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Making mistakes is a part of life. As a parent, be gentle with yourself and know that mistakes will happen. The most important thing you can do as a parent is simply love and listen to your child. And, if you make a mistake, own it, ask for forgiveness and move forward.
Reality: Divorce and navigating between two households
are a big deal to children. Even when they seem to be doing just fine, they still need support and time to adjust to this major change in their lives. KTSD encourages you to listen to your children so you hear what they need.
Did you know military families have a divorce rate of 75%? In our latest blog, our executive director, Cindy Grossman, talks about the importance of holding space for your child despite the frustration that may come with divorce and military life.
Co-Parenting is hard. There is no doubt that there are time that it feels like life is unfair and harsh. While you can't control everything, know that you do have the strength to overcome adversity!
Happy Earth Day from Kids' Turn San Diego! Check out our last post on ways you can celebrate the Earth.
Earth Day is coming up this week! Want to do some fun sustainable activities with your children? Here are a few ideas!
Children in military families oftentimes internalize their feelings. If you and your child are seeking support, please see our website or call us for help!
Spring is a great time to do activities with your children that do not cost money. Now that the sun is out and the flowers are blooming, have fun! Here are some simple ideas on what you can do with your kids this spring!
Your children come from both parents, so hearing negative things about the other half of them can be harmful. No matter how YOU feel about your coparent, your kids deserve to have a healthy relationship with both of their parents.
Did you know that April is the Month of the Military Child? Every year we take this time to celebrate these amazing children for their selflessness and sacrifice as they serve our country as part of a military family.
Every divorce includes grief and loss. Even if you are happy the relationship has ended and your anger has subsided, pain and sadness are typcial reactions. Allow yourself to grieve so you can heal your heart!
This year, the World Health Organization (WHO) theme for World Health Day is "Our Planet, Our Health". Let's use today to think about how we can treat our planet with the same love that we treat our own health!

Kids' Turn San Diego promotes, supports and secures the well-being of children who are experiencing Please meet Joshua who loves to play soccer.

Kids' Turn San Diego is a caring non-profit organization for children and parents experiencing family separations or military transitions that offers specially designed programs facilitated by trained and experienced mental health professionals and credentialed teachers for never married, separated and divorced families and children and families experiencing military related transitions. Our progr

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There is nothing more healing than spending time with your child! If you are going through a difficult time, know that the love between you and your child is special and allow that love to heal your soul!


The truth is that conflict between parents can be a significant risk factor for children and can affect them in the short or long term. Instead, be appropriate with what you share with your child and find support by speaking with counselors or trusted friends and family!


We invite you to join our path of inspiration. Please make a gift before December 31st and ensure every child and family has access to our programs! Learn more and donate through the link in our bio!


Your kids deserve to have healthy relationships with both of their parents. Be mindful of how you talk about and behave toward your children's other parent — especially in front of your kids!


Its time for holiday shopping! Make sure to select Kids' Turn San Diego on Amazon Smile, where every order you place means Amazon donates to Kids' Turn San Diego. You shop, Amazon gives! Each order will generate a donation at no cost to you!


A significant factor in our ability to parent well or co-parent successfully is speaking well,
including tone of voice, choice of words and phrases, and body
language. Remember these skills to help self-monitor your communication.


We're here for you. KTSD offers many resources & workshops for those struggling with family separations and co-parenting in our beloved San Diego community at low to no cost! Check out the "What We Do" menu option on our website to learn more!


Forgiving is not easy, but you have the strength to do so! Forgiveness can bring peace to everyone around you, including yourself! It is empowering to know that you can choose to move forward and pursue more opportunities.


Just like anyone else, kids want to be heard and seen. Activate your improved listening skills by remembering these tips to make your child feel loved. Remember these skills when communicating with your child!


Happy Thanksgiving from Kids' Turn San Diego! Celebrate the day with gratitude and remember that there's always something to be thankful for!


We want to give a HUGE THANK YOU to the SAN MARCOS COMMUNITY FOUNDATION for awarding a grant that lets children smile more! We are so grateful for your commitment to creating a brighter future for children! City of San Marcos - Government


Dealing with divorce can be challenging at times. By focusing on the good in life, you'll see that divorce is all about a fresh start and new opportunities for the family.


