Dr. Salvatore Pacella

Dr. Salvatore Pacella


Another successful Surgery Weekend! Thank you to our wonderful volunteer medical staff. Patients, like Bert, have never received a bill and no patient ever will. Dr. Salvatore Pacella Rady Children's Hospital-San Diego Shari Tsuji Brasher

Dr. Salvatore Pacella
Today is National Doctors Day and we want to Thank doctors around the world who are on the the front lines in an effort to save lives.

And we also want to thank the incredible doctors who, year over year volunteer their expertise, time and top notch talent to help transform the lives of children and give them a true fresh start in life

Without them, we wouldn't be able to do what we do and we are forever thankful for their outstanding generosity — with Dr. Salvatore Pacella, Dr. Greg Ostrow, Comprehensive Dermatology Group, Jeffrey A. Umansky, M.D. Plastic Surgery La Jolla Facial Plastic Surgery - Victor Chung, MD and Faces+ Rady Children's Hospital-San Diego
Flashback to February 2019 at the 23rd Advanced Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Workshop in Melbourne.

Dr Bryan Mendelson was honored to attend the three-day event as a local keynote speaker alongside fellow Victorian surgeon, Mr Graeme Southwick OAM Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon and acclaimed international keynote speakers Dr Nuri Celik (Turkey), Dr William Chen (USA) and Dr. Salvatore Pacella (USA), as pictured.

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Specializing in Cosmetic Surgery, Oculoplastic Surgery, Facial Plastic Surgery, Breast Cancer Reconstructive Surgery Plastic Surgery is Reconstruction.

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Pacella believes every anatomic body part, be it the face, eyes, breast or body, has a unique function that cannot be separated from its aesthetic appearance. If you have been injured, suffered from cancer or disease, or simply do not like the appearance of aging, your anatomy must not only be restored to a natural and youthful appearance, but it must function as nature intende

Operating as usual


Repost from my removed to doing great! Looks bangin!


Join my patient at For podcast discussing her experiences with and . A must see.


I love to hear from satisfied patients! Another great on .

Photos from Dr. Salvatore Pacella's post 02/01/2022

A few days ago I received this great text from a patient of mine. She was on the last phase of her . She came to me a few years ago, from out of state…very unhappy with her appearance after with . We performed a staged revision with , & .

The icing on the cake is **lereconstruction. to see an example how it’s performed. I use a combo of & to make a spectacular **le. If wasn’t so stringent with showing reconstructed ni**les, you would see what I mean.

You may just have to take my patient’s word for it!

Photos from Dr. Salvatore Pacella's post 01/28/2022

It was truly incredible day. Today marks the 2nd Annual & Symposium hosted by & . I was invited to give a series of lectures on &ptosis repair. But most importantly, I was given the true honor of saying a few words in memory of my good friend and mentor Dr. Mark Codner. Mark’s talented artwork was even used today for the cover and logo. He is, and will always be a true “eagle” among plastic surgeons. Miss you brother! is very close to my heart and I will always cherish the great friends and colleagues there. Thank you Dr. and SESPRS for the invite. P.S. .chrissurek next time the Bills play the Chiefs in KC…I’m there!


A Horse walks into a bar, bartender says “hey buddy, why the long face?”


Drs. Sam Jejurikar , Salvatore Pacella , and Sam Rhee discuss the new FDA safety requirements and the updated study results for breast implants. Recently the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced a "black box" warning for breast implants. What does that scary-sounding term mean for patients? We break it down and discuss how this can lead to better informed patients and improved communication between patients and their surgeons.

If you or anyone you know is considering breast implants, this episode is a MUST WATCH Friday December 3 at 11AM EST (8AM PST) - link in bio or go to 3plasticsurgerypodcast.com


Drs. Sam Jejurikar , Salvatore Pacella , and Sam Rhee discuss NON INVASIVE BODY CONTOURING, including the treatment which has been in the headlines - CoolSculpt. Is it better than liposuction? Is it safe? What other options are out there?

If you or anyone you know is considering body contouring, this episode is a dropping Friday November 26 at 11AM EST (8AM PST)

Go to:

Link in bio or go to 3plasticsurgerypodcast.com


Today we conclude an exceptional educational symposium in gorgeous . What a fantastic meeting invited by . I delivered 3 talks on and revisional . Made some great new friends! Thank you NCSPS! Off to next month!


