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Full Circle Birth Works LLC. "Emowering Radiant Transformation in the Full Circle of Life" Offering Doula services, Assistant Midwifery to your primary, and Hospice care for the elderly.

Trained in pre and perinatal counsel, regression and education with classes available. Student at Midwifery College of Utah; Apprenticeship with CPM, RM
DONA trained and pre certified doula
ALACE trained doula
Birth of a New Earth regression and repatterning counsel and classes for conscious conception
At home labor support, birth and postpartum services in role of DOULA


It has been said...(and it was a bad ass midwife mind you) that a woman will remember how she was made to feel during her pregnancy and birth.....FOR LIFE.
This will spiral into all of who she is...how she is...how she is BEING with her baby, her spouse, herself.
Imagine if we started to make birth about the actual mother and baby matrix instead of acting like vampires seeking a hit off the divine channeling this mamma is doing.
GOOD RULE OF THUMB: if you were not there when baby was made.....chances are, you will not be invited when the baby comes earthside.
"Sacred Vessels need honoring during the ceremonial pouring out of life."-Mackenzie Christy


It is a very ignorant, and arrogant thing to Guarantee someone they will not be exposed to COVID in your facility.
Playing "GOD" with someone's life.....pride commeth before the fall....
Homebirth will continue to statistically remain the safest option for women and baby......and during COVID, it is skyrocketing with great outcomes as always.....
Remember you have options mamma.

"Everyone is up in arms about the no-support person rule at hospitals (that New York just nixed), but even the presence ...

"Everyone is up in arms about the no-support person rule at hospitals (that New York just nixed), but even the presence of one "support person" will not spare many women of color from racism and abuse, especially in times of crisis maternity care. The new social distancing motto STAY HOME applies to birth now more than ever. Every community needs an exponential increase in midwives of color and a return to in-community, woman-centered, family-centered Woman-to-Woman care.

1) Among mothers with low socioeconomic status, 18.7% of white women reported mistreatment compared to 27.2% of women of color. Indigenous women were the most likely to report experiencing at least one form of mistreatment by health-care providers during birth, followed by Black and Hispanic women.

2) Physicians who are not properly trained in lactation management are now making broad stroke decisions, unnecessarily separating mothers and infants with no symptoms, while ignoring the World Health Organization’s recent guidelines for breastfeeding with Covid-19 (keep breastfeeding with protection) and disrupting the mother-baby dyad at its most vulnerable and critical time. Earlier this week the WHO announced any interruption of breastfeeding may actually increase the infant’s risk of becoming ill.

3) We must decriminalize midwives immediately, especially home birth midwives, in all states and increase access to community childbirth centers. That should also include using all certifications of midwives to create temporary “birthing centers” in locations outside of the hospital for those who don’t have complications" Erin Sweeney thank you.

Birth Centers have MIDWIVES
Birth Centers have Water Birth available
Birth Centers have Mother led birth
Birth Centers are NOT labor and delivery wards of a hospital

Let’s be clear, the failure of a timely and effective response from the federal government has dangerous and deadly trickle down effects.


Listen in ....learn...maybe you will discover how powerful you really are.

"Folks are finally recognizing that midwives are safe and sane options for low risk mothers...thanks PBS for the article...

"Folks are finally recognizing that midwives are safe and sane options for low risk mothers...thanks PBS for the article. My business phone and email is blowing up right now!

Yup conventional folks out there who think midwives rip sheets, boil water and hope for the best 😂 might consider a different perspective! Midwifery is the standard of care in many many countries with great outcomes! Did you know I do full prenatal care, labs, ultrasounds, carry emergency equipment, can give IVs, suture, stop bleeding and can fully handle most obstetric emergencies? I have a team of strong smart women that I get to work with on the daily!Brooke Ray Joanna M. Bronkema Nikki Helms Allison Renee Hervey

Good midwives blend science, modern medicine and excellent, nurturing care to keep you safe. There is so much research and evidence that backs this up...but yet in this country so many folks have this viewpoint that somehow midwives are behind the times!

This option isn’t for everyone and for sure each person should be selective in choosing their care provider!

Just sayn’ please take a look at what your beliefs are around safety, do some research, realize that midwives can be highly trained professionals and are re-emerging in the public eye as excellent options.

