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Speaking to one of y’all on a clarity call this morning…

I wanted to remind you that anxiety is not due to lack of will power, a failure to control your emotions or a weakness.

Anxiety comes as a messenger, and every time, it’s the body working perfectly to the environment or circumstances at hand.

Sending you healing ❤️‍🩹 this week.


You always have great intentions of manifesting, praying/begging the universe for things to click.

P**F! 🪄 Be magically planted in the life we’ve dreamed of.

And yet, you’re still making choices for the life you don’t want.

Try this on for size: *show up as HER.*

If you dream of waking up early to workout, meditate + pump out a killer post

Then set your ⏰ , pick out your HGW ‘fit and make it happen.

If you wish you could be like a faded hippy in the face of conflict ✌🏼🤤

Then stop avoiding inner work, talking about what triggers you and journaling out your thoughts.

You have to start doing the things that will get you there.

You have to get comfortable being uncomfortable.

You have to be willing to suck it up in the short term for the long term.

You have do it.

You deserve to have the life of your dreams.

And only you can give it to yourself

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Get in agreement with where you’re headed 👉👉

If you can’t picture it, down to the minute, how do you know you’re on track?

I’ve found, by carving out time to practice this, I see my habits change, my posture adjust and my hope increase.

There’s an excited peace about me, ready for what’s coming.

This is one of the most *powerful* practices I use.

When we can visualize it, our mind automatically starts finding solutions to make it happen.

What does it look like for you? ✨

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5 TIPS for Flight ✈️ Anxiety

1️⃣ Visualize while retraining the nervous system
I use a meditation for flight anxiety, walking you through being at the airport, boarding + take ff, while signaling to connect to your breath and body to recalibrate

2️⃣ 5-4-3-2-1 method
Step☝🏼 pick a Grounding Thought, an image of feeling safe + loved, like hugging my nephews when I get off the plane. Or sipping drinks on the 🏝. Every time your intrusive thoughts pop up, countdown from 5 + refocus to your Grounding Thought. My 1st flight back, I did this 8,000x. The next time only 1,000x's

3️⃣ Keep an Anxiety Emergency Kit
If planes notoriously trigger you, go back a few posts and put together a Kit!
I keep this on me as my security blanket, just in case

4️⃣ Bi lateral Stimulation
Calm your nervous system + distract yourself with stimulating right and left 🧠
Alternate tapping on your thighs R —> L, or bring a 🎾 to toss back + forth in each hand

5️⃣ Address the anxiety
👉 Is it fear of crashing? Take your local airports Fearful Flyer course.
👉 Fear of anxiety attack? start slowly pushing the bounds on getting comfortable being anxious - you can handle a 4-5/10 anxiety, and the more you avoid ANY anxiety, the more fearful you’ll become of it. It's more anxious about becoming anxious - Brain re-training thought patterns works best here.
👉 Fear of nervous 💩 stinking up the 1 toilet - pack poo-pouri + take some imodium!

These take practice.
So start now before you holiday flying begins!

Take the pressure off yourself to ‘Fly Normally’
if you need to wear noise-cancelling headphones,
sip Kava tea + toss a 🎾 around to make it work - THAT’s OK!

And as always, give yourself permission to be where you are right now in your journey.

If flying isn’t in the cards this year, that’s fine.
Be gentle with yourself and only surround yourself with people who support your decision to take care of you.

It wont be this way forever, I promise.

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I said this A LOT when I was having 50+ panic attacks a day.

I felt like my 🧠 + body were out of control.

The only rational next step was to lose my mental faculty as well.

*disclaimer: I've removed the term crazy from my vocab, but this is the real intrusive thought that I + many others have*

Anxiety can stir up lies & fears in you that can have you visualizing and believing wild, outrageous, out of control things.

It's terrifying.😱

This fear, in particular, is one of anxiety's favorite ways to terrorize us.

Thankfully, I had a good doc on board who knew to prescribe a remedy for me that cancelled out this intrusive thought.

❤️‍🩹 It just stopped.
❤️‍🩹 It went away.
❤️‍🩹 I could be anxious + NOT jump to the images of being a 'lunatic'.

A HUGE part of the trauma from panic attacks wasn't even the attack itself,
it was the belief that I was losing my mind,

I had images of myself crawling up the sides of
a 🛩 as this evil 👿 🐒 horrifying passengers.

The reality?

My "massive panic attack" on a plane looked like this:
Me sitting in my seat, quiet, eyes closed,
counting my breathing, praying,
clenching my fists and tapping my toe.

