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Amethyst Recovery Center is Joint Commission accredited dual-diagnosis detox and residential substance abuse treatment facility. Amethyst Recovery Center is a Joint Commission accredited substance abuse rehabilitation facility that offers detox, a full continuum of care, and dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring mental health with a primary focus on drug and alcohol abuse.

Located in the heart of Florida’s Treasure Coast, Amethyst has pioneered a movement in addiction treatment where the accredited staff understands each client on a personal level.

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Amethyst Recovery Center

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9 Practical Benefits of Quitting Alcohol (That You Actually Care About)

We’re diving into 9 practical benefits of quitting alcohol that affect your day-to-day life- click the article to read more! 💜 Drinking is bad for you, but that usually isn't enough to make someone quit. Here are 5 benefits of quitting alcohol that just might sway you


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Is My Loved One a Closet Alcoholic? Signs To Look Out For

There are nearly 15 million Americans with an alcohol use disorder, a debilitating addiction characterized by a compulsion to drink at the cost of their health, career, financial well-being, and even their relationships. But not all alcoholics undergo the same visible displays of self-destruction. A closet alcoholic is often a high functioning alcoholics, which can make it difficult to spot their drinking problem. Here are the signs:


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Self-Harm Awareness Month | Amethyst Recovery Center

The purpose of Self-Harm Awareness Month is to help eliminate the stigma associated with self-harm so that affected individuals don’t feel scared or intimidated to reach out for help.

Check out our latest blog to learn more. March is Self-Harm Awareness Month. Self-harm is any type of intentional, self-inflicted injury, and can lead to a drug or alcohol addiction. 03/01/2021

The 9 Most Dangerous Complications of Alcoholism |

Alcohol might be a legal drug, but that doesn’t mean it’s not dangerous. Check out our latest article to learn more and how we can help. 💜 Alcohol affects virtually every part of the body. The result? A number of dangerous complications of alcoholism - these are the scariest.


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The Health Consequences of Adderall | Amethyst Recovery Center

Adderall is an amphetamine that causes hyper-stimulation throughout the brain and nervous system. The health consequences of Adderall are far-reaching and can lead to long-standing health issues in the future. Despite being a legitimate and helpful medication, the health consequences of Adderall are considerable and not to be ignored.


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#Opiates are prescribed legally in the United States by doctors and physicians–and because of their highly addictive properties and potential for abuse–have quickly led to a drug epidemic of catastrophic proportions. Not only are opiates harmful to individual mental health, but they are also shown to cause depression as well. According to the research, 21% of people who are prescribed opiates for pain or injuries wind up chronically misusing them. Illegal drugs have taken a back seat to the prescription painkiller epidemic now running rampant in this country. Since prescription opiates were a readily available option beginning in the 1990s for doctors treating patients in significant pain, the very same prescriptions have led to opiate use disorder, resulting in a 30% increase in national overdoses between 2016-2017. This terrifying epidemic–which started out as a band-aid for physical pain conditions–is not only causing widespread death and destruction but is also linked with being a catalyst for another chronic disorder–depression.

When someone’s brain chemistry is already abnormal, drug abuse will increase the abnormality, throwing the brain’s reward system completely out of whack. The irony is that chronic drug abuse is endured to help increase feelings of pleasure. When the brain becomes dependent on opiates, the sufferer goes through withdrawal symptoms and winds up more depressed than before they started using drugs in the first place.

If you would like more information on our program and facilities, please call: ☎️ 855-740-0202 or visit us at:


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Our mission at Amethyst Recovery Center is to provide individuals the safest and most comfortable detox and residential treatment possible, so they can enter the next phase of treatment feeling confident with renewed vitality. Offering all the comforts of home in a medically monitored setting, we know that the most progress can be made when your loved one is at ease.

Amethyst Case Management offers court liaison services and allows service animals. We do this because most people at the very beginning of their healing process feel vulnerable and afraid. We don’t want this fear to lead them to shortchange themselves and never even begin the process of healing. We are here to provide your loved one not only medical support, but also lifelong emotional support.

We believe that enduring recovery can be built only upon a firm foundation. Establishing that foundation for the people entrusted to our care is our primary purpose.

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