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Garth Reynolds - Bagua Internal Arts

A qi gong movement to change up your day!

Rolling shocking movement from Qian trigram Lion system of Yin style Baguazhang. 乾卦獅形 滾手振 尹氏八卦掌

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Daily Health Post

#5 is my favorite!!!! #inspiration

11 Quotes To Remember When You Feel Lost In Your Life


Coffee... we love our morning brew. But some of us are sensitive to it. How do you know? If you are experiencing GERD (acid reflux), urinary issues, skin outbreaks, sleep problems or other issues, try going a month (yes, a WHOLE month!) without coffee and see if the condition improves. Of course, consult with a qualified healthcare provider (preferably a licensed acupuncturist) to address the problem at the root. Ready to get started? Schedule today #digestivehealth #GERD #healthygut #insomnia #urinaryhealth #acupuncture #easternmedicine #TCM #ChineseMedicine #herbalmedicine #naturalmedicine


#TuesdayTip: Deep stretches help stimulate blood flow and invigorate your body and mind. Not only do they feel good, but they can also be performed as strengthening exercises and help reduce the chance of repetitive stress injuries! If muscle aches and pains are affecting your life, find out how acupuncture & Eastern medicine can help. Book today! #tryacupuncture #activelife #goodmedicine #sports #repetitivestress #selfcare #painrelief


Hello, summer! These summer rolls are the warm weather alternative to crispy egg rolls and feature a powerful libido booster: shrimp. Shrimp (aka prawns) are also an excellent source of protein, iodine, selenium and vitamin B12. The fresh mint is packed with vitamin A which is beneficial for eye health. Enjoy!

Leaves only from 1 bunch mint
Leaves only from 1 bunch cilantro
1 carrot
1 cucumber
1 head red leaf lettuce
10 oz peeled deveined shrimp
2 oz cellophane noodles
12 rice paper wrappers
1/2 tablespoon sesame seeds
1/2 cup bottled teriyaki sauce


Bring water to boil and add a pinch of salt.
Meanwhile, wash and dry vegetables and herbs.
Prep veggies: Peel carrot and cut into thin matchsticks. Cut cucumber into matchsticks. Chop lettuce.
Season shrimp with salt and pepper.
Sauté shrimp in hot oil in skillet 3 minutes or until pink and cooked through. Cool shrimp in refrigerator.
Cook noodles in boiled salted water 2-3 minutes or until tender.
Drain and rinse noodles under cold water, then cool in refrigerator.
Submerge rice paper wrappers individually in warm water for 30 seconds or until pliable.
Divide shrimp, noodles, vegetables and herbs between wrappers.
Fold bottom over filling, pressing to create seal, then fold inwards to tuck in filling.
Roll up and repeat with remaining ingredients.
Sprinkle over sesame seeds.
Serve right away with teriyaki sauce on side.

Serves 4

04/02/2020 03/12/2020

The Disease of Being Busy

“Do we have to love our children so much that we overschedule them, making them stressed and busy — just like us?” Such a good article about slowing down. Our overscheduled lives leave little time for contemplation and reflection. How do we enable each other to pause and ask how our hearts are doing? 02/10/2020

18 recover from virus after treatment with TCM -

I was hoping in China they were integrating Traditional Chinese Medicine with the western treatment for coronavirus. Eighteen patients with the novel coronavirus pneumonia in Wuhan recovered and were released from a hospital in Wuhan, Hubei province, on Thursday after receiving treatment that combined traditional Chinese medicine with modern medicine. 01/21/2020

Why Your LaCroix Obsession May Not Be So Healthy

So many people ask about LaCroix, this is a good article that explains too much bubbly water might not be the best for us. You don't have to take it out completely, flavoring it yourself is a good place to start. A few things you need to know before you crack open yet another can of the flavored sparkling water. 11/26/2019

The Cold, Hard Truth About Icing Your Injuries

In Traditional Chinese Medicine we never ice after injuries. This is a great article to explain why. It doesn't help muscles heal—and it might actually do damage. 10/24/2019

Doctors in Scotland can now prescribe nature to their patients

I like this prescription! Take one long stroll, four times a week. 10/19/2019

5 Best Deodorants For Women

A list of natural deodorants that work. I use Native and it is great. And you can order online or now they are in target. We spent some time testing the likes of Secret Clinical Strength, Degree Motionsense, and many others so that we could find some deodorants that really work. 07/02/2019

3 Scary Reasons To Ditch Aluminum Foil (And What To Use Instead)

Parchment paper and glass are good alternatives! Don’t be fooled by the fact that aluminum foil is metal. it can seriously harm your health if it comes into contact with food. Here’s how. 06/05/2019

Longer Exhalations Are an Easy Way to Hack Your Vagus Nerve

Great article about breathe work to reduce stress. Respiratory vagus nerve stimulation (rVNS) counteracts fight-or-flight stress. 05/23/2019

CDC confirms lemon eucalyptus oil as effective as DEET

Looks like we need to stock up on lemon eucalyptus oil for the summer. According to the CDC, lemon eucalyptus oil could be a much safer and more natural weapon than DEET. 05/14/2019

Acupuncture Beats Drug For Gout Relief

Great results in this study for treating Gout with acupuncture! Hospital researchers demonstrate that acupuncture reduces pain and inflammation while reducing uric acid crystal levels for patients with gout. 03/28/2019

Singapore zoo heals animals with herbs, acupuncture

See acupuncture helps everyone!! (Reuters Life!) - Acupuncture for a limping elephant? Herbal tea for a constipat...