That's it.
No gremlins.
No screaming.
No mass hysteria ensued from my internal panic.

Those anxiety lies, oof, they'll get ya.

Having a remedy cut through the bs to clarity is *👩🏻‍🍳 💋*
Not only that, it helped me heal in ALL ways.

✅ Sleep improved
✅ Appetite came back
✅ TMJ went away
✅ Anxiety improved

No more feeling anxious about being anxious.
I was able to sit with anxiety + not fear it.
Able to get curious and figure it out.

Homeopathic remedies are GAMECHANGER!!🎉

Calm the mind + ease the fears
They also help *ALL* symptoms improve

Chosen based on the entirety of your symptoms,
these remedies cover 1 common feature: "fear of going crazy"
While being so different in their totality

There's thousands others like this!
Want a remedy to help you heal from anxiety?

I got ya covered! 🙋🏻‍♀️
DM me now as we're filling up 1:1 spots!

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It felt necessary to lay my boundary with this one.

I hope to continue to grow and change.

And I hope you do too!


Mini Homœpathy Training ⬇️

WOW! That's a lot of remedies!
And there's thousands more.


So how do we know which one will help YOUR anxiety?

1️⃣ Focus on the Main Thing:
It's not *just* anxiety (although that's a big part of it).
It's how anxiety shows up in you!

Do you...
‣ Have to get into a 🔥HOT showers the second panic comes on to soothe you?
‣ Pace all around the house with racing thoughts, + diarrhea and a burning bu****le?
‣ Hide under the covers, crying and want to be left alone in the dark?
‣ Need to be held, feel super bratty and grouchy, and cry easily?
‣ Talk fast, walk fast, move fast and feel hurried?

It's also the entirety of your health timeline, what's the Main Thing?
‣ Was it all downhill after your dog passed away?
‣ Did you get sick and you've never been the same?
‣ Since a traumatic pregnancy anxiety has stuck around, 10 yrs later still 'managing'.

The anxiety is the symptom, the event that triggered the cascade could be the 🔑 to unlocking everything.

2️⃣ How else is your body expressing dis-ease?
Any other way that your body is signaling it's out of alignment,

or that it's waving red flags trying to alert you.

Sleepless nights, period probs, gut stuff, butt stuff, appetite, rashes, headaches, pains, rage, picking your nails, a cold -- you name it and it's part of the picture of your current state.

3️⃣ What remedy is reliable for the state you're in?

Voila! Simple as that. 🥴

I'll be sharing more homœpathy content, as y'all asked for (and I 😻 it!)

BUT, finding a remedy for a chronic condition isn't something I can teach over instagram.

This is why we have ND's that are highly skilled in homœpathy and homœpathic practitioners.
For acute, at-home remedies, you've got it in the bag!
I'll sprinkle those in so you can start building your natural medicinary for self-healing at home.

Follow along as we go through them!

Pssst. Drop in the comments what remedies you've taken before!👇

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When You Feel Out Of Control

If you’re one of the millions who grew up in a home where How To Process Emotions wasn’t something taught, you likely internalized what was modeled to you.

🧨Hitting or throwing things
🧨Blaming & Shaming
🧨Outsourcing responsibility of feelings
🧨Shut down
🧨Throwing tantrums

*notice which of these you do internally, if not externally*

Having BIG, big emotions can feel very Out of Control when they go unprocessed + eventually explode.


As an adult, you might of noticed these ways of handling big emotions doesn’t work for you.

This is the time to re-parent.
To teach yourself the tools you wish you were given.
To hold space & compassion that you needed when experiencing big emotions as a kid.

Self soothing during dysregulation is one way to re-parent yourself.

When we can be there with our inner self, who’s having BIG scary emotions, validate + soothe through it,

👉🏼 You feel less out of control
👉🏼 The emotions move through you quicker
👉🏼 You are building your self trust
👉🏼 You feel less alone
👉🏼You are integrating parts of yourself that were ignored before

You are healing ✨

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Some days healing looks like this⬆️

Thankfully these kind of days are few and far between now, and I can usually pull myself out of them.

But it took practice.

No wonder I found myself hitting burnout over and over again.

Hoping if I just figured out the right list-keeping,
Or the perfect morning routine, I would find my focus.
I would settle the restlessness into peace.

Rather than attach yourself to a diagnosis, falling victim to its inevitable symptoms…

Practice observing + swerving to the rhythm of nervous system regulation.

In conditions like ADHD and Anxiety we check out of the body, when it’s desperately needing us to check in.

When we practice that, the focus, ease + peace come back just like 🫰.