Family separation is challenging for all involved. For children, unresolved anger and sadness from experiencing divorce can lead to long-term issues. If your child is experiencing distress, grief, anxiety, or depression, KTSD is here to help. Learn all about our counseling program on our website!


Encouragement is given for anything from interest to effort. It is not contingent on success!
They will try their best and make mistakes, BUT they'll continue to get up knowing you'll always be there!


If your family is struggling with the impact of deployment, you are not alone. Join our Peak Performance Military Family Groups to learn how to approach family stability and the quality of family life in a new way! Learn more through the link in our bio!


It is vital to remember that consequences are to teach, not to punish. When you give your child consistent and logical consequences, they learn to be responsible for their behaviors AND internalize your values.

Remember this list when disciplining your child to ask yourself, am I fostering learning or fear?


Children are damaged by knowing certain “truths” about why their parents break up. While being transparent with your kids is great, "adult problems" will often cause anxiety and stress to children.

Instead, be age appropriate with what you share and find support by speaking with counselors or trusted friends and family!


Catch your child doing something great? Let them know! By actively showing your child that you believe in them, their confidence and self-esteem will grow!


Happy Halloween from Kids' Turn San Diego! How will you be spending time with your children this spooktacular evening? 👻 🕷️ 🎃


Stumped on what to do this weekend with your kids? Here's a list of affordable events happening all around San Diego for you and the kids to spend some great quality time together!


Halloween is coming up this weekend! If you are a co-parent, deciding how to spend Halloween can be difficult. Check out our blog post from 2021 that shares some tips on making Halloween lots of fun for everyone!


As co-parents, we often experience unusually high levels of stress, conflict, and negativity that makes us feel powerless. Remember that YOU are in charge of your life. By making conscious choices to improve your attitude and behavior, you'll find that life after divorce is still full of love and joy!


Our circumstances do not define our experiences! If we choose to , we will find it. We hope you today!


Going through a is difficult, and sometimes, our need more support to get them through those tough times. If your child is experiencing distress, grief, , or , KTSD is here to help. Learn all about our counseling program on our website!


As , we have to remember that our job isn't to look for every mistake our other co-parent makes. Instead, we need to look for ways to work together and uplift our child despite our differences.


Did you know that for the month of , these popular San Diego activities are giving kids ? Spend some quality time without it being costly at one of our top picks, or view the full list of free activities in San Diego at


Today is the 10th Anniversary of the UN's International Day of the Girl! This holiday was created to young girls to be confident and fight for their equal rights. Celebrate the day with your children by reading a book about a woman hero, or watching a movie about one!


When you read these statements, do you feel like they are true? Being a means leaving behind any ill feelings towards your other co-parent for the of your children. These are some great goals to accomplish for you and your !


This Halloween, make sure you buy all your spooky gear with Amazon Smile! Now you can be supporting Kids' Turn San Diego without spending an extra dime!


Happy Child Health Day! Let us know how you like to with your in the comments!🏃🏄‍♀️☺️


Being a is hard. Remember that even the smallest victory is something worth celebrating. Maybe your son called you for help. Or your daughter asks you to play a game with her. Any moment that brings you and your child a step closer is a victory!


If you're struggling to talk about with your child, check out these book recommendations for kids in grade levels 1-6. Sometimes a fun visual is all we need to get the conversation going!


Use your good judgement to keep the appropriate. Telling your child "I'm stressed because your other parent annoys me" will most likely cause negative emotions for your . Instead something like, "I'm stressed because something I wanted didn't go right" keeps things general and appropriate.


Back-to-school season getting hectic for the children? Looking for an easy yet fun activity to do for the kids? Try these poses to relieve some stress!


REALITY: Reinforcing a child’s belief that the other parent does not care is
not accurate and damages the child’s self-esteem. Allow your child to develop a relationship with their other & the space to make opinions on their own.


A reminder that KTSD is also here for you if you need support. We offer many resources and workshops for those struggling with family separations & in our beloved San Diego community at low to no cost!


Never let your child believe that their is broken. Remember that family isn't about the legal papers. Family is all about our love for one another.


Helping build your kid’s self esteem is an important part of parenting. Take a moment of mindfulness with them and ask them to fill in the blank. A simple reflection like this can help your child keep a positive mindset and remember their strengths!


Today we honor and commemorate all those who lost their lives and protected our nation on 9/11. This day will not be forgotten and only shows the strength, compassion, and kindness in the hearts of so many.

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