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We’re an inclusive and innovative mental health group practice that serves our community members t

Revolutionizing mental health care by making it more affordable and accessible via online therapy.

Operating as usual


Hey Facebook fam! *now accepting new clients*

While we’ve been on a social media hiatus we’ve been doing the good work of providing mental health and medication management services. 🌻

Good news, Peak is expanding and is now accepting new clients for therapy and medication services.

Fill out the form on our website

Or give us a call


Eid Mubarak to our Muslim community who celebrate! We hope you had a joyous Ramadan and enjoy celebrating with your loved ones 🌻


Happy Mental Health Awareness Month!

Whether we are working through generational cycles, unlearning unhealthy coping mechanisms or are just too busy, each day represents a new opportunity to prioritize ourselves and our wellbeing.

How do you make time for YOU? Share below👇🏽

ps. We are accepting new clients for therapy & medication services. 651-493-2055 🙃


Happy Lunar New Year!

Traditionally, the Lunar New Year is a time to honor ancestors, deities, to say goodbye to the past and to welcome the future.

The Lunar New Year represents something we could all use more of, hope!

We wish our communities good health, joy, and a prosperous year of the Tiger! 🐯


Today marks the beginning of a month that celebrates the accomplishments and the invaluable contributions made by Black people.

This Peak continues to identify ways to amplify Black voices, celebrate Black culture and provide more mental health services to Black communities.

Let February serve as a beautiful reminder to celebrate black history this month and every month!



Let us embrace the wise words of Martin Luther King Jr. today and everyday! ✨


The whole person and then some! 💪


Peak Behavioral Health


We have immediate openings for medication and outpatient therapy services!

🌸Medication services we see ages 5+

🌸We provide mental and chemical health assessments such as Rule 25 assessments.

🌸Therapy services include children, teens, couples, adults, family and groups!

Call 651-493-2055 or visit our website to submit an appointment request! 🙃

Peak Behavioral Health We’re an inclusive and innovative mental health group practice that serves our community members through socio-economic and culturally informed lenses.


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Monday: 0

Anyone else?! 😅


Peak Behavioral Health

No year is without its challenges but 2021 was doing the most.

As we walk into the New Year with intentionality, we reflect upon 2021 - the barriers we have overcome, the milestones we have achieved and silver linings in everything.

✨2021 was Peak’s second year of providing 100% remote mental health services.

✨Through flexibility and a dash of creativity we have been able to virtually connect with all of you in the comfort of your own space. This has also allowed our team to achieve true work-life balance which means they are able to show up energized, present and excited to connect with YOU!

✨Peak was nominated as the best Mental Health Organization and brought home Bronze in Star Tribune’s “Minnesota’s Best.” This is a huge accomplishment because we are small fish in a big pond, but we are obviously making a big splash! 🐠

✨Our founder Porsche Peak Gordin was interviewed and appeared on several news stations throughout the year talking about the disparity of mental health services among marginalized groups and the importance of understanding stigma as a means to work through it.

✨Peak had a 500% year over year increase of services provided to individuals, couples and families seeking mental health services. We are so proud of our communities and have high goals of continuing this growth in 2022.

✨Peak now provides Medication Management Services. This means we are officially an integrative behavioral health clinic that is looking at the whole you.

We can’t wait to see what 2022 has in store for us and are so grateful you all are part of our journey. A huge thank you to our team, our clients, our community and everyone who has helped us along the way!

Peak Behavioral Health We’re an inclusive and innovative mental health group practice that serves our community members through socio-economic and culturally informed lenses.


"John Gottman from the Gottman Institute has done extensive research regarding relationships and what makes them happy.

One of the more interesting findings is about the magic ratio. After examining couples and how they dealt with conflict, it seemed that happy couples for who love lasts show five positive interactions for each negative one.

[...]So, let’s say there is a conflict between a couple where one criticizes the other. Then, to resolve this conflict they can try positive interactions, which for example are showing empathy, apologizing, being affectionate, showing appreciation or interest."

Words and graphic by on Instagram.


Good tips on when to seek therapy/counseling!

When should you explore couples counseling?

We typically feel most confident in areas of our lives where we have support, and our relationships are no different. Research shows that couples who seek help early have the best chance of thriving even during difficult times. It can be especially helpful to seek guidance for yourself and your loved one during big life events and transitions.

Working with a trained professional is an investment in your relationship and overall well-being. On the Gottman Relationship Blog, Terri A. Ammirati, LCPC (Ammirati Counseling) offers tips to help you seek support for your relationship:

Please note: our social media posts are not meant to address situations of abuse. For immediate support, please contact


Peak is happy to announce our Medication Management Program!

Sarah Myer, APRN, CNP (she/her) has years of experience providing medication services to diverse populations and sees patients ages 6+.

Sarah takes an holistic and integrative approach when working with her patients and sees medication services as a compliment to other mental health services.

Sarah is seeing patients via telepsychiatry and has immediate availability.

If you are interested in medication services, please call 651-493-2055, email [email protected] or visit our website for additional information.


A good reminder. ❤️

We're filming an exciting new video project and want to hear from YOU! Show the world the power of extraordinary stories. Email [email protected] to get involved.

Credit: theneurodivergentnurse (Instagram)


Poor mental health can affect your physical health also. Mellow Doodles 💛


Our go-to graphic for gender neutral ways to address your students or groups!


We often don’t know what others have gone through or what they are currently going through.