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Hermiting is so a word. 😆

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Notice it doesn’t start with “fix your thinking” because while anxiety almost always ends up in a narrative of worry,

It’s almost never “all in your head”
Get into your body and listen.
Why is anxiety here in the first place?

Where do you need to put your focus today?

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You won’t heal from burnout by hibernating in a spa 🧖🏻‍♀️

Although, that’s why we always think it is at first.

🗣️ If I could just take a day off.
🗣️ If I could just go away for a week with NO distractions.

It’s deeper than that, tho

We have to observe, identify, unpack and reprogram the behaviors that got you here.

Drop a 👋🏼 if you’ve said those same things before!


Holiday Stress is just Poor Boundaries dressed up as 🎅🏼

sneaky sneaky ways boundaries pop up around the holidays.

Passing them off as Holiday Stress lumps them into a category of Things That’ll Go Away On Their Own…

Until next year.

When you start identifying these patterns in your life, you start to see their ripple effects in your every day.


Very often, anxiety begins here ⬇️

When we follow the natural path of healing, back up the waterfall:

Physical Body
Emotional Body
Mental Body

We find where (or who) the thoughts originally came from

We identify where the patterns were born out of survival

We uncover the motivators behind the behaviors

I’ve yet to have a case of a burnt out, anxious woman who isn’t battling the aftermath of childhood programming

*Especially those coming from loving homes*

It often goes like this:

☝🏼 Your energy comes back.
Your s*x drive, ambition,+ drive to take on the world is revived.
You’re sleeping great, headaches gone, periods easier than ever.


✌🏼 Your emotions align: no more intrusive, debilitating anxiety.
You scoff at how irritable and snappy you used to be- she was a different woman!
And you’re feeling more YOU than you have in years…


Lastly, you see yourself repeating old patterns, but with the awareness that this is what lead you to be burnt out & anxious in the first place…

So you dig deeper:
🕵🏻‍♀️ What makes me do that?
🕵🏻‍♀️Where did I learn that?
🕵🏻‍♀️What makes me believe that I must?

You identify & name the patterns:
👉🏼 people pleasing
👉🏼 abandonment fears
👉🏼 enabling
👉🏼 self betrayal
👉🏼 controlling
👉🏼 ruminating

This is where the deepest healing happens.

And those who open themselves up to healing from this angle, move much quicker.


If managing your anxiety was good enough, would you even be here?


Would you be following every Anxiety account

Posting memes of how miserable it is and hashtagging it?

If managing was working so well, why would you even identify with it anymore?

I never identified as an anxious girly, even in the depths of my anxiety.

Even when I was shaving 50 panic attacks a day.

Because I was *crystal clear* that I was walking through a storm, I wasn’t the storm itself.

I knew I would climb ⛰️ again, take off like the jetsetter I am ✈️ , and say “hell ya” to whatever blew my way

— because anxiety wasn’t ME.

And I wasn’t willing to let it be “good enough”

Repeat after me:

”I deserve to be holy-sh*t-nothing-is-going-limit-me-being- FULLY- present-dripping-wet- in-joyful-EASE.”

This is how I was designed.
This is how you were designed.


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Client Reviews are IN! 😍

Each month we have new Graduates 🎓 of AFM and Private Coaching, and with their send off we assess their journey this far and where they see themselves going.

Nothing makes my heart happier than seeing someone who is ready to soar off into the 🌅 with their own health in their hands.

When we work together the goal isn’t perpetual treatment, it’s to see you movin’ & groovin’ into totally healing without constant therapies.

Cheers to these ladies!! 🥂🍾

If you’ve been dreaming of joining these graduates, drop a 😍 to get all the info on where to start!

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The MOST common hormone I see low in burnout women is... 🥁 🥁

🌈Progesterone 🌈

She’s our Anti-anxiety hormone
Our PROgestation 🤰🏼 hormone
Our sleep like a baby, having glowing 🤩hair, skin and 💅🏽 Hormone

😍 I love her

But she’s also the one that takes a back seat when we’re in times of high stress.

Ain’t no body trying to make a 👶🏼🍼 when it’s a time of high stress!

But not enough Princess P?

You’ll be feeling it in anxiety, missing periods, weight gain and sh*tty sleep.

Drop a 🌈 if this feels like you, and ⏩⏩ to see how you can help balance it out!

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~EsTrOgEn DoMiNaNcE~ it’s common, but is that the ROOT cause?

Dig deeper, my girl.😊

👉 WHY is your estrogen so off?

Remember each hormone is part of a symphony🎺🎶🥁

So don't blame that single trombone that's out of tune!

We need a hefty balance in allllllll key players to see each one THRIVE.

But what's throwing them off?
What's got her so hot n bothered?

If you've got these symptoms and your "Holistic Approach" was to kill Estrogen + 🔥 her at the stake, you might need to rethink a few things.

Hundreds of 💵 in supplements later + you're still dealing with the same ol' symptoms?

You're not alone.

Many have fallen for this trap.

It's not about the products you buy,

It's about the approach to *healing*

Root Cause Medicine requires we get to the ROOT of the issue.

Dig deeper, my darling.😘

🫡 Are you neutralizing and metabolizing Estrogen properly?
🫡 Are you supporting the OTHER organs involved in her TLC?
🫡 Do you have foundations of health in place (eyein' you sleep + stress)?

As always this list isn't everything, but it's something!

So lean in, learn more and figure out what your body is telling you!

Drop a 🙈 if this sounds like what you've been through!

Ps. WNL means Within Normal Limits, specific to your age, phase in cycle and phase in life!

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Testosterone gives us that drive, that ambition, helps us feel s*xy + confident.💁🏻‍♀️

It also helps us maintain 💪🏽 mass for efficient energy ⚡️ in our cells

Women who are struggling with chronic anxiety + burnout

Y’know those go-getters prone to burning the 🕯️ at both ends…

Can see a drop in their "T" from this lifestyle

You'll start feeling the effects of Low T looonnng before it falls outside of the reference ranges

If you're struggling with these symptoms👆🏽 ,
Ask yourself if you're also falling for the Testosterone Traps:

🪤 Lack of quality sleep
🪤 Too high of a sugar diet
🪤 Chronic stress (duh)

These are some simple ways you can start to correct that low T ⏭️⏭️

+ increase your energy, mood, clarity, and ZEST 🍋 for life!

Let me know if this sounds like you 😵‍💫


Hopefully this is allowed 🤞🏼 🪱

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Friday Funnies 😜⏩⏩⏩


My cousin wrote this, in honor of her dad a who was a Combat Infantryman with the 198th Infantry, Americal Division in Vietnam.

It’s beautiful.

Happy Veterans Day 🇺🇸

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When I first started online, I was called an ableist
by someone I called friend.

I was 💔 that my message was being so misconstrued.

But, you CAN heal from anxiety.
From depression.
From burnout.

And the mainstream AMA doesn't even argue that. So why do you?

It’s when people start to identify with their diagnosis

Claim it as their personality

something that runs in the family,
“it's just WHO I AM”

The mere 💡 of healing becomes controversial.


Someone 🕺🏼 around to trending 🎶 saying, "Healing’s possible"
feels like an assault on what you've spent
blood, sweat + tears to manage.

It took you YEARS to find the right cocktail of 💊to help you get through the day.

Maybe they single-handedly saved your life!

Someone offering another option
- an option maybe you weren't originally offered-
Hits you with anger, grief, shame:

You hear, "If you tried harder you could've healed."
"You must be REALLY bad + that's why you haven't healed."
"You haven't healed yet, so you CAN'T."

And I get it.

You were lead to believe that your 🧬 , or luck of the draw, make it impossible for your 🧠 to get it right.

But in my 🌏 women heal every day of these limiting conditions.

They refused to give up on the idea that healing was possible for them
They took their neurochemistry, hormones, + physiology into their own hands.

Some of them did it along side their cocktail, others without.

The takehome is they loved themselves enough to let go of what wasn't serving them, instead of ⛓️ themselves to it.

They desired
🫡increased, -stable- energy
🫡deeply restorative sleep at night
🫡a mind clear + free of fears
💫firing fast in the direction of their ideas, dreams, + possibility.

It’s BECAUSE these 🚺 love themselves so deeply, they are open to seeing things differently.

👉🏼They are open to dropping what isn't serving them fully.
👉🏼They are open to making changes,
that may feel a bit odd at first.
👉🏼They are open to living life that goes against the grain to live a life that's LOVING them right back.

It is their self love, + love for the generations after them
that makes them be able to see that anxiety isn't serving them and that they GET to heal.

Dr. B

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Politics and Mental Health go 🤝.

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👇 The Entrepreneur's MANIC MONDAY👇

You never wanted to be waking at the butt crack of dawn slightly manic...mostly panicked.

Lately, you’re always ON + the only way to stop your insides from turning into 🍝 is to

“Keep showing up" aka "Never take a break" 'cause..

You hear it echoed,

"The fastest way to diminish anxiety is to take messy action,"

So, you keep jolting ⚡️ awake

It's messy, alright.
Tear-filled breakdowns weekly, questioning your life’s choices

but you keep going…

Because this is what it takes.
Because you ain't no bitch.
You’ve grit.
You're going to win this game of solo-preneur...

This is a never ending game.

& I'm here to give you an alternate option.
Stop 🛑 circling the drain & do something different.


It's going to feel wrong, clunky, like you're 'giving up'
It'll be uncomfy watching the fears + scarcity lies bubble up

➡️ But this is THE turning point!

This is where the illusion of control stops + you break the cycle.
Act out against the panicky urges.
I dare you to slow down when you're fears are telling you to speed 🆙
dump all your "Have To's" on a piece of paper
and watch it burn🔥

Dig your heels in deep to the stillness
until the Whispers of Wisdom usher you to your next step.

An inner knowingness guiding you.

Rebel against the compulsion to 'fix' the anxiety away.

Instead stop, drop and breathe.
Pause for a 5 minute meditation
🧠 dump your thoughts
Take the day off!
Get outside, stand and breathe in the fresh air
Slash your 800 to-do's + pick 1.

The hardest part is jumping off that imaginary cliff of control
👉🏼to understand it,
👉🏼to leaning into it,
👉🏼trusting it as a wise signal from the body.

The universal truth is, you already know the way...
it won’t bark at you from every angle on SM
or from those restless anxiety lies...

It will come from the stillness.
It's always there.

💫 In healing
💫 In business
💫 In life

I promise you, when you're following that calm intuition,

it wont lead you astray.

Save this post for next time your racing mind is getting away from you.

Photos from The Healthy Psyche's post 11/03/2022

If this speaks to you, let me know.


Dr. B

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Happy Daylight Savings!

A lot of you don't know I live in a mystical land, a place far, far away-

where Spring Forward + Fall Back don't happen.

Yep, over here in the Phx MST, we don't change with y'all.

So while you're cranking your ⏰ and catching an extra hour of 💤

I'll be over here sticking to my schedule.

What's this mean for you??

Double, TRIPLE-check your appointment times!

Our Charm EMR should automatically send your reminders in your current time zone,

but just pull up ol' Google and search Phx time to make sure it's right.

Hoppin' on Zoom for a Masterclass, Live Q&A or Facebook group live?

Remember it'll always be posted in Phx MST time.


If you only search MST, it’ll still get it wrong. 😑 Be sure to search Phx time.

However we're catching up this winter, I hope to see you there on time!

Love you, mean it!


It isn’t always going to be perfect

And living up to a standard of perfection Can make you want to dive off the “crunchy” bandwagon.

So,how are you planning for the times when you’ve got to make do with what you’ve got?

How are you making better choices, if the best isn’t possible?

Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

Here’s some easy ways to make a step in the right direction.

When we know better, we can do better.


Anxiety Freedom means FULLY showing up + reaching your highest potential

Here's the Top 5 Root Causes that keep showing up in all my clients like you:

⚡Gut Dysfunction
with a gut a wreck, you'll never make happy + balance hormones + neurotransmitters

⚡Hormone Imbalance
if E, P, T, Cortisol + thyroid hormones are all out of balance, anxiety is BOUND to be hanging around

⚡Circadian-Adrenal Mismatch
up all night, tired all day, we gotta turn this burnout train around

⚡Sensory Overload
it's 2022, you HAVE to be actively healing your brain from the onslaught of inputs so it's a place of peace

⚡ Brain Wiring
time to heal the thoughts, beliefs, and trauma behind your intrusive worries

When these are left unhealed- anxiety is hindering you from the fullest expression of your life.

Not to fear-monger you—
but I know the distraction of fear breathing down your neck

I know you make excuses, cancel plans or back out of BIG life-changing opportunities

I know you secretly wonder if you'll have to 🔥 it all to the ground because anxiety took control...

😩This is not the way to live your Highest Potential😫

But those 5 Roots up there?

We heal them so you can get PAST them.

So your life aligns with Anxiety Freedom

+ the trust in yourself to show up as your FULL self.

Once you've healed anxiety, rather than manage

💞 you Sparkle brighter
💞 life management becomes easier
💞 you float through life stressors
💞 boundaries become FUN
💞 self-trust is THRU the ROOF
💞 business booms
💞 your s*x life is back!

Step out of survival + into who you were created to be✨

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This one goes out to my Brain Injury peeps!🤩Earlier this year a 1st degree relative was diagnosed with Parkinson's disea...
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