We go above and beyond to promote good outcomes and are guardians of normal physiological birth!!!

I sometimes get tired of explaining that I would never engage in a profession that would risk human lives...there have been so many tears of frustration defending my hearts work!

I know to my very core that not only have I saved lives with my two very capable hands and a strong group of other care providers, but I’ve helped many families be stronger and have healthy starts.

Please, I realize the decision of where to have your baby is a very emotional one! I’m not asking you to change your past choices or your ideas of what you think works for you or your loved ones, I’m simply asking you to take another look, to look at what you believe to be true about midwives!


As much of the rest of the country moved to isolate themselves and stay at home, these midwives checked in to work -- birth does not halt for pandemics.

"Midwives in the US and abroad are turning hotels into birth centers. We are the experts in community birth outside of i...

"Midwives in the US and abroad are turning hotels into birth centers. We are the experts in community birth outside of institutions.

I love this description from a Netherlands midwife:
"The midwife takes her own things with her, as she does in a home situation. Here we can simply provide all the help that is needed. We have had a lot of help from local local people to welcome the baby, so yes we really worked together to get everything done."- Erin Sweeney

Dé site van de beroepsorganisatie van en door verloskundigen.

Honored to know this wise woman ♡

Honored to know this wise woman ♡

NOTE FROM TED: While some viewers might find advice provided in this talk to be helpful, this talk only represents emerging research and the speaker’s person...

"No, they won't.AWHONN - The Association of Women's Health, Obstetric and Neonatal NursesThis is a stark contrast to the...

"No, they won't.

AWHONN - The Association of Women's Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses
This is a stark contrast to the reality of L&D nursing.

This statement demonstrates the lack of knowledge this organization has about modern day hospital protocol obstetrics as well as a laisse-faire attitude toward eliminating those who are most important to the emotional and physical support of the one giving birth!

No. Your nurse will NOT be by your side. They will have 2-4 other patients to take care of. They are not an emotional support person, but a medical professional, present to monitor you and your baby's safety.

This is misleading information at best and will put families in danger at worst.

Families deserve safe, supported birth.

Not hollow rhetoric." thank you fellow birthkeeper.


please consider;
If you have repeat mothers or previous homebirthers.....council them on free birthing so you can focus on the education, & confidence building of shocked mothers realizing they are not getting a hospital birth.
Previous homebirth mammas.....reach out to soon to be mothers and utilize your wisdom to encourage new mothers that will be at home.



Things are getting crazy in hospitals. They have never been so captive and unsafe. Be vigilant and aware of what to expect in a hospital birth right now. Weigh the risks and benefits. Possibly consider other options. 👇

This is from a labor & delivery nurse that has become a dear friend of mine:

"We really need to educate and empower our hospital birth mommas right now. Have them call and ask what if’s. The big one being what if me and my hubby have a cold or cough at the time of delivery.

Dad will likely be asked to leave if he has ANY 1 symptom. She needs to know this and have a plan.

Are they allowing Doula’s? And if they say no, ask why they aren’t following AWOHNN guidelines.

What will happen with baby? What will happen if she refuses to be separated from her baby?
Will these things be done based on symptoms or will they be actually testing for the virus?"

She suggests calling every 3 days to make sure their policies and protocols haven't changed, because they are changing it daily. They aren't allowing doulas in many hospitals, some aren't even allowing the partners. Things are getting terrible, friends. Keep yourself and your baby safe!

Again, if you desire to stay home, shoot FREEBIRTH SOCIETY a message for discounted materials and reach out to midwives and those women in your community that have birthed at home before!


Many in my news feed are discussing the possibility of a nationwide quarantine for Coronavirus. We don’t know if this will occur, but I always feel it’s better to be prepared than not.

In the event that it does occur, and you end up in the position to need to birth unassisted, here are some tips that might save a life, or at least leave you with less fear. Obviously I am not a medical provider and this is not medical advice but I would rather share what I know and have seen people do, in the event that it could save a mama or baby’s life in the worst kind of scenario you could be in when help really is not available.

Why might someone need to birth unassisted during a quarantine if that’s not their plan A?

