Robert Kearney, MD

Robert Kearney, MD


Hi Dr. Kearney! Any updates on when you might be reopening?!
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Congratulations! Dr. Robert Kearney, MD has been nominated for the Best Plastic Surgeon Award 2016! From Doctors' Choice Awards!

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Found this article about my amazing doctor today in a San Diego Magazine!! Yes he is the BEST :)
I was wonder if you offered gummy bear implants ? and what your thoughts are on them, I'm not in your area and heard good things about you and thought I would ask.
Dr. Kearney,

Your article is live! Feel free to share with all of your friends!
Looking for some reviews on eyelid surgery
Rob, It's great to know that you are a successful doctor! Congradulations. I'm a friend from many years ago, Kathy Andrews. You were still in school trying to decide what type of doctor you should be. Sounds like you made a great choice. You fix faces, and I paint them!
Congratulations Robert Kearney, MD on winning San Diego's Best Cosmetic Surgeon!
I think we're on your books for the 22nd... See you soon.
nice work!:)
He is the Best in La Jolla!!!

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon specializing in procedures of the breast, body and face.

Operating as usual


Blepharoplasty, more commonly known as eyelid surgery, is one of the most popular facial plastic surgery procedures, and for good reasons: it’s fast, effective, and can give a more well-rested and youthful appearance to the eyes. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your eyelids or the area beneath your eyes, get in touch with us today to schedule a consultation and learn how blepharoplasty can help.


Give thanks. Eat pie. Happy Thanksgiving! 🥧


It’s easy to assume that you’ve waited too long to get breast augmentation. After all, many people think this procedure is reserved for women in their 20s and 30s. That couldn’t be further from the truth! Breast augmentation surgery doesn’t have an age limit. Interested in learning if breast augmentation is right for you? Schedule a consultation with us today!


Have you ever looked in the mirror, or seen yourself in a picture, and wondered what happened to all of your hair? Dr. Kearney offers hair restoration services that are so technologically advanced that the only people who will know you have had the procedure done are you and the people you tell. Don’t wait! Give us a call today!


Breast implant removal and replacement can enhance your appearance by addressing changes caused by age, pregnancy, and more. Often, it is combined with a breast lift for optimal results. Interested in learning more? Give us a call today!


Some people are born with crooked noses. Others develop them due to injury. Whatever your situation, rhinoplasty can help straighten your nasal bridge and balance your facial features! Get started by scheduling a rhinoplasty consultation with us.


Not only are liposuction results nearly immediate, but they are also permanent! However, you must maintain a healthy lifestyle after the procedure to ensure fat is not deposited elsewhere in your body. Learn if liposuction is the right treatment option for you by scheduling a consultation.


A woman’s breasts lose skin elasticity and sag due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, significant weight loss, aging, genetics, and gravity. To regain a more youthful breast profile, women rely on Dr. Kearney for a breast lift. Give us a call now!


Many of us aren’t that fond of our noses, but it’s typically the first thing we notice looking back at us in the mirror. Whether due to simple genetics or an injury when younger, it’s hard to feel good about your appearance when you don’t like the look of your nose. But it doesn’t have to be something you live with — you can reshape your nose with rhinoplasty! Get started by scheduling a consultation with us today!


Honoring Veterans past, present, and future. Thank you for your faithful service 🙏


Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.


After your rhinoplasty procedure, keep your head up (literally and figuratively)! You’ll need to keep your head elevated at all times for up to 6 weeks. That means sleeping with your head above the level of the rest of your body. You can do this with two or three pillows or a foam wedge, or by sleeping in a recliner. This will help you prevent from dislodging your newly repaired nose!


When our patients are happy, we're happy! Check out actual patient results by visiting our before and after gallery.


It can be so discouraging to realize that your breast augmentation results don’t live up to your expectations. You might want to change the size, shape, position, or material of your implants. The good news is that breast implant revision can help turn your ideal results into reality! Call us today to schedule a breast implant revision consultation.


We are what we believe.


Liquid rhinoplasty can change the shape of your nose without the hassle of surgery and the weeks of downtime afterward. To discuss liquid rhinoplasty, and to learn if this is a good treatment option for you, schedule a consultation with us!


We love positive feedback from our patients! For more patient testimonials, please visit our website.


