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Bobby Ghaheri MD shared a post on Instagram: "The truth about infant reflux". Follow their account to see 63 posts.

One parents perspective. Always dancing that line of their needs vs provider dogmas and ignorance.

One parents perspective. Always dancing that line of their needs vs provider dogmas and ignorance.

I came across this poem on Twitter, written by Mari Ellis Dunning - I quite like it. It's called "Ankyloglossia".


A handful of nursing homes in Europe have been offering inspired alternative care options for those living with Alzheimer's


Consumer Reports says potentially harmful levels of cadmium and lead were detected in some chocolate brands.


There's an invisible and relentless force acting on your bowels right now, and it might be causing some people serious irritation.


Could 15 minute walks per day control those pangs for chocolate? Researchers suggest it works and can do even more than you think.


Two studies comparing injections commonly used to relieve the pain of knee osteoarthritis found that corticosteroid injections were associated with the progression of the disease. Results of both studies were presented today at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA).


Intermittent fasting can lead to a lower risk of chronic disease. Find out why IF works—and when it’s a good choice for your health.


Do you follow a plant-based diet? You could be deficient in B12, iron, and other key nutrients. Find out what else vegetarian and vegan diets are missing.


One of the more common signs of a tongue tie is when the baby clicks while feeding. In general, a click happens when anything breaks the seal between the tongue and its target (breast, bottle, pacifier, finger). It usually happens when the jaw is moving down, away from the target. Why does it happen


The idea that cholesterol is bad for you is rooted in a rather comical and simplistic conception of what cholesterol is.Remnant | MD is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber.


The most important things you need to know before deciding whether or not to have induction of labour, by Dr Sara Wickham.




Research suggests that antidepressant use, which has risen steadily since the 90s, may not be the answer.


Yesterday I was meeting people after an event in Minneapolis. A woman approached me, and as she began to speak, her voice quivered and she paused to collect herself. Looking up, she took a deep breath and said, “I’m just so angry all the time, and I don’t like it. I hate how angry I… Continu...


A new study shows the enigmatic hominin species Australopithecus africanus may have breastfed young for around 5-6 years – a very costly practice for the mother.


Useful Information for Hobby and Professional Photographers.


Background: Primary dysmenorrhoea is the most common complaint associated with menstruation and affects up to three-quarters of women at some stage of their reproductive life. In Chinese medicine, navel therapy, treatment provided at Shenque (CV 8), is used as a treatment option for primary dysmenor


Stop Being Anti-Ni**le Shield

I’m perplexed at the number of professionals who are categorically against the use of ni**le shields. I hear things like:
“Ni**le shields don’t work”
“Ni**le shields will confuse the baby”
“Ni**le shields will ruin your milk supply”


Let’s review a few studies:
1) Hanna et al (2013) - “A description of breast-feeding outcomes among U.S. mothers using ni**le shields.”This longitudinal study looked at 81 postpartum mothers who used shields. 72% of moms reported that the shields were “extremely helpful”. The authors concluded that shields can help moms who may otherwise abandon breastfeeding. While the study isn’t controlled, it is helpful to see that moms can use the shield and eventually wean off.
2) Kronborg et al (2016) - “Why do mothers use ni**le shields and how does this influence duration of exclusive breastfeeding?” This is a larger study of 4815 Danish mothers who self-reported information regarding ni**le shield use. First time moms were more likely to use shields as were moms of babies with lower gestational age or birthweight. Some moms were helped and others became dependent on its use. There was a 3x increased rate of stopping breastfeeding if the shield was used - this is an important point we’ll discuss below.
3) Meier et al (2000) - “Ni**le Shields for Preterm Infants: Effect on Milk Transfer and Duration of Breastfeeding” - This study looked at 34 preemies and compared feedings with and without the shield. These babies consumed more milk with the shield than without. The authors didn’t find a correlation between ni**le shield use and a shorter duration of breastfeeding.