-Your midwife might not be allowed to travel to you, roads could be blocked off

-Your local hospital might implement policies that are terrifying, including holding people in hospitals after their birth, for an extended period of time until the quarantine is withdrawn, or only allowing the birthing person into the facility without any other support

-Your hospital may be full of sick people (literally they are every day, but if things get really bad, it may be absolutely chaotic) and you may not find this suitable for you and your child

-You may run out of gas and not be able to make it to the birth center or hospital of choice

-You may not be able to get ahold of emergency services for transport or assistance because they are overwhelmed with calls and duties

So definitely not trying to fear monger but we really just don’t know what that looks like and what the consequences will be if we don’t prepare.

To prepare:

-Invest in iron, vitamin C and vitamin k rich foods that are shelf sustainable for at least 2-4 weeks if you can. These are essentials in pregnancy and postpartum and can prevent against hemorrhage. Honey, lemon, Himalayan salt and water (separate or combined) can be utilized in labor to keep mama going if food is extremely limited. This will work to prevent against maternal exhaustion due to dehydration, malnourishment and lack of energy.

-You will need just a few towels to birth on and clean up after, and a boiled/sterile shoe lace or yarn to tie off the cord. It can also be burned with a candle to cauterize. Be very mindful with burning so it doesn’t burn the baby, putting aluminum foil between the baby and the burning cord can help with this.

-If moms bleeding is excessive, a chunk of placenta, or sucking on the cord blood can be utilized to try to stop it. Firm compression and massage on the abdomen (feel for a baseball sized lump around the belly button, massage until firm and bleeding has slowed) and provide ni**le stimulation, to force the uterus to contract and hopefully stop the bleeding. The new baby breastfeeding will help as well.

-If baby needs their airways cleared, and no suction bulb is available, mom can use her mouth to gently suck the airways clean, spit out the fluid, clean her mouth and give baby breaths. If baby is having a tough time transitioning from womb to earth, it is essential that the cord stay intact. I highly recommend looking up videos on YouTube of neonatal resuscitation. Also look up postural drainage for a sniffly stuffy sounding baby.

-If a baby were to become stuck, you will want to have the knowledge of the Gaskin and McRoberts maneuver in mind to get baby out. These can also be viewed on YouTube, in advanced. Don’t try to learn it in the moment, if we even have access to the internet, look it up NOW.

-Now that some emergencies have been touched on, it’s important to note that mom should not carry fear of these occurring in labor. Birth is a natural, non-medical event, majority of the time. Allow labor to progress as it comes, and if you’re her partner or family member, simply be supportive and remind her that she is capable, even though this may not have been her original plan. Baby will descend through the birth canal and a mom does not need to be instructed on how or when to push, it will just occur when the body feels it is time. The head might rest, fully crowned, on the perineum for a few moments before the shoulders turn and the body expels. Prepare a soft landing spot for baby or prepare to catch the baby (they are slippery). Keep baby connected to the cord as long as possible and baby should stay skin to skin with the mom and begin breastfeeding as soon as they start rooting around, milk can be expected to come in within a few days, until then, a baby is fine and well with a small amount of colostrum. The placenta will come out usually within an hour after birth. A gush of blood will occur when the placenta separates from the uterus and mom may continue to feel contractions when this happens. She can cough or give gentle pushes to encourage it to finish descending down the birth canal and emerge, as sometimes it rests over the cervix after separating. If no washer or water is available to you dispose of the dirty towels or anything else, into a trash bag for sanitary purposes.

If possible, get everything recorded either by photo, video, or by taking notes, to prove when the baby was born, when quarantine is over or when medical assistance is available to take over.

Hopefully this helps somebody! Feel free to print it, screenshot it, share it. I am remaining positive that everything will be fine, but with people buying ungodly amounts of toilet paper, water, and more survival supplies, we must be prepared for the unexpected and always have a plan B, including for our birth.

"If you are expecting and planning a hospital birth, please contact your provider/hospital and ask them what their polic...

"If you are expecting and planning a hospital birth, please contact your provider/hospital and ask them what their policy is on separation of you and baby if you test positive for coronavirus (covid-19). Apparently the doesn't understand the protective effects of breastfeeding and is talking about isolating mothers from their newborns. This needs to become a public health discussion quickly and be changed before it becomes policy across the nation in all facilities.

