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Robyn’s N.E.S.T. emphasizes Nurturing Emotional Success Together; working with caregivers and children to understand and effectively respond to behaviors.

The philosophy behind Robyn’s N.E.S.T. emphasizes Nurturing Emotional Success Together by working with caregivers and children to create a positive nurturing environment that supports a child to achieve his or her best self - it’s that simple. I delight in watching children when they experience a sense of pride. Often this stems from having success with something the child was unsure he or she would be able to accomplish. This is the angle I use when viewing successful emotional development, and from where I base my work. Many developmental milestones are encouraged by positive experiences, when a child begins to talk or takes first steps. Most frustrations arise when a child attempts to further solidify a sense of self in an environment of rules and expectations. Often children begin to engage in a battle of wills with their caregivers as they demonstrate defiant behaviors, jealousy, tantrums, apprehension and limit testing. Caregivers are told, “Don’t stress, this is just a normal part of your child’s development.” That might be the case, but just because something is “normal” doesn’t mean it’s not going to cause stress! I find joy in demystifying these so called “normal” behaviors and alleviating much of the stress placed both on caregivers and the child. I believe it is possible for a child to exhibit rule following behavior while simultaneously developing a sense of self and responsibility. So let’s begin…

Mission: We at Robyn’s N.E.S.T. emphasize Nurturing Emotional Success Together by working with caregivers and children to create a positive nurturing environment that supports a child on the journey to achieve his or her best self. Parents, clinician and child work together to understand and effectively respond to behaviors; to increase pro-social behaviors and decrease undesired behaviors. Robyn's N.E.S.T. is dedicated to the families and children we work with and our team work approach incorporates your family style, values and culture in each approach; making your experience highly individualized.

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Virtual Learning & Your Child's Mental Health

Many parents are concerned about virtual learning and children's mental health. One of the best things to do is stay connected with your child; notice how they are feeling and acting. This article has a few good tips to help things go smoother as we navigate these strange times. For more help on how to support your child don't hesitate to call 781-763-7807 for a free consultation with us. Stay well. A new school year is just around the corner. But this year, not all students will be returning to the classroom. Since spring, kids and teens across the U.S. have been staying home to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Many of them finished out the 2019-2020 school year with distanced and virtual learn...

Happy First Day Back! This year is a little different from years past, but if you do your best you will find a community to help with the rest. That community may be in the form of teachers, support staff, classmates, friends, family or where you may least expect it. We are here for you! If your child is struggling with transitioning back to school and you need a little extra support, please reach out for a free consultation call 718-763-7807.

When children are afraid, remind them as Mr.Rogers’ mother did... “Look for the helpers, you will always find people who are helping.”

How To Talk To Kids About Racism And The George Floyd Protests

This past week I have had some of the best conversations with kids about what’s going on in the world right now. Some children are finding out that racism still exists in this world and others know it all to well. I have heard concern for the police that keep them safe and fear that their homes could be looted. I am so proud of our youth for asking questions and sharing conflicted emotions about right and wrong. These are not easy conversations, but I promise you they are so worth it. In fact, every conversation has given me so much hope for the future. I ask you to have these conversations with your children and meet them where they are. If you don’t have answers offer to look for them together. As a parent you are not expected to know everything. If you want guidence on talking to your children or finding resources specifically for your child I encourage you to reach out 781-763-7807 and I will do my best to help you with words or point you in the direction of the information you are seeking. ~Robyn Conversations about race, privilege and police brutality are hard. Be open — and have a plan.

A Very Happy Birthday to our very own therapy dog, Dalai Jade, from our temporary tele-office!

There is only so much we can do for our kids, and right now our hands are tied in so many ways when it comes to our tweens and teens.

Wanting to be noticed while trying to blend in, picking out the right outfit, he likes/she likes/they like, throwing shade, ghosting, lunch room navigation, after school activities, group projects, trying out for the team, auditioning for the school play and even gossip is an important in the transformation of tweens and teens into well-adjusted young adults.

Peer connections are a vital part of development and I think it’s helpful if we try to understand why. Parents are always trying to fix their kids problems, but peers listen and validate before trying to approach the problem with a good brainstorming session. Peers meet your child where they are because it’s where they are themselves. This social connection is important for our kids and right now most kids don’t have regular access to it.

As parents, try to encourage socially distanced connecting whenever possible and if that isn’t possible try to meet your tweens and teens where they are, with empathy and basic brainstorming. Commiserate when they are frustrated and ask questions about what your child has thought about for solutions or how you might be able to help. It’s a lot easier to say than to do because, as a parent, you are full of so many answers and it’s hard to watch your child feel lost.

