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For those who want to invest in their health & well-being. We believe in a holistic approach to health and well-being.

At Bennett Energy Healing, we are dedicated to helping individuals release pain and stress, adjust to life changes, and sustain healthy and thriving lives. We understand that physical, emotional, and spiritual health are intimately intertwined. We offer a combination of alternative therapies, including Reiki, Aromatherapy, phototherapy, and wellness coaching. Each modality helps to support and bal

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Photos from Bennett Energy Healing's post 07/02/2022

I'm not usually one to pick favorites....⁣

but I think this handsome guy might be my favorite client of the week!

He's soaking up some Reiki and aromatherapy while he recovers from an eye infection and upper respiratory infection 🤒🤧

Photos from Bennett Energy Healing's post 06/12/2022

The last 2 years have been crazy for all of us, so many ups and downs. I chose to put my business on the backburner last summer after a very scary near death experience.

One of my core values is self care, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to be an example to my friends, family, and clients. In the midst of a terrifying ordeal, I was presented with so many opportunities to learn about my body and new ways to care for it.

I'm thrilled to say that after some much needed time off to get my own health back on track, Bennett Energy Healing is back and better than ever! We are now accepting new clients.

I spent much of last year scared that I wouldn't make it to 2022. But even in the worst of times, I was able to create balance in my life and receive the blessings that came with this experience. One of the highlights of my year was October 31, 2021 - the day my husband and I committed our lives and our love to each other. After a 9 year engagement, I finally set the date and decided my health would no longer be an excuse to put off living.

Life isn't black and white. It's not all or nothing. We can find beauty and a sense of wholeness in every experience. It just takes time and support. I would love to hear about the blessings that snuck up on you during the last 2 years, and I'm here to support you as you overcome any obstacles in your path.

Best wishes for health, happiness, and prosperity 💕

Photos from Bennett Energy Healing's post 05/10/2021

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there!

"Though some may argue that a mother is a woman who gives life with her womb and nourishment with her breast, it is important to remember that a mother, any mother, is also one who gives life with her tenderness and nourishment with her love." - Daily Om Inspirational Email 05/07/2021


We have an emergency situation in Oregon that requires a rapid and skillful response from Oregon residents and any national group that would be affected.

A bill before the OR legislature would allow the state to set standards for Reiki practice and the practice of more than 200 energy modalities. The bill specifies it would cover all modalities that provide care to an individual or group of individuals for the purpose of addressing personal growth or to alleviate emotional suffering.

It was our understanding the bill was not going to be acted on, but we just found out that a date has been set for a public hearing, a limited time when OR residents can testify against the bill.

The date for the hearing is this Monday, May 10. Both written testimony and requests to speak must be submitted by 8 AM Monday.

You will not necessarily be able to testify live even if you apply in time, so please also submit written testimony. [Link: ]

It can be helpful to get together with a Reiki buddy or two to work on your testimony and support one another.

Remember your legislators work for you; you elect them. Tell your Reiki story simply, succinctly, and respectfully. You don't have to be a professional; be yourself, and be mindful not to take too much time or get too detailed.

Registration is required to testify by phone or video.

Register online here [Link: ]. You'll see a confirmation screen and be sent an email telling you how to join the meeting. If you don't get the email, contact the committee assistant.

Register by phone: 833-588-4500 (U.S. toll free). You'll get a phone number to call into the meeting.

Registration closes at the time the meeting is scheduled to begin. There's a public access kiosk outside the State Capitol Building for anyone without access to a phone or computer to join a meeting by video. Neither registration nor use of the public access kiosk is a guarantee that you will be able to testify during the meeting.

Committee chairs may determine that public testimony must be limited. For this reason, written testimony is encouraged even if you plan to speak.


Read the history of the bill here.

Find information about Monday's public hearing here.

General information on how to submit public testimony.

This article might be helpful in composing your testimony: Protecting Reiki from Regulation: What You Can Do Now, Part One.