From their site:
It is unknown whether newborns with COVID-19 are at increased risk for severe complications. Transmission after birth via contact with infectious respiratory secretions is a concern. To reduce the risk of transmission of the virus that causes COVID-19 from the mother to the newborn, facilities should consider temporarily separating (e.g., separate rooms) the mother who has confirmed COVID-19 or is a PUI from her baby until the mother’s transmission-based precautions are discontinued" thank you Shannon Mitchell

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a virus (more specifically, a coronavirus) identified as the cause of an outbreak of respiratory illness first detected in Wuhan, China.

Bone brothRebuilding gut healthAnti inflammatory dietSymptoms CAN be reversed

Bone broth
Rebuilding gut health
Anti inflammatory diet
Symptoms CAN be reversed

Understanding that link may be crucial to treatment

RUN THE OTHER WAY IF YOUR OB HAS THIS STANCE!!!!!!!!!That is code for "we are in control of your body, your baby, your b...

That is code for "we are in control of your body, your baby, your birth, your pp, your feelings, your experience...shut up and lie down."

I do not speak out about much that could polarize...however I will speak on this.As a pre and perinatal seasoned student...

I do not speak out about much that could polarize...however I will speak on this.
As a pre and perinatal seasoned student of the regression needed from our birth experiences and the profound imprinting that does factually occur....this is by far the most damaging to the young male mind body spirit.
Remember mammas.....PTSD and trauma causes inflammation which leads to a breakdown in the immune response.

The people behind the knife should be behind bars for life Baby boys are being brutally tortured every 25 seconds in the United States. Let’s not mince words about it. That’s what circumcision is – torture, s*xual assault, ge***al mutilation, unconscionable child abuse, and possibly the worst ...

100% accuracy....🤔🤣😆😘

100% accuracy....🤔🤣😆😘

1. Va**nal discharge is normal.

2. Wearing panty liners 24/7 is not necessary.

3. Va**nas are acidic enough to BLEACH fabric, hence the discoloration of underwear.

4. Longer labias are more common than smaller ones (but both are fine).

5. A mans s***m CAN throw off your pH balance and also change the smell of your va**na

6. It is not safe for va**nas to smell like sunshine and flowers so quit expecting it to.

7. STOP douching and washing your va**na with bath&body works, and Victoria secret. Its not healthy for the va**na.

8. The va**na cleans itself.

9. Having s*x has no correlation of how "tight" your va**na is.

10. Yeast infections are COMMON!!!

11. The best thing you can do for your va**na is to leave it alone.😴

12. If your va**na stinks (fish, garbage, sour milk) or your discharge stink and has a color (yellowish, tan , brown, green) then go see a Gynecologist and stop trying to blame cause you stink.

13. Let it breathe.

14. The VA**NA is the narrow canal that runs INSIDE the body. NOT the whole ge***al area.
*Do not use soap in your va**na.*

15. Always urinate after s*x to rinse the urinary tract of fluids that could be caught there and can cause UTIs(urinary tract infections).

16. Drink water.

17. COTTON panties ladies. Wearing silk, satin and lace seven days a week will abso-freakin-lutely throw your pH off.

Don't argue with me about this. I don't care if you say your mama put you in satin diapers and all you've ever worn are satin panties. If that's true, YOUR FLORA IS OFF. I GUARANTEE it.

18. Stop sprinkling powder on your lady bits, stop IMMEDIATELY! Studies show Talcum causes cancer. This isn't a hoax or a joke and I don't care if your 97 year old great Aunt Myrtle has been using it twice a day, everyday. STOP IT! TODAY!

19. Also the Va**na is a natural s***m killer, except when you’re ovulating with the exception of a very high pH level.

20. This is all correct and true. Stop letting men who think washing their and moisturizing is gay try and tell you how to care for YOUR ladybits. Ladies, stop letting boys who got s*x ed from Pornhub tell you about YOUR va**na.

**nalhealth *xed **nalcare
Please get educated!

ONLY WOMEN HAVE THE ABILITY TO DO THIS!Short hair don't care...Masactomies don't care...Le****ns don't care....Gender no...

Short hair don't care...
Masactomies don't care...
Le****ns don't care....
Gender non conforming don't care...
Trans identified females....yep, your uterus don't care!
If you are born female; producing eggs from your ovaries, have a uterus upon your birth...yes folks...THIS TOO CAN HAPPEN FOR YOU!
Because , only Women: adult human females give birth.

