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Did you know that according to The American Institute of Stress, about half of American stress levels are getting worse instead of better?

We all become stressed at some time or another, and it’s only when your stress levels remain high that they can damage your health. Chronic stress can cause havoc on your body and mind. It can also impact the quality of your life, significantly reducing the amount of enjoyment you experience each day. Early signs of chronic stress include sleeplessness, headaches, muscle tension, frequent aches, and pains.

Stress can seem like an inescapable part of life these days. If you're interested in learning how chiropractic care can help relieve symptoms caused by stress, give us a call to schedule an appointment.
As you can imagine, the spinal cord is important. The spine supports the body's framework and protects the spinal cord and the nerve roots to safely relay messages to and from the brain to various body parts. Keep yours healthy, protected, and injury-free by following these tips:

👍 Let your spine rest while sleeping

👍 Exercise your core to strengthen your abs and back muscles

👍 Wear shoes that support your spine

👍 Practice good ergonomics while sitting and limit total sitting time

👍 Lift heavy objects properly
✅ Posture check ✅

Whether you spend your day at a desk, glancing down at your mobile phone, or on your feet assisting customers, don’t forget to mind your posture. While fixing your posture is not an overnight miracle, practicing better posture while at work or home, even in the slightest ways, is a great way to be mindful of your health.
Did you know that a soda can contains about 10 teaspoons of sugar, depending on the brand?

While it may taste great, it’s certainly not great for your health. Consuming too much-added sugar from soda and other sources can cause chronic health problems like obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and heart disease. It can also affect the appearance of your skin, drain your energy, and could harm your teeth. Instead of soda, we recommend other alternatives such as water for a healthier you. Give it a try. Your body will thank you.
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Headaches are a very common form of pain and can be a nuisance when someone has one. They can disrupt your sleep, workflow, or weekend. You may find some respite with pain medication, but popping a pain pill almost daily is less than ideal for your overall well-being. Good thing medication isn’t the only remedy. Give one or all of these remedies a try next time your forehead and neck are throbbing:

Chiropractic care, including spinal adjustments, is a natural, safe, and effective solution that doesn’t appear on this list. In fact, research indicates that chiropractic care can improve and alleviate some of the most common headaches, such as migraine, tension, and cervicogenic headaches. Ready to get started? Contact our office to schedule a consultation today.
Age is just a number!

While aging is a natural part of life, it doesn’t have to slow you down. Lower back pain, headaches, and osteoarthritis are all common culprits affecting people as they get older. However, you shouldn’t let pain rob you of the joy of your golden years. Instead, take action and give us a call today to learn how chiropractic care can help you feel your best.
Everyone is faced with numbness or tingling on their feet and hands from time to time. Whether it’s from sleeping the wrong way or sitting for an extended period, the feeling can be unsettling. While the condition will usually disappear after a short while, the underlying health issues may worsen the problem. There are many causes of numbness or tingling, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, back or neck injury, herniated disc, and degenerative disk disease.

If you are experiencing numbness, make an appointment with us and let our chiropractors help you identify the specific type of injury causing this uncomfortable sensation.
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It's hard to avoid sitting down for a prolonged period when our jobs and lives revolve around it. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, civilian workers spent 43.2 percent of the workday sitting, about 3.42 hours in 2021. Take into account that some occupations require sitting for longer durations than other professions.

For example, accountants and auditors spend more than 90% of their workday sitting down, while a carpenter sits for 6.1% during their shift. Unfortunately, if you're among the people whose jobs require sitting for an extended period, you could become vulnerable to multiple health issues and pain. The good news is that implementing healthy workplace habits that improve your posture can help prevent the harmful effects of sitting at work all day.

If you are dealing with the pain associated with being seated at a desk all day, you may want to see an experienced chiropractor. Contact us to learn more about how chiropractic care can help manage your pain resulting from a lack of proper posture.
Raise your hand if you are struggling with back pain! 🙋

Over 80% of people will deal with back pain throughout their life. Whether it’s due to bad posture or an underlying condition, one thing is for sure it doesn’t have to rule your life. Take control of your pain with chiropractic care. Give us a call to schedule a consultation today.
After a long day at work, you may love nothing more than relaxing on the sofa. Instead of placing your legs on the couch, try elevating your legs at a 90-degree angle up against the wall. This simple technique is a low-cost, reliable method that can help improve blood circulation and increase energy.

