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"There's no organ system in the body that's not affected by sound, music & vibration. You can look at disease as a form of disharmony." Mitchell Gaynor

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Welcome to another rendition of 'Kristen's favorite herbs.' Lobelia is one that I see less talked about or used. It actually listed as 'forbidden herb' in Europe and potency is controlled in the US. Forbidden herbs is a classification given to herbs that are deemed unsafe for use by anyone who isn't specifically trained in using them. Centuries ago, the term witch was used to define herbalists that weren't afraid to work with forbidden herbs 🙋‍♀️. Funny how words get lost in translation so quickly.

Lobelia, also known as Indian to***co, is an herb that has been very helpful to me in my healing journey as a lymphatic and blood cleanser and to help nourish the kidneys. It only takes 10 drops of this wonderful plant medicine for me to begin feeling my blood circulation increase in my limbs and chi dance. But it has many other wonderful uses:

🌿 Asthma and lung issues - expectorant, anti-asthmatic, antispasmodic, diaphoretic
🌿 To***co withdrawal - to quit smoking
🌿 Allergies
🌿 Soother for inflamed conditions
🌿 Pain reliever in elevated amounts 🌿 Sedative
🌿 Diuretic
🌿 Nervine
🌿 Aid lymphatic system - Increase blood circulation
🌿 Used to induce vomiting if poisoned

* Note that even in very low doses, lobelia can induce nausea and vomiting. It takes a very small amount of this wonderful plant to experience great benefit.

5 toxic chemicals used in fast fashion clothing, and how they can affect your immune system 08/28/2022

5 toxic chemicals used in fast fashion clothing, and how they can affect your immune system

I worked in retail 20 years ago and learned a lot of this way back then. Unpacking and shelving clothes made me incredibly sick. The smell alone, was so toxic to me, it made me sick to my stomach. I was told that clothing needed to be sprayed with pesticides so that they wouldn't get infected with bugs during transport. Now, clothing is listed as one of the TOP most toxic chemical containing products in our homes!!!

For this reason, I've always had a rule in the house - no wearing new clothes until they are washed. That isn't even enough these days. Be mindful of the ingredients in your clothes and where you shop. 🙏🙏🙏

5 toxic chemicals used in fast fashion clothing, and how they can affect your immune system Shein recently responded to criticism about chemicals used in its clothing. Experts told Insider many brands use toxins. Here's how to avoid them.


I will believe in you, until you do.



Now here's a unique stone! Every once in a while, someone gives me a gift saying they saw it and new that I just had to have it. And that's how a lot of my most unique possessions come into my life. That's how this stone came to live with me. I don't recall ever seeing a witches finger in a store but it is talked about in my stone healing book. The moment I held it, I was in love. Witches finger is a type of quarts that comes from Zambia, and supposedly the mine that they come from is now closed; making this crystal rare. I have fun with the word witch, as both the shaman and my husband use it as an endearing term for me. ❤️ Witches finger is a powerful trauma healing stone. It's used for:

🖕 Shadow work
🖕 Bringing in strength & supportive energy
🖕 Releasing fear & pain
🖕 Helps move on from past hurt
🖕 Helps you make decisions
🖕 Helps connect you to your spirit guides
🖕 Gives courage
🖕 Allows for a higher perspective


Will you come and join me? Let's be magical together 💗



Nux Vomica is one of several homeopathic treatments I try to keep on hand. It has so many great uses. Yesterday, my husband had surgery, which meant anesthesia, which is very toxic to the body and hard to detox. An overwhelming percentage of people experience cognitive disfunction for a few MONTHS following the procedure. The cause of this is believed to be from the liver struggling to detox anesthesia out of the body. Nux Vomica helps with liver detoxification and has been shown in studies to significantly shorten the cognitive effects from anesthesia.

