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Happy, healthy holidays to you!


Harvest from the garden this weekend! 👩‍🌾

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After a year of trying to conceive, the mama of this cutie got pregnant, following just 2 rounds of naturopathic treatment!

During the year that she and her husband were trying to conceive, she had irregular periods, a LEEP procedure, and IVF, involving 2 embryo transfers. The first didn’t work and the second resulted in a miscarriage.

At her first visit we found mold toxins (aspergillus and penicillium) and emotional trauma to be contributing factors for imbalance (via BioEnergetic Assessment). Her home did have a history of water leakage in the basement. We put in place a very simple plan of 3 remedies: a great probiotic, a homeopathic remedy to clear emotional trauma, and a potent nutrient formula to support cell metabolism and methylation (high potency CoQ10 and DMG).

At her second visit she reported that her cycle had been 40 days and that she had ovulated 14 days prior to her period. At that visit we accessed a deeper layer of biological toxins… we found multiple types of Lyme microbes and some residual fungal toxins (candida and penicillium). She had reported at the first visit that she would wake in the morning with mysterious insect bites at times. Bites like this (often spider) can transmit Lyme microbes, but we did not concern ourselves with the source of the microbes. They could’ve been acquired at any point in her life from any of several types of insects.

We went much heavier in our treatment this time, implementing a couple herbal antimicrobial tinctures, a homeopathic remedy to begin to flush Lyme toixns, a homeopathic thyroid balancer, a homeopathic endocrine balancer, an adrenal formula and 2 fantastic probiotics.

At her 3rd visit she reported that just a few days earlier she had gotten a positive pregnancy test! And the rest is now history! She recently gave birth to this beautiful baby boy! Big congrats to the happy family!! 💕🥳

Photos from Dr. Joy Sturgill ND's post 09/11/2020

Mom and babies are growing beautifully!


I wanted to share a story of hope with you!

Recently a 37 year old mom of two came in to see me for lifelong anxiety and depression (and hormone imbalance, migraines and back/neck pain). Her anxiety had increased significantly after giving birth to her daughter 2 years ago. She had tried various medications and ended up on Effexor and Ativan.

On her follow up a month after beginning naturopathic treatment she reported that after just a week on the remedies she realized one day she had forgotten to take her Ativan! Meaning she had not experienced anxiety that day to necessitate her to take it!! So she decided to continue not to take it and she continued to be without the anxiety! She also was able to reduce her dose of Effexor (under her medical doctor's supervision)!

Part of her plan included L-theanine. This is a wonderful, safe amino acid that is very effective for anxiety! We also implemented an excellent probiotic, hormone balance, thyroid support, an anti-inflammatory formula and some bowel support. I also had her avoid gluten and pasteurized cow milk and cheese.

We certainly have more work to do in terms of eliminating the causal factors for her issues, but she is off to a great start and is very motivated to continue!

This is the power of natural medicine! 🥰

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This is how the mornings start (because the pets can’t wait til meditation is over!)... it’s a mess or maybe organized chaos... we are doctoring a kitty who had some sort of neuro-immunological episode while we were away on vacation a couple months ago, which greatly debilitated him (and he’s only one year old). The vet still hasn’t figured out what happened. (I do love our holistic vet!) I think it could in part be due to bacteria from flea bites on top of not getting his usual raw diet while we were away. But it’s ok, little Poe has come a long way... with natural remedies and a lot of patience and love!

Raw food is expensive but the pets love it and it’s hard to switch seeing how they all have flourished on it!

I treat pets like I do humans... they can be tested via bioenergetic testing to look for cause and what remedies are best to use. It is life-saving medicine and saves a lot of guessing and trial and error- especially with pets because they can’t talk to us! 😻🐶


It’s the little things ☺️

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For those with food sensitivities... this is a great find! My body doesn’t like tapioca/cassava which is in so many gluten-free products and I am selective with corn and potato. I don’t like the standard rice crackers out there- no fiber and taste like salted or flavored cardboard. I found these at a Giant while visiting my sister and will definitely be looking online for them!

