TAMA Research Corp

TAMA Research Corp


MiTAMA... Sexy enough for women. Durable enough for men. #MiTAMAPersonalFacialTrainer
خنده .کند.زیبا.هر شکلو شمایل را. از تن برون ارد هم غصه وغم را،،،،خندیدن و خندان. خود ورزش پر رازی است. اینست همان اکسیر .اکسیر. .جوان سازی است
Wondering if there may be a protocol for a client that dislikes her recent fillers & botox around eyes and upper cheeks please. Thank you!
What is there email to the office? Can't seem to send one from my phone from the Tama website. I need to make a phone appointment and I'd like the Monday training schedule.
regret cannot attend. away. sad.
I'm an licensed esthetician in North Carolina. I work at a salon and spa, not medical. Does anyone know if I could use this with my clients?

TAMA—the next generation of facials. Our technology activates the body’s natural electrical & magnetic currents to detox, lift, tone, infuse skin tissues.

A patented, new and effective product that helps to simply slowdown the aging process. A product that can be used at professional facilities.

Operating as usual

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It’s time to sign up for our 6th Annual Informed Aesthatician Conference Face.
TIAC is taking place in Scottsdale Arizona September 23-25th. You don’t want to be missing this one of a kind training where mind, body and business strategy is cohesively comes together to transform our mindset for the better of you and your clients.


Done it again, simplification is only achievable with TAMA with the right frequencies, the right waveforms and the right intensity.


Happy Holidays from our family to yours ❤️

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Join us at The Informed Aesthetician Conference (TIAC) is open to all skincare, spa and health professionals who want their business to truly thrive with microcurrent - taking their treatments to the next level to generate high profits and happy clients.

TIAC BODY MARCH 25-27. 2022
Revolutionize the spa experience with TAMA! Join us as we unveil the TAMA method for total body rejuvenation to
relieve painful joints, lift and tone in only 90 minutes. Raise the bar with a new client experience.
Body workers and health professionals will have access to three days exclusively dedicated to the therapeutic and body balancing benefits of TAMA Therapy. TIAC Body will be held March 25-27, 2022 in Arizona and will feature three days of intensive training.


The labor of love comes with sweet rewards. May your weekend be filled with love in the same way that you fill your treatment room with it.
Happy Labor Day❤️from all of us at TAMA Research.

BlackOnyx Introduction 08/31/2021

BlackOnyx Introduction

Something new and exciting is coming to life.... Are you ready?https://youtu.be/aF4sYIce2SU

BlackOnyx Introduction BlackOnyx is the only one in its class that allows the professional to design and tailor to their needs and growth potential. Powered with unique and patente...

The 5th Annual TIAC TAMA 08/31/2021

The 5th Annual TIAC TAMA


The 5th Annual TIAC TAMA Education, science, and technology all under one roof. To build on what you know, rearrange, and realign to help our clients better. See you there!! Brought ...


We welcome Esthetician Connection members to take advantage of Flash bundles!


Tension Reliever with TAMA! Stop by booth 1329 at IECSC Las Vegas


TAMA offers many products and processes to help with every needs. if you would like to learn more about TAMA and its capabilities, join MiTAMA Community and TAMA Medical Community groups.

2021 Aestheticians' Choice Awards Winners 02/17/2021

2021 Aestheticians' Choice Awards Winners

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for your vote!! TAMA BlueOnyx Won!!!

2021 Aestheticians' Choice Awards Winners DERMASCOPE Presents: Winners of the 2021 Aestheticians' Choice Awards The results for the seventh annual Aestheticians’ Choice Awards (ACAs) are in! The ACAs are given to honor the best brands, products, and people in the industry. Winners are chosen from body care, cleansers, masks, hair removal,...


A very rare opportunity!! Join Tina Abnoosi and Sheri Flasch.


Wishing you the happiest NewYear!!

TAMA BlueOnyx 12/26/2020

TAMA BlueOnyx

Were you looking for this?

