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As we head into December, we're very thankful for the large "family" Thanksgiving meal we were all able to share together this year!! Our delicious meal was provided for us through the generosity of Dana Fouss at Leavitt Funeral Homes in Belpre, and our very own Linda & Blinda cooked all day for us! We are truly BLESSED.
What a great note from Leavitt Funeral Homes. Consider this advice.
For 140 years, Leavitt Funeral Homes has concentrated on serving the community by taking care of families. “It is a significant milestone for us,” said Jon Leavitt who, along with his brother Stephen, are the fifth generation of Leavitts to operate the business. 👏 Read more at http://ow.ly/gPnh50KJytP

“Shout! The Mod Musical” is currently in dress rehearsals this week! Opens this Friday June 17th!
Featuring terrific new arrangements of such classic tunes as "To Sir with Love," "Downtown," "Son of a Preacher Man", "Goldfinger" and many more.

📆 June 17, 18, 24, and 25 at 8:00pm,📆 June 19 & 26 at 2:30pm.
Sponsored by Leavitt Funeral Homes
Rated: PG
The Actor's Guild of Parkersburg Presents: SHOUT! The Mod Musical.
Join us June 17-26th for a swingin' 60's sensation.
Buy Tickets: actors-guild.com/buy-tickets
Show sponsored by: Leavitt Funeral Homes
Theater is art, and our next masterpiece is under way!

“Shout! - The Mod Musical” has taken over our stage and is going to rock your world! So reserve your seat now & enjoy the grooviest decade, its ladies and their music! 🎭

“Shout! The Mod Musical” is sponsored by Leavitt Funeral Homes

📆June 17, 18, 24, and 25 at 8:00pm, June 19 & 26 at 2:30pm, June 19 & 26 at 7pm

🎟 actors-guild.com/buy-tickets
Haven’t you heard? The Sixties are back… all in one show!

“Shout! The Mod Musical” is coming soon with every rocking song, groovy moment & amazing ladies who makes them come alive!

Your tickets are waiting for you: claim your seat for the grooviest musical this season. 🎭
“Shout! The Mod Musical” is sponsored by Leavitt Funeral Homes
📆June 17, 18, 24, and 25 at 8:00pm, June 19 & 26 at 2:30pm, June 19 & 26 at 7pm
🎟 actors-guild.com/buy-tickets
I cannot say how wonderful Levitts and Jordan was to work with and help our family to plan and execute the service and rememberance we wanted for our dad, Delmar Munday.
Thank You!
There are so many beautiful rides at the Car Show in Belpre Civitan Park! It was difficult to choose my favorite, so here are a couple of them. Thank you Leavitt Funeral Homes for sponsoring this event!

Be kind and stay safe out there!
Love, Savannah

Sara Taylor
Thank you to our Sour Mash Birdie Sponsors, Leavitt Funeral Homes and Preston's Beauty Academy LLC!

I want to thank all the Great folks at Leavitt for taking care of my Mother, Allie M. McCormick! You all provided Mama with a beautiful send off to heaven!!!!
Much Love,
Phyllis McCormick Litke

Since 1882, Leavitt Funeral Services and Crematory has been family owned and operated by the Leavitt Family.

Five generations of the Leavitt family have been personally involved in serving our community. So, your family can always do business with someone you know, someone you can depend on. Local funeral home ownership means not only that our local management has control over quality and prices, but also that we reinvest our time and resources back into this community to help the people of our town. The

Operating as usual


Leavitt Funeral Home believes in celebrating the individual's unique life and recognizing how they touched the lives of others. Our staff will help you share this story that we all have to share. We have packages we have created to help you personalize the funeral service. To view, visit: https://www.leavittfuneralhome.com/services/burial-services

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We would like to acknowledge the Actors Guild of Parkersburg for their amazing performance tonight in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.

Photos from Leavitt Funeral Homes's post 03/17/2023

Happy St. Patricks Day from all of us to all of you!


Leavitt Funeral Home and their staff were recently recognized at the Annual Graystone Associates, Inc. Convention receiving the Award as the Top Performer in “Support and Follow Up” among their peers of approximately 1,000 funeral directors. Support and Follow Up is fundamental in funeral service and providing care and direction to our families and the community during the journey of the loss of a loved one.