Timeline photos 08/26/2020

A good reminder!


Got the best news today!!

No these aren’t mine, technically lol! A patient who hadn’t had a period in 6 years came to me a year ago wanting to get her body in balance for future fertility and general wellness. After a handful of visits her periods resumed and voila, here we are with TWINS!!

Every time this happens it’s like it’s happening to me- I feel the excitement and awe and wonder of life! This may be my favorite area of work, the creation of new life... helping women get pregnant!

Generally speaking, in my experience, the key to unlocking fertility in women is uncovering and detoxing hidden microbial infections.

So yay for happy news in these challenging times. If you know of anyone struggling with fertility who is open to an alternative approach, please share this story!


Photos from Dr. Joy Sturgill ND's post 04/05/2020

Got in to the garden today and found some surprises! The best... the cilantro reseeded!! 🌶 Plus oregano, calendula (I think lol) and of course sprightly mint! And sage and strawberries and some celery?!

Hope you are enjoying some time in nature or playing in the dirt!

Sending nature cure vibes your way! xoxo

If You Have Coronavirus Symptoms, Assume You Have the Illness, Even if You Test Negative 04/02/2020

If You Have Coronavirus Symptoms, Assume You Have the Illness, Even if You Test Negative

If you have symptoms but test negative, you may still have COVID-19. I’ve seen this in a few cases. And a word of encouragement... all patients have improved quickly on natural immune supportive and anti-viral remedies!! I will post about these and more tomorrow... it’s been a busy time! Wishing all of you good health, peace of mind and love!

If You Have Coronavirus Symptoms, Assume You Have the Illness, Even if You Test Negative Just because a coronavirus test says you don’t have the virus doesn’t mean you aren’t infected — or infectious.


Happy Birthday Brent Jensen... my right hand man and the dear soul that is so committed to meeting all our patients’ needs... always with a smile on his face, a warm heart and something to make us laugh!! Thank you for all you bring to the practice!! 🥳💝🙏🏻


Yummmm, !! 🤩💪🏻

pittsburghmagazine.com 08/08/2019

Farmer X Baker Brings Much Needed Riverfront Dining To The Region

Get yourself here!!! Delish, healthy, homegrown and a delightful setting!!!

pittsburghmagazine.com Jennifer Urich focuses on locally grown ingredients and house-baked breads at her casual spot in Aspinwall Riverfront Park.


We love a fresh afternoon snack from our favorite local business The Pittsburgh Juice Company! Their juices, nut milks, and spring rolls are made fresh every day🍏

Take a fresh look at your health this summer! We are currently accepting new patients and want to help you on your wellness journey🌿

Call and schedule today 412-321-3231🌻

share.molekule.com 06/07/2019

Finally an air purifier that actually works!

Good morning! Today is a good day to buy an air filter!! :) After reading through a urine testing kit booklet on mold toxins I did not hesitate to buy this one!! Wanted to pass on some savings to you in case you were interested! xo!

share.molekule.com Molekule is the only air purifier that destroys pollutants like allergens, mold, bacteria, viruses and airborne chemicals (VOCs). Click on this link to save $75!


What a beautiful Saturday for gardening! We got it done in one fell swoop! It was the first year I had a helper! She couldn’t believe that the dirt in the composter came from fruits and veggies! I switched things up a bit in the garden this year... it’s partly what I love about gardening- the great experimentation!!


We have a new shingle! 😊 Come see us...we would love to see you, in person or virtually!


Hi all! I'm behind in posting my Lyme series blogs - because I've been so busy seeing patients with a new level of contributing factor... which exists in the body in a rather synbiotic relationship with Lyme microbes. I'm anxious to talk to you about this, but I want to keep things in order here! So, it will be coming soon!

