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I am a healer & psychic guide focused on helping people restore & maintain a healthy, balanced life.

Operating as usual


Warm amber lights, coffee, pretty view that triggers happy memories (and provides fresh air😉), a little healing channeling, and some Netflix makes for a nice self-care day. Stay well, friends! SMILE! ✨✨✨


✨✨✨Coming up fast! I'll be there with Akashic Logan - should be fun! SMILE!✨✨✨


Bought this beautiful chakra stone tree of life necklace from Holistic Arts on Saturday and have gotten so many compliments! Thanks again, Christie! If you're in the Twin Cities area, Edge Magazine has a pop-up event in Linden Hills this weekend with all sorts of artists including Holistic Arts!


Curious what might come through for you? Send me a message for a complimentary dose of Monthly Soul Guidance! SMILE!😇


Birthday request - if you've had a session with me, please share your experience/thoughts in the comments. If you'd like to share anonymously, send me a message and I'll post on your behalf. Wishing everyone a glorious day! SMILE!!✨💕🥳✨


After a challenging 2020, I'm going to do my best to bring whimsical, enthusiastic energy in to 2021. 🙃 How about you? 🎆✨😇

Second Sundays - Chakra Balancing & Healing 10/07/2020

Second Sundays - Chakra Balancing & Healing

Join me this coming Sunday! Space is limited, so RSVP soon. Can't make it - join Creators Space Meetup and stay up to date with upcoming classes! If you have any questions, let me know! SMILE!😇

Second Sundays - Chakra Balancing & Healing Sun, Oct 11, 2020, 1:00 PM: Join Angela and Shelby at Creators Space in the Flow Studio. We'll be doing chakra balancing yoga (all experience levels accommodated) and meditation session followed by le


Truly beautiful soul and gifted artist I've been blessed to meet at Creators Space. Watch the video and if you're around Lowertown, check out his work in person!🖼💕😇


***Sunday, September 13th 1-3pm***

I'll be hosting Second Sundays at Creators Space in Lowertown - a series of talks and workshops exploring a variety of holistic, spiritual, and creative topics. First up: Introduction to the Energetic Aspects of the 5 Elements - learn, move, and SMILE! It's a Patron First event, so my Patreon patrons get first dibs on a spot. Join at any level and RSVP today! 😇


Every week for my Patreon Patrons, I check in with my guides and ask what information I may share with them for their highest good for the week ahead. What comes through is a little about the energy of the week to come along with a healing exercise that will assist in getting through it. Thought I'd share this week's (Ezra is my guide focused on helping relay information from the ether and Aurora's focus is healing):

Ezra: Well, that sucked - in reference to last week. There were likely a few highs yet definitely some major lows. Environmentally, things should calm down temporarily. A little peace and respite. Enjoy as much lightness and frivolity as you can. Eat some cake, have a beer (or whatever your favorite beverage may be), make sure to laugh with friends even if having to do it through video chats. Warmth and light should be your focus as much as possible. Reboot and replenish.

Aurora: Dance! Twirl! Skip! Be an absolute goofball! Have fun. Life has been so anxiety ridden and turbulent as of late, allow yourselves time to be light and silly then get back to it. Play! Grounding is still important so if you have a favorite method - use it multiple times a day. Looking for something different: Close your eyes and visualize a red ball at your feet. It's made of a gel type substance. See it expanding around your feet and sinking into the ground. Breathe slowly and deeply as the red gel grows into the Earth and up to your waist. It is solid and connected yet fluid. Focus on the red, the connection, and also the movement and energy all around you. You are fixed to the spot, yet feel the movement of all. Breathe. When you feel present and connected, see the gel slowly shrink back down to the ground and into the ball it began as. Take one last deep breath, say thank you, and go about your day. All will be well again. Have faith.❤

Love and light to you all! SMILE!

Photos from Angela Marie - Soul Liaison's post 08/08/2020

Such a cool healing space for sessions! Plus, a lovely salt room for meditation and relaxation (once I got the hang of the zero gravity chairs).

Collaborative Space | Creators Space 08/04/2020

Collaborative Space | Creators Space

Now available for in-person sessions in Lowertown! Checked this cool space out over the weekend and became a member. I tried their coffee and a baked goods, too - thumbs up !☕️😇🎊

Collaborative Space | Creators Space Creators Space is a Community Creativity Center and Coffee House sparking and cultivating the Creative Spirit that lives in all of us.

Photos from Angela Marie - Soul Liaison's post 07/31/2020

Periodically, I'll be highlighting fellow practitioners and other wellness related businesses that I know and trust.😇 First up, I had a wonderful coaching session yesterday with Lisa and the horses - helping to ensure I'm ready to allow forward movement with the new beginnings in my life. Fine-tuning my vibration, focus, and allowing a few things to come to the surface to be released (and explored further). Clarity and healing comes from many sources.🐎💕 Curious? Check out: Be it Coaching


Welcome! Additional information about my practice:

* Energy healing can be effective in assisting the healing and growth process in all aspects of wellness - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual/energetic. Whether you have a specific issue or concern you’d like to focus on or simply wish to energetically release whatever your mind, body, and spirit are ready to let go of – you’ll walk away feeling lighter and have more clarity.

* I’m a firm believer in collaborative health, so encouraging a regular and healthy relationship with trained professionals for your body and mind in addition to the energetic work you do with me (and any other holistic practice you might utilize).

* If you are interested in mediumship, although I am capable and a loved one may come forward during a healing session, I choose not to actively practice mediumship. I am, however, happy to refer you to mediums I trust. Same goes for other forms of insight and healing such as Akashic Records, Past Life Regressions, Shamanism, Astrology, Numerology, etc.




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