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Hold them when they cry. They’re not manipulating you. They need you to show them their needs are important.

Feed them when they ask. They’re not greedy. Diet culture hasn’t taught them to override their body’s signals yet.

Meet them with love and guidance, not anger. They’re not naughty. Their brains haven’t developed fully yet.

Go to them in the night. They’re not wrapping you around their little finger. They need you so they can feel safe.

You are the world to them, and they learn that they are good, valid, and safe from your responses.

Ignoring their cries for support teaches them that they are not important, they don’t know their own bodies, they should be ashamed of their feelings, and that no one is coming to help them.


Don't compare yourself 💗


YES to this guide!! Once your baby is earthside, there is an ideal sequence of events which can lead to more breastfeeding success.


Hello all! I haven’t posted in awhile life has been busy busy, but back to it I am still needing 6-8 breastfeeding mothers to complete my clinicals to become fully certified as a CLC! So anyone who is breastfeeding whether you need assistance or even would let me come do a mock appointment I really need to complete these to be able to sit for the exam🥰


Expectation vs reality

📷: .therapist

One of the many reasons to hire a postpartum doula!

One of the many reasons to hire a postpartum doula!

Self care is so incredibly important. It’s especially important during the 4th trimester…you’ve just welcomed a new baby into your family, your body is recovering and it can feel like life is in chaos. Make sure to take the time you need to care for yourself.

A post partum doula can be so helpful during this time. Having a post partum doula can give you the space and time you need to do simple things like rest, shower and have a hot cup of coffee or tea.

Yup hire a postpartum doula for help! We offer help after 6 weeks postpartum.

Yup hire a postpartum doula for help! We offer help after 6 weeks postpartum.

I’m so tired 😴 🥱💤



Babies are biologically designed to sleep at breast. Breastmilk contains tryptophan, an amino acid used by the body to make melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that helps induce and regulate sleep.

Tryptophan levels rise and fall in breastmilk, according to mother's circadian rhythms. Breastfeeding can help develop babies' circadian rhythms and help them settle to sleep better at night. One more reason to love breastfeeding!

Note: check your latch if baby is falling asleep quickly at breast. A shallow latch may cause baby to lose interest and fall asleep before he/she is full.

Anyone who tells you that baby shouldn’t breastfeed to sleep is going against nature. It is completely appropriate for babies to fall asleep at the breast.

Mothers are amazing!

Mothers are amazing!

We 10,000% agree 👇


September is Su***de Prevention Month and a good time to remember that the mental health of moms is important, especially during pregnancy and 12 months after birth.

To better support pregnant and postpartum women, Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) launched The Maternal Mental Health Hotline in May 2022. Please share this resource to reach a new parent, who may be in need of support, resources, and referrals.

The National Maternal Mental Health Hotline’s counselors provide 24-hour, free support, resources and referrals to anyone on their journey of being a new parent. Call or text, 1-833-9-HELP4MOMS (1-833-943-5746).

I know this is me every morning.

I know this is me every morning.

This is an amazing resource for the community.

This is an amazing resource for the community.

Meet the newest North Place Maternity House baby! In the past 6 years, 30 babies and their moms have found grace at North Place. Please join us in praying for this sweet baby girl and her mama!

North Place currently has an opening for an expectant mom 18 or older that finds herself in an unplanned pregnancy with nowhere to go. Its purpose is to provide a caring community for women as they prepare to build a life for themselves and their babies. For more details about the opening, call (304)494-2231.

If you'd like to learn more or donate to North Place, visit

A good latch is key to an amazing breastfeeding journey.

A good latch is key to an amazing breastfeeding journey.


Night feeding, well into the toddler years, is the norm, not the exception.

For more on the norms of night waking see:

For more on night feeds and their impact on sleep see:

For more normal night waking statistics and research see:

Source of this particular statistic:

📷 -smiles


Who is currently relating?


“Things pregnant women don’t really need: cribs, changing tables, diaper warmers, 1,000 baby outfits, baby shoes, a $600 stroller. Things that would really help pregnant women: a birth doula, a postpartum doula, visits from an IBCLC, a meal train schedule, high quality supplements/EOs, community childbirth classes, baby slings/wraps, paying for laundry send out, paying for housekeeping, babysitting other children. But a DOULA is one of the best investments. And you research buying a car. Research your doctor, midwife and facility, not just “whatever my insurance covers.”” Wise words from the fabulous Dr. Poppy.👏

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Important Recall Information: In coordination with the CPSC, 4moms today issued a voluntary recall of its MamaRoo and RockaRoo infant swings and rockers. This recall applies to MamaRoo Baby Swings (models 4M-005, 1026 and 1037) and all RockaRoo rockers (model 4M-012). This does NOT include the new version of the MamaRoo (model 1046), which launched this summer and has a 5-point harness.

