Sarah Adams Healing

Sarah Adams Healing


Hello all! So much moving and being re-written with this eclipse. Just wanting to be a voice to call to attention the huge opportunity for transformation that is here for us in this time as this window literally gives us the opportunity to begin re-seeding the field of our identity with the preferred virtues and vibrations that we truly wish to see and be expressing as in time and space through these body vehicles! More and more, we can assume the role of master gardeners seeding our own field as our "I am" presence, the divine director of our lives.
Divine Guidance brought me to you . Your cover photo just appeared on my screen and believe it or not it has several of my passions in it and i am using it as my cover picture now for the New Year preparation. Having trouble listening your live, it is vacation and so internet is flooded !! Thank you for singing it is something that resontes with me for this type work.

Intuitive Guide and Spiritual Midwife
Assisting you through this time of Great Transition. working

Operating as usual


I see everyone's healing journey as a Divine archeology , a journey to escavate and restore the authentic this time of great transformation, our soul's are pulling out all the stops to bring us face to face, heart to heart with all of our unfelt trauma so that we can re-integrate this dis-included energy back into our consciousness, heal our DNA and rise in frequency. I use any and all of my tools to assist you in this endeavor including emotional body clearing techniques, sound healing, intuitive channeling, past life regression, gene key readings, inner child healing, etc...


Announcing: powerful support for those experiencing challenges in their most important relationship/s Join my 6 week course offered by donation. See all info below!

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Announcing: Sliding scale "Soul Tune-up" Sessions through the end of August 2021

As we approach our movement into unity consciousness, we are being demanded to complete all
trauma-based contracts in separation consciousness. I am here to help!

To assist us through this quantum speed-up phase in our human evolution, from now through August 31st, I am offering emotional body clearing sessions on a sliding scale starting at just $44/ session ( my normal rate being $111/session) Message me to set up your appointment.

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In mid August the Earth and all humanity will get a glimpse of the organic 5th dimensional Unity consciousness. We will fall out, but the faster we get back depends on our skills of alignment which we can hone right now! We will stand as the lighthouses to lift mass humanity into the New Dawn. Join me for my class, "Readying the Lighthouses: learning to anchor into the 5th Dimension" Details coming soon. Comment here if interested!


sound checking

Just sound checking with this video. You are welcome to come listen and talk to me!

New Year's Livestream 01/02/2021

New Year's Livestream

New Year's Livestream Bring Superconscious Frequencies Into YOUR 2021A FREE New Year's Livestream β€’ Stargate Energy Meditations β€’ Journey Deep Into Your SuperconsciousnessWednesda...


3 days til Solstice... How are you doing? Cleaning out a lot of density to align with optimal launch point


Riding the Wings of Joy starting August 23rd.

In this video, I give you a little taste of my upcoming 8 week class starting Sunday, August 23rd and November 8th. Now is the perfect time to learn to cultivate and maintain peak states of consciousness through creating prescriptions for bliss and to learn to align ourselves consciously with the arc of the healing journey, becoming conscious co-creators of our highest timelines. it is liberation time!
Register at


Join me for an 8 week journey starting August 23rd in which we will focus on anchoring ourselves into the states of well-being and joy, aligning ourselves with our highest timelines of abundance and divine grace through deep self nurturance and love. find out more and register here:


Join me for an 8 week journey focused on anchoring ourselves ever more into the states of well-being and joy, aligning with our highest timelines of abundance and divine grace. We will learn empowering tools for processing challenging emotions and many playful and fun ways to create our own special prescriptions for bliss! See you there!


Would you be interested in joining me on an 8 week journey of "Awakening Together on an Ascending Planet w ascension science, sound healing, channeling and weekly q and a? Let me know. by commenting or sending me a message.


spanish class #2 and checking in about masks and kids understanding this virus time

In our class today we did some skits to help the kids feel hope during this strange time, addressing wearing masks and keeping hope when times seem dark and the positive change that is happening through it all!


Invocation to the Divine Blueprint

This is a musical slide show with artwork by Jean Luc Buzzoli, decrees by Sandra Walter and me and music I am currently creating. I hope it uplifts and blesses you during this powerful rite of passage that we are going through.


Invocation to the Divine Blueprint

This is a musical slide show with Affirmations for healing w artwork by Jean Luc Buzzoli from, decrees by Sandra Walter and me and Music I am currently creating. I hope it brings healings and blessings to your whole being!


It is a time for clearing all density that cant go with us into the 12-12 Portal. Reach out if you need. Pm me for sessions πŸ˜πŸ€£πŸ™


It is a time for clearing all density that cant go with us into the 12-12 Portal. Reach out if you need. Pm me for sessions πŸ˜πŸ€£πŸ™

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sound checking
Riding the Wings of Joy starting August 23rd.
Invocation to the Divine Blueprint
Join me for mini sessions to get a taste of my healing sessions!
Set sail to greatness Three Session Package
Taming the mental body with self love




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