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Tanya Joy Wellness


🌺Meet Tanya Joy Brueckner, Woman’s Club member and owner of Tanya Joy Skincare & Wellness. An OB resident for two decades, Tanya had been teaching Pilates reformer consistently for over 20 years until the quarantine began. Rather than return to her Kearney Mesa studio, Tanya decided to work with people right here in her own community.
The Woman’s Club, with it’s spacious, airy interior and excellent ventilation is the perfect setting to conduct socially-distanced Pilates sessions. Tanya works with all fitness levels, and maintains client health and safety protocols as her top priority.
🌺Session times are 55 minutes.
🌺Private rate $70
🌺Semi-private rate $35 per person/2 people max
🌺Woman’s Club members receive $5 off
Also... if you need a partner let Tanya know, she often has students looking to share a lesson.

For more info or to book a session:
Text: 619-847-6911
Email: [email protected]
Stay tuned as we spotlight more of our talented and diverse membership through the MEET OUR MEMBERS campaign!
Want to join us or rent our space? Visit www.oceanbeachwomansclub.org

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Tanya offers a variety of wellness services

Tanya Joy is a licensed Esthetician (2001), certified P Tanya has two locations in San Diego. San Diego, CA 92107

Her Skin Studio is located in Ocean Beach. The Address is
4870 Santa Monica Ave.
San Diego, CA 92107. Her Pilates Studio is in the Ocean Beach Womans club. It is located at 2160 Bacon St.

Operating as usual

$5.00 Off at Tanya Joy Wellness 08/18/2022

$5.00 Off at Tanya Joy Wellness

Locals Summer! Kids back to school, tourists back home, and I would love to see you!

Today’s assignment: Schedule your treatment and get $5 off for our locals summer special deal.

*Our host for our website is experiencing difficulties right now but our online scheduling is still up and running.

$5.00 Off at Tanya Joy Wellness Click here for a free $5.00 coupon at Tanya Joy Wellness!


Custom facial made with real organic juice! Antioxidants galore! Freshness to the max!


Private and Semi-Private Pilates! Classes are by appointment 🙌


Fresh new facial mask that is blended at the beginning of your facial with a variety of potent, antioxidant rich, vitamin rich, organic fruit and vegetable juice. The mask is blended and poured into a mold at the beginning of your treatment and when it’s time to mask during your facial it will be ready to go! Look for the new facial under Organic JUICE facial 🍓🍇🍎🍉🍋🥭🫐🥒


Aloha! I’m back in and available. Thanks for being patient for my return! You can schedule by text or online. Link in bio 🤙🐟🐠🧜‍♀️🐬🌺😎🌋


New class times available on Wednesdays!
Wednesday at

Classes are for 1 or 2 people with our 2 reformers. If you are interested in partnering up with someone let me know! I may be able to find you a great partner. Classes are 55 minutes long and always fun! I promise! Dm me with any questions!

Timeline photos 03/10/2022

It's a great time to save and stock up on some products. If you know what you want, feel free to send a text to see if I have it in stock. Alternatively, treat your lucky self to a treatment on either March 15th or 17th and pick and choose what products you want.

Happy St. Patricks Day!!!

TEXT: 619-847-6911
SCHEDULE: https://tjwellness.square.site


It’s rare opportunity to get ALL your skincare products at 10% OFF! If you have been thinking about coming in for a treatment this month the 15th or the 17th would be a great day to come in and see what I have in stock! If you can’t make it in feel free to send me a text to see if I have what you want. I can send over a invoice that can be paid on either of those days to hold your product for you.
Scheduling can be done online ✅ link in bio OR
✅TEXT ME @ 6198476911

Timeline photos 02/01/2022

More availability, new services, and add ons! *And a free gift for scheduling!

I am excited to share with you some new services. Take a look at the website, www.tanyajoywellness.com to check them out, they are under the Energetic Clearing tab. These services can be done alone or added onto your facial or waxing service! This February I am offering a free gift of the *Triple C Detox service when you schedule a deluxe facial!