Important to know.

Everyone deserves a real acupuncturist!
"Dry needling" is acupuncture, learned in only a weekend course.
A true acupuncturist and Chinese medicine practitioner earns a Masters or Doctorate degree in 4+ years of Grad School and hundreds of hours in classes and clinic --not in a weekend. 03/10/2019

11 psychological tricks to help you lose weight

This article has some good points about weight loss. Check it out! Losing weight can be challenging, especially if you don't have the right mindset to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Here are some small but mighty tips to help you reach your weight loss goals. 03/07/2019

Celebrities Love Acupuncture: Should You Try It, Too?

Well if they do it, shouldn't you try acupuncture? From Sandra Bullock to Jim Carrey to Robert Downey Jr., celebrities from all across the globe are raving about the benefits of acupuncture. We all know that stars make millions of dollars promoting all sorts 02/14/2019

Pickle Sub

Great idea for a more healthy sandwich option. Plus I love pickles!!!!! This has all your favorite sub flavors, minus the bread.



This guy will get you off the couch. #Inspiration

This is so inspiring 🙌

Credit: DDP YOGA 10/12/2018

Take This 16-Day Lemon Challenge For Great Skin, Weight Loss And More (MUST TRY)

Some great ideas for using lemons, always love the start your morning with a glass of lemon water. And I like #15 on making your own household cleaner. Good for way more than lemonade, this citrus mainstay has incredible health benefits. Do you know how to incorporate lemon into your life on a daily basis?


A great info sheet on the facts about Acupuncture! 08/31/2018

Widely Used Diabetes Drug Can Cause Flesh-Eating Genital Infection

This will make you think about trying alternative care or heck even diet change for your diabetes. #diabetes. #acupuncturefordiabetes The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is warning doctors and patients that some widely used diabetes drugs may, in some rare cases, cause a flesh-eating bacterial infection of the genitals. 07/17/2018

Blood Pressure Medications Recalled Over Cancer Fears

The FDA is recalling blood pressure medication with the active ingredient valsartan. If you take it or someone you know call your prescribing doctor. The FDA is investigating the issue 07/11/2018

Getting to the Point

This is amazing work happening in Children’s Hospital in Orange County. Acupuncture is in the hospital and she is treating everything from brain tumors in children to stroke. Thank you acupuncture now foundation for the work you are doing with theses films. Getting to the Point - EPISODE 1 "The Children’s Hospital of Orange County" Help us educate the world about the benefits of acupuncture by: Staying Connected Sign up for our email list to learn about our latest projects and to receive notifications about new episodes. Sign Up Sharing this Document... 06/28/2018

Healing from GMOs and Roundup | ONLINE CONFERENCE | JULY 17th - 26th, 2018

Sign up for this free conference, it is easy to just pop on when you are driving home or taking the bus home and listen to whichever speaker is at the time and get some good info. Watch 18 preeminent doctors, researchers and product developers as they share their astonishing findings from the lab to the clinic. Discover how you can protect yourself and your family from the devastating effects of GMOs and Roundup based on their new, leading-edge research. 05/22/2018

7 Stunning Reasons You Should Eat Blueberries Every Day

So many reasons to add organic blueberries into your daily routine! Are blueberries good for you? Absolutely! These tiny, delicious fruits have some impressive health benefits, from keeping your brain young to preventing cancer and more. When you discover all the proven reasons to consume blueberries every day, you’ll want to go out and buy some right away. 04/24/2018

The Acupuncture Now Foundation’s Mission is to elevate acupuncture’s impact on easing suffering and enhancing health through accurate information about its best practices

This is the trailer for the new movie coming out in May, Getting to the Point!!!! it’s amazing what acupuncture can do! Help us promote this integrated healthcare model to health professionals, policy makers, and the general public by sharing this link : This pre-screening package ends 30th of April 2018.



I want to refer to this guy for all my pregnant patients.

Who knew dancing could be so beneficial for giving birth? 💃 💃 💃

(via I Love Being a Mom)



This is a great idea and I bet it reduces health ailments too!!!

Elderly people are fighting loneliness in an amazing way. 04/03/2018

Is It Better to Sleep Longer or Get Up and Work Out?

Sleep is so important! Half of people's health problems would be cured if they just got enough sleep. Aim for 7-8 hours a night. You will be amazed on how you feel. You went to bed late and now the a.m. alarm is buzzing, all too soon. Is it healthier to get up and hit the gym, or give yourself another hour to snooze? 03/20/2018

Reduce your risk of atherosclerosis with two simple nutrients

Vitamin D and Vitamin K are an essential part of heart health. Check out below the actual amount you should be taking. (Naturalhealth365) Atherosclerosis, which occurs when blockages in the arteries restrict the normal ...




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