Homeopathic Nux vomica is made from the seeds of the Strychnine tree (Strychnos nux-vomica), which is native to Southeast Asia, particularly India. The raw seeds contain a toxic amount of strychnine alkaloids that have therapeutic action at certain, lower doses. It is commonly used to help treat:

🌰 Hayfever, colds, flu
🌰 Headaches
🌰 Digestive issues like constipation and reflux
🌰 Cycstitis
🌰 Detoxification
🌰 Poisoning
🌰 Nausea
🌰 Colic and more!


Sometimes it's the simplest things that make life beautiful.

Quote by Brooke Hampton


You guys, I seriously have the best husband, that totally gets me. I came home last night to the most fitting gift - a coffee mug that says 'unicorns are real.' If you know me, then you know I LOVE coffee and you've probably heard this phrase excitedly come out of my mouth at some point. Except it usually goes something like... 'GUESS WHAT??? UNICORNS ARE F#$&ING REAL!!!' 🦄

Because they are! Ask any 4 year old. I haven't gotten to meet one yet but someday I will. I do have a long time friend that is a dragon though. Her name is Jorgie. 🐲

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Every year, I try to add a few new things to the garden. This year, I decided to try growing chamomile. I'm not new to chamomile by any means, I've just never self harvested this herb in the past. It's one of my favorites that I always keep on hand, and I think the smell is divine! I bought one small plant for $1 and so far, I've gotten over 1,500 flowers from it! And you know it's good stuff when half the bugs in the yard want to hang out on it. I love using chamomile tea for Calming the mind and to help with sleep. It's also a wonderful herb to smoke for relaxation. When I had jaw surgery, I used the tincture for pain and inflammation.

Chamomile has been used as a medicine for thousands of years. Historically, it has been used to treat many conditions, including:

🌼 Chest colds
🌼 Sore throats
🌼 Abscesses
🌼 Gum inflammation
🌼 Anxiety
🌼 Insomnia
🌼 Psoriasis
🌼 Acne
🌼 Eczema
🌼 Minor first-degree burns
🌼 Inflammatory bowel disease (ulcerative colitis)
🌼 Stomach ulcers
🌼 Children's conditions such as chickenpox, diaper rash, and colic

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So, I'm going through this new phase, where my body has requested a break from animal products. This is a first for me. I am not a huge meat eater as is and can easily go a few days without craving any. But I never realized how many animal products I was eating, until I took it all out. For example, I like making veggie soups but I always use bone broth as the base. Or add collagen to my coffee. I also love grass-fed butter.

It's been a month now. The first few weeks were easy but now it's feeling more difficult. Especially since my favorite food is steak and it's prime grilling seasons. Many restaurants don't have good options either, making it difficult when meeting up with friends. Also, soy is pretty bad for the body and a lot of vegan replacement foods are FULL of toxins. But, I also have this huge garden FULL of random veggies and greens that need eating. Right now, I have a ton of beautiful celery! So I decided to make a creamy cashew celery soup. My favorite cream base replacement is cashew cream. Not the stuff you buy at the store. You take around 1/4 cup of RAW cashews and pour boiling water on top. Just enough to cover. After an hour, stick it all in a blender. Then add to soup. Works great for chicken wild rice soup. My celery is so big that I only used 5 stalks to make an entire soup!

Sounds like I have about another month to go with this vegitarian lifestyle. Wish me luck! If you have any survival tips, let me know!


Here's How Thoughts During Pregnancy Influence Your Baby 08/03/2022

Here's How Thoughts During Pregnancy Influence Your Baby

Did you know that your thoughts and emotions are a literal blueprint for your child's thoughts and emotions, long before they are even born? I began recognizing this pattern immediately with the first newborns I worked with that were conceived during 2020's stressful events. I keep saying over and over that most of my babies born post 2020 are coming into the world already super stressed out.

Here's How Thoughts During Pregnancy Influence Your Baby Your baby is what your mind is. If you ever wondered what personality your baby is going to turn out to be, you might be surprised.

