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Ran across this earlier today and it was something I really needed to hear/remember. I've always had the patience of a toddler so I struggle with this one! If I want something, I want it RIGHT NOW. I have a lot of stuff up in the air currently, and I spend more time then I care to admit wishing I had the answers right now or that I knew how things were going to unfold.

It's hard to remember that often the journey is more important than the destination. We learn and grow so much when we work through something. And when I remember that, it makes the journey a little easier... At least for a little bit.

So next time your patience is tested while things unfold - breathe. You're right where you're meant to be... And I'll be right there with you, trying my best to not grumble about it as well 😂


A few days ago I posted about being productive and decluttering the closets. This, my friends, is the aftermath of that cleaning spree... Three days later. Just keeping it real 😂

We all know keeping our houses tidy is helpful - we just feel better with a clean house. It's the same with our energy fields - we just feel better when our chakras are balanced and our auras are clear. We feel lighter, more calm, ready to take on the world.

I dig working with the elements, so one of my favorite ways to tidy up my energy field is to sit and imagine the wind blowing away the stress, water washing away any negative emotions and fire burning up any energetic connections that aren't in my highest and best. You don't need long - even five minutes is helpful! Give it a try one day and see what a difference it makes.

Or, if you need a little assistance, try out my latest offering- Aura Cleanses! This session clears out any unwanted influencing energies, removes psychic ties, releases negative thoughts and cleans up any emotional residues you've picked up (this is huge with Empaths!). After everything is all cleared out, I use Reiki to balance your aura and seal in healing energy. Link is in the bio, or send me a message if you want to learn more!

So much love to you this Wednesday my friends!


Love this reframing 💕 I found it humorous that this popped up for for today given the it was a surprisingly productive day. Laundry was done, closets were decluttered (finally!!), and I started making updates to my website for the two new healing sessions I'll be offering - aura cleanses and cord cutting!

But often my days do not feel this productive, so I'll be saving this away for the next time. My favorites are "recovering from the week" and "taking a mental health day", both of which I feel are extremely important!

More updates soon... Until then, enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Self care is important. We all know that. But I, like a many other people I know, am not always the best at it. During our last Reiki session, my amazing soul sister Gail encouraged me to participate in and I gotta say, this has turned into a huge dose of self care for me.

For one month, I'm not allowed to judge others or...wait for it... MYSELF. Any time I find myself judging or having a negative thought, I must stop, recognize and immediately think three positive encouraging thoughts about that person.

I have to say, I didn't realize how often I was judging or talking down to myself. And coming up with three positive thoughts? It's been challenging because I've made myself go deep. It's not enough for me to say things like "I'm a good mom." Instead I'm focusing on the why. Why am I a good mom? It's because I care deeply about my children, I love laughing with them and because I'm willing to run through the sprinklers with them and make great memories.

I'm a week in and it's getting easier, but it's still surprising how often I'm sitting in judgment of myself. But there's no better time than the present to rewire our brains. I encourage you to join me in stopping the judgment we place on ourselves and on others - even if it's just for a day. We create our reality with our thoughts. Why not create a magnificent reality for ourselves? We deserve it.


Another fabulous podcast with my soul sister Lauren 💖 .to.alchemy

We dive into
✨ What are the Akashic Records
✨ Soul profiles and our Spiritual Teams
✨ Starseeds vs Earth Souls
✨ Types of readings
✨ And more!!

If you're curious to learn more about the Akashic Records, this episode is for you!!

You can find us on Apple and Spotify. Let us know what you think!


I love this so much Sometimes I get lost in doing all the things. I forget to play. I try to force it rather than let it flow. I want to be in charge! But everything is harder in that mindset.

So let it flow. See where Spirit takes you. And don't forget to enjoy the ride.


This post feels particularly appropriate for a Monday. What brings you joy? How can you incorporate more of it into your daily life?

It's so much easier to connect to our true selves and to source energy when we're happy. Like attracts like! When we're happy, we can pull in more of the good stuff to us.

