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Operating as usual 11/05/2020

'LeBron James spends $1 million/year on just body and mind recovery': How Lakers star remains injury free at 35 | The SportsRush

The truest testament to how important recovery is m. #cryotherapy Superstar athletes such as LeBron James and Russell Wilson spend more than a million dollars to help keep themselves in shape. 11/03/2020

Stuff You Should Know - Does Whole-Body Cryotherapy Work?

How does Whole Body Cryotherapy work? Forty years after a Japanese doctor began using whole body cryotherapy to treat patients with arthritis; the technique has made its ways to med-spas and locker rooms throughout the West. But does it actually do anything? Learn more about your ad-choices at


Finally! We are back❄️❄️❄️

As a Cryotherapy center in San Francisco we went through hard times during COVID-19. Regardless of the hardship we came up with safer procedures and we are ready to serve to our valuable customers.
Go book your appointment now at
Or call 415-696-9103


Please, safe and stay healthy! • Dear our client’s, Let's follow the hygiene rules in order not to be affected by the COVID-19.
If you are not feeling well to prevent the spread of this virus, which affects the world negatively, please stay at home for a while and do not go out unless it is very urgent. We are closed for a temporary time as CryoSF. If you have your appointment, we can reschedule in order to protect all of us. Thank you for understanding! #cryo #sanfrancisco


We are offering best-customized skin treatments. For more information please call us! 📞 (415) 801-5917 - #cryosf #skintreatments #sanfrancisco #facials #peels #ledtherapy


Bloom Again! Take a Look at Our Extra Ordinary Services -


Keep your body healhty and your precious skin well with CRYOSF! ❄️💪🏼 Bloom Again 🗓 #cryotherapy #cryoskin #cryolocal #cryosf #infraredsauna #ledtherapy #shape #sanfrancisco #bayarea #Keep your body healhty and your precious skin well with CRYOSF! ❄️💪🏼 Bloom Again 🗓 #cryotherapy #cryoskin #cryolocal #cryosf #infraredsauna #ledtherapy #shape #sanfrancisco #bayarea #california


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Feel the benefits of Cryotherapy in your life • Bloom Again! • ❄️💙#cryotherapy #cryosf #sanfrancisco #localcryo #cryoskin #infraredsauna


Our Slimming treatment uses cold application to naturally reduce fat. Cooling is applied to a target area to shrink and freeze the fat cells, which are digested through your body. We recommend 3-5 sessions for best results! Less fat, More you!
#lessismoreyou #cryoskin3


New Infrared Sauna Service with Special Discount! -


We are happy to announce the opening of our new infrared sauna! 🎉🎊Book now for the special discounts for the first timers on our website! 👉🏻
For first visit;
• 40 min / 20$
• 50 min / 25$
• 60 min / 30$
#cryo #sanfrancisco #bayarea #infraredsauna #sauna


Dr. Rhonda Patrick on the Benefits of Cryotherapy (from Joe Rogan Experience #773)

Dr. Rhonda Patrick talks about the benefits of cryotherapy, cold exposure and more. One of the best videos to watch out there.

#cryotherapy #coldexposure #relaxation #inflammation #recovery #musclepain #jointpaint #skinhealth #immunity #positivemood #Sanfrancisco #bayarea #Health #mindandbody

This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience podcast #773 with Dr. Rhonda Patrick (, also available for download via iTunes ...


Q: Is it a good idea to take cryo session during this holiday week?
A: Fun fact: Besides other benefits on average, during a 3 minutes cryo session 500-800 calories are burnt. So just for this reason it is a smart decision to take a whole body cryo session during this holiday week.

#cryotherapy #calories #healthyeating #health #bayarea #sanfrancisco


✨✨Merry Christmas, my dear friends and family , people from all around the world and obviously my Cryo lovers😉May this holiday will bring you joy, health and happiness. Love u❤️ 🎄✨✨✨


Holiday mood on🎁 New year, new you. Special holiday deals to rejuvenate and energize your body and soul to get ready for the New Year🤩 #2020 #NewYou #cryotherapy #rejuvenation #nyresolution


Dr. Oz Tries Cryotherapy And Explains the Benefits of Extreme Cold On Your Body

Dr. Oz does Cryotherapy @-240 and explains the benfits.