Photos from Kristen Herber - Whole Body + Quantum Medicine's post 08/03/2022


I always find humor in the way people find their way to me. In May, our home got significant storm damage. This month, repairs have begun. A few weeks back, we met with our general contractor to finalize details. I noticed that he kept coughing, nonstop. I felt drawn to ask him about it. He said the doctors had tried different treatments and that nothing was working. That he'd now been rx harsher treatments but was hesitant to take them. Knowing it was a long shot, I told him what I do and asked if he'd be open to treating it naturally - and that I felt my suggestions would have him feeling better within the week. Surprisingly, he was very open. He already owned a nebulizer so I suggested natural medicine to nebulize 3x per day to kill the ongoing infection. Then I rolled him a mullein leaf cigarette and told him to smoke it over the next few days.

Fast forward to this last Monday - first time seeing him again. I asked him how it went and he says 'you are MAGIC!!!' 🥰 The mullein cleared all the mucous out of his lungs in less than 2 days and the nebulizer natural medicine cleared out the infection after only 3. He's had no symptoms since. 🙏 Plant medicine is so wonderful. It breaks my heart that so many people have been taught that it's a scam. If we worked with the plants, there would be so much more healing. Here are some added benefits of mullein. Best part is that many of us already have this one growing in our yards.... And we call it a w**d!

🌿 Calms & strengthens, relieving swelling and Inflammation of the respiratory system
🌿 Soothes sore throat, coughs, and chest congestion
🌿 Treats tuberculosis
🌿 Soothes earaches while resolving ear infections
🌿 Speeds wound healing
🌿 Resolves diarrhea and soothes hemorrhoids
🌿 Nature's toilet paper 🤭


❤️ LOVE is all there is ❤️



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Wise words from my BFF Dr. Joe Dispenza. If you're looking to expand your awareness, recreate your reality, strengthen your gifts, or simply better understand the Quantum, read his book 'Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself." It just might change your life.



Meet another one of my favorite friends from the selenite gypsum family. I just love the rose like pattern and sandy texture of this stone. It offers such an incredibly high vibration. Many people use Desert Rose to help them make sense of confusing situations. It assists with mental clarity and helps you focus on your current task with more vigor and intensity. Desert Rose is also fantastic for strengthening your intuition. It helps you access your psychic abilities and is known to open and nourish the third eye. It's also said to bolster your resistance to viral infections, and reduce skin growths, blemishes, and inflammations. It's one of the best crystals for men because it helps with prostate and testicular issues.


🐈 Animal Intuitive Healing 🐈

Meet Rawni. For 16 of 18 years, Ron has had extreme abdominal bloating. During 2021, he started some new weird habits. He was ALWAYS hungry. One day, he dug in the garbage and ate the wrong thing and ended up in urgent care. They did an ultrasound and discovered that his abdomin was full of fluid. A biopsy came back inconclusive. The vet recommended exploratory surgery and to make him comfortable. I said no to both. His shaved belly never grew back. January came & he developed sound seizures. The entire vet clinic had never heard of them. Certain sounds, like plastic bags, would trigger his head to jerk and he'd fall over to the ground. They offered epilepsy medication. I declined. I made an appt with a nationally renowned holistic vet to discover I was already doing everything she would recommend. She suggested alternative supplements that made him so sick, he stopped eating. I believe they caused a stomach ulcer. He also lost a lot of his vision and his ability to jump which caused him to injure his back falling. I decided to meet with my intuitive counselor for advice. It's scary to communicate with your own pets when they are sick. She says 'he wants YOU to heal him.' How the f**k do I do that? 😹She walked me through looking into his body for the trauma associated with his illness. I felt the pain of his mother abandoning him as a kitten. I cried for him. The pain and sorrow was so intense. She told me to do this 3 times a day for 2 weeks and then he'd heal.