But have you noticed when you're in a bad mood, it can spiral and everything seems to go downhill? Again, like attracts like. So how can we stop the spiral? Insert a little joy! But finding the joy is hard when you're in the thick of negativity. Enter the Joy list.

I was challenged by a mentor to come up with a joy list - 50 things that make me feel so incredibly happy or content. So now, when I'm in the thick of negativity, I know where to go to figure out how to break free of that downward spiral. Favorite memories or things that just make me happy.

I'll admit, 50 was a lot. The first time I did this, I could barely hit 10. So today, I challenge you to come up with 15. Add to it over time... And next time you're feeling yucky? Consult you joy list. You can thank me later.

What's on your joy list?


Me this weekend.


This week has been super interesting with lots of high highs and the same amount of low lows.

I saw this message and it resonated. We get so caught up in having to do all the things, all the time. It's ok to slow down and take a break. Maybe things aren't happening because you need that break.

Use the time to recharge, and know that you're EXACTLY where you're supposed to be. 💖


So excited to have completed this training! Anna's program is so thorough and requires a lot of practice readings to make sure you have the confidence and skills when going into a session. I love that it's given me the opportunity to learn how to do Spirit Guide readings, career readings and relationship readings along with the ability to grow even more spiritually and professionally. Thank you Anna Sayce!

If you're interested in a reading, shoot me a message and let's chat to see what would be the best fit for you! So much love to you all. 💖

Today I’m excited to congratulate Mandy Carsten, who is the newest graduate of both my Akashic Record Reading Program and the Intuitive Reading Program. (These are professional-level programs which teach people how to do intuitive & akashic readings for paying clients). Mandy has been working hard on her skills over the last year or so and has had excellent feedback from her clients.

She is also signed up to my upcoming Professional Intuitive Healing Program at the end of Feb & I’m looking forward to teaching her and the other students!

Here is what Mandy had to say about my Akashic Records program:

“I’ve been fascinated with the Akashic Records for quite awhile now but so much of the information that is out there on how to access the records and receive clear guidance was too vague. Anna’s course gave me clear, detailed steps to take to access the information and a way to validate that the information was correct, which was invaluable to someone as detail oriented as myself!

I appreciated the requirement of practicing on others – it helped to boost confidence and it was extremely validating to hear how the information resonated with my clients. If you’re wanting to learn the Akashic Records, I couldn’t recommend Anna’s course more.”

And here’s a bit about Mandy:

Hello! My name is Mandy, and I’m a Professional Akashic Record Reader and Reiki Practitioner. My family and I live in Minnesota, where we enjoy hiking through the woods, swimming in the lakes and playing in the snow.

My goal is to help you understand your soul’s purpose and the innate gifts you hold. During a reading, we’ll look at your soul gifts, natural talents and life lessons. I’ll channel any messages Spirit wants to send through, and we’ll work together to see how all this information can be applied to your life. My clients enjoy my down to Earth attitude, and have found their Akashic Records reading to be invaluable in determining if the path they’re walking is the one they want to be on.

You can connect with Mandy on Instagram - or if you’re interested in getting a reading with Mandy, visit her website, which is at:


Having so much fun tonight working on my newest type of reading ...(wait for it)... Relationship readings! I'll come up with a snazzier name soon.

Now, this is not your typical relationship reading. No "is this person my soulmate?" or "are we meant for each other?" or "what's s/he thinking?" - that kind of thing. Those questions are fine (we've all asked them!), but ultimately don't feel as helpful.

This reading is all about understanding the dynamic between two people and their relationship, and works extremely well for both romantic relationships and platonic (Fighting with your mom? This reading can help).

We're looking at what you're teaching the other person, and what you're learning from them. If you're in the middle of a challenging scenario, let's dive into what's really going on behind the scenes. Or perhaps you just want to understand your kid better.