Remember that your legislators work for you; you elect them. Tell your Reiki story simply, succinctly, and respectfully. You don't have to be a professional; be yourself, and be mindful not to take too much time or get too detailed.


The bill directs the OR Health Licensing Office to establish and maintain voluntary alternative practitioner registry of individuals who provide alternative well-being care.

Purpose of the Bill

This 2021 Act being necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health and safety, an emergency is declared to exist and this 2021 Act takes effect on its passage. (pg 10 line 7)

Whereas consumers of alternative well-being care services should be provided with professional disclosure information relating to the training and qualification of unlicensed alternative therapy practitioners to enable the consumers to make informed decisions concerning their choice of practitioner.

Allows office to impose discipline for certain violations.

Directs office to provide administrative and regulatory oversight to alternative well-being care program.

Imposes civil penalty for violation of registry listing requirements.

Modalities Affected

The language of this bill is very vague, meaning its scope is not well defined, so more practices could be included than are specified.

The bill specifies it would cover all modalities that provide care to an individual or group of individuals for the purpose of addressing personal growth or to alleviate emotional suffering. More than 200 energy modalities would be affected, also:


Life Coaching

Philosophically based disciplines and spiritually based disciplines relevant to the particular approach of the registered alternative provider to support change in emotional, relationship or attitudinal conflicts or to modify behavior that interferes with effective emotional, social, relationship, health, work or spiritual functioning of the individual or group of individuals to whom the alternative therapy or care is provided.

Disclosures Required by the Bill

A description of the registered alternative practitioner’s professional experience, qualifications and training

If not a mental health care provider, a statement that the registered alternative practitioner is not a mental health care provider

If not a mental health care provider, that. You are not authorized to diagnose mental disorders

Statement that describes unprofessional conduct

Statement that specifies the manner in which a client may make a complaint to the office regarding the registered alternative practitioner

The acknowledgement and signing of a professional disclosure statement by a registered alternative practitioner and the client.

State Regulations Allowed by the Bill

Develop a tutorial and examination regarding Oregon laws and rules related to mandatory reporting, scope of practice and other matters determined by the office
Establish standards of practice for registered alternative practitioners (pg 4, line 34).

I realize we are going into Mother's Day weekend. Please do what you can to protect your right to practice Reiki as you choose, and reach out to others.

All best,


[I copied this message from an email I received and shared it here on Facebook due to the urgent nature of the situation. If you want to receive continuing updates on threats to Reiki, Pamela Miles is your lady!]

Sign the Petition 05/07/2021

Sign the Petition

Petition to Protect Reiki & other non-invasive practices...

Recently a bill was introduced in Massachusetts as a way to end s*x trafficking by regulating non-invasive medicines.

The proposed regulation would not only affect Reiki, but also Qi Gong, Asian Bodywork Therapy, Trager, Feldenkrais, Ayurvedic Therapies, Reflexology, Polarity Therapy, Rolf Structural Integration, Body Mind Centering, Acupressure, Energy and Somatic Healing Practices, all of which are currently exempt from regulation according to the existing MA massage licensing law.

This bill uses occupational licensing laws to attempt to solve a criminal law enforcement issue.

It threatens public access to complimentary and non-invasive practitioners of choice.

If MA enacts regulation, it sets a precedent that other states might follow.

The bill would be effective immediately, and require, for example, that Reiki practice be taught only in schools. If you are a Reiki Master Teacher, it would cost you upwards of $8000 in fees to register yourself as a school.

Given that most Reiki teachers work independently, that would put them immediately of business, and the public would only be able to learn Reiki practice from state licensed schools, according to how the state decides Reiki should be practiced and taught. It creates an unnecessary burden that will put practitioners out of business immediately. Even those who can afford to be compliant will have to close their doors until they complete all of the state's education and licensing requirements.