Sticky fingers, tired feet; one last house, "Trick or Treat!". 🎃


Scars can tell a story--sometimes one that we don’t want known. With our scar revision treatments, your scar can be drastically improved.


Some of the best days of your life haven’t happened yet. The best is yet to come!


Dr. Kearney is proud to offer patients BodyTite by Inmode which is an advanced body contouring and skin tightening system that gives surgical results without the scars. It’s a great solution for individuals who are looking to reduce fat while also wanting to tighten and lift loose skin, which is often the result of weight loss, aging or childbirth. Visit or call us to learn more!


Is CoolSculpting the right body contouring treatment for you? We recommend scheduling an appointment with our team today to learn more! We’re here to help whenever you’re ready!


Giving birth is one of the most extraordinary things a human being can possibly do, and it’s unfortunate that many women feel bad about their bodies after doing so. The most commonly affected areas tend to be the breasts, abdomen, and developing loose saggy skin post-pregnancy. A mommy makeover can target these areas and restore your body to a more youthful and refreshed state. Visit our website to learn more!


Every day is a fresh start and a chance to be better 🌴


Time for a Botox touch-up? Give us a call today to schedule your appointment!


Everybody wants a flat, toned abdomen, yet the presence of excess fat or sagging skin makes this hard to achieve. Even with diet and exercise you just can’t seem to firm up that area. A tummy tuck could be the answer with Dr. Kearney. Schedule your appointment today!


Feeling good is the new looking good. We can help with both! Call us today to schedule a consultation with us.


If you're looking to improve both the size and shape of your breasts, you may want to consider a breast lift with an augmentation. By having both surgeries done at once, you can achieve an incredibly youthful look without needing two separate procedures.


Make sure you check out our awesome fall specials… call today to book your appointments 858-677-9352 space is limited don’t miss out ✨

FALL in love with these savings! 10/12/2022

FALL in love with these savings!

FALL in love with these savings! Specials you won't want to miss!         Robert Kearney, MD | 4510 Executive Drive, Ste 103, San Diego, CA 92121 Unsubscribe [email protected] Update Profile | Constant Conta


Did you know? The most commonly treated areas with liposuction are those with the greatest amount of excess fat and the fewest number of stretch marks. This includes the abdomen, love handles, back, buttocks, thighs, and arms. However, liposuction can be performed almost anywhere there is excess fat!


Botox temporary reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the face by stopping the muscle contractions that create them. It is specifically injected into deep grooves along the forehead or around the corners of the eyes.


Did you know? Breast augmentation is the most requested mommy makeover procedure. A lift is typically desired in addition to augmentation because the breasts expand and contract during milk production and breastfeeding, leaving them flat and drooping. Augmentation with a lift not only enhances the size and volume of the breasts but also harmonizes the natural feminine curves of your body!


You may be eager to have revision surgery if you’re less than satisfied with the results of your breast augmentation. However, one of the best things that you can do is wait until your breasts have fully healed. It takes time for swelling to fade and for your breast implants to settle into place. If you’re still unhappy with your breast implants after 6 months, schedule a breast implant revision consultation with us.


Having a vision and setting long-term goals is paramount to success. The first step is always the hardest, but you won’t get there without it. If you put your mind to it you can achieve anything!


Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, but it can certainly take a toll on your body. That’s where a mommy makeover comes in! A mommy makeover can target these areas and restore your body to a more youthful and refreshed state. Schedule a consultation with us today to learn more!


Take the next step and book a consultation. We would love to help make your dreams become a reality!


Are you bothered by the shape of your nose? Do you feel it’s too big, you notice a bump or the tip is too wide? Rhinoplasty or cosmetic nose surgery could be your answer! Come in today to discuss your treatment options!


You probably loved your breast implants when you got them. But now, your cosmetic preferences have changed. Breast implant removal can get your breasts closer to their original appearance. Combining the procedure with a breast lift to combat any potential sagging may offer the best results. If you’re interested in removing your breast implants, we recommend scheduling a consultation with us to learn more!


Many patients believe that the recovery time for a facelift is much longer than it actually is. Thanks to modern technology, patients can expect to recover from their facelift procedure within 10-14 days! For more information about the facelift recovery process, give us a call!

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4510 Executive Drive, Suite 103
San Diego, CA

Opening Hours

Monday 9:30am - 5:30pm
Tuesday 9am - 5pm
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