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Kidspace is a multi-disciplinary child development clinic in San Francisco CA offering OT, Speech and Social Skills group services to help families thrive.

Kidspace is a multi-disciplinary child development clinic with locations in San Francisco and Mountain View, CA. We offer Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy & Psychotherapy services, Social Skills groups and other resources to help kids and families thrive.

The Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists and Psychotherapists at Kidspace work from a Sensory Integration fra

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The Kidspace clinic is open! We are working diligently to make sure our clients and their families are receiving the services and support they need, whether that is in clinic or outside! For more information, please email [email protected] or call (415)695-1400.

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Hello All! We are a pediatric occupational therapy clinic located in San Francisco, CA. We are here to answer questions, and provide information and resources for parents and families! Please follow along for more!

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Part I & II Creating Independence & Community for Adulthood for those with Special Needs

Two of our Bay Area colleagues are presenting excellent information on creating independence and community for our young adults with disabilities. Take a look!


Part IIAddressing Speech, Language, & Learning in a Virtual Space: Challenges & Choices"

Happy Friday! We hope you enjoy this week's webinar presented by our local, Bay Area SLP colleagues in partnership with the Fenixia Foundation.

Implementing SMART Play at Home 02/10/2021

Implementing SMART Play at Home

We are back with more webinar content in partnership with the Fenixia Foundation. Check out our latest offering and have fun playing at home.

Implementing SMART Play at Home Fun and creative ideas to implement at home for Dr. Francis DiMalanta's SMART play construct.


Fenixia Foundation, Inc.

We are thrilled to be partnering with Francis Dimalanta, MD, as he presents the final construct in his series for SMART play. Welcome to the Theater! We will be back soon with concrete ideas around each of the constructs in Dr. Dimalanta's Prescription for Play.


Hi Kidspace Community! Check out our back to school letter here. We have some great resources to share with you.


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It's Webinar Wednesday! Welcome back Eric Elliott, LEP as he continues to work with us on creating and managing strong and consistent schedules for our children.


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Welcome to our Sunday evening webinar. Please tune in to hear Dr. Dimalanta speak to us about the importance of art as a component of S.M.A.R.T. Play!


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Webinar Wednesday is happening now! We are thrilled to welcome Eric Elliott, LEP, as he presents on the importance of daily schedules for our children.


Fenixia Foundation, Inc.

Welcome to this week's webinar. Join Dr. Dimalanta as he introduces the importance of music as a component of play.


We are excited to have Eric Elliott, LEP, present his webinar on the importance of scheduling. Join us this Wednesday 6/29/20 at 7pm

Please register to learn about the importance of scheduling for children with special needs.


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Welcome to our Sunday evening webinar! We are delighted to welcome back, Dr. Francis Dimalanta as he introduces us to the importance of sport as an essential component of play.

Dr. Francis Dimalanta, Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrician 07/14/2020


Kidspace Therapy's clinic director, Lani Hessen, OTR/L along with her colleague Kelley Abrams, PhD, had a parenting piece in the May issue of ep-magazine. Tips for managing the day to day during this exceptionally tricky time. 2020-05


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Please Welcome Francis Dimalanta, our dear colleague and talented Developmental Behavioral Pediatrician. We are so happy to hear from Dr. Dimalanta about the Power of Play!

Prescription for Play - Part 1


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Webinar Wednesday! We are so excited to have Educational Therapist, Anna Johnson, who will tell us all about Summer Math Fun.


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It's Webinar Wednesday! Hope you enjoy more learning about sensory integration!


Khan Academy

Kahn Academy has some good resources that are likely to come in handy as we continue remote learning.

As a nonprofit, we are here to keep your kids learning at home with free resources for parents and teachers. Available in English and Spanish. 06/06/2020

Watch the entire CNN/Sesame Street racism town hall

Teach your children. Stand together. CNN's Van Jones and Erica Hill partner with "Sesame Street" for Coming Together: Standing Up to Racism, a town hall for kids and families. Watch the town hall in its entirety below:


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It's Webinar Wednesday!