There are more studies. But I chose these to make a few points. Ni**le shields have the capacity to help. They also have the capacity to contribute to prematurely terminating the breastfeeding relationship. There are definitely instances where they become needed - severe ni**le pain and an inability for the baby to latch on at all are the most prevalent in my experience. There is evidence that shield use can help a mom hang on until she can be supported.

My thoughts:
1) The use of ni**le shields should not be condemned. What *SHOULD* be condemned is the use of a ni**le shield as a permanent solution to breastfeeding symptoms. What *SHOULD* be condemned is the distribution of the ni**le shield to moms immediately in the hospital by a nurse, physician, unit secretary, custodian, friend, family member, etc (this seems to be the case now, where anyone can hand out a shield). The only time a shield should be used is under the guidance of a lactation consultant. More importantly, the use of the shield needs to be followed because I'm convinced that the moms who end nursing early because of shield use don't do it because of the shield, but rather that their breastfeeding is so poor that even the shield doesn't help them. Someone needs to figure out why.
2) The ongoing need to use the ni**le shield means that you need to investigate the oral anatomy of the baby. In my world, the need to use the shield beyond 4-6 weeks indicates a higher likelihood of tongue tie.
3) Just because you have flat ni**le does NOT mean you need a shield. Remember, flat ni**led moms made it through evolution without shields. I would argue that a flat ni**led mom who has a tongue tied baby has a higher chance of needing the shield. If the baby is dependent on using the lips instead of the tongue (a common compensation), then shield use becomes more common because the baby is turning the breast into a straw.

Investigate WHY you need the shield.
Don’t be afraid to use the shield as a crutch. It’s a temporizing measure to get things to settle down.
It’s a tool. It’s not a plan. If you tore your ACL but your surgeon told you to just keep using crutches, you’d balk. This is no different.


Awareness of tongue-tie, and its hidden impact on children's health, is rising around the world. Here's how it can be spotted and fixed.


For the first time, MIT researchers have performed a large-scale, high-resolution study of the cells in breast milk, allowing them to track how these cells change over time in nursing mothers.


Tongue Tie Checklist

If you have a tongue-tied baby that has feeding problems, there is a defined list of what needs to happen to change the symptoms for the better.

1) A full feeding evaluation. This can be from an IBCLC, SLP or OT.
2) A full surgical release of the tongue. This means releasing the genioglossus muscle so it has full mobility. Sometimes, a simple anterior release can help, but that needs to be a discussion with the family.
3) Appropriate wound care to guide how the wound tries to heal (this wouldn't apply if just an anterior release was done). We want the wound to heal in a way that allows the tongue to move up towards the palate.
4) Postoperative suck training and feeding support.
5) If body tension is present, appropriate bodywork (this is the only one I feel isn’t a universal need).

You can’t pick and choose from this list and hope it gets better. You can’t have a release without guidance by a supportive feeding team. You can’t have support from a feeding team but have a poor surgical release of the tie. You can’t have support and a good release but ignore the wound care. It’s the whole package. This isn’t rocket science. It is, however, a strenuous process for everyone involved and we need to start acknowledging that. Just like an orthopedic surgeon demands physical therapy pre/post-surgery, the current medical model needs to start addressing this process for what it is: a surgery on an infant who needs guidance.

If there is a failure of improvement, then something in this list didn’t happen.


Californians with library cards will be able to enter more than 200 participating state parks, officials announced Tuesday.


Research suggests that different patterns of stress during pregnancy can either promote or impede healthy fetal development. What are the clinical implications?


When Dr. Amishi Jha and I finished recording this podcast and she signed off, my sister Barrett and I just sat in the studio staring at each other. After about 90 seconds, we both said, “Oh, sh*t.”

In this episode, we learn all about focus, attention, and the myth of multitasking. I also got to ask some weird questions for a friend. 😉 Questions like: Why do I need to turn down the radio in the car to see better? And why do “Law & Order” reruns help me code data and write?

Point your focus flashlight on this episode of “Dare to Lead” and learn why we’re all so damn tired.


Durham University’s Infancy and Sleep Centre launches kit to help manage expectations and reduce negative thinking


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