In addition to the new services, more options to schedule on Tuesdays and Thursdays have opened up. Managing the demands of the two locations we are looking to be able to offers more times to accommodate clients for Skincare services, Clearing services, and **Pilates classes.

As always, I would love to help you find tranquility, vitality, joy, and peace through the wellness services I offer. Aloha!

*When scheduling Deluxe Facial, also schedule the Triple C Detox at same time. You will not be charged for the Triple C Detox when checking out at the office.
*Schedule Pilates classes via text 619-847-6911

Tanya Joy Wellness: Get a free upgrade to your Custom Facial this November 11/02/2021

Tanya Joy Wellness: Get a free upgrade to your Custom Facial this November

Tis the season to give thanks! I want to send a heartfelt thank you to all of you who have supported my business through your awesome referrals, scheduled services, and patience as I have worked to recover from the Pandemic. A quick note on that, I am fully vaccinated and booster-ed up.
As a small token of my affection, I have a cute little goody bag to give to you at your appointment, when you schedule in November. Also, since November is a desirable month to get a little extra exfoliation I am offering up to 2 additional enzymes or acids to any Custom Facial. The Custom facial usually includes 1 but this month you will get up to 3 with no additional cost.

In addition, you may want to kick off shopping season with Black Friday and Small Business Saturday savings. Keep tuned for those!

Hurry to get scheduled! Spots are filling fast!

Tanya Joy Wellness: Get a free upgrade to your Custom Facial this November Click here for a free coupon at Tanya Joy Wellness. Get a free upgrade to your Custom Facial this November


I haven’t shared too much about my pandemic achievements. I have always been interested in health and wellness and during the time where I couldn’t work directly with clients in person I spent my time learning how to help people by using at home labs to identify imbalances in the body that may be the root cause of many symptoms. Once the process of identifying where the imbalance is, I have been trained in many types of protocols that can help the body find rebalance to feel better and reduce and often eliminate symptoms. I completed over 200 seminar hours in level 1 and level 2 and then after graduation went on to further my education through a masters class to get my coaching certification. I’m very proud of my achievements and I’m currently developing a new business in order to help out my clients in need. Looking forward to sharing more soon….

Tanya Joy Wellness: Get $20 off a Zombie Facial the next time you visit! 10/25/2021

Tanya Joy Wellness: Get $20 off a Zombie Facial the next time you visit!

Last few days of October!

Wow, time just keeps flying by! I have a few appointments available this month and the Zombie Facial special of $20 off is over after Halloween. Hop online to schedule that appointment now! If that facial isn't the one for you, that is fine! Pick any of the others and I will give you $5 off any facial. No need to collect the coupon code. I will honor the discount at the time of appointment.

tanyajoywellness.com (http://www.tanyajoywellness.com)

Tanya Joy Wellness: Get $20 off a Zombie Facial the next time you visit! Click here for a free $20.00 off coupon at Tanya Joy Wellness. Get $20 off a Zombie Facial the next time you visit!

Tanya Joy Wellness: Get $20 off a Zombie Facial the next time you visit! 10/14/2021

Tanya Joy Wellness: Get $20 off a Zombie Facial the next time you visit!

Halloween Sale!
Sn**ch up one of the remaining spots available before Halloween this year to have the ZOMBIE FACIAL! $20 off this facial! You will look BOO-tiful, I promise.....

Check out the new updated Webpage and schedule there! Sale ends 10/31/2021


Tanya Joy Wellness: Get $20 off a Zombie Facial the next time you visit! Click here for a free $20.00 off coupon at Tanya Joy Wellness. Get $20 off a Zombie Facial the next time you visit!

Get a coupon when you join our Text Messaging Marketing program! 07/19/2021

Get a coupon when you join our Text Messaging Marketing program!