Grace and kindness can go a long way. ✨

Tuesday thoughts


Trust yourself, you’ve got this and you’ve had it all along! 💛

True healers teach *you* to trust *you* above all else. They have the awareness that you are the expert + they serve as the guide to show you this truth


Absolutely! There is no shame in growing, let's keep growing together. :)


Drumroll please!!! The results are in, Peak Behavioral Health didn’t do any cool flips on the balancing beam or anything, but we still brought home Bronze in Star Tribune’s MN Best/ Top Workplaces of 2021!!!! 🎉

We know we are doing meaningful and deeply important work, but with being a little fish in a big pond, it was a surprise to have even been nominated.

Congratulations to the other winners and a heartfelt thank you to everyone who voted for us!!


Does this sound like the advice of your BFF? 😅

Friends are great for many many things and sometimes, we just need to leave it to the experts!

Call 651-493-2055 to get scheduled!


Simone Biles explains why she pulled out of team competition

Not only do we fully support Simone Biles but we commend her for advocating for her mental health needs and for making sure she was surrounded by people who radically support her.

We are so proud of you! ✨


A word!

You read this and immediately pictured someone, didn’t you?

Reposting from .lab Sometimes we all need a healthy dose of ‘shut-up’ 😳😅
There are times where we need to be silence and listen. And do so without the use of our ‘inner lawyer’. To keep it 💯, sometimes we don’t press in to silence because we don’t like what it reveals about ourselves. 👌🏿
Let’s lead by listening. Keep pushing ✊🏿


Yes!! This is true of any age!

To be clear, when people's emotions are high, their logic and language are low. Connect. Hold space. Be. Works well with anyone having big feelings.

Photos from Trans Army's post 07/22/2021

Knowledge is power!

Marriage and divorce during the pandemic 03/04/2021

Marriage and divorce during the pandemic

Peak's very own, Porsche Peak Gordin and Steven Harris, Professor in the Couple and Family Therapy Program in the Department of Family Social Science at the University of Minnesota will be joining Angela Davis MPR to discuss the impact the pandemic has had on relationships.

How has your relationship changed during the pandemic? Call 651-227-6000 during the 11 a.m. hour or tweet to join the conversation.

Marriage and divorce during the pandemic During the pandemic, married couples have struggled to find balance between work, parenting and other responsibilities. Some marriages have ended in divorce. But the pandemic has brought other couples closer together.


As we expand and open up new clinics we are growing our team.

If you or anyone you know align with Peak's vision and values would be a great addition to our team, send your resume to [email protected].

Black Minnesotans making history in mental health 02/10/2021

Black Minnesotans making history in mental health

⭐️Peak Behavioral Health Owner, Porsche Peak Gordin on KARE 11 Sunrise talking about Mental Health Care in black communities.⭐️

Though a short clip, the conversation was about the stigma of mental illness among BIPOC communities, how the death of George Floyd and COVID-19 exacerbated preexisting mental health symptoms and the various resources that exist for those seeking mental health support.

Black Minnesotans making history in mental health Every Monday on Sunrise, we're getting to know some of the Black Minnesotans making history today.


If you’re taking the Alfalfa approach to your love life, then we need to talk! 🤪

Direct communication in any relationship is key. 🌻


Though the greatness of our black brothers and sisters ought not be limited to the shortest month of the year, we have to shoutout all of those who paved the way before us.

What about black history, culture, etc. are you celebrating or acknowledging this month?

At Peak, we are celebrating how our community is kicking the mental health stigma among BIPOC in it's butt because over 90% of our clients are BIPOC! 🧡


We are so excited to be apart of such a timely and honestly well overdo conversation about black youth resilience, but ultimately black youth mental health in Minnesota.

****Call to Mind Presents
MPR NEWS In Focus: Black Youth Resilience in Minnesota****

Please be sure to register for this FREE event that is taking place virtually tomorrow. As a Mental Health Representative for this event we will be available to answer any questions you may have, so USE US! 😁

Peak Behavioral Health 08/29/2020

Peak Behavioral Health

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Defeated? Deflated? Exhausted? Angry? Numb? Hopeless? Sick and tired?

Schedule an appointment with a therapist who’s not afraid to go THERE with you and process what’s going on, or not.

Either way, we got your back!

Call 651-493-2055 to schedule an appointment.

Peak Behavioral Health At Peak Behavioral Health, we understand and appreciate the connectedness we all share with one another and take a therapeutic approach that accounts for the importance of our families, communities and social systems. Everyone’s situation is unique, and at Peak that uniqueness is celebrated.


Did ya know? July is Minority Mental Health Awareness Month!

What does this mean? This means for one month we are recognizing the mental health disparities that exist among minority groups to promote awareness, reduce the stigma and be apart of actionable change.

Are you in the market for a new therapist? Learn more about our services at Peak Behavioral Health by giving us a call 651-493-2055 or visiting our website 🤟🏾

Peak Behavioral Health 06/16/2020

Peak Behavioral Health

Today marks 3 weeks since the murder of George Floyd and it feels just like yesterday.

As Psychotherapists, we understand that the most necessary conversations are often the most difficult ones to start.

Know that we remain committed to providing our community with quality services by meeting you where you are at, being that voice of validation and starting these difficult conversations together.

Peak is founded by a black woman - social justice, equal rights and advocacy are values woven into the fabric of who we are, who we hire, who we work with and who we serve.

Though this incident and so many others continue to take a toll on us, we have and will remain committed to change.

Peak Behavioral Health At Peak Behavioral Health, we understand and appreciate the connectedness we all share with one another and take a therapeutic approach that accounts for the importance of our families, communities and social systems. Everyone’s situation is unique, and at Peak that uniqueness is celebrated.




2864 Middle Street
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