Let's look at what needs to be embraced, what needs to be released, and what can be really supportive in your relationship (which is especially helpful if you're dealing with something challenging). And once we have some of that understanding? Let's send a blast of supportive, loving, healing to the energetic cord that connects the two of you.

If this sounds interesting to you, send me a DM. Let's chat if this could be a good fit. Until then, I'll just be over here, geeking out about all the goodness that I'm learning as I work to understand some of my relationships better. 💖 Trust me, I'm an excellent guinea pig for this reading. 😂


You don't need to be an empath to feel the turmoil in the world right now. But today is a new day, and another chance to be who we want to be. To elevate above negativity and raise our vibration. As I look out my window, I'm reminded of the beauty of nature and what a gift this world and this life is. Let's embrace it.

If you feel yourself getting overwhelmed, take a deep breath (or five). Look outside, laugh with a friend, meditate - whatever self-care you need. Today is a new day, and just like any other day - you got this. 💖


Last night I listened to a wonderful healing hypnosis for creativity by the amazing who runs the .goddess.sisterhood

My intention was to come recieve guidance on new offers as - I'll admit it - I've been a little stuck. My soul gifts reading is so affirming and expansive, but I wanted to offer more ways to help you integrate that information and use it to your advantage. Because who wouldn't want that edge?

But I digress. Y'all, this hypnosis was AMAZING. I went to bed and had to keep sitting up and turning on the light so I could write new ideas in my journal. My husband finally had to ask me to knock it off (I lovingly declined) so he could get some sleep. 🤣

So... Back to work on updating my website I go! Looking forward to sharing more details with you soon. 💖


Took the morning off to get out downhill skiing with my family. It's not my beloved ocean, but it's still pretty amazing.

I've been getting the message more and more lately to get out into nature. Which, I'll admit, takes a fair amount of nudging in the winter. This girl does NOT like getting cold.

I'm working on some new offers, so this was the perfect place to do some "moving meditation" and start putting the pieces together.
I'm excited to see how it all pulls together.


Hello & Welcome!!

Just popping on to say hi, introduce myself, and tell you about how I knew I loved the Akashic Records before I even knew it was a thing...


Got to spend a few hours hiking around Sedona this past weekend. I was very curious to see if I would feel the energy of the vortexes, as this was my first time visiting since I started walking this spiritual path. I'll be honest, when I've visited before, I felt nada. So like I said...I was curious.

I visited four sites - the first I was drawn to, but didn't feel much in terms of energy. The second and third - still nothing except some massively beautiful scenery. The fourth though... Wow. My skin buzzed and my hands were tingling. It was pretty cool.

But energy experience aside, it was beautiful. I finished the day absolutely exhausted from all the climbing around I did. I can't wait to go back. 💖


Huge day today! This evening I had the chance to be interviewed by the lovely Silkina of .withsilkina. We chatted about all things Akashic Records, including some indepth talk about soul gifts and past lives.

The episode won't drop until next week, but we had such an amazing time I couldn't just not share. Head on over to her Instagram page and click the link in her bio to check out some of her other stellar interviews (crystals, animal communication, hypnotherapy... the list goes on!)

Happy Friday friends. Sending you all the love 💕


A wonderful reminder that even in harsh conditions, something beautiful can grow. 🌵


Today's question piggybacks off of yesterday. If you remember, I talked a bit about how 2020 was a year of learning about my emotions and how to handle the challenges. Today's question is... Why was that learning important?

My first card was the Two of Wands, followed by a clarifying card pull of the Knight of Wands.

The feeling I get off both these cards is one of anticipation and looking to the future. There is a sense of calm and readiness though. So, what I'm feeling is that there's going to be some pretty big shifts/changes for me coming up, and it's going to require some emotional maturity to handle them. I'm also getting the message that flexibility will also be key - shifting to change with new situations and experiences, or activity and when something doesn't feel in alignment.

The 2 makes me feel a little anxious, but the Knight helps me to realize that I've got this - I have the tools I need to handle the changes.

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Hello & Welcome!!



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