What's new at Tanya Joy Wellness?

After a year plus of Pandemic, Tanya Joy has made some changes to the business, well quite a few actually! First off, she has changed the business name to Tanya Joy Wellness. During the Pandemic, Tanya Joy became a Registered Health Coach as an Integrative Health Practitioner. What this means is that she will be able to help her clients rebalance their body by identifying what the underlying root causes of symptoms they are experiencing. She has partnered with a great doctor and is able to order functional labs you can do from your home. She felt with that addition and some of the other cleansing services she offers that the name change fit the new offerings.

Another change is her new locations. She is now doing her facial business in Ocean Beach at 4870 Santa Monica Ave. and yes, there is plenty of parking! She also moved her Pilates business into the local Ocean Beach Womans Club at 2160 Bacon St. The Integrative Health Coaching can be done conveniently with zoom or facetime.

She has been working hard getting this email, text, and website technology up and running. It's not her strong suit with the new technology but is hopeful it will be worth it, in the long run, to keep the communication going with you. For the time being she has got the online scheduling for Facials up on a temporary site. Once her new website is built you will be able to find it all there. So for now, here is a link if you would like to schedule online.


Although, she is still open to receiving text messages to make your appointment as she has before as well. That number is still the same. 619-847-6911

Speaking of text messages, would you be interested in receiving occasional text messages? If you say yes to getting occasional text messages from us, you’ll be the first to hear about special offers, events, and updates from the business. We’ll also give you a $5 coupon today.

It’s easy to sign up, just text JOIN to (855) 537-0838.

By signing up, you agree to receive periodic promotional texts from Tanya Joy Wellness. Joining this program is not a condition of purchase. Standard messaging rates may apply. Text END to unsubscribe from texts from this business at any point, or HELP for more information.

Thats it for now! I look forward to hopefully seeing you soon! Aloha and Mahalo!

Get a coupon when you join our Text Messaging Marketing program! Click here for an update from Tanya Joy Wellness!

Timeline photos 07/12/2021

I'm back open!

It feels so good to back up and running. I've been rebranding a bit since I have added some new services to my menu. Working on getting that menu to you soon!
I am also excited to share these services with you and allow you to schedule them online. Looking forward to seeing you soon at our new location in Ocean Beach, I think you’ll love having the services there as much as I love giving them there.

Schedule Here:

New Location Address:
4870 Santa Monica Ave. Ocean Beach, CA 92107


Local news! Open for business! Feels so good!!!


Come play PILATES with me! I promise to kick your butt with love! Actually you will love it. Great for standing taller, felling more flexible, and leaner overall. It’s good stuff. Never tried it? Even better! I’ve got ya whatever fitness level you are currently at. Also, I know how to have fun! I promise I’ll make ya laugh!



Yes, it’s been a while since I’ve brought content in. I’ve been dealing with the pandemic the best possible way I can. I hope you are all well!

I’m really excited to announce I will be offering PRIVATE PILATES REFORMER sessions at the Ocean Beach Women’s Club by appointment!

It brings me so much joy to be able to offer sessions again since closing for remodel of my last Pilates space. Who knew Covid would hit and I would never return to that sweet place. But here I am, back and servicing MY local community!

Please know we will be practicing safe with protocols 👏.

For a limited time I will be offering a BOGO (buy 1 session, get 1 session free).

I’m happy to talk to you personally and explain the protocol and answer any questions. Just give me a call!

Tanya Joy


Love rules


Learning so much with 🤗 learning time is so fun in the sun!


ohmygosh this group of girls was so much fun!!!! Let me know if you want to do virtual facials with your best girl friends too!

tanyajoywellness.com 05/02/2020

Tanya Joy Skincare & Wellness

This is a great face mask! Read about the benefits in the description!


tanyajoywellness.com 05/01/2020

Tanya Joy Skincare & Wellness

CLEARANCE SALE!!!!! Lots of items in limited stock!
Skin Inflamation from mask use, stress, or acne? Try this AAAAAAMazing peptide, PEPTI REPAIR


tanyajoywellness.com 04/20/2020

Tanya Joy Skincare & Wellness

Now Offering Gift Certificates for any of the 8 Virtual Facials!


tanyajoywellness.com 04/19/2020

Tanya Joy Skincare & Wellness

Come visit my new online store! This product kit is perfect for those in the front line and has a special pricing for those in the front lines! Get code in the description.