Fenixia Foundation, Inc.

It's Webinar Wednesday! We were so happy to present alongside our colleague Vanessa Ibanes, Pediatric OT from Theracare in Davao, Philippines on the topic of Fine Motor Skills Development.


Social stories can be helpful for learning a new skill.


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Play is the most important occupation of childhood! We hope you enjoy this week’s topic.


Upcoming webinar series in partnership with the Fenixia Foundation.

Please register:

Upon registration an email will be sent with webinar link

Please register:
Upon registration an email will be sent with webinar link


Sensory and Emotional Regulation Strategies

[05/10/20]   Happy Mother’s Day to all of the amazing mamas out there!


Join us for our webinar, Supporting Sensory and Emotional Regulation at Home. May 13th at 7pm. Register below!



Providing therapy services via telehealth is helping to support children toward their goals while we SIP.

Within a week of the State of California mandating shelter-in-place, Gatepath’s pediatric therapy team developed a way to stay connected to the children and families they serve.

Sammy, a 9-year-old boy with Down syndrome, was receiving four hours of speech, occupational, and physical therapy. He was able to continue his therapy services at home with the help of his mother and his Gatepath therapist. “I’m so impressed with how quickly Sammy was able to resume his therapy sessions. The therapy team is also providing me with therapeutic activities that I can do with Sammy at home so we can continue his progress.” Stephanie, Sammy’s mother.

Enjoy this video of Sammy dancing during his tele-therapy session. #CovidCantStopGOOD


Elisa Song, MD - Healthy Kids Happy Kids

Join Dr. Song for her live event at 1pm, PST! One of the Bay Area’s treasures, Dr. Song provides integrative care for the whole family.

Join me live in just a couple of hours for my free Masterclass: a holistic pediatrician’s guide to the pandemic. It’s not too late to register here:

And if you can’t make it live, yes there’ll be a replay so be sure to register to get the replay link. Hope to see you soon!

Holistic mama doc - Elisa Song, ND💕


Theracare Occupational Therapy Clinic

Kidspace is proud to partner with the Fenixia Foundation to provide Webinars to the global community. Clinic Director, Lani Hessen, presented alongside colleague, Vanessa Tan-Ibanes of Theracare Occupational Therapy Clinic on the topic of Sensory Integration.

Nourishing Your Child's Sensory Needs
Sponsored by Fenixia Foundation 04/20/2020

How to Get to ‘Sesame Street’? These Days, It’s by Video Conference

Sesame Street once again makes a difficult subject accessible to children, providing a great model for adapting to stay at home circumstances. As children stay home and viewing-time restrictions are abandoned, creators of child-focused content are taking on the coronavirus and the changes it has wrought for families. 04/05/2020

Parenting With Vanessa Kahlon Free Workshop

Our colleague, Vanessa Kahlon, is offering a free series of parenting workshops this week. Register here: Parenting with Vanessa Kahlon is offering FREE parenting workshops on ZOOM EVERYDAY THIS WEEKAT 12 PM.


Wishing everyone a healthy and safe April. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are looking for support. We are offering telehealth services for children, parents and whole families. Happy OT month!


Fenixia Foundation, Inc.

Kidspace is a proud partner with the Fenixia Foundation. We are thinking of you all as we navigate an unprecedented time together. Please reach out if you are looking for support. Telehealth services available!

Video to learn about resources we are compiling to support our kids at home:


Hello families, in response to the updated guidelines regarding COVID-19 we are offering telehealth/virtual sessions through Zoom. We are confident that we can provide appropriate continuity of service to support kids and families that may be significantly disregulated by changes to their normal routine. We offer OT & Psych sessions/consultations. Message us for information.

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Sensory and Emotional Regulation Strategies




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