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Precision Massage Hi.My name is Rebecca Merrill.Message me for all your muscle issues.I do swedish massage with heat t

As Massage Therapists we are eager to help everyone with any need they may have. We have many positive results in assisting in easing peoples pains, everything from muscle soreness, to joint stiffness. If ever you need special attention t any area, don't be afraid to tell us. Also, you have anything specific disease that we may not know how to work on right then and there, we are more than willing

to look it up and learn how to help you! Our Clients health and Wellness is what really makes us happy! Stop on by, we are always thinking of new promotions to offer as well.


I had back surgery last year and have not been doing massage for over a year. I recommend Kenna Lewis at Zenergy massage in Belpre or Austin McConnell located in Parkersburg I believe.


Not doing massages for the rest of the year. As most of you know my husband is about to start Radiation . I keep getting messages so thought I would post here.


Hey friends I will be doing massages this weekend on Southside. Weekend special 40 dollar hour or 65 dollar 90 minute. Available times Friday 9,11,1, Saturday 12, 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, Sunday 1, 2, 4, 5, 7. Let me know your needs . Thanks


Hey Hey Hey who is ready for a massage this week? I have moved and now have a lobby and massage room again. One hour massage is 50.00, 90 minute is 75.00 , and two hour is 100.00. BUT THIS WEEK , ONE HOUR MASSAGE IS 40.00 AS A WELCOME BACK AND IF TWO PEOPLE BOOK TOGETHER ONE AFTER THE OTHER YOU PAY 35.00 EACH FOR AN HOUR. Message, call, text, lets get this week booked up. 304-588-5952. Also available for a group of 2-5 to gather in the lobby and enjoy a get together while you take turns getting massages. Message me your needs.


Get those massage requests in. 30 minute spot-injury work is 25, 60 minute massage 50, 90 minute 70, and two hour is 100. Now working out of Vienna. Message me for you're appointment. Send a friend and receive $10 off of you're treatment.


Happy Friday night to you all. I have appointments available tomorrow if anyone wants one. Full massages or injury, spot work. Message me.๐Ÿ˜Š


Availability this week


Hey everyone! Have you missed me? I have missed you all. Life had thrown me for a loop since this time last year. If you don't know, I gave my building back last November and had not been practicing that much due to personal injury and family illness. I am starting to take appointments again in the next couple of weeks.
I have a private setting in Vienna. I will be adding some special services starting in December. They include Fibromyalgia massage, Joint replacement massage , post surgery massage, and sciatica relieving massage. I hope these will be a benefit to many. As you know I do full body massage, but I have a soft spot for the injury work. I love to make you all feel better!๐Ÿ˜
Pricing 30 minute spot treatment is 25.00, hour massage or treatment is 50.00, 90 minute is $70 , and two hour is $100. Please message this page or text for an appointment. I will call you if necessary, but due to my other businesses and work I can not answer calls of unknown sources. 304-588-5952. I look forward to helping you once again soon.


Ortho says 6 weeks of physical therapy for my wrist. I am still on a 5 pound weight restriction on my left hand. I continue to not be able to do massages. Our family also is dealing with a very sick family member. It could be Fall before i do massages again. Sorry for the inconvenience.


I am still getting messages for massage so I decided to post a picture. I will not be doing massages anytime soon guys. Sorry, my wrist is sprained and I can not have weight on it or take this brace off.


I Have a sprained wrist everyone. I am not answering because I can't do massage at this time. SORRY


Hey everyone๐Ÿ˜Š If you have called or tried to call in the last week, I am sick . I will get back to you as soon as I feel better.


Booking appointments for Tuesday, wednesday, and Thursday 15-17th if you need one text or call me. 304-588-5952


Happy New year to all my Precision Massage clients. One more week of odd scheduling for me and I will announce some specials.




Hi everyone. I just wanted to keep you all posted on what is happening with the move. I am still mending, but moving is again under way. With rain , illness, and injury I am behind a week. I hope to be ready to receive clients by next Monday the 8th on 21. Address will be posted as soon as I am ready to begin again. Thank you for you're patience. This has been a huge under taking for me.