TAMA BlueOnyx TAMA BlueOnyx Smart Microcurrent System'It is more than Microcurrent a true collaboration of science and technology designed for the exquisite aesthetician w...

Shelley Hancock Shares the MiTAMA Microcurrent 12/12/2020

Shelley Hancock Shares the MiTAMA Microcurrent

Look what Shelley is up to😘


Shelley Hancock Shares the MiTAMA Microcurrent Shelley Hancock shares the MiTAMA by TAMA research. Microcurrent that is simple and effective!! Details on her website at www.shelleyhancock.com


Thank you all for taking part in voting with Dermascope last month. Thank you for your support and commitment in making a better world.



A personalized treatment designed just for men, to soothe and rejuvenate skin cells and muscles

2021 ACAs -- Vote 11/01/2020

2021 ACAs -- Vote

We are selected again!! Please vote and let your voice be heard. Under equipment- microcurrent category. Thank you!!


2021 ACAs -- Vote Voting is open for our 2021 Aestheticians’ Choice Awards! We received thousands of nominations from you, our readers – aesthetic professionals across...


Education is the key to a successful business, Join us at The 13th annual Holistic Skincare Practitioners October 18th - 21st 2020


Are you interested in education? Join Tina Abnoosi and other group of professionals to learn and ignite your creative mind.
See you there!

Back to Spa | A Virtual Event 07/20/2020

Back to Spa | A Virtual Event

Thank you for being a part of our Back to Spa Virtual Event! If you haven’t already, please register here. Feel free to encourage your co-workers to register and attend as well.


We will “see” you tomorrow for the event!

Back to Spa | A Virtual Event © Questex LLC. All rights reserved. 3 Speen Street, Suite 300, Framingham, MA 01701 Reproduction in whole or part is prohibited.

Microcurrent A Must Have Tool in Every Aesthetic Toolbox 06/29/2020

Microcurrent A Must Have Tool in Every Aesthetic Toolbox

Courtesy of Dermascope Magazine https://youtu.be/BUOSdBzEEj0

Microcurrent A Must Have Tool in Every Aesthetic Toolbox The truth behind aging is hidden within the nervous system. The process of aging is interlocked with declining Neuromuscular activity that causes muscle atro...

TAMA MetaWave Technology 06/26/2020

TAMA MetaWave Technology

How does TAMA MetaWave work?

TAMA MetaWave Technology The secret behind every TAMA Smart Microcurrent resides in the heart of its patented MetaWave Technology. This unique Multi-Frequencies channels proper magne...

TAMA Research BlueOnyx System 06/26/2020

TAMA Research BlueOnyx System

In Case you were wondering. https://youtu.be/_ZgiINSHl0A

TAMA Research BlueOnyx System At TAMA we believe that beauty is a frequency—Our devices connect you to its power using the body’s own natural electrical and magnetic currents! Activating ...

Photos from The Beauty Circuit's post 06/25/2020

Looking forward to meeting you this weekend.!!!

The Beauty Circuit | Online Trade Show for Spa, Wellness & Beauty Professionals 06/22/2020

The Beauty Circuit | Online Trade Show for Spa, Wellness & Beauty Professionals

Do you Want to meet us at a virtual trade show? Here is how: sign up and use code “TAMA25” to get your ticket for $25.
Follow the link:

homepage, click on "Get Your Pass Now", and enter the promo code into the "Coupon Code" line.
This code will provide $74 dollars off, making the tickets $25.

The Beauty Circuit | Online Trade Show for Spa, Wellness & Beauty Professionals The live online trade show for spa, wellness and beauty professionals to discover emerging brands and learn from a prominent collection of industry leaders directly!


From all of us at TAMA!!

TAMA Promo 2020 06/20/2020

TAMA Promo 2020

TAMA Smart Microcurrent System

TAMA Promo 2020 TAMA Research Smart Microcurrent Systems introduces the BlueOnyx powered by MetaWave technology - a wireless microcurrent that enables you to deliver the bes...