Learn more here:
More than half of American adults have seen a medical professional for their neck and back pain at some point in their lives. Let us help ease your pain with our individualized treatment plan tailored to your needs and lifestyle goals. Call and schedule a visit with us to begin your journey to proper alignment.
Whether working from home or in the office, the risk of developing a repetitive strain injury is evident for anyone who spends long hours on a computer. Every year, more than 3 million Americans suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, affecting their ability to work efficiently and even complete daily tasks. This complicated condition is known for causing wrist pain, numbness, tingling, and weakness in the hands and fingers. The good news is that you can prevent carpal tunnel syndrome from occurring in the first place by taking precautions. Here are a few ways that may lower your risk:

👉 Exert less force

👉 Take frequent breaks

👉 Minimize repetitive hand movements

👉 Stretch often

👉 Improve your posture

👉 Stay warm

Prevention is the best medicine, but should you develop symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, give us a call to request an appointment. We can conduct a thorough evaluation and determine the best course of action to treat your condition.
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👉 By improving the range of your joints and muscles, you can also acquire the following benefits of increasing your flexibility: improving your performance in physical activities, fewer injuries, lesser pain, improved posture and balance, a positive state of mind, and greater strength.

👉 As you age, you may notice that you’ve lost a lot of your natural flexibility. By stretching often and doing regular exercises, we can keep our joints loose and our bodies from deteriorating. Whether you are interested in improving your flexibility or need chiropractic care to manage an ache or pain you experience, give us a call to schedule an appointment.

Chiropractors focus primarily on the correction of misalignments in the spine thereby relieving the interference on the nervous system caused by this.

We do not look at symptoms as much as the underlying cause of your symptoms. A healthy and safe alternative for neck and low back pain through non-surgical and non-pharmaceutical methods. Geary Chiropractic Clinic specializes in:

• neck and back pain
• motor vehicle accident injuries
• sports injuries
• radiating pain into the extremities
• sciatica
• repetitive stress injuries
• headaches
• wellness care

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Whether you have a fast or slow metabolism, your metabolic rate depends greatly on various factors such as genetics, physical activity, age, gender, muscle mass, and more. Some factors, such as activity level, are within your control, while others are not, like age. Fortunately, there are ways to help boost your metabolism and improve efficiency. Here’s how:

✅ Fuel your body with protein and water

✅ Get active

✅ Drink coffee or green tea

✅ Lower your trans fat intake

✅ Get a good night’s sleep


Seeing the right doctor after a car accident is essential for performing physical evaluations and diagnostic testing to check the severity of your injuries. For example, our chiropractors have years of experience and are trained in treating car accident victims with injuries including whiplash, herniated disc, and soft tissue injuries. Depending on the severity of your injuries, we can create a developed treatment plan to help you heal from your injuries and lead you to a path of recovery.


Anyone sitting in a chair or desk for a prolonged period will likely experience tight hips. This is often due to a group of large muscles called hip flexors that attach your pelvis to your femur and can become tightened when they aren’t stretched. These muscles help you move your hips when you walk, run, bend at the waist and raise your legs. Because the hip flexor muscles are connected to the spine, they often pick up the slack if the core isn’t strong, leading to pain in your lower back and other body areas. Fortunately, some exercises are designed to stretch out these muscles and offer relief from pain or discomfort.

Here is a list of some of those stretches:


Need relief from neck pain?

Whether it’s a result of bad posture, an overuse injury, degeneration from aging, or trauma, neck pain can be harsh. Sometimes, neck pain is a minor nuisance that can be worked upon with a few lifestyle changes and gentle stretching. However, if your discomfort is severe, lasting longer than several weeks, or is accompanied by concerning symptoms, you may need to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

If you are worried about the pain in your neck, don’t hesitate to contact our office to schedule a consultation. An experienced chiropractor can perform a thorough evaluation to diagnose the source of your pain and get the necessary treatment to help you find relief. Call us today!


Happy Labor Day!

The first Monday in September is a well-deserved tribute to honor and thank the millions of hard workers all around the country. No matter what kind of work you do, know that your dedication and commitment are truly appreciated on Labor Day and every day.


How well do you know the history of chiropractic care? Let us know your answers in the comments below. 👇👇👇





In 1895, D. D Palmer performed the first chiropractic adjustment on a partially deaf janitor, Harvey Lillard, who later reported that his hearing had significantly improved. Since then, chiropractic has been licensed and recognized in every state and more than 40 countries. Call our office to schedule your chiropractic adjustment today.


Backpacks are a popular and practical way for students to carry out all the necessities they require throughout the school year. Children from elementary to high school have a variety of supplies on their backs, from books and athletic gear to lunch boxes. Unfortunately, backpacks that are too heavy and are not worn properly can force the body into unnatural positions, which may lead to shoulder, neck, and back pain.

To help prevent your child avoid back pain and other problems, follow these tips:

If your child has pain due to improper backpack use, don't hesitate to contact our office to schedule an appointment.