Incredible in . Many thanks to & for inviting me to . More details to come

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Today I was honored to moderate an aesthetic panel on Recognizing in . Joined by my colleagues, and , we enjoyed a collaborative discussion on sharing our techniques


One of the most challenging and exciting aspects of being a is the ability to solve very complex problems that do not have an easy solution. I recently was fortunate enough to be published in the . Together with my colleagues and , we structured a prospective, multi-center clinical trial with hospitals around the country. Our group valuated the efficacy of a new hybrid synthetic and biologic mesh for . These are very complex that do not have an easy fix to them. Our study showed a very low complication rate and an even lower rate of recurrences. In , it’s important to evaluate if are the procedures you are doing or actually working. The study confirms it. Shout out to my good friend who was also an .


I’ve been a little late to the game for month…In part because I’ve been so busy. The other day I received this wonderful card from a very happy patient. She underwent and is very happy with her results. This is often times a very intimidating and very challenging process for patients. Patient education is often times the best preparation for a successful outcome. I’m happy to be blessed to take care of this group of patients.

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in takes into account both the laxity of and the loss of youthful fat that occurs when we age. This 59-year-old female lost approximately 80 pounds through diet and exercise. Although she was very happy with her , she was unhappy with the parents of her face & eyes.

I performed a sliding , upper and lower and a . In addition, strategic injection of fat was performed to the , & orbital regions. This creates a rounder appearance to the cheeks & streamlines the . JUST CHECK OUT THE BROW AND LOWER LIDS!


One of the best parts about being a plastic surgeon is working with my colleagues in other specialties. Here is a pic with one of my favorite, premier and good friend (a true ) . Dr. Kelley and I work with each other multiple teams per week. We had 3 shared cases today starting at 7am…so we decided to bang out a this am . It was a little flat out there but still


News Segment this past weekend for our with on . Amazing work by our dedicated group of , , and .


One of my really nice and thoughtful patients Saw me hobbling around in pain the other day. She decided to give me this . Just what the ordered


Kids are pretty insightful, and are already dialed into


Presenting this morning on complications in . Fantastic to give back with top quality .


season is here. And I just earned some . Many thanks to Jonny for giving me 2 more inches of lift on the and installing these tight racks. Sumthin like a million BTUs to light up . behind the wheel.


Today we say to another one of my great of . Dr. Haskell “Hack” Newman. He was one of the original founding members of The Rhinoplasty Society. He taught me VOLUMES about one of my favorite operations, .

A 1959 graduate of the University of Oklahoma, Dr. Newman attended medical school at the University of Tennessee, graduating with his M.D. degree in 1962. He received an advanced degree in Physiological Acoustics from the University of Michigan in 1968. Following his Otorhinolaryngology residency at the University o Michigan, he began his career in 1971 in the ENT department and transferred to Plastic Surgery as a resident in 1975, training under Bill Grabb. After completing his training, he remained at Michigan as head of the craniofacial anomalies program until 1983. He then practiced at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital from 1983 until re-joining the faculty of Plastic Surgery in 1988 as leader in the craniofacial anomalies program.

Dr. Newman continued his lifelong interest in cosmetic surgery, specializing in rhinoplasty and pediatric plastic surgery. Querying Dr. Newman about his experience in plastic surgery he says, "My greatest achievement in clinical practice was survival, survival, survival." Dr. Newman claimed his greatest passion in clinical surgery is training residents. Man, did he live that.


I get excited when I see emails like this. Since my in 2008, I wholeheartedly believe in advancing the discipline of . For a field which has given me so much, and the ability to change lives, giving back to our is critical. A rising tide lifts all ships. Thank you for all your inspiration.

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. One of the most rewarding & aspects of my practice Is caring for patients of all ages suffering from .

Imagine yourself with this diagnosis. Your recommends . You this and see a hole. As you are being treated, your mind scatters with fear of being disfigured. My goal is to make you whole again. While it is impossible to heal without a , if done correctly, the scar can be barely noticeable.

This required a large resection of a on her face. It was invasive and required several rounds of . I performed a , with a specialized technique called a to prevent her from distorting. This is a major concept I discuss in my textbook AESTHETIC FACIAL RECONSTRUCTION AFTER MOHS SURGERY. Her result shows a very well hidden scar.


So I had the day off today and decided the run some errands. I went to my trusted collision shop in . I noticed that there was this next door. Nothing like a of with my . I am all for educating oneself and critical thinking, but regardless of your political beliefs, as , we have to believe in . So, Dr John, in case you need the facts, there are over 28 million people in the U.S. alone infected with . There are over deaths so far from . are probably the single greatest accomplishment in since the development of in surgery. As a medical professional (ie ), how does one possibly disseminate this garbage for your patients and society to consume? This is not a because you are a chiropractor (I believe in it and see one weekly). This is a dis because this is .

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