🎨Moments In Time🎨

Sometimes there are photos of birth which take my breath away. Which literally cause me to pause, gasp, and take in the splendor that is our life-giving force.

This photo by Toowoomba-based Rockstar Photographer is one of them.

If you ever wondered if you were capable of incredible things. Of feats of magic. Of life-changing prowess.

This is your proof ☝🏼 Powerful. Intuitive. Brave. Unstoppable.

Just look at that dad kneeling at the altar of the divine. Forever changed by what just unfolded.

You will be a goddamn powerhouse in birth. You will ROOOOAR your baby out. Mark my words.

Thank you Amy for your art. Thank you to the family who’s moment in time you were able to share 🙏 Absolutely fu***ng breath-taking.

~ Shalome x

Are you awake yet......how much more slow assimilation to the eradication of health autonomy does it need to get before ...

Are you awake yet......how much more slow assimilation to the eradication of health autonomy does it need to get before you SEE the agenda?

A research paper entitled 'Inhibitory effect of breast milk on infectivity of live oral rotavirus vaccines' by the National Centers for Immunization and Respiratory Disease, Centers for Disease Control, (CDC) recommends that women stop breastfeeding their children as it decreases vaccine efficacy -....

If anything the younger generation, if we want to label it the millennials, are choosing home birth because they think i...

If anything the younger generation, if we want to label it the millennials, are choosing home birth because they think it is the cool fad but they are not doing the Deep internal work and the deprogramming of society to have successful home births. I have literally watched a bundle of women choose home birth because some of their friends actually did their work and had a successful home birth and they decided that they could all do it too.... but didn't do the emotional and spiritual component that inherently goes with home birth and choosing a midwife and inevitably we can guess those outcomes, BECAUSEUNRESOLVED TRAUMA AROUND OUR OWN BIRTHS WILL SHOW UP AS COMPLICATIONS.
I think the idea of having a homebirth is romantic to the younger generation without truly doing the intergenerational work and layers of examining why we do not trust our body.... it is everywhere we look; people fleeing from their bodies instead of dealing with their body's trauma layers.
You pass that s**t onto the next folks.

Many expectant parents are choosing midwives to deliver their babies. It might be millennials bringing midwifery back in vogue.

Lifetime imprinting occurs when you do this to your perfect son.It is cleaner left intact.It is easier left intact.It is...

Lifetime imprinting occurs when you do this to your perfect son.
It is cleaner left intact.
It is easier left intact.
It is giving him an advantage one day in his intimate life...left intact.
You are NOT imprinting him with a correlation of pain and pleasure in his nervous system....leaving him intact.

PLEASE EDUCATE YOURSELF....you wouldn't dream of cutting your daughter's cl****is out....why would you, your son's?

A new study shows that babies feel pain more acutely than adults


Teenagers who were exposed to alcohol while in the womb are more likely to have disruptions in neural connections through the corpus callosum, which can lead to cognitive impairment and a range of neurological, and psychological disorders. Researchers recommend pregnant women completely abstain from...


This is the importance of conscious conception and conscious gestation and birth.
We are literally in the position to pass on our imprints and less than ideal perceptions, characteristics and habits...OR...pass on fully embodied, fully aware human beings that are powerful beyond measure.


Know your options of support....understand the stages of labor......shift the perspective it is pain.....and realize it is MORE than just a healthy baby in the end...it is of utmost importance for there to be a stable grounded present mother.

I started out as a doula at age 16 for my friend Jolita whom was alone, giving birth at 16......then I was a post partum...

I started out as a doula at age 16 for my friend Jolita whom was alone, giving birth at 16......then I was a post partum doula for my niece and nephew.
50+ births later....Being a doula is still near and dear to my heart...helping new mothers navigate an experience society has nearly stripped clear of any ceremony or sacredness.
Doulas bring humanity back to the mother.....doulas ground the family in love and care......bringing to center what is important....the mother baby diad.

In honor of , we've updated our Doula Care infographic for a national audience. After all-- doula care improves equity of care for ALL women, not just those in NYC!