For now, as we are moving in to tick season, we continue on in my blog series on Lyme. Something to consider...If Lyme disease just comes from ticks, why do so many people test for Lyme microbes (even after they’ve been given antibiotics)? The little-known truth is, Lyme comes from a variety of vectors (not just ticks) carrying multiple bacteria, and new research shows it can even be shared person-to-person. What’s more challenging, its symptoms can masquerade as other chronic ailments, leaving doctors and patients frustrated and misinformed. Learn more in this week’s blog article: “Where Lyme Disease Really Comes From & How to Recognize Its Lesser-Known Symptoms”.



My new favorite cookbook, from !!! So gorgeous, well-organized, family friendly, simple, healthy, delicious recipes!!


“Plus est en vous”... There’s more in you... I came across this inspirational French quote in an interview with . Her moto is Live An Extraordinary Life. On I am so inspired by these words and by women like her... passionate, authentic, courageous, adventurous, who reach out and share themselves and their creative spirits with the world, ever evolving and appreciative and in awe of all life has to offer. Here’s to the journey, to the discovery of all that lies within and to the contributions to the world that result!

drjoysturgill.com 02/22/2019

Important New Findings on Lyme Disease/Chronic Lyme Disease and How it Affects You - Dr. Joy Sturgill

As we are moving along in 2019, I so wish I had known a year ago, two years ago, five years ago, what I know today about detecting and addressing Lyme Disease.

If you or someone you love are dealing with mysterious symptoms, chronic disease, or a pesky physical or emotional illness that just won’t fully resolve, join us for the first post in this in-depth series on Lyme Disease: http://drjoysturgill.com/important-new-findings-on-lyme-disease-chronic-lyme-disease-and-how-it-affects-you/ (you’ll be glad you did).

Wishing each of you health and happiness!

drjoysturgill.com Did you know Lyme disease and chronic Lyme disease can often go undetected for years? That its symptoms are insidious? And that not all Lyme comes from ticks? Discover more with lyme literate Dr. Joy in this week's article.

pittsburgh.cbslocal.com 11/17/2018

Exploding Tick Population — And Illnesses They Bring — Worries Government

We’re getting somewhere....

pittsburgh.cbslocal.com On Wednesday, a congressional advisory committee sounded the alarm on Lyme and other emerging tick-related illnesses saying they have become "a serious and growing threat to public health."


PSA... you can have a Lyme-like condition from head lice!! How do I know this? Because it is happening to my daughter, whom you have seen before! Just after we had cleared her Lyme she contracted lice this summer. At my sisters urging I used the chemical application (she had tried all the natural stuff with her girls just prior to this time and it didn’t work for them). What I should’ve remembered is that Shea has a hard time processing chemicals due to genetic mutations in her methylation genes.

2 treatments later and the lice were gone but she presented with neuro issues (in particular major sleep issues, anxiety and the feeling like her head was burning from the inside) and bioenergetic assessment revealed that it was due to the chemicals and the insect toxins. We did a round of treatment and she improved, but I think I got lazy or maybe was just wishing we could just be done with treatments of any kind (yes I am a normal person lol) and I was not aggressive in follow-up.

As she was starting school she was not feeling well - lots of anxiety, the head burning feeling, GI issues, muscle aches, again inflammation in the mouth, some panic attacks, sleep issues, even the feeling like she wanted to go back and start her whole life over again... oh and prior to this we had a follow up with her cardiologist and she had noted some heart valve abnormalities that had not been there previously. I feared that perhaps the Lyme had not actually gone away. HOWEVER, bioenergetic assessment showed that the Lyme bacteria (borrelia) was still in fact not present and that the main culprit for this situation was BARTONELLA. Now, Bartonella can be a co-infection of the main Lyme bacteria. However Shea had never tested for this with her Lyme. And, turns out, IT CAN BE TRANSMITTED VIA LICE! And fleas and mosquitoes, etc!

Symptoms of Bartonella infection can be brain fog, fever, dizziness, heart tissue and valve problems, muscle and joint aches, abdominal pain, panic attacks, anxiety, depression, and other issues! All of which Shea has.

