Christine N. Brent, Lcsw-R

Christine N. Brent, Lcsw-R


Congrats and good luck to my friend and colleague, Christine N. Brent, Lcsw-R, who has opened new private mental health practice! I have worked with Christine for many years and am excited that she will be able to support Rochester children, teens, and families in this way!

Check out her beautiful new website:

Individual and family counseling for children, teens, and families.

Operating as usual




Love this.

Love people. 🌱

Impact of COVID-19 lockdown on kids' and teens' mental health 07/08/2020

Impact of COVID-19 lockdown on kids' and teens' mental health

Impact of COVID-19 lockdown on kids' and teens' mental health Kids have been cooped up for months due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the isolation is taking a toll. Psychologist and CBS News contributor Lisa Damour joined CBSN to discuss a report from the British charity Childhood Trust, which warns that children and teens are at risk of serious mental healt...


10 of many.

⁣{People go to therapy for support.}⁣⁣
It's not just for crisis management. ⁣⁣
It's not just for people to talk about childhood, although it may come up. ⁣⁣
Therapy can be whatever you need it to be.⁣⁣

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9 mental health activities to do with your children


It's Monday, so what better time to take a moment with your family and breathe? Here are some of our favorite breathing activities!

For more resources and activities, visit


― The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse by Charlie Mackesy


Who else has a spirited kid?


We are all learning to focus on what we can control.


“Remember, parents, you’re the
only adult in the relationship.
Be the first to listen,
the first to forgive,
the first to apologize,
the first to understand,
the first to back down and
try to find another way
when the going gets tough.
Before you know it,
your child will be an adult
just like you.
Just. Like. You.
Make sure you’re the adult
you want them to become.”
🌻Time-tested, peaceful, effective parenting resources: 🌻
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Fighting a rare, incurable cancer, but I'm still here!💞 L.R.


If you need assistance during the COVID-19 crisis, here are some resources that can be helpful


Being Mindful of everyday interactions will go such a long way to keep your child's stress level down☺️.

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Supporting Mental Health in Isolation...🙏💛 ||


Self Isolating and Anxiety

— Mellow Doodles

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While it is natural to be feeling stressed and anxious at the moment, it is important to also keep things in perspective. Reminding ourselves of the things that we have control over rather than focusing on the things we can't control, can help to reduce anxiety and distress...💜 ||

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Kindness always...💙🙏 ||

Timeline photos 03/20/2020

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BrainPower Neurodevelopmental Center

“...disruptive behavior is often generated by unrecognized anxiety. A child who appears to be oppositional or aggressive may be reacting to anxiety—anxiety he may, depending on his age, not be able to articulate effectively, or not even fully recognize that he’s feeling.

‘Especially in younger kids with anxiety you might see freezing and clinging kind of behavior,” says Dr. Rachel Busman, a clinical psychologist at the Child Mind Institute, “but you can also see tantrums and complete meltdowns.’”


SMART Recovery NYC

Know the difference.


Ashleigh Jones Doula

Real talk.

For someone in Meghan Markle’s position to be honest and raw about the difficulties of the postpartum, albeit briefly, is so important as it breaks down the illusion that it’s easy for those that are in a place of privilege. This woman left her life and family behind and is navigating so many new and foreign concepts without the support that she clearly needs, and that’s familiarity. To be a newlywed and the only woman of colour in the royal family.. think how exhausting it must be just to exist in her world without navigating the stresses of motherhood as well.

To me, this really highlights the importance of the village the world over. It doesn’t matter who or where you are, without the adequate support, rest and self care there is no way we can thrive in the postpartum.

'Not many people have asked if I’m ok....' Why don't we ask 'how are you'? More often you're asked is your baby good or are they sleeping through the night. But what about 'are you ok?'. I wonder how much more mothers would speak up if they were valued enough to be asked.





3380 Monroe Avenue, Suite 210
Rochester, NY

Opening Hours

Thursday 9am - 5pm
Saturday 9am - 5pm

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