Showing support to keep Reiki and other non-invasive practices accessible is super important. We need to domstrate that this is a key issue for many people, not something that matters only to a fringe element.

I'm sharing the link to a petition to keep non-invasive medicines accessible.

I already signed the petition, and I'm really hoping that you'll also get involved, regardless of whether or not you practice or receive Reiki and other holistic services.

I'm doing a series of radio/podcast interviews about Reiki and my business over the next few weeks. I'm hoping I can also bring attention to this issue. If you're interested in listening to my interviews, let me know and I'll send you the link to access my interviews live or when the podcast is available.

Thank you for your support 💕

Feel free to share this petition with your family, friends, and anyone you know who uses non-invasive medicine or cares about affordable access to complimentary modalities.

Sign the Petition Protect the Right to Practice, Teach and Access Alternative Healing Therapies in MA


Happy New Year!


Just wanted to give a shout out to the doTERRA Bone Nutrient Supplement!

I started taking the Bone Nutrient supplements a few years ago for migraines and bone support. I have Crohn’s disease and don’t absorb vitamins well, so I was looking for something that my body would metabolize and use efficiently. My doctor told me that magnesium minimizes frequency and intensity of migraines, so I figured I’d tackle two birds with one stone. It’s been working amazingly.

As some of you know, doTERRA ran out of the Bone Nutrient supplement recently. I personally ran out of my supply a month ago. Since then I’ve been having issues with my heart racing (heart rate above 200 without movement) and then I faint. I ignored it for a month and finally went to my doctor.

I’ve known about my heart problems for years. I’ve had issues with fainting since high school, and years ago I wore a heart monitor for a month to find out what was wrong. I have a heart murmur and tachycardia. My heart rate randomly increases until I collapse.

These problems disappeared while I was on the Bone Nutrient, but I never thought it was related. Turns out magnesium regulates how your heart functions. I’m deficient in magnesium and it is affecting the pre-existing heart condition.

I’ve been using doTERRA oils for 10 years, and it still amazes me how versatile and miraculous these oils are. I’m so grateful to be a part of a company that is founded on a commitment to integrity and quality.

Sure, I’m disappointed that we’re running out of things this year. But personally, I’d rather they run out of my supplements than budge an inch when it comes to quality.

Timeline photos 11/19/2020

I love this quote.

Meet Kristynn Bennett of Bennett Energy Healing - SDVoyager - San Diego 10/12/2020

Meet Kristynn Bennett of Bennett Energy Healing - SDVoyager - San Diego

Thank you for featuring me in your Inspiring Stories series!! So grateful for the opportunity to share what I do and why I do it.

Meet Kristynn Bennett of Bennett Energy Healing - SDVoyager - San Diego Today we’d like to introduce you to Kristynn Bennett. Kristynn, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today? My story started when I was hospitalized at 12 years old. The doctors told my family it wasn’t likely I would survive. If I did survive, I’d likely be brain ...

Photos from Bennett Energy Healing's post 07/22/2020

How many of you have heard of Reiki?⁣
⁣Have you ever wanted to know more??⁣

⁣My friend and mentor, Debbie Ohls, invited me to chat with her about Reiki this Friday at 4pm. We’ll be going live in her Facebook group to share my story, explain what Reiki is, and how it’s a powerful healing modality.⁣

⁣If you experience stress, pain, or anxiety and are interested in learning how to treat these symptoms naturally and without side effects, this is an awesome opportunity for you to learn more about how Reiki can support you.⁣

⁣I’ll also be giving away complementary Reiki treatments, so a few lucky people will get a chance to receive a Reiki session without any commitment other than your time.⁣

⁣Comment below if you want to watch live and I’ll add you to the Facebook group.⁣

Timeline photos 06/06/2020

I’ve been feeling more than a little stir crazy this week, so I went for a drive around the county on Tuesday.⁣

⁣I know that my city, cities all over the country & now the world, are protesting & rioting…⁣