Graystone Associates, Inc. specializes in working only in funeral service with top performing independent funeral homes in the United States


For 5 Generations, we have kept our promises. That is true of every aspect of our business. With our cremation promise, we are committed to providing cremation service to ensure respect to the deceased, personalized service choices, and price options for every family.

Buy Tickets 03/08/2023

Buy Tickets

Have you got your tickets yet? The Actors Guild of Parkersburg is presenting The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time sponsored by Leavitt Funeral Services and Crematory. You can purchase tickets here:

Buy Tickets Do you need instructions on how to use your Flex Pass to reserve seats?


Don’t miss your chance to this show!

There's only 6 chances to see this award winning show! March 10th,11th,12th & March 17th, 18th, 19th .

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time is based on the best selling novel that has won 17 literary awards and then adapted into a Broadway Play capturing 5 Tony Awards, including Best Play.

Tickets: actors-guild.com/buy-tickets
Show Dates: March 10th-March 19th
Executive Producer: Leavitt Funeral Home

Parkersburg, Belpre Funeral Homes, Cremation - Where to Begin 03/06/2023

Parkersburg, Belpre Funeral Homes, Cremation - Where to Begin

Planning a funeral can be overwhelming, but you are not alone in this! Our team is here to support you throughout this journey and make this process one of love, healing, and life celebration. You can follow the link to help you get started or contact us at any time if you need help by calling (304) 422‐6459.

Parkersburg, Belpre Funeral Homes, Cremation - Where to Begin Leavitt Funeral Services and Crematory - Parkersburg, WV, and Belpre, OH Funeral Homes, Cremation - Where to Begin when Making Funeral or Cremation Arrangements


Today is National Caregivers Appreciation Day!
We are grateful for our partnerships with organizations and businesses that support caregivers.
We appreciate you!


National Employee Appreciation Day!

Today is National Employee Appreciation Day!
Thank you to our employees for caring and helpful in working with every family entering our facility.
We appreciate you!

Obituaries in Parkersburg WV & Belpre OH - Leavitt Funerals 03/02/2023

Obituaries in Parkersburg WV & Belpre OH - Leavitt Funerals

Welcome to Leavitt Funeral Services and Crematory page!
If you are looking for obituaries, visit: https://www.leavittfuneralhome.com/obituaries/obituary-listings.
If you are not sure where to begin visit: https://www.leavittfuneralhome.com/services/where-to-begin. You can contact us at any time if you need help by calling (304) 422-6459.

Obituaries in Parkersburg WV & Belpre OH - Leavitt Funerals Leavitt Funeral Services and Crematory - Parkersburg, WV, and Belpre, OH Funeral Homes, Cremation - Obituary Listings, Guestbooks, and Service Information

Timeline photos 02/27/2023

Have you ever attended one of our graveside services in the past?
We want our families and guests to feel they can know what to expect when they attend our services, so we wanted to take the opportunity to share a we receive often.

Timeline photos 02/24/2023

The future may seem distant, but really it's not as far as we all think. Make your pre-arrangements with us today. https://bit.ly/32JfzRn

Timeline photos 02/22/2023

What is the nicest thing a loved one said or did for you after your loss?

Timeline photos 02/20/2023

For our staff appreciation, we would also like to recognize that today is . We are grateful to have staff who lead by example by providing quality services.

Timeline photos 02/17/2023

There is no right way to mourn a loved one. That's why we do not believe in cookie-cutter funeral services. The "right" service is one that celebrates life and provides comfort to the family. https://bit.ly/2EgmGad

Timeline photos 02/15/2023

Preplanning offers you peace of mind. Here are three more reasons to preplan today. https://bit.ly/32JfzRn

Timeline photos 02/14/2023

Holidays and anniversaries such as Valentine's Day can bring back feelings of sadness, guilt, and loneliness. Mourning your loved ones around this time can be difficult and abrupt, but one thing for sure is that we keep and hold each memory with us. If you have been feeling lost or unsure how to grieve today, tap into those unforgettable moments. How have you learned to incorporate holidays into meaningful mourning periods?

Timeline photos 02/13/2023

Before Valentine's Day begins, we wanted to ask an age-old Valentine's Day themed question; as a sentimental gift, do you prefer chocolate or flowers?