Where would I be without this testing???? And this little girl, who has been such a teacher for me. So many patients have benefited from her health challenges


Update on my daughter, Shea... her Lyme microbes are gone! It took about 6 weeks of treatment. That was for Lyme that had been in her system for a year.

I’ve had the same experience treating another child who had gotten a tick bite a year ago as well. I have updated my testing software recently so that we can get a definitive reading on whether the microbes are gone (versus hiding or dormant). Because of the limitations of conventional Lyme testing (many false negatives from the get-go anyways) this is not something that is possible to do with certainty through those channels, to my knowledge. I have come to see that I need to be incredibly specific in my testing of these stealth microbes, and through the updating of my software I believe we are getting very accurate results about the presence of Lyme microbes.

Many people believe we can only suppress the Lyme microbes- so tip the scales in favor of our immune system. At this point I do believe it is possible to eradicate. I have seen it in patients I treated years ago for Lyme- when they come in for other reasons I check to see if the Lyme might be present still and we don’t see it. However, like any good scientist 🙂 I remain skeptical and allow for the possibility that we may see differently some day.

Many people I am seeing now have had the infections for years. The big question I get is how long will it take? The answer is I don’t know. I can tell you in treating my own Lyme of many years duration that regardless of how long it will take I feel so much better just even a couple months in! I have a feeling it will resolve within the next several months. I’ll keep you posted!


Spinach, chives, and basil from the garden for this morning’s egg white and goat cheese omelette in a millet and flax pita pocket! My fave!


Have you tried brushing with charcoal? I had used charcoal powder but it’s just so messy. My girls, husband and I are trying these- and they totally work! Whiter teeth without the tooth pain and harshness of conventional whiteners! Plus the charcoal and coconut oil help to pull toxins out of your mouth. A recent trip to the dentist showed that my oral pH was much better than the last visit which they said could be due to the charcoal. They taste just like regular natural toothpastes. The bristles on the toothbrush are charcoal as well! (Even Colgate makes a charcoal toothbrush- who knew?) I found many options on Amazon. Here’s to your naturally healthy pearly whites! 😁


On a Thursday evening after a long week of seeing patients... I am filled with gratitude, for you. For the connection I experience with my patients. It is such a privilege to listen to your stories. There is something sacred that especially comes through the bioenergetic testing. Because it goes beyond that which we can tangibly see. In my meditation every morning I ask God to work through me for the very highest good of each of my patients. As I am working I try to keep an open channel. I often feel that a kind of magic happens. It is such a gift of Grace to be in this flow. So thank you to all who visit with me for facilitating this process! Big Love ❤️🙏🏻


In exploring verbiage for my new business cards I looked up the origin of the word PHYSICIAN and was really interested by what I found! ... “things relating to/knowledge of NATURE”!!!!!! What can we say about that???!!!! (I guess we have come a long way... and not necessarily in the right direction!!)


Do you seem to have big reactions to bug bites? This patient was bit by a mosquito and had significant swelling and inflammation. Her mom reached out to see what could be done... after 3 doses of homeopathic Apis (and 1 dose of echinacea for antimicrobial support) the reaction resolved! There are other things that can be used- quercetin (anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy) in particular, but I like Apis for any reaction that involves redness and swelling. Results are fast and it’s safe for everyone to use because it’s homeopathic!


In addendum to my previous post... Of late, patients have been testing (via bioenergetic assessment) for chem trails as a causal factor for imbalance - myself included. At the beginning of the year my health began to decline and when I tested myself, chem trails and heavy metals were in the mix of contributing factors. Where did these all of a sudden come from? Fast forward a few months and I test for the Lyme microbes as well (which is also a pattern I’m seeing in patients). If you research a connection between chem trails and Lyme microbes, there is information to suggest there could be one. I think it is important to focus on what we can do- and that is to pay attention to our detoxification and immune systems!