Anyone wishing to make signs of love for Eli and his family for Saturday are welcome to hold them up in the parking lot Saturday.


The entire lot here at Precision Massage has been opened up so that if needed, people going to the viewing tonight will have a parking place. The church has a ton of parking, but I think Eli has a lot more friends than that.๐Ÿ’•RIP young man.


No massages for a few days . I am in the hospital today ......waiting on tests to see if i get admitted.


Pray for Eli. He is on a vent and was life flighted to children's a couple of hours ago.


To my clients coming in today , I am sorry. I once again have to deal with unprofessional people making it difficult to work , move, and sleep. If you have an appointment with me today please call right before you get here so that i can open parking up for you. One more week guys then i will be on rt 21 to a peaceful spot.


Hi everyone. I just wanted to let everyone know the progress of what is going on with Precision Massage. My availability has been hit and miss the last couple of weeks and i am sorry about that. The search for housing and where to do massage has been my focus. I am happy to report a decision was made to take an apartment on rt 21 near my mom. I will be doing massage from there while i work to build a home down the road . Thank you all for you're patience and continued support. I will be giving the address and more details out in the next week or so. Thanks and have a great evening.


Well guys i had to move a cone to get into the building, only to be yelled at . A lady come yelling at me that i could not move a cone. I of course said yes i can and will and that is my building, home , and business you all have completely taken over. The Foreman yelled to everyone that they needed to let me into my place. So another appointment had to be cancelled. Wish i could send the city a bill for my rent this month since i can't do my job.


This is why I have not been able to do massages this week. They have taken over my whole lot....Can't even be at the building with all the noise.


Big announcement everyone. I am moving soon. Location will be revealed in the next week or two. I would really appreciate if as many of you as possible could get in here for a massage to help offset the moving costs of this single mom. Lots more details to come as well as a live tour of the new place. Location will still be in Wood County guys. No worries. Everyone will still be able to get to me. Massage prices are still- 1 hour special 35, 90 minute 65.00 and two hour 100.00. You may also buy gift certificates at these prices and lengths for later use. They do not expire. Thank you all for your help.


Who wants one of these massages ? ๐Ÿ˜


I am building my personal page up so that others can be involved in more of my pages. If you are interested in a friend request from me, comment me in the comments and i will get you added. As well as running Precision massage, I also have many other things that i do. I have a page called Recycled Dreams for recycling cans and small items, I have a paparazzi $5 Bling page, I do 3 paper routes every night and I have a youtube channel . You find me going live most every morning saying hello or sharing a story or information.


Good morning everyone. I wanted to take a moment to thank those that stuck with me through the summer. It was a terrible summer for massages. I am sure with Vacations, gardening, mowing yards, putting in hay, kids being home, home improvements and more had you all pretty busy. I am now focusing to get you all and others back into the office. Pricing remains with the hour on special at 35.00, 90 minute at 65.00 and two hour at 100.00. I still do massage by appointment only. Most will be between 1 and 8 pm but i can do them as early as 10 am. Please share me with your friends. Have a great day everyone.


Massage Bingo for prizes


I have a utube channel guys and gals. Check it out at Single mom in a crazy world family.


Hi everyone. I have appointments this week if anyone needs one. Have a great week all.๐Ÿ’•


Massage appointments available. One hour 35.00, 90 minute 65.00, two hour 100.00 .304-588-5952


Who wants one of these appointments? Only 10.00. 304-588-5952


Hi everyone.โ˜บI have many openings this week if anyone needs one. Also for my Elizabeth WV folks....You have asked me to cover your area for massage and i have thought of two ways to do this. I can do house calls and/or someone in town could let me use a room on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Lets get some talk going about this subject. Who lives in town? Who has a room that could be used? Is there some place to rent a room during the week? Would you pay to have a Therapist come to your home? It would add a 10- 20 fee for travel and set up of equipment, depending on where you live.Let me know what you all think. I value all in put. Thanks and have a great day.


Parkersburg, WV


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