It is no surprise that Americans like their smartphones and use them daily. In 2021, the average American spent about 4.1 hours a day on their mobile device, according to mobile analytics firm App Annie. A recent study found that looking down at a phone can load an extra 60 lbs of weight onto your neck. With hours of the day spent staring at a screen, the accumulation of additional force leads to irregular stresses on the spine and surrounding supportive soft tissues. The consequences of these habits can include pain in the neck, upper back, and shoulder, headaches, tingling, or numbness in the hands.

If your phone habits have left you with any of the symptoms above, contact us to schedule an evaluation today. The quicker the problem is addressed, the sooner your symptoms can be reversed, reducing the risk of future injuries.


Did you know that roughly half of all car crash-related fatalities occurred on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday?

According to The U.S. Department of Transportation, approximately 18,852 deaths out of 38,824 in 2020 emerged from Friday through Sunday. Sadly, it’s no surprise to see these results. It’s the weekend, so there tends to be a large volume of cars where people enjoy their day off from work by taking road trips or running errands. In addition, the weekend promises relaxation and greater freedom; unfortunately, some drivers use this freedom to indulge in dangerous behaviors. Alcohol is often present during the weekend, especially at night, leading to more drunk driving crashes, auto accident injuries from speeding, and other forms of reckless driving.

No matter the day or time, a car accident can be devasting. If you have sustained an injury after an accident, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible to ensure your health and well-being and help support any legal claim you might have. Give us a call to schedule an initial evaluation today.


It can be difficult to concentrate on your job when you have back pain.

Unfortunately, sitting or standing in one position for a typical workday can wreak havoc on your body.

Most of us will reach for an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory or pain reliever medication to find relief. While these drugs can be helpful, however, they do come with side effects.

Instead, you can follow these tips to help prevent and reduce pain in your back while working:

Many people use chiropractic care to treat their back pain. You can find the relief you have been looking for through spinal adjustments and other therapies. Contact us today to learn more.


Whether hitting the beach, attending a bbq, or being a tourist in your city, it’s wise to consider the impact your footwear can have on your body. The appeal of flip-flips or sandals is easy to understand when the weather turns warm. While they are cool, comfortable, and easy to put on and take off, they don’t offer foot and ankle support, cushioning, and protection against trips and falls. In addition, wearing them for an overextending period can lead to back pain and other complications.

Utilizing proper footwear is key to keeping safe while enjoying activities. However, if you are experiencing lingering and persistent back pain this summer, contact our office to schedule a consultation. Our experienced chiropractors may be able to discover the root cause of your problem and find a solution that will get you back to living pain-free. Call us today!


🛑 Stop cracking your neck! 🛑

If done incorrectly or too often, cracking your neck can lead to blood clotting, cause strained muscles, weaken your ligaments by stretching them out too much, and cause pinched nerves. Another danger is the risk of weakening or tearing your ligaments by stretching them out too much, which can lead to neck instability, and potentially increase your chance of developing arthritis. It’s best to have your neck cracked by a chiropractor to avoid complications. Chiropractic care offers a safer option to help you find relief from the underlying issue and reduce the need to crack your neck. Give us a call to schedule an appointment today.


Are you experiencing chronic neck pain? If so, we can help. During your initial visit, an experienced chiropractor will take the time to discuss the details of your medical history and past injuries and perform several examinations to help us determine the underlying cause of your pain. Once properly diagnosed, we can develop an individualized treatment plan that works best for you and help you find the relief you’ve been searching for.

If neck pain is preventing you from enjoying the activities you love, it’s time to take action by calling us to schedule a consultation today.


With the arrival of summer, many Americans will be packing up their car and heading to the beach, theme parks, and other vacation destinations with their family members or friends. While road trips are fun, relaxing, and a great opportunity to spend time with loved ones, driving long distances can cause havoc on your body. Driving a car involves prolonged sitting, constrained postures, and low-frequency vibration, all of which can contribute to unwanted back pain. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to avoid or minimize the back you experience on a road trip.

Check out these simple tips to protect your back while driving:

If you are experiencing back pain before your trip or once you have returned, give us a call to learn how we can help treat your acute or chronic pain today to enjoy your summer.


Our bony skeleton gives our body the structure needed to function properly while also helping protect our organs. They also store calcium, which we need to build and maintain strong bones. Because bone is a living tissue, it continually changes with fresh bones replacing old bones to maintain health and function. However, aging can take its toll on the body, and the bones are no exception. Peak bone mass usually occurs around age 30, and after that, the process of forming new bone tissues starts to slow down. This bone loss can lead to osteoporosis, a disease that increases the likelihood of breaking a bone. It's hard to control risk factors like gender, family history, or age, but certain lifestyle modifications can help slow down the decline.

Keep your bones strong by following these good habits:

✅ Eat more vegetables

✅ Consume enough protein

✅ Get enough calcium and Vitamin D

✅ Include physical activity in your daily routine

✅ Maintain a stable, healthy weight





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