Much of who we become is based on the memories we make with those around us and how we navigate fitting ourselves into moments. I hope this is helpful. As always, if you are looking for more specific guidance for your family give Robyn’s N.E.S.T. Psychology a call at 781-763-7807 for a free 15-minute phone consultation or to set up an appointment.
Wishing you well,

Looking for more ways for your T(W)EENS to connect to each other, make memories, and work through challenges? Sign your tweens and teens up for “T(W)EEN TALKS” with their friends or ask to be put into a group to meet new friends. Groups need a minimum of 3, and are capped at 4 participants.

Thank-you for being some of the best moms I know. It’s not always easy to reach out for help, but we are in this together, now more than ever. Happy Mother’s Day from Robyn’s N.E.S.T. Psychology.

Stick to the Plan! Getting ADHD Children to Follow Schedules

Right now students are faced with an at-home learning model and if your child has ADHD, frustration is likely high. This article does a great job explaining how to alleviate some of the stress. For more guidance on how to help your child you can call us at 781-763-7807 for a free 15-minute consultation.

Hoppy Easter from Dalai Jade and Robyn’s N.E.S.T. Psychology!

To all our families enhanced by neurodiversity we at Robyn’s N.E.S.T. Psychology see you today and every day!

Robyn’s N.E.S.T. Psychology is still taking free 15-minute consultation calls at 781-763-7807 and scheduling video sessions. Stay well everyone!

Let’s talk about Covid-19 (Coronavirus) and Anxiety in Our Children

I am not an expert on Covid-19 and I don’t know how the virus is going to impact us in the days or month(s). What I do know about is anxiety and what stress responses do to the body, especially to our little ones. When anxiety triggers your fight, flight or freeze response, your brain releases chemicals and hormones into your system that have physical fast acting protective factors to save your body from an unsafe situation, but they can also weaken your immune system with repeated exposure. Another fear response we see is behavior change to bring comfort such as compulsive hand washing. Don’t get me wrong, handwashing is very important right now. We should wash our hands after we go the bathroom, before we eat and after we touch things that many others have touched, like items on public transportation. We should not be washing our hands to a level where your hands are developing sores from scrubbing as you then heighten the risk of getting an infection.

So How should I talk to my children about Covid-19?

Start by meeting your children where they are. Ask your child if anyone at school is talking about coronavirus and what they’ve heard. Ask your child if (s)he has any questions and answer questions in an age appropriate way. If it is directly impacting your child’s life with canceled fieldtrips or school closures, explain that it is not because those places are dangerous, but we are just being careful and limiting the chance of the disease to reach more people by going places that are not necessary. Keep the context to your child’s world.

What do I do if my child becomes anxious?

1. Normalize and Rationalize the anxiety. “I can hear that you are nervous because your voice is shaking and your mind is very busy, that makes sense. let’s sit together to help your worries go away.”

2. Help your child calm the physical self-first. Teach your child how to calm his/her body response by slowing down fast breathing or progressively squeezing muscles tight and loosening them to help increase blood flow and oxygen to the brain for a calming response. Hold your child close and breathe slowly together. Let your child know they are safe and loved.

3. Beat anxiety with logic and a sense of age-appropriate control over the situation. Tell your child that the adults are making it their business to stay educated and make safe choices for children. Let your child know that when they wash their hands after going to the bathroom or other appropriate times and sneezing into an elbow when they have the sniffles is helping all germs not spread not just this virus. Remind them that because everyone is so aware of the virus, doctors are catching it and helping people get better. Keep all statements age-appropriate and comforting.

If you want more specific information on how to talk to your child, call Robyn’s N.E.S.T. Psychology at 781-763-7807 for a free consultation.

Calming cards can be a perfect bridge between overwhelmed and okay. If your child gets overwhelmed easily and you don’t know how to reach him/her. Call us at 781-763-7808 for a free consultation to see if our services could be right for you!

Robyn’s N.E.S.T. Psychology is wishing Dr. Seuss a happy Birthday!🎈

Our sensory path at Robyn’s N.E.S.T. Psychology! You can create these in your home as well!

Happy Birthday Robyn’s N.E.S.T. Psychology! Here’s to another year helping children and their families achieve success. 🎉

Parents remember to start your days with the gifts of self love. 💝 Happy Valentines Day to all our Robyn’s N.E.S.T. Psychology Families!

The Side of ADHD We Almost Never Talk About—But Should

Let’s look at anger and ADHD. Emotion Regulation challenges children at all stages, but a child with ADHD will have a harder time regulating. This article has a few tips to help your child. If you want more support helping your child with ADHD call 781-763-7807 for a free consultation with Robyn’s N.E.S.T. Psychology. Is it any wonder they erupt in anger?