⁣But it’s an entirely different story to see in person the broken windows, boarded up buildings, & burnt out, ghostly ruins – all that remains of some buildings & businesses.⁣

⁣It took my breath away. It made me sick to my stomach.⁣

⁣I was following the La Mesa riots on Saturday night. I prayed that no one would be hurt & that they would not head towards my home. I felt relief when they headed in the opposite direction. I felt guilty because that meant they were headed towards someone else’s home or business. I felt so helpless.⁣

⁣When I heard about the city clean up in La Mesa on Sunday, I was excited for a way to help & I wanted to volunteer. I was pretty devastated when I saw the list of what they would be doing & realized there was no way I could help. I’m physically incapable of the necessary labor because of my health conditions. ⁣

⁣Although I won’t be helping with the physical aftermath (one symptom of the overarching problem) I know that I can help with the emotional, mental, & spiritual aftermath. ⁣

⁣That‘s why I took some time off this week. I felt like I needed space to take care of myself & gain clarity around what role I’ll play in the midst of all this chaos.⁣

⁣I’ve decided that the best way for me to help is to offer Reiki treatments to anyone who is looking for a way to heal & release those feelings of helplessness, despair, fear, rage, & whatever else is coming up right now.⁣

⁣I normally charge $150 for a 60 minute Reiki session. For the month of June I have changed the pricing on zoom Reiki sessions to Pay-As-You-Can-Afford. ⁣

⁣Basically, take whatever amount feels comfortable & then slightly raise it above that so you’re in that zone of investing yourself & taking it seriously, so you can actually reap the benefits.⁣

⁣DM me to take advantage of this opportunity (as it won’t be listed on my site).

Timeline photos 06/03/2020

My brother sent this message to the family, & I feel like it’s important to share...⁣

⁣I have never been more ashamed to be an American in my entire life. When the president invokes racial threats from the sixties in response to race riots it is very clear that his extreme privilege has blinded him to the systemic violence directed at black people since before we were even a country. People have been peacefully protesting for years. Football players who tried to kneel at NFL games were fired from the league. And now people are rioting because “riots are the language of the unheard.” They don’t know what to do. I don’t know what to do. But now that there are economic consequences for police violence, maybe people will start listening. I am so sick and embarrassed of having a president who is constantly seeking to divide Americans and sew distrust and suspicion into the population. I did not volunteer on behalf of our government for two years in Africa and sacrifice my lifelong health for a country as selfish and unequal as this one. I am absolutely disheartened and livid and sad right now, and —even if it isn’t the most productive form of action right now — I completely sympathize with those people out burning down America right now. Because the system it runs on needs to be burned down. I don’t have social media but I’m writing this to my family because I really truly hope that we each consider how blessed we are that if I wanted to go for a jog through a rich neighborhood I can do so without fear of harassment or being shot. I’m not saying that our lives are easy, but I will no longer tolerate uninformed and insensitive conversations about hate and violence and the role of our bigot president in America. We have to change. If you haven’t watched the video of George Floyd slowly dying under that police officer’s knee then please do it and please do not let the people around you speak or act in ways that belittle or demean others. The rioting is understandable but it won’t lead to lasting change. We really need to be strategic and smart about how to plan for the future. ⁣

“If we burn our house down then we’ll have nothing left.”

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Our Story

At Bennett Energy Healing, we are passionate about helping individuals to create and sustain healthy, thriving lives. We are dedicated to serving those with chronic stress and pain who are dissatisfied with the current options offered by conventional medicine.

We offer a unique combination of complementary medicines that provides natural stress and pain relief while supporting relaxation and healing within the body – Reiki & Aromatherapy.

Unlike prescriptions and other conventional treatments, our services work with your body’s natural rhythms to release stress and heal the root cause of your pain without side effects. Unlike visiting the doctor’s office, our services are conveniently offered in the comfort of your own home.

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