took it as lost. I lost my job at Charleston cause I went to jail over the 30 day shocker.

But this is all stuff we can’t take to heaven it will all go back to dust just as we will.every day I follow god’s guide and even though I been through all this I never gave up I kept my faith and kept my eye on god.

Today because of all the heaters I had to shut some of my house down and what was left I had to sign over to new management because of so many lies from all these haters.

They were so many people saying stuff that not one person has yet been able to prove with actual proff of what they were saying but I know working in construction every time I get hit with storm I ride it out find Onther exit and keep going I make good money now.

So again thanks everyone for putting me in a better position.

I am due for discharge next month and come April haylee will be back with more locations and better program policy and living situation.

I put many hours of hard work in everything I did in recovery I helped so many people get homes, jobs, treatment and so so so much more people feared me cause how fast I grew right now I can’t do much but I will be off parole soon and I’ll be back strong as ever.

To anyone who suffers from struggling with addiction or mental illness don’t let life hold you down or cause you relapse or fail from achieving you dreams. Even though I lost 65% of my program I can still honestly say I have 38 months of sobriety and still standing strong.

People you guys claim you are recovery coaches and press butt yet your thinking is not what should be no matter what a person dose you help them if you see them struggle don’t go behind their backs and be two face.

The more people push you push back but push back with saying how can I help you achieve some of your goals help them buy saying you love them that goes so fate. One thing I have learned is if you take billing and pay away from these problems of these people who get in this with a heart to help people but when money started coming in all you see is everyone driving 75k dollars cars and eat out 300 dollars meals while the suffering act tic die every day. But most answered perplexed responded remark back is go to treatment get help bill inc that get rich off the suffering attic life of disre to do great things.

Stop trying to describe or cause Onther person fail just cause you ain’t serious about your own business I will be standing on two feet in the end when everyone else is lost trying to understand why karma comes their way.

I have gone through hell the last 60 plus days over heaters and liars. But I forgive you cause I know your still sick.

I want to thank Jesus Christ for allowing me to over come all my set backs in life and blessing me with freedom I have today.
Excellent job
Good home
Too business

I can keep going but I said enough tonight if you comment please stay positive with statements don’t hurt people but words instead build them up to achieve greatness

James Lee hall peas
Recovery coach
Halls handyman service

Someone teach me how to play

Someone teach me how to play


Just want to say congratulation to Justin Carmichael for completing Haylee program today


Why do people hate or try bring you down? What are your motatives? Grow up guys your not stopping no one!


I have spent nearly 15 years in prison following 23 years in addition lost my mom on my birthday holding her while she took her last breath. My dad and brother also died due to addiction I lost a good marriage as well lost to small business I hated god or anything he had in store for me or my life cause my choices in life was not healthy I came from a rough and unwanted life of abuse and addiction I was born in a small town in Kentucky were your closest store is like 20 miles from you every one either sells drugs or do them which by the time I was 13 I was a full blown addic addicted to almost everything known to man my favorite drug was herion.
I grew up a long rough life that lead me in and out of prison or mental health treatment centers I lack control over my life. I hated everyone cause I blamed everyone for the way I was raised but Little did I know that through all of this god was preparing me for a greater purpose which I do not know god was molding me for a great walk my whole life has been against god cause my life was to live for drugs and kicking doors in to get money so I could get high I was numb to what life is about I never knew what love was not how to fill love I felt numbness and lived in darkness and fear I was pour growing up on food stamps and welfare watching my mother get beat to nearly death by my father who was a drunk he would take all our money and use it to stay drunk .
I grew up with seven brothers and three sisters who are all pasted away due to natural death or drug addiction I am the only one still alive god has taking everything from me and I grew to hate him more .causing me to falling deeper into my addiction and darkness I became so numb I did not even know who I was I spent years in prison trying to figure out who I am and what is my pouring out of life really is .
I been in prison five times in three states and have made many bad choices that have definitely caused me harm but something was keeping me alive and it was god molding me for something good. God was about to use me for great pouring of his calling and four years ago I lost my daughter cause of my addiction which then opened my eyes I knew right then it’s time to grow up I was sitting in my prison cell wondering where my life was going to go I decided to give this guy a chance I gave my life to the Lord and decided I wanted a better life I then got down on my knees and pray God if you have any use for me please do with me as you wish and use me to help change my lives of others I spent nearly 2 years in prison at this time I was released 13 months ago and since then I have now got three years sobriety I have a great career I work in recovery and mental health services I have for sober living facilities I have everything that I’ve ever wanted most important I found myself yeah his mouth him at least change banks and my life has taken all of the bad that I’ve ever gone through the pain and suffering that her grandson the sadness the disparity and he turned it all around and gave me a second chance by now I work with people trying to help teach them and show them that there is a better way to live in life you do not have to continue to live the way you’re living or given a choice to live a better lifestyle and by doing so I now have a better life to where I can provide for myself and my family I was able to purchase my first new car ever I was able to purchase my first new motorbike ever I’m able to pay bills that I’ve never been able to do before and it’s all by the grace of God this testimony goes out to all the lost sick and suffering who are struggling trying to figure out what path they’re taking in life don’t ever think that you can’t do it because you can don’t ever think as you fail as something that you’re a failure I just never found a way that works for you pick yourself up keep trying and move forward most in Porten you must put God first the rest will fall into place if you’ve ever hurt someone or said anything bad to anyone in your life please go back to that person and apologize and ask for your forgiveness because it may be here last time they ever say anything to that person most important forgive yourself first I’m living proof that people can change and have a successful career and life I’ve proven that over and over I’ve had so many people try to hinder me start me create lies and say that I do things that’s not even correct success comes with destruction success comes with haters and people trying to bring you down because they don’t want to that’s only stating that his best trying to destroy white Dodge building and you don’t ever give up on your dreams always carry hoe and a message to others of positive reports build yourself one day at a time one moment at a time one step at a time when you see something are you have a goal in mind don’t give up to you achieve that goal and I always put God first today I want to thank you Jesus Christ for everything you’ve done to me and how you’ve changed my life for the better to all the s*x suffering and lost that still out there suffering and their addiction if you ever need someone to talk to you can reach out to me I’m there I will guide you in the best purpose possibleNever give up never fall back always looked forward the reward is on the other side you just Gotta get there to find it thank you Jesus crash for this wonderful blessed day day


