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Wholesalers currently in stock:
Soy Fuerte Birthing/Gilbert family birth center in Gilbert is in stock with both original (one left) and XS (10 left)
The Pomegranate Cafe in Ahwatukee with original
Elevate Chiropractic in Scottsdale with original
The motherhood co. in North Phoenix with original (by appt only so please contact them through their IG or FB to arrange pickup)
Kactus Kush CBD Chandler in Chandler Heights Marketplace (only has 1 bottle of original left as of today and will be restocking Thursday)
The Meeting Place Boutique in Maricopa with original
Juice Core in Scottsdale will be restocked with original tomorrow or Wednesday
The Market on 41st only had one bottle left when I talked to them two days ago, but plan to restock soon
I will update in my story when locations that are “out of stock” are back in stock.

*My only distributor in stock right now is Alicia Samone Photography which is my Glendale distributor on 59th Ave and Peoria and she only has XS available right now. I know she’s probably a little low right now so I would recommend getting in touch with her asap if you want to pickup from her!

Distributors will begin being restocked next week as we have to fill our wholesale orders first, ship online orders, and then prep for Uptown Farmers Market and Park West Market this week!
If I can restock any distributors before next week, I’ll let you all know, but for now, Alicia (Glendale distributor) is the only one that has bottles and they are the XS.

We will be shipping packages tomorrow, so you are welcome to place an online order as well if you would rather do that!!!

Love you guys and I’ll continue to keep you all updated on everything!!

The LAST of the orders went out today and we are officially ALL CAUGHT UP with online orders. 🙌🏻

We will be at Uptown Farmers Market on Central and Bethany from 7am-11am stocked with fresh elderberry products!

Inventory available at the market:

-8oz original elderberry syrup
(Safe for ages 6+ months)

-8oz extra strength (XS) elderberry syrup
(Safe for ages 18+ months)

-30ml elderberry tincture
(Safe for ages 12+ years)

-60ml elderberry tincture
(Safe for ages 12+ years)

*Info sheets for both syrup and tincture can be found in the comments below if you’re on Facebook, or in my highlights (first one) on Instagram.

All of these products can also be purchased online for shipping through my Facebook shop, or on arizonaelderberryshoppe.com
Now that we are all caught up, any orders placed will be shipped out at the beginning of the week!
Ordering ASAP guarantees you being in that first shipment we mail, as there is no wait time at the moment! 😍

Next week we begin restocking locations now that we are caught up!
If I’m able to get some distributors restocked over the weekend, I’ll let you know!

However, there are still a few locations in stock, and I’ll list them below in case you need syrup today, or over the weekend.
-The Meeting Place Boutique in Maricopa
-Juice Core in Old town (next to fashion square mall)
-Elevate Chiropractic in North Scottsdale
-The Market on 41st in Anthem
-The Pomegranate Cafe in Ahwatukee

Whew, I think I covered everything for now!
Taking a little break and then back to work we go! Love you guys and we will see you tomorrow at Uptown!!!
Late night post including updates, thoughts, gratitude....


We are alive I promise!
Daniel and I took a last minute trip after the market as our free vacation was about to expire!
Then we got stuck IN THE STORM on our way back home. 😳

Things get crazy this time of the year, and I’m sorry if a location is ever sold out near you.
We will be working hard this upcoming week to restock everyone (there are quite a bit who are CLOSE to being sold out but not completely there yet), but I have had to wait for my bottle shipment to arrive.
Tracking says the 23rd now, but I hope it’s sooner...🤞
Right now, I believe my Gilbert distributor is the only one out of stock, however I do have other locations that are in stock, and Elevate Chiropractic just restocked today!
I promise I’ll get Rebecca restocked in Gilbert next week or sometime after the market this weekend.

Online orders will start going out tomorrow! We had 40+ orders placed while we were out of town, and we will get cracking on those tomorrow!
Have no fear! Fresh syrup is near! 😂
Thank you for being patient. 🙏🏻

Tinctures will be bottled on the 30th so I will open up online ordering for those on the 29th, and ship the 31st!
Mark your calendars if you’re waiting on this product because there are A LOT of you wanting them!

