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Stonewalling is emotionally withdrawing from your partner which can trigger feelings of abandonment for your partner. It looks like, icy distance, the silent treatment, walking away, the cold shoulder, but also includes rolling eyes, and emotionally checking out of a conversation.

Do you stonewall during conflict?

Stonewalling, one of the Four Horsemen, is Dr. John Gottman's term for one or both partners shutting down when feeling overwhelmed during conflict. Rather than confronting the issue, someone who is stonewalling will be unresponsive, making evasive maneuvers such as tuning out, turning away, or acting busy.

Self-soothing is the antidote to stonewalling. When stonewalling happens, stop the conversation and take a break. It can be helpful to agree on a signal, phrase, or gesture to clearly communicate when you're feeling overwhelmed. By taking a break (Dr. John Gottman recommends self-soothing for at least twenty minutes), you can calm your nervous system and return to the conversation with a clearer perspective and a better ability to problem solve.

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Bids offer an opportunity to connect with our partner. Receiving and sending them can build fondness and appreciation

Can you spot the bid?

"Bids" are the verbal or non-verbal attempts a person makes to connect with their partner.

Dr. John Gottman refers to bids as “the fundamental unit of emotional communication.” Bids can be small or big, verbal or nonverbal. They might take the form of an expression, question, or physical outreach. They can be funny, serious, or sexual in nature.

Yes, even asking if the fridge is stocked with milk can be an opportunity to turn towards your partner and connect.

Learn all about how to recognize and turn towards bids with help from the Gottman Relationship Coach. Get started today: https://bit.ly/3lkGJL2

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Timeline photos

Being able to identify the Four Horsemen in your conflict discussions is a necessary first step to eliminating them and replacing them with healthy, productive communication patterns.

After watching thousands of couples argue in the Love Lab, Dr. John Gottman was able to identify specific negative communication patterns that can end a relationship. He called them the "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse," and they are criticism, contempt, defensiveness, and stonewalling.

To drive away destructive communication and conflict patterns, you must replace them with healthy, productive ones, and fortunately, each of the Four Horseman has a proven positive behavior that will counteract negativity.

The new Gottman Relationship Coach: How to Make Your Relationship Work will help you and your partner identify the Four Horsemen and what to do if they're present in your relationship. Shop: https://bit.ly/2IT2YHi


Will Smith's Red Table Takeover: Resolving Conflict

This is a great example of how to hold space in order to process the aftermath of a fight. Will was able to wait for his turn with Janet Hubert and withstand the emotional punches. Defending only leads to less understanding.

Fast forward to 28:00 min mark to hear the explanation of how he did it.

Photos from The Gottman Institute's post 08/19/2020

Photos from The Gottman Institute's post

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Photos from The Gottman Institute's post

Photos from The Gottman Institute's post 07/09/2020

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Photos from The Gottman Institute's post 06/27/2020

Which one do you find yourself doing with your relationship?

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Photos from AntiLoneliness's post


Your Friday reminder from one of my favorite shows. , ,

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Infidelity is the betrayal we often focus on, but it's the subtle, unnoticed betrayals that also erode trust and commitment in a relationship. Only by confronting and taking responsibility for them can couples re-establish their trust in each other.

Learn more: bit.ly/3betrayals


There is no mastery without feedback. But it’s hard.

Not everyone that gives us feedback is skilled at delivering it in a meaningful way.

And, we’re not always open to hearing it.

This checklist has really helped me over the years.

My mantra for receiving feedback: Be brave. Listen. You can take what’s helpful and leave the rest.

My mantra for giving feedback: Clear is kind. Unclear is unkind.

Stay brave, awkward, and kind, friends.

There's a free download of the checklist on brenebrown.com

An Autism Diagnosis At 24 Led Joe Carr To Build A Company That's Positively Changing The Way Special-Needs Children Eat 06/20/2019

An Autism Diagnosis At 24 Led Joe Carr To Build A Company That's Positively Changing The Way Special-Needs Children Eat

Having a child with autism, you are always wondering and worrying about their future.

This is an awesome story by someone that I experienced watching his talents shine on stage in high school and even acting along side of him in a couple of plays.

Read his story on overcoming challenges and building a business.

An Autism Diagnosis At 24 Led Joe Carr To Build A Company That's Positively Changing The Way Special-Needs Children Eat Because autism doesn’t disappear when children turn 18, this new series explores what it’s like to navigate a career as a young adult on the autism spectrum.

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Often times we try to avoid and distract ourselves so we don't have to experience certain feelings.

Instead of pushing away difficult emotions, try asking yourself: Why is this emotion here? What is it trying to tell me? How can we work together?

📷: instagram.com/heyamberrae

Nightclub For Adults With Disabilities Fosters Love, Friendship And Inclusion 06/11/2019

Nightclub For Adults With Disabilities Fosters Love, Friendship And Inclusion

What an amazing experience for these adults! It is important to have programs for individuals with disabilities to continue to have an active social life. As a mom of child with a disability, his ability to make friends and be accepted by others is a constant worry. I hope more opportunities continue to grow.

Nightclub For Adults With Disabilities Fosters Love, Friendship And Inclusion At what might be the only club of its kind in the country, hundreds of people with developmental disabilities come to dance, make friends and be like anyone else out for the night.

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Timeline Photos

Here are some reminders for anyone who needs it right now:
⋆ You will get through this
⋆ You are allowed to have bad days
⋆ Bad days DO NOT define you

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