today life is all that we have don't through it away as if we have everything else in life. today god has given me hope love understanding and a passion for helping people and that I am grateful for. I also want to thank my lord and savior for the people he has put into my life that helped pave the way for me in life .today the people i strive to help are the people who are lost homeless hungry and fear full I help the ones who are forgotten they are the ones who need love support and much more are they not worth a huge a smile a meal a set of clothes or even a bed to lay in to me yes they are. instead people worrying about money or some policy or who can bill for that person you push them away into the shadows as if they are worthless instead run go seek that lost give him food give him love help that person come close to god show him that they are more to life then just being nothing at all is it that you are better then this person and would not allow him set next to you at a meal at home while you eat with your family? yes i know many around town like this. all they do is want to bring you down cause you want to love help give and guide people back to a life of peace and not expect to receive one dollar but only hoping to see that person change and live life as it was was intended when you follow god don't worry about what others think of you cause its not your business I have had many people try to bring me down spread lies cause rumors and more but every time I come back even harder with a smile on my face waving back with love cause I know that no matter what god dose have my back. I have built several sober living homes I got a good job and I am doing better the more these people try to hold you back These are the same people I want to thank cause they made me a better person and I ill fight more now thank you for putting me down cause you made me shine even more thank you god for all you do for me.


Always tell some one that you love them

Giving love to my guys at Haylees house in Parkersburg love you guys

Giving love to my guys at Haylees house in Parkersburg love you guys

Live for now time is just a gift don’t throw it away

Live for now time is just a gift don’t throw it away

A man must always love god and never allow satin still his joy I love god and all he has given me life is spending momen...

A man must always love god and never allow satin still his joy I love god and all he has given me life is spending moments with the ones you love the most our time on earth don’t last forever always tell the ones you love that you love them because tomorrow may never come


James hall I love all my family and recovery life


Good evening everyone god loves you all!

These boys work so hard in our community I am so proud of these men for all they do I am honored to walk beside them all...

These boys work so hard in our community I am so proud of these men for all they do I am honored to walk beside them all the way through their journey they are the best guys I know if you see them from Haylees sober living give them a big shout out for there hard work and truly working on there sobriety and recovery keep up the hard work and deadication you put forth to help me and do positive things in our community


Almost done with my car certification and can’t thank god enough for what he has done for my life


I’m on my way to see my little girl Halle I love you honey daddy will be there to see you soon I want to take a moment to thank God I have a little compassion for the most littlest things that you have given me thank you for opening up my eyes to what life is really about God I thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with these men and women the way you have and use me to help save people I know I can do more and you’re going to give me the strength to lead a much better life I look forward to that day every day I dedicate my time my loveThis little sample drive is a good time for reflection in a way of giving back to myself thank you God for allowing me to be clean and sober I’m almost at my three-year mark and I can’t wait thank you Jesus amen


1042 24 Th Street
Parkersburg, WV


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