This article (link in comments) confirms that the government was developing the use of microbial-laden ticks and mosquitoes as biological warfare in the 50's against the Russians. I had heard of the "conspiracy theory" that the Lyme epidemic was planted by the government but had never investigated the validity of it. Until the other day - when I was testing someone in whom I suspected Lyme-related infection and the Germ Warfare category tested strongly. Normally I skip over this category because, like, who is a victim of germ warfare these days?? But I inadvertently tested it that day. I thought, oh, this must be a mistake and so retested it - and it came up the same - Germ warfare tested strongly!

I have seen an enormous expression of Lyme-related infection (infection caused by the microbes associated with Lyme Disease) in patients over the past couple of months. I, myself, am one of those patients. These are not new infections - but infection that has emerged as we peel back the layers. Most people don't remember ever having been bit by a tick. This could be because they were not bit by a tick and acquired it through a different mode of transmission (this needs to be the topic of another post) or they were bit by a tick and never knew it. Environmental and heavy metal toxicity and other microbial burden (candida, parasite, viral and other bacteria) are parts of the layers. As we resolve these situations, in particular the Lyme (an intense program), chronic health issues melt away.

What is my point here?
1) I think it is not unthinkable that we are facing an epidemic in part caused by either accidental or intentional intervention by the government. I don't say this to cause panic, but just as a means of understanding the problem. And, we can overcome it!

2) Lyme-related infection does not just cause "Lyme Disease"... It can express in so many different ways - all of which boil down to something being off with your health, either in a major or not-so-major way.

What can we do?
The expression of Lyme-related infection involves our immune system, our gut health, our detoxification abilities and our neuro-endocrine balance. The more we can balance out these systems, the less chance infection has of impacting us. If that sounds overwhelming, don't worry - I can help! It is certainly possible to overcome Lyme-related infection and to feel good as new again!


This is my daughter, Shea. She has Lyme Disease. She’s getting some therapy on the PEMF mat, which we alternate daily with Rife frequencies. I find both of these therapies to be invaluable in treating Lyme. She got bit by a tick a year ago. It was attached for 24 hours. No bullseye, no symptoms after. The bite was itchy for a couple weeks. We (gulp) did not realize she was infected. I did test with bioenergetic testing but it wasn’t showing up. (Shortly after that time I revised the way I test for Lyme to account for Lyme that is hiding, but it didn’t occur to me to test Shea specifically for this because she was a-ok).

Recently Shea developed some worrisome symptoms. The roof of her mouth became significantly inflamed and painful out of nowhere. She began to feel sick (she has a history of primitive reflex retention and began demonstrating symptoms of that again- mainly dysregulation of her nervous system). I noticed her right eye was not tracking with her left. And she had uncontrollable emotional outbursts. Lo and behold when I tested her the Lyme bacteria showed up.

I put her on the tried and true Bacteria-chord, Drainage-Tone, Lymph-Tone 3 (this would specifically be for a more chronic Lyme), and Adrenopath (to regulate her nervous system). I recently added in Core Sarsaparilla which is a wonderful blood purifier that specifically addresses bacteria that have morphed to spirochete form. Oh, I think what kicked the Lyme out in to view was the protocol I had had her on previous to her symptom onset....she has been in recovery for a long time for what I believe to be brain injury following multiple surgeries at the age of 3. Because of specific gene mutations she cannot process drugs like anesthesia very well but we did not know that at the time. So she ended up with neurodevelopmental issues. All of which had basically been corrected with detoxification, repair, methylation pathway work and Quantum Reflex Integration. We are continuing to work on brain health and gut repair and those remedies (in particular a high potency probiotic) are what I think brought the Lyme out in to view.

She is responding very well to treatment thus far (it’s only been a week) and I expect a full recovery!

If you’ve made it this far in to the story- the moral of the story is... if you get bit by a tick, you could do yourself a favor and take the following remedies in the event you are infected... Bacteria-chord, Drainage-Tone, Lymph-Tone 1 and Core Cats Claw. In my experience acute Lyme addressed right away is gone in 3 weeks with this regiment. These are available through our office. We can tell you how to take them if you email or call to purchase them (our new online store is not up and running yet).

We are here to help!!!




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