On day 3, his hair started growing back. I couldn't believe it! On day 4, he started eating again. On day 7, his life long abdominal bloating was gone. At 2 weeks, and age 18, he was the healthiest I've EVER seen him. He is now completely healed and so happy. He purrs so loud and for the first time in years, his back legs kick in glee when you scratch those special spots. He no longer hides from us. He no longer is hungry all the time. He's simply perfect. He allowed himself to endure all of that to teach me how to help other animals heal. What a beautiful soul. 🙏 And now I've gone on to heal others.





I like big rocks and I cannot lie! This sexy beast is one of my favorite pieces I own of satin spar. I'm sure many of you are saying 'wait a minute crazy lady, that's selenite!' Oh contrar! In the US, you will most often find this rock mislabeled as selenite. True selenite looks see through, sort of like glass, and carries an even higher vibration. I've found it much more difficult to find and more expensive. Both stones are from the gypsum family. How do I know all this? I learned it in school when I was getting certified in stone healing. 😊 Anyway, again, how glorious is this friend? I keep her in my dark dingy office to help hold the vibration. Satin spar is one of the few crystals that can self charge, self clean, and be use to charge and clean other rock friends. She's a pretty useful piece to have around. And you'll never guess where I found her. Home-freaking-goods! (HomeGoods) I have found some of my favorite pieces of satin spar for the lowest prices there. Maybe they were put there just for me, I don't know. 😊 This spring I even picked up a gigantic salt lamp for only $16! Love that store. So what's satin spar good for?

🌟 Regulates female hormones
🌟 Clearing Energy
🌟 Protection from lower energy
🌟 Shielding you from others Energy
🌟 Wands and knives can be used to cut energetic ties
🌟 Purifying
🌟 Enhances phychic abilities
🌟 Helps in meditation
🌟 Raises your vibration and the vibration of a room
🌟 Relieves depression & anxiety
🌟 ...And so much more!

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What's for lunch??? 🍲

This week at our house we are having my famous coconut curry veggie soup! It's a super nourishing comfort dish. And! It uses up a lot of stuff from the garden. I start with homemade chicken bone broth as the base and add carrots, celery, onions, potatoes, 12 freaking cloves of garlic (I actually add extra!), coconut milk (not the garbage people drink), fresh ginger, curry, turmeric, cumin, sea salt, organic concentrated chicken soup base, and top with fresh lime, cilantro, and scallions. I mean, what's not to love? This will have you feeling better in no time! And it's like a flavor explosion 💥 in your mouth! If you try it, let me know what you think! I go through periods where my body craaaaves it.

Whenever I make soup or cook veggies, I always feel the need to add fresh herbs or onions on top. Otherwise, I don't like it! The food starts to taste too dead to me. My body prefers the taste of raw food. So we always have an ample supply of fresh parsley, cilantro, and scallions in our fridge all year round.

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You guys! 😍😍😍 I have to show you my amazing raspberry bushes! I was gifted several raspberry plants from a dear friend about 3 years ago
About half survived but now they are flourishing. One whole side of our house is plum full of beautiful bushes! Last year I started transplanting babies on the other side of the house and they are adapting so well that next year I think we'll have double the berries! So far, we've collected 1 pound of berries every 2 to 3 days and are nearly at 4 pounds. I turned 2 pounds into jam - I looooove raspberry jam. And we've eaten about a pound. Next, I want to make a low sugar simple syrup to add to carbonated water for a refreshing drink. Also amazing in iced coffee. Sounds like a lot of berries but I still want more, more, more!

But one of my favorite things will come in a few weeks when I harvest all the tender leaves to dry for raspberry leaf herbal tea. More on that later!

Growing food on such a small scale like I do, there aren't too many things I can grow in my yard for less than I can buy at the store but organic raspberries are expensive! Even with comparing in-season pricing, so far we've picked about $60 worth of berries with sooo many more still to come. Definitely worth it and with very little maintenance!

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