#cryotherapy #coldtherapy #icebath #recovery #inflammation #endorhin #sleep

Mark Murdock, a cryotherapy expert, explains the benefits of extreme cold on your body. Then, Dr. Oz goes into a cryosauna for two minutes to see what extrem...


How beneficial is Cryotherapy when you get it regularly? it’s very important what you are looking for. As all other therapies it would be better to take it couple times in week to see result. #cryotherapy #painrelief #inflammation #skincare #weightloss


When you are in rush and you need all your treatments at once🤩 Btw if you will book your LED facial treatment till the end of December, you get 15 min Air Relax compression treatment as a complimentary 🙌🏼


Call to make your first session and experience the difference.

We have:
- WholeBodyCryo
- CryoLocal
- CryoFacial
And More...

(415) 801 5917


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He said its first time ...
and he ❤️ed it...

#cryotherapy #iceicebaby #deepsleep #mind #body #recovery #bayarea #highperformance #sanfrancisco


Huge benefits just in 3 minutes

Come and try it... #cryotherapy #cryofacial #iceicebaby #biohacking #healthandwellness #athlete #recovery #injuryrecovery #beauty #bayarea #sanfrancisco #iceman


Huge benefits just in 3 minutes

Come and try it... #cryotherapy #cryofacial #iceicebaby #biohacking #healthandwellness #athlete #recovery #injuryrecovery #beauty #bayarea #sanfrancisco #iceman


Timeline Photos


Timeline Photos


Timeline Photos


- reduces puffiness
- rejuvenate skin
- increases collagen
- relieves headaches
- helps with skin disorders
- improves blood circulation
- refreshes and awakens @ Cryo SF


If you are interested in Cryotherapy and would like to work with us please, contact us. Preferably if you are available for morning shift🙌🏼


Updated, time extended, new version #CryoSkin3 is in the haus. Hit up for a free consultation and 1st try deal for slimming, toning and anti-age face lifting sessions 😉
#cryoskin3 #slimming #toning #antiagefacial #cryotherapy


Updated, time extended, new version #CryoSkin3 is in the house. Hit up for a free consultation and 1st time try deal😉

#cryoskin3 #slimming #toning #antiagefacial #cryotherapy @ Cryo SF


Lady started at 28” down to 26” in 3 #CryoSkinf slimming sessions. Book your 1st appointment now and get your “new client” deal!


Happy face after #CryoSkin #Facial🤗


New Year Resolution!

“Less Fat. More You”

When exercise and diet are not enough, Cryoskin is a safe, non-invasive solution for you.

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Finally! We are back❄️❄️❄️
Keep your body healhty and your precious skin well with CRYOSF! ❄️💪🏼 Bloom Again 🗓 #cryotherapy #cryoskin ...
Feel the benefits of Cryotherapy in your life • Bloom Again! • ❄️💙#cryotherapy #cryosf #sanfrancisco #localcryo #cryoski...
When you are in rush and you need all your treatments at once🤩 Btw if you will book your LED facial treatment till the e...
Less Fat. More You.
Pre-holiday mood  boosting🙌🏼☃️🎄#CryoParty #GetEnergy #BloomAgain
One more cute puppy who has arthritis and a local cryo session is a good solution to make him feel better 😊 #puppylove🐶
Our cute pet friend who had a surgery few days ago, getting Cryo Local on her swelled paw 🐾 #cryotherapy #cryolovers #pe...
We are providing a new service for our little pet friends. Works great if your pet has arthritis, swelling/inflammation,...
Athletes fav #Compressionboots #AirRelax At CryoSF!
Boost up your energy and blow away the negativity 😎💨 #cryotherapy
Our beautiful class instructors taking their 1st Cryo session right after their “Buti” class at @crunchgym in Union str,...




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