Aloha! I’m trying so hard to provide some fun and helpful content. I have been using Instagram and sometimes it transfers to Facebook and sometimes it doesn’t. I have been saving my tutorials on my Instagram page. If you have Instagram please check them out! Just search ,follow and click on the links where i have the arrows for the latest videos. I hope the are helpful! Xoxo


I got quite a few questions in my DM about what products I used on my face with the facial steam video. 🌬🌫🤗 so here it is!
(lift, tone, eye, rejuvenator) $195 for all 4 in kit
I also blended a drop of with the moisturizer.
Tah dah! Thanks for watching and asking you guys! Although I am not able to physically go into work right now I can offer you FaceTime consultations and also can sell and deliver or drop products to you. Thank you for your support during these tough times. 😘😘😘✌️🌏🌈


Immune system boosters:
Positive attitude
Breath work
Greens or greens supplements
Fermented foods
Plenty of water
Love and Trust


It’s been a while since I’ve popped in. The world has changed and so many are hurting. I always try to find the light even when it seems so dark.
I’ve spent a lot of time in prayer and meditation for the entire world and humanity over the past week or so. It’s a big WOW to me that globally we are all affected. We truly are All ONE. I’m grateful To the teachers over my lifetime who taught me the power of Yoga and meditation, spiritually, and faith. It is truly helping me now at this point in my life.
Happy new moon btw. This is A great time to plant seeds of hope through any of those mentioned above. Right now it is Especially powerful being so close the spring equinox. Prayers to you all and to our first responders and grocery store workers, police, lifeguards, and of course Doctors, nurses, and those scientists involved in finding a vaccine and cure.
Some positives....
Time to slow down and do some of the things we have put off doing around the house.
Reading books!
Art projects
Frequent FaceTime and video chatting with loved ones
Concern and compassion
Socially distant smiles
Unity of many emotions
Cooking at home
Reducing waste
Time to spring clean everything

What else can you find light of all this?

Thank you to for being the incredible teacher you are. So much coping I have been able to do during this time is from what I have learned from you and your retreats
Love you!!!

I hope this message finds you healthy and well. 🌏🙏❤️✌️🤙🌈


I love creating a sacred, safe place for rejuvenation and healing. Most of the time my clients are relaxed with their eyes closed but I know the environment surrounding them is helping to create a mood or a vibe. This video expresses what I envision infusing your body, mind, and spirit as you receive your treatment.


After a fun holiday season 🥳 I like to to assist my body naturally to create a positive cellular environment to and function at its peak. With this technology, ions are being balanced and cleared of negative charges through osmosis. This process has positive effects on both our physical and mental health! 💪Great time to try it you haven’t before. IDFB can be done anytime and results can be accelerated if you are cleansing and hydrating through dietary means as well. Cheers to the new year and health!!!!


Kinda feeling this way right about meow.


Sound therapy isn’t just about hearing pleasant sounds. Science has proven that different sound frequencies can heal your body and hack into your brainwaves. Certain sounds, vibrations, and rhythms can bring the body back to homeostasis where healing exists.

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Goals: Focus more on skincare ✅Focus more on self care ✅I can help! Www.Tanyajoywellness.com




4870 SANTA MONICA Avenue 2C
San Diego, CA

Opening Hours

Tuesday 9am - 7pm
Wednesday 9am - 7pm
Thursday 9am - 7pm
Friday 9am - 7pm
Saturday 8am - 2pm

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