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Clinical iridologist James LaRocca uses the holistic method of iridology for improving the body's ho They eyes are much more than the windows of the soul.

They are maps of our entire physical body. The science of Iridology reveals nature's way of explaining our strengths and weaknesses. By looking at the iris under slight magnification, the topography displays an unusual imagery of lines, dots, spots and configurations that are often unnoticed by the naked eye. Visibly, these pattersns can appear quite colorful. However, these deviations from the no

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VOLUNTEERS NEEDED for research study from among those who suffer with allergies.
Nutra-Choice, L.L.C. Wellness Center
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Weight Management:
Research in nutritional science clarifies that all calories are not created equal. Historically, people who submit to the guidelines of a weight loss program usually go to the grocery store with a calorie index and a calculator.
The underlying premise behind these weight reducing plans are misleading and have been reduced to simple arithmetic.
In reality, 300 calories from a piece of fresh fruit is not eqivalent to 300 calories from pastry treats.
Restricting your food intake in reference to calorie count to lose weight usually fails because your body will do what it is "designed" to do. It will basically readjust to normal thermogenesis.
When your food consumption is restricted the body will lessen its metabolic rate and burn calories more slowly. Your innate "set point" begins to re-establish to what it considers your normal weight.
Simply put - themore weight you lose the more the body tries to regain. These are often referred to as yo-yo diets. Careful evaluation of the glycemic index will eliminate this effect.
More importantly, in addition to high caloric counts, refined sugary foods are high acid forming and the body produces fat to help buffer the acids resulting in weight gain.
Discover permanent weight loss that anyone can have that does not disrupt natural laws and relies on the application of proper nutrition.
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* Do the next best thing and check the health campaigns against its associated dangers.
* Learn how to protect yourself against harmful chemicals.
* Learn about the dangers of second-hand smoke, third-hand smoke, and side-stream smoke.
* Learn what supplements are "harmful" and which are helpful.

Nutra-Choice L.L.C. Wellness Center
James S. LaRocca, BA, CI
By Appointment: 412-538-9596

Community • Coffee With A Cop 09/22/2016

Community • Coffee With A Cop

Community • Coffee With A Cop Learn how community members, and organizers can get involved with the program and bring it to their community.

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If this installation promises to be equally as attractive and interesting as the first one. Don't miss the grand unveiling! See you Saturday!

Coming Soon...Another Point of VUE. BIGr's 2nd point of VUE will be installed this Saturday, May 14th. Come on down to 516 Lincoln Avenue, right next to the Barber Shop and join in the fun! We will be starting around 9:00 and hope to have all 8 windows revealed by noon! You can see them as they are installed or wait till they are all done--either way, don't miss this Point of VUE!

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Timeline photos

Treat your sweetheart to the dinner they deserve!


Congratulations to my husband, Vince Dish who won this opportunity to a part of Bellevue history!

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Join me on Saturday May 2 at the Spring Wellness Spectacular.


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An Iridology Comprehensive Exam can reveal vitamin and mineral deficiencies, pH imbalance, intestinal toxins and more. Nutritional analysis services include hair analysis, nutritional counseling, and whole foods and supplement education.





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