As always, we will see you at Uptown Farmers Market this Saturday on Central and Bethany from 7am-11am!

This is the time of the year where it’s best to order/pickup when you’re opening your last bottle (or before since my elderberry syrup bottles will last a minimum of 6 months unopened) to ensure you always have it for emergencies in case I’m backed up with orders.

I try very hard to keep this from happening but this whole operation is run by myself and now Daniel has joined the squad.
Plus, this is his first fall season with all of us you guys!!
He is in for a real treat, huh? Lol! 😂
Let’s have another successful season again together and show him what Arizona Elderberry Shoppe is all about!

By the way....the page hit 8k while we were out of town.
Thank you all so much for being by my side through all the things.
Some of you have been with me since 2017!
I love you all so much and I am so grateful to have the best elderberry family circle!

Goodnight everyone! ❤️
Elevate Chiropractic
Elevate Chiropractic
Elevate Chiropractic
The TRUTH Behind Diabetes

Over 220 million US adults suffer from type 2 diabetes.

Many people have been told that diabetes is genetic and nothing can be done to prevent or reverse it. This simply is not true! 🤥

While genes can play a role and you could have a genetic mutation that may make you more susceptible to diabetes, your lifestyle choices and your brain’s ability to adapt to stress is actually the determining factor when it comes to a diabetes diagnosis.

Much research has been done on this subject including a study of identical twins. 👧👧 These twins had the same genetic make-ups and yet over the course of the 12 year study, the determining factor as to whether or not each individual actually got diabetes came down to lifestyle and the ability for the brain and nervous system to adapt to stress.

Research shows the following lifestyle choices to be associated with the development of type 2 diabetes:

☑️ Inactivity/lack of exercise
☑️ Unhealthy diet high in unhealthy fats and low in fiber
☑️ Overweight/Obesity
☑️ Excess alcohol consumption
☑️ Lack of sleep or abnormal sleep patterns
☑️ Recurrent negative thought patterns

The common denominator in this list is that all of these lifestyle choices place your nervous system in a fight or flight response. This fight or flight status tells the brain to release cortisol. As cortisol levels increase (the primary stress hormones) this increases sugar (glucose) in the bloodstream. This in turn places more stress on various organs to meet this demand and the cycle then continues.

The GOOD News! If your lifestyle choices have placed you in this position (of fight or flight mode) then your lifestyle choices can also move you out of this position. 💪

What lifestyle changes can you make to promote better health and reduce stress on your nervous system?

✅ Start an exercise program
✅ Change your eating habits
✅ Increase water intake and decrease soda and alcohol
✅ Improve your sleep patterns
✅ Change your thoughts, replace negative ones with positive

In addition to these lifestyle changes regular chiropractic adjustments have been proven in research to have a positive effect on the brain and nervous system allowing your body to better adapt to stress. 🧠

And if you already have diabetes, these things could actually help reverse it! YES, reverse it!

Stay tuned this week for more information about how you can prevent and even reverse type 2 diabetes.

Feature Wednesday!! Woohoo!

Hey guys! Go check out Dr. Tuzzolino at Elevate Chiropractic in Scottsdale! He is so amazing! Watch this video to hear a little more about his practice!

Elevate Chiropractic
(480) 588-5111
[email protected]
We can't thank our Sunday in the Park sponsors enough for making this event so special.❤️❤️❤️ We appreciate you!

JW Marriott Phoenix Desert Ridge Resort & Spa, DLC Resources, BVO Luxury Group at Keller Williams Arizona Realty, Jeremy Mueller State Farm Agent, Impact Physical Therapy, Elevate Chiropractic, Edward Jones-Financial Advisor: Kristin Evans, Nu Image Salon & Day Spa, Kathy Jawor with Rodan+Fields, Mo Hamideh with Homeowners Financial Group, Premier Fitness Systems and Dwornik Law.