When the recalled swing or rocker is not in use, the restraint straps can dangle below the seat and crawling infants can become entangled in the straps. If you currently own one of these swings, we urge you to contact us immediately to receive a free strap fastener that will prevent the straps from extending under the seat when the swing or rocker is not in use.

Please visit for more information and to request a free strap fastener.

Rest assured, safety is our highest priority at 4moms. That is why we have designed this solution to further help ensure the safety of our customers and their families. Thank you in advance for your participation.

Postpartum love❤️

Postpartum love❤️


A friend has 3-4 breast pumps they are getting rid of if anyone has a need❤️

PM for details.


Hiring someone to assist during postpartum healing can help relieve so much stress❤️

Hiring someone to assist during postpartum healing can help relieve so much stress❤️

This morning I was pumping in preparation for work Friday I am not a typical pumper nor to I tend to enjoy it anytime I ...

This morning I was pumping in preparation for work Friday I am not a typical pumper nor to I tend to enjoy it anytime I hear of an exclusive pumper I am so impressed on the dedication of feeding their little one, and if you are pumping or planning to below are some tips.


Today is the last day for 50% off services. Make sure to PM to book!


Is it safe to feed a swaddled baby? Lets look at the mechanics 🛠

Learning how to swaddle takes time, and even once you're a pro, it can feel sad undoing all your great work for a feeding. However, understanding why keeping a baby swaddled while feeding isn't ideal can make letting those arms free during feeding sessions a little easier. So, should I keep my baby swaddled during feedings?

There are a few reasons not to, here's why:

➊ Having babies arms free can help with the mechanics of breastfeeding/chestfeeding OR bottlefeeding, i.e. grasping the breast, angle control, latch, and promote letdown.

➋ Babies use their whole bodies to show you hunger cues and to bond. In addition, ditch infant mittens and long-sleeved shirts. Babies are primed to expect skim, not cotton.

➌ An unswaddled baby is going to focus on getting a solid feeding. Although a half-awake baby sleepily snacking is cute, swaddling is a sleep tool and can't result in baby not feeding enough or getting an adequate amount of milk.

The bottom line is that swddling can be a great sleeping tool for babies, but once they are awake and aware, they should be unswaddled. Let those little arms free to get that full belly and bonding time in, then rewrap for the best sleepy baby cuddles!

Definitely need to know information because we never want to waste liquid gold❤️

Definitely need to know information because we never want to waste liquid gold❤️

When do you need to use frozen breast milk after taking it out of the freezer? It depends on how you’re thawing it.

If you’re thawing in cold water, use within 24 hours of when it’s fully thawed (this usually takes maybe 15 minutes).

If you’re thawing in warm water, use within 2 hours. (Thawing in warm water defrosts and warms at the same time; warmed breast milk should be used within 2 hours.)

If you’re thawing in the fridge, use within 24 hours from when it FINISHES thawing. (This can take 12+ hours but depends.) The clock doesn’t start when you take it out. 👍

✨Let’s talk about pump parts!✨✅Clean your pump parts after each use & sterilize at least once per day✅Use a separate bas...

✨Let’s talk about pump parts!✨

✅Clean your pump parts after each use & sterilize at least once per day
✅Use a separate basin in the sink to wash your parts in warm, soapy water (I use a large Tupperware in the sink)
✅Store your parts in a clean container in the fridge with or without rinsing in between washes if you use the fridge hack (I use clean, pump parts only Tupperware or a large ziplock freezer bag)
☑️Replace your parts per manufacturer’s guideline if available
☑️Replace parts more frequently if you pump more often
☑️If you suddenly have pain, decreased suction, or low supply with no other changes it may be time to replace your pump parts!



❄️Breastmilk Storage Guidelines per the CDC❄️

Freshly expressed milk:
✔️4 hours at room temperature
✔️4 days in the fridge
✔️3-6 months in the freezer (3 months if kept closer to the door)
✔️12 months in the deep freezer

Thawed, previously frozen milk:
✔️2 hours at room temperature
✔️24 hours in the fridge after all ice chunks are thawed
✔️Thaw in fridge overnight or with lukewarm water
⚠️DO NOT REFREEZE milk that has completely thawed! This means no ice chunks left

After baby has fed from bottle:
✔️2 hours

✨When storing Breastmilk, it’s a great idea to store it in varied sizes from 2-6 oz instead of all one size. The smaller stashes are great for snacks or adding on to feeds for extra hungry babies.
✨Leave space when storing milk in the freezer as it will expand in the cold.
✨Always label your milk with the date/time it was prepared and your child’s name if they go to a childcare center.
✨NEVER warm Breastmilk in the microwave!
✨Always wash your hands before handling Breastmilk.

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