💗Happy Valentines Week at Robyn’s N.E.S.T. Psychology!
💕Don’t forget to take some valentine relaxation bubbles after your appointments this week!💝

How To Help A Child Struggling With Anxiety

AnXiEty... we’ve all felt it, but some of us are more affected by it than others. This is a great read to get a better grasp on your children’s anxieties. If you need more help addressing anxiety with your child, call 781-763-7801 for a free consultation call. When a child is scared of the dark or being left alone, it can be hard for adults to know the difference between an age-appropriate fear and full-blown anxiety. This episode is full of tools to help parents better understand and manage their child's "worry brain."

Here's how to turn the tide when the tone gets tense in your car.

Car troubles? No I don't mean with your car itself; I'm referring to the way your children behave in the car. This article has a few good ideas to try and if you find yourself continuing to struggle give us a call at 781-763-7807 for a free consultation. It’s finally the first day of school. Their excitement is tinged with nervousness, naturally. And who better to take it out on than their brother or sister, next to them in the back seat?

Winter blues or something more serious? - Children's Health

Could your teen be suffering from SAD (seasonal affective disorder)? This article talks about what to look for and how to help. If you think your child could use a little extra help this winter, call us for a free 15-minute consultation at 781-763-7807 Seasonal affective disorder in children is a serious condition. Learn the difference between winter blues symptoms and SAD which may warrant more attention.

🧧 Happy Lunar New Year from Robyn’s N.E.S.T. Psychology!🎊

Happy Martin Luther King day from Robyn’s N.E.S.T. Psychology.

Robyn's NEST Psychology on Google

Robyn's N.E.S.T. Psychology offers "Simply Pill Swallowing" Sessions. Call 781-763-7807 to learn more! Robyn's N.E.S.T. Psychology is here for your Pill Swallowing needs! Does your child give you a hard time over bad tasting medications? Does your doctor want to prescribe a time-release medication for your child and they just don't know how to swallow pills? Give us a call to learn more about schedul...

Robyn's NEST Psychology on Google

Start 2020 off on the right foot and give Robyn's N.E.S.T. Psychology a call to see how we can help your child! We look forward to hearing from you. ~Robyn Start the New Year Off Right with Your Family! Robyn's N.E.S.T. Psychology now accepting new clients for 2020!!! Visit our website or give us a call 781-763-7807 for a FREE 15-minute consultation! We look forward to working with you.

Robyn’s N.E.S.T. Psychology wishes you a Merry Christmas! ~Robyn and Dalai Jade

Santa Rethinks 'Naughty or Nice' in W+K's Remarkable Mental Health Ad

"Show me an interesting, fully formed person, and I'll show you a once-'difficult' child. It's only taken me a thousand years, but I think I finally see it. These kids, they're not 'naughty' or 'nice.' They're kids."

Robyn’s N.E.S.T Psychology appreciates Santa’s new take on the “Naughty or Nice” list... NAMI questions binary labels this holiday

Happy first night of Hanukkah! At Robyn’s N.E.S.T. Psychology we believe in miracles.

Dealing with meltdowns this holiday season? Gift yourself a visit to Robyn’s N.E.S.T. Psychology and we’ll help you get your family back together. Call 781-763-7807 for a free15-minute consultation.

Check out our table today at Mel O’Drama’s Elf Jr. show!

Tonight is OPENING NIGHT for Mel O Drama's Elf Jr. The Musical! Robyn's N.E.S.T. Psychology is a proud supporter of Mel O'Drama and children's theater. Being in a show and working backstage gives you a sense of teamwork, community and leadership.

What anxious and angry kids need to know about their brain

At Robyn’s N.E.S.T. Psychology we are constantly de-mystifying the inner workings of brain responses to help children and families learn to problem solve more efficiently. Could you use help with problem-solving in your home? Let us know during your free 15 minute consultation call (781)763-7807 Empower your kids by teaching them some basic information about their brain, how it works, and how to get back on track when they feel anxious or angry.

In case of inclement weather, be aware that Robyn’s N.E.S.T. Psychology follows Quincy Public School’s closings and delays. In the event that a cancelation is made on our end due to inclement weather, clients/families will be notified and appointments will be rescheduled as soon as possible. For more clarification email us at [email protected]

Darlene Book Launch Tickets Dec 8th

My good friend Mel has published a fantastic new children’s book that addresses bullying! I was lucky enough to help with the book content by sharing techniques on how to take away a bully’s power.

Join us for the book launch on December 8th. You can look forward to the book reading and skit with Mel and I followed by book signings, music by a live DJ, arts n crafts, face-painting, a visit from Santa, singing elves, and a station for writing letters to Santa! For more information and tickets click on the link below!

I look forward to seeing you there!
Best wishes,
Robyn But this is much more than just a book launch: it's an event! The book reading will be followed by book signings, music by a live DJ, arts n crafts, face-painting, a visit from Santa, singing elves, and to wrap up, the lighting of the Milton Club's Christmas Tree where we'll sing a few carols togeth...

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