Make sure you register to join us this Sunday for all the FUN! http://bit.ly/2neZ8gp
We LOVE patient feedback almost as much as we love elevating patient's lives! Got kiddos? No problem! We've got your kids covered while you relax and get adjusted! Here at Elevate Chiropractic, we don't just treat you like a patient, we treat you like family.
Had fun chatting with Elevate Chiropractic this morning!!

We are here to help elevate the health and function of kids and families in our community through pre

We are here to help elevate the health and function of kids and families in our community through premiere chiropractic care.

Operating as usual


🤰Pregnancy and 👶👧Pediatric Care

We 🧡 being here for our Pregnant mommies and their wonderful little ones when they arrive 🤗

We’re all about families here at Elevate Chiropractic!! How can we help you and your kiddos be at your BEST?


🧡And the WINNERS are…

Ken M.
Angelina R. 🙌🙌🎉
We have your prizes at the office!!

There were 369 candies for our Valentine’s Candy Guessing Game!!

Thank you everyone for having fun and participating with us! We hope you had fun and look forward to next time 🥰


Yesterday marked 18 years of being a chiropractor for Dr. T! 🎉

Thank you to everyone who signed the card and celebrated with us!! 🧡


🧡 Happy Valentines Day 🧡

The power of the ultimate self care!! 🙌🙌

Have a wonderful day celebrating all kinds of love!💌

We are here for you and your Nervous System!


Winter in AZ


🎉 Wohoo! Lucy Elevated Up with her first adjustment!






Chiropractic helps increase the frequency of bowel movements and also makes your stool softer 💩🚽


Katrina has Openings next week- who wants in?


How to help A Child with anxiety | PX Docs 01/03/2023

How to help A Child with anxiety | PX Docs

Anxiety can be overwhelming and tough enough for adults, but it’s heartbreaking to watch our kids suffer through it. It may be your six-year old that doesn’t want to go to school, or 10-year old that suffers from the constant stomach pains that can come along with that anxiety, or the teenager that doesn’t want to engage socially with her peers because she’s so worried, stressed, and anxious. Anxiety tends to hit harder during big transitions as well.

I can’t get far into talking about anxiety without tying it all back to the nervous system and how that works. We can tackle feelings of anxiety externally, where it’s coming from, and internally, where nerves that fire together start to wire together.

Read More Here:

How to help A Child with anxiety | PX Docs Anxiety can be overwhelming and tough enough for adults, but it's heartbreaking to watch our kids suffer through it. It may be your six-year old that doesn't

What is The Perfect Storm? | PX Docs 12/29/2022

What is The Perfect Storm? | PX Docs

WHY???? In just 1-2 generations (not near enough time for genetics to actually change much at all), rates of chronic illness in kids have been rising 📈 quickly to absolutely horrendous, troubling levels.
• ADHD & Behavior Problems in kids range from 10-15% and climbing
• Anxiety in kids was 11.6%, then nearly doubled to 20.5% due to the pandemic
• Depression in kids was 8.5%, then more than doubled to 25.2% due to the pandemic
• Overall mental illness in kids now affects 1 in 6 kids and is climbing rapidly
• Autism rates have increased 241% since just 2000, now affecting 1 in 44 kids
Having already noticed this trend as far back as 2008, and most important having been able to identify the real life environmental factors at play that were fueling this rise in chronic illness in our kids, we began to call this The Perfect Storm 🌪.

Read more here:

What is The Perfect Storm? | PX Docs Having already noticed this trend as far back as 2008, and most important having been able to identify the real life environmental factors at play that were

Birth Trauma — Oliver’s Story | PX Docs 12/16/2022

Birth Trauma — Oliver’s Story | PX Docs

Stress incurred during the birth process can be an underlying cause and/or contributing factor to may health challenges in kids from colic, reflux, constipation, difficulty latching, poor sleