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We've officially made it a year breastfeeding. He's also discovered cake. I wouldn't have made it this far without you all.
Ladies, I have an awesome breast you take donations?
Thanks to the support of Cara Peterson Riek and knowing the struggles from baby girl #1 3 years ago, we are having a successful nursing journey.
I feel like giving up! My son is 6 months . he wont take a bottle from me but he will at the sitters. Lately hes been popping on and off the b**b alot during feedings. But crying because hes hungry but doesnt stay latched on long sometimes. But sometimes he will stay on for ever. I feel like giving up . help what do i do
Y'all. I just got fired from my job if nearly 8 years for misusing the lactation room.
How did I misuse the room? I put my breast pump in there.
There are a dump truck full of problems and discrimination I experienced while pregnant and they were referenced in my firing. Lucky for me because I have them all documented and the various ways the law was broken.
But the icing on the cake is that they termed me 3 weeks after I filed a complaint with the department of Labor for illegal practices regarding pumping breaks and the DOL sent them a letter of censure.
Soooo retaliation, pregnancy discrimination, gender discrimination. Yep. I meet with my attorney today
I never, ever thought that we would get here. We had a rough start, lip and tongue-tie, but we made it through. As of yesterday my son has officially nursed for 2 years!!
Thank you Dr. Cara we could have never done it without you.
Free Breastfeeding meeting hosted by a non profit! Comment, pm or email for exact address.
Don't miss out on free breastfeeding help at our LLL group meeting this Friday! Starts at 10:00 am. Babies and older children are always welcome. Hope to see you there!
My daughter is 20 months and may have a lip tie. She has tooth decay in her front four teeth. Can you help us?
My daughter has some tooth decay issues in her front four teeth. I think she may have a lip tie. She’s now 20 months old. Can you help?!
Daryl Lienhart- this is the place for Remie!
Dr. Cara is amazing!! I can not thank you enough for everything you have done for my family since Tuesday. In a short time you have given us the joy of a huge smile from Addison Hay. She has never smiled this much in all 18 months of her life. She is constantly running around with a smile on her face, and it has only been 24 hours.

We are a Breastfeeding Medicine practice with a Family Nurse Practitioner & International Board Cert Office visits available by appointment.

We are a breastfeeding medicine practice with a Family Nurse Practitioner and International Board Certified Lactation Consultants serving Metro Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona. We are contracted with: Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Aetna, Banner Health, Cigna, and TRICARE-West.

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🍼 Did you know that we offer Bottle Feeding Consults in both our Mesa and Scottsdale offices?! 🍼

Introducing a bottle, what bottle is best for your baby specifically, proper bottle feeding techniques, bottle refusal, back to work bottle feeding planning…are all things we help with!

The way babies are bottle fed and the bottle we choose have a great impact on baby’s GI happiness, proper oral development, “colic” like symptoms, etc.

Call to schedule with one of our amazing IBCLC’s 💙


“Self-soothing = self-regulation. I use the term self soothing because it’s the term most people are using when they tell us we need to leave our babies to cry alone. This isn’t actually self soothing, it’s self regulation, and it’s something I’m not even very skilled at.

Babies can’t self soothe. Babies are wired for co-regulation, which means that a calm, responsive adult helps them calm down. They have to essentially borrow our calm. Fun fact: it’s the coregulation that teaches them the self regulation. Many, many years and thousands and thousands of co-regulation opportunities help children learn the skill of self regulation.

Most of us know some adults who have a difficult time regulating themselves. They may be prone to outbursts, rage, be unable to cope well with any amount of stress etc. Maybe that’s you. I’ll tell you that it’s me. Some of us weren’t really co-regulated with as children. Many of us were just left to fend for ourselves when we were dysregulated, or maybe even worse, we were screamed at or punished or hit for being upset. The adults who were expecting us to be calm and unemotional didn’t have the same expectations for themselves. If this was your experience, you may not have developed effective self-regulation skills, and you may be working through this now.

So tell me, if many adults are struggling with self-regulation, is it reasonable to expect a baby to self regulate (when we know their brain is not capable of it)?”

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To all of our Oversupply Mamas local to Phoenix - we have a couple families looking for donor breastmilk for their sweet babes!

🙏🏼 Please DM us if you have spare breastmilk in your freezer you would be willing to donate to another family. We can arrange drop off or send someone to come pick it up 💙

We appreciate all of you!!



Did you know that your baby’s tongue resting posture is SO SO SO important?!?

Proper tongue resting posture is when the tongue is elevated and creating a seal on the upper palate. Think of the tongue as the car, and it needs to be parked in the garage (palate) properly. Babies ideally sleep with their mouth closed and tongue suctioned to the roof of their mouth for optimal development of the jaw and palate and breathing (which can impact many things). You can also see the way their tongue lifts when crying; is baby’s tongue lifted, elevated and bolus shaped at least to the middle of their mouth?

Improper tongue resting posture has numerous potential effects such as breastfeeding and bottle feeding difficulties, napping and sleeping disorganization, baby sounding “congested”, gassiness, snoring, etc.

Make an appointment with an IBCLC if your baby does have a lower tongue resting posture. We can give you all the tips, tricks, and referrals to get the tongue functioning optimally!


Why should all Pregnant Mamas take a Prenatal Breastfeeding Class?! There’s SO much to know before your breastfeeding journey begins! A peek at some of the things we share in a Prenatal Consult:

🌱 How labor and birth can affect breastfeeding
🌱 Breastfeeding in the first hours after birth
🌱 Positioning and latching demonstrations
🌱 Feeding cues and how to make sure baby is getting enough
🌱 Newborn nutrition requirements
🌱 The transition from colostrum to mature milk
🌱 Fl**ge sizing and when/how to use your breast pump
🌱 Troubleshooting + potential feeding complications
🌱 Gain confidence in breastfeeding!

And SO much more! We offer Prenatal Consults in our Scottsdale and Mesa offices in addition to virtual consults. We would love to be a part of your journey! 🤱


“If a moms goal is to breastfeed, than giving her bottles of formula in the first few days of her baby’s life can be detrimental to breastfeeding, especially if mom is not protecting her milk supply.

It’s extremely important to understand how TINY your baby’s belly really is!

When your baby is born their tummy is about the size of a CHERRY 🍒 — meaning it can hold just about 1-1.5 TEASPOONS of milk at a time. = 0.237oz
〰️ The capacity of your newborn’s stomach is influenced by birth weight however the differences are not substantial.

Colostrum is clear/yellowish in colour and is all your baby needs in the first few days. It provides antibodies, serving as the first “immunization” for your baby. It supplies the perfect nutrition at a s l o w rate while baby learns to nurse. It also stabilizes your baby’s blood sugars, kick-starts the digestive system & contributes to their mental development.

Zangenet al (2001) found that on day 1 a newborn’s stomach wall is firm & doesn’t stretch.

By day 3️⃣ it grows to the size of a walnut 🌰— which holds approx 1oz of milk. (Still smaller than a ready to feed bottle of formula).

The stomach starts to expand more easily to hold more milk. (Interestingly day 3-5 is when the milk volume starts to increase)

▶️ At ONE week, baby’s tummy is the size of an apricot and can hold 1.5-2oz of milk.

Your baby will eat 10-12x/24hrs (every 1-3 hours). Frequent feedings {nursing OR pumping} are essential to build up your milk supply. 〰️ Feed on demand, ✖️don’t watch the clock.

⚡️Breastfed infants who receive supplements develop gut flora & behavior like formula-fed infants. (It can take 2-4 weeks for gut to adjust if infant is back to EBF)

‼️Infant formula should not be given to a breastfed baby before gut closure occurs. (Supplementation of mothers own milk or donor milk is recommended!!)

Seek support if baby:
⚠️is not gaining weight
⚠️is not producing wet/dirty diapers
⚠️is not settling after feedings
⚠️is struggling w/breastfeeding

🎨Post Inspo:

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Wishing all of our amazing patients, colleagues, partners and friends the H A P P I E S T of Holidays and New Year! We truly love and appreciate you all!! 💗


“Ten little toes, they grew inside you
Your body changed, and your mind changed too

And though sometimes it might feel strange
Like every single thing has changed

You’ve got to know, and believe it’s true
That rest assured mama, you are still you.”

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“Our 4 year old was having a hard time falling asleep last night so I went to lay down next to her. I stroked her little hand for a few mins and instantly she was out. Instead of getting up right away, I continued stroking her hand realizing that this may be some of the last moments of motherhood where I’ll be needed the most.

Infancy is a crucial time for brain development. Being close and touching your baby regulates all the brain stem functions, boosts physical health, promotes breastfeeding and weight gain, activates infant speech, builds the immune system, stabilizes heart rate and more.

The way we hold our babies, talk to and care for our babies, teaches them about who they are and how they are valued. This profoundly shapes who they will become. The first days, months, and years of life are when the adults who care for them can truly promote strong, positive mental wellness.

Babies who have consistent and nurturing relationships early in life quickly develop secure attachment to their caregivers. These babies cope better with stress when they’re older. They also tend to get along better with other children. And they’re more likely to be physically and emotionally healthier as adults.

We live in such a fast paced world that we often forget just how quickly our babies grow. We strive to have them sleep all night, or simply just occupy themselves and not need us, only to realize that we truly aren’t needed anymore.”

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Every new baby seen in our office gets a full 2 hour appointment with an IBCLC to work on everything from birth trauma/tension, latching issues, creating detailed feeding plans, ni**le damage or breast infection, pumping tips and tricks, bottle feeding, analyzing milk supply, postpartum depression, etc. Each baby (upon request) will also meet with Dr. Cara who will complete a full oral assessment to evaluate oral restrictions. We then continue to have follow up care in 1-2 hour appointments as needed.

We truly strive to give each patient as much time as needed to work through all of their feeding difficulties. When women support each other, incredible things happen!


Join us TOMORROW for Support Group! 🤱

9am-10am @ our Scottsdale location 🌵

All ages of babes welcome!
🍼 Wound checks
🍼 Weighted feeds
🍼 Mama bonding
🍼 Weekly parenthood topic

See you tomorrow Mamas!!


Have you recently noticed decreased suction or less milk output than usual when pumping? It may be time to replace your membranes/duckbills. It’s easy to forget about these tiny pieces of silicone but they serve an important function in maximizing the suction strength of your breast pump. With regular use, they may lose that suction through wear and tear and that can lead to decreased milk output.

How often are you replacing your membranes or duckbills? ✨

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“Mamas! To say the least it’s been a roller coaster. I never thought something that’s supposed to come “natural” would be this hard. I’ve breastfed before and it was a breeze for a long good 13 months at that. Well, this go-around was the total opposite. I’ve never wanted something so bad & struggled this much. I’ve wanted to quit. I’ve cried; so many times, too many times. I’ve screamed & I’ve been so upset with myself feeling like I couldn’t feed my baby. Why are we this hard on ourselves?⁠⁠
Story time...My son kept losing weight, over a pound after birth to be exact. His pediatrician suggested we send him back to the hospital till we could get his weight up. I’m pretty sure stress quadrupled at this point. It was time to supplement, the one thing I didn’t want to do, but it was necessary for my son’s health. So I did. I supplement & continue to breastfeed & he starts to gain weight. More stress cause I know the weight gain is from the formula. ⁠⁠
After talking to a lot of Breastfeeding mamas they suggest I see a lactation specialist - I finally do & it’s confirmed my supply dropped to practically nothing cause he’s not transferring any milk. Another few days of me feeling like a complete failure. Again, why are we like this? So hard on ourselves?⁠⁠
I finally make my way to see Dr. Cara about a possible tongue/lip tie. Lo and behold, he was, both tongue & lip tied. He didn’t have the ability to “suckle” & extract milk. She corrected the issue & I just knew this would be THE FIX.⁠⁠
Nope, WRONG. It was just a step to another LONG step. His suckle is now perfect, but I still have very little supply. After a week of pumping every 2 hours, supplementing, breastfeeding, crying & everything in between my supply is coming back. I’m not to exclusively breastfeeding like I want, but my journey is still in motion. It has taken an AMRY, & I mean an army (close friends, Dr. Cara, my LCs Beyana & Carol) to get to where I am. I’m so glad I held on to my desire to want to breastfeed. A little while longer & mama will have it down! ⁠⁠
If you’ve made it this far, don’t give up”❤️⁠⁠
xoxo - one tired mama ⁠⁠
6 weeks pp

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