Since LLL has been sold out to transcult....and you all KNOW that women breastfeed...here is another option for support.
Shame on you LLL for selling women out to be more PC, "inclusive" and progressively woke when all you are really doing is erasing women and our lived experiences.

Hi, I’m Nicole! I have a Masters of International Public Health and am a passionate breastfeeding advocate. In between making sure four small people all have their pants on, I post here about breastfeeding, birth, and feminist motherhood.

OOOO "SCIENCE".....midwives have known this for years. But we will continue to sit on our hands, and watch as millions o...

OOOO "SCIENCE".....midwives have known this for years. But we will continue to sit on our hands, and watch as millions of women wake up...and we might have the honor of catching a few that truly see whom is the safest to be directing your birth......YOU.

A 5-minute delay in clamping the umbilical cord after birth may benefit an infant’s developing brain, suggests a small study funded by the National Institutes of Health. By 4 months of age, the brains of infants in the study who underwent delayed clamping had more myelin, a brain-insulating materi...

This is a powerful way to teach girls of the power of their body, birth, sisterhood & growing into a WOMAN!

This is a powerful way to teach girls of the power of their body, birth, sisterhood & growing into a WOMAN!

Casey Teller welcomed her sixth daughter into the world last month, and says the home birth was extra special because her five daughters were there.


Have you gotten your download of this handy one-pager?? This F*R*E*E info is a MUST for parents and birth workers! The download comes with an email mini-course on informed consent when you sign up at www.birthmonopoly.com 🥰 (look for the header right at the top of the page with "Quick Guide to Informed Consent & Refusal")

Something Midwives , Doulas and homebirthing parents have always known. With the advent of more homebirthing parents and...

Something Midwives , Doulas and homebirthing parents have always known. With the advent of more homebirthing parents and more options for midwives....comes more regulation however.
Be sure to interview as many midwives as possible in your decision to birth at home.

Considering homebirth? Good news! Recent research shows for low-risk pregnancies homebirth is safer and costs less.

From water...to water.♡

From water...to water.♡

Largest Waterbirth Study Proves it is Safe In 2017, the Midwives of New Jersey hosted the New Jersey Symposium for Physiologic Birth: 2017 The Evidence

IT IS A FULLY CONSCIOUS CHOICE>>>>>to embrace a knowing so deep down in you, that shakes, moves and transforms you to a ...

IT IS A FULLY CONSCIOUS CHOICE>>>>>to embrace a knowing so deep down in you, that shakes, moves and transforms you to a level of womanhood...that NO OTHER experience will. It is just a fact. ....women whom choose homebirth are deciding to shatter the lies we have been told about our bodies. The programming media has taught us to believe about birth...and the utter nonsense that birth is inherently, an emergency. Homebirth is being in action for your next generation's CLARITY!

Spreading truth and awareness this Friday!

Wonderful knowledge for your birth bag!

Wonderful knowledge for your birth bag!

Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health

Power packed month of learning and brought to you Free from APPPAH.Dive into the things you don't know...you didn't even...

Power packed month of learning and brought to you Free from APPPAH.
Dive into the things you don't know...you didn't even know about your birth and generations before you.

Join Us In Celebrating Birth Psychology Month 2019!
March is .
Spread news about and the work we do by updating your profile picture and tagging us!
Don't forget to check out also www.birthpsychologymonth.com
and join the FREE Perinatal Trauma Informed Practice Panel!



Dr. Minikel thought home birth was crazy--until she got pregnant. Watch the trailer to learn more about her story and others. Bring the film to your community when you book a screening of this new documentary.

Take note mammas, ladies, daughters....their sterilization techniques are working......

Take note mammas, ladies, daughters....their sterilization techniques are working......

(2018). A lowered probability of pregnancy in females in the USA aged 25–29 who received a human papillomavirus vaccine injection. Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, Part A: Vol. 81, No. 14, pp. 661-674.


What could possibly be offensive about this Instagram post?  No nudity. No f-bombs. No pools of blood or up close vag shot.  I'll tell you why.  It's the word "WOMAN" on the shirt. It celebrates the power of woman. Specifically, the power of women to give bir

Homebirth is best......You were made to birth mammas...

Homebirth is best......
You were made to birth mammas...

States with higher midwifery integration, like Washington and Oregon, generally had better results,


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