Timeline photos 02/11/2023

It’s Global Movie Day and with Valentine’s Day around the corner we were trying to decide on our favorite movie couples. Which of these couples would you say is your favorite?

Timeline photos 02/08/2023

Unsure about where to start with funeral arrangements? We invite anyone to come in and speak with one of our staff about service options and payment plans. Get your questions answered and tour our facility before making any final decisions.

Timeline photos 02/07/2023

Please join us in wishing a very happy birthday to Karen Willey! We hope you day in the best!

Timeline photos 02/06/2023

Losing a loved one is a difficult hardship, and planning for arrangements at a moment's notice can add to such stress. Preplanning is an easy, transparent option that allows your loved one to participate in their wishes. Have you begun the process of planning? If not, here are three reasons to consider preplanning going into the new year. Next week, we will include three more reasons. https://bit.ly/32JfzRn

Timeline photos 02/03/2023

What is a Funeral Director?

A Funeral Director helps people, patiently walking them through funeral planning decisions.

A Funeral Director is an expert in creating unique services for all types of people.

A Funeral Director is a mediator, making sure every aspect of the service is exactly right.

A Funeral Director cares not just for the deceased but for the loved ones they left behind.

Timeline photos 02/01/2023

Your warm words touch us deeply. Since our founding, this funeral home has cared and loved every single family to enter our facility. We continue our legacy with kind and compassionate staff. From our entire family, Thank You.

Timeline photos 01/30/2023

Leavitt Funeral Services and Crematory is a resource to make pre-planning decisions easier! Our team can answer your questions about services, explain your payment options, and help you think of the details that should be included in your plan. It's what we do every day!

Timeline photos 01/27/2023

We understand that you may feel overwhelmed and confused about the next steps and options. We can be your guide and your ally whenever and however much you need us. We are here to support you.

Timeline photos 01/25/2023

Journaling can seem like a big undertaking, especially for those who don’t have time to journal daily. But an occasional gratitude note before bedtime can help set yourself up for how you want to feel the next day. Here are a few prompts we thought would be great to reflect on! Does one of these prompts strike a chord with you?

Timeline photos 01/23/2023

Post-holiday stress can affect us all. Whether it's getting organized and accustomed to going back to work or just everyday pursuits, getting back to normal can take some time. Here are 5 tips to help you get adjusted.

Timeline photos 01/20/2023

Our family is here to serve yours with affordable and flexible memorials. We personalize our services for all types of people, whether for a life celebration or traditional funeral.

Timeline photos 01/18/2023

Today we celebrate in honor of the author A.A. Milne’s birthday in 1882! Winnie the Pooh has been a childhood favorite for generations and today we get to return to the Hundred Acre Wood!
If you were one of Pooh’s friends, who would you be?

Timeline photos 01/16/2023

Born on January 15th, 1929, minister Martin Luther King Jr. is one of the most recognized civil rights leaders and activists. He was the youngest person to receive a Nobel Peace Prize, at the age of 35. Take today to remember his legacy and his fight for freedom.

Timeline photos 01/13/2023

Pre-planning your funeral is a considerate gesture. It allows you to fulfill your final wishes, ease your family’s financial burden, and provide emotional relief.

Timeline photos 01/11/2023

New Year's resolutions are a common tradition, a way to look forward to the upcoming 12 months. This goal-oriented tradition is said to be started by the ancient Babylonians. Their version of a resolution was in promises to their Gods. What are some goals/resolutions you are looking forward to this year?

Timeline photos 01/09/2023

We want to provide you with a comforting space and we will do everything in our power to accommodate your needs in a time of grief.

Timeline photos 01/06/2023

As the holiday season comes to a close, remember you are never alone. Feel free to give us a call and chat anytime.


National Trivia Day

Today is and we have a trivia challenge for you. Can you name all of the flags before the timer is up? Let us know how you did below!

Timeline photos 01/02/2023

Let's show some love and appreciation for Karen Willey today! She has served this community for years and is truly an asset to our team. Thank you for everything you do!

Timeline photos 01/01/2023

Our prayer for the new year is that everyone in our community has a wonderful 2023! What is yours? Happy New Year!

Timeline photos 12/30/2022

Happy New Year! As we celebrate and bring in the new year, we also take the time to honor those we may have lost.

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