Our Story

Beyond our technology, we are shaping the next generation of facials. By activating the body’s natural electrical and magnetic currents, we create one of a kind skin care treatment. Our goal is to join forces with skin professionals to revolutionize the facial experience.

TAMA’s unique cellular technology channels four distinct MetaWave™ modalities. The intertwining frequencies within each modality speaks to the body’s own natural electrical and magnetic currents to trigger chemical reactions at a cellular level without affecting the extracellular matrix architecture. TAMA’s technology delivers superior treatment control, increases the subcutaneous metabolic rate, balances the pH, oxygenates the skin tissue and induces a higher absorption of nutrients for optimal clinical results.

Each waveform delivers a specific electromagnetic field that can be used independently or in combination to offer a wide range of personalized treatments for each skin type to detox, lift, tone and infuse the skin tissues.

At TAMA, we believe that Beauty is a frequency. We connect you to its power by activating the body’s natural electrical and magnetic currents. One wave at a time, we rejuvenate every face.

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Microcurrent: A Must-Have in Every Aesthetic Toolbox




TAMA BlueOnyx System- The Smart Microcurrent System




8710 N 86th Place Suite 102
Scottsdale, AZ

General information

The human body relies on the continuous flow of electricity in order to function. Without electricity (current flow or flow of electrons), life cannot be sustained. The nervous system can be likened to a complex electrical network with multitudes of inputs and outputs. Although there are differences between how the nerves transmit electricity versus copper wires used in electrical circuits, the basic premise is the same: a command is initiated from a central location (the brain), it is translated into an electrical signal travelling down the neural pathways (spinal cord), and it arrives at a destination to perform the desired task (e.g. contract a muscle). Unlike man-made electrical circuits, the human body transmits signals utilizing both electrons and chemicals. Each electrical pathway has a number of junctions in which electrical current is translated into chemical transmission, and then back to electron transmission. As we age, neurochemical transmitters and receptors deteriorate and do not perform as efficiently. The consequences are both internal and external (organ functions are reduced, visible signs of aging become apparent, etc.).

Electricity also works at a different level within each individual cell. Ions such as Sodium, Potassium, Chlorine, and Calcium play a crucial role in keeping cells alive. The concentration of these ions inside and outside each cell results in an electric charge called “membrane potential,” referring to the voltage potential across the cell membrane. Each cell is essentially like a miniature battery that typically maintains 70 millivolts of electricity. There is a special group of cells (nerve cells) that are capable of “transmitting” the membrane potential to adjacent cells, thus providing the mechanism for propagating the electrical signal from one end of the nerve to the other. This phenomenon is called “action potential.” Action potentials are due to rapid exchange between intracellular and extracellular ions, while the voltage potential in each nerve cell affects the neighboring cell. All cell membranes have multiple channels or gates that allow the flow of ions in and out of the cell. As we age, the ionic transport across cell membrane diminishes, and this in turn affects one’s health.

Research has shown that external sources of electricity can be beneficial for achieving better health. There is a wide range of electrical stimulators on the market, each serving a different purpose. Microcurrent modality produces electrical currents in the range of 10 to 500 micro-amps. This current range has been shown to facilitate ionic transport and, depending on the waveform, it penetrates various cells and tissue depths. The low current level is conducive to maintaining “normal” cell behavior, as opposed to saturating and depleting the ionic reserves, as is the case with TENS modality. Microcurrent stimulators with bi-phasic output also have an advantage over galvanic devices in that they do not polarize the skin, and can therefore be used for longer periods of time. When used appropriately, Microcurrent can be effective in restoring health. In essence, external application of Microcurrent compensates for some of the body’s electrical deficit.

Opening Hours

Monday 8am - 3pm
Tuesday 8am - 3pm
Wednesday 8am - 3pm
Thursday 8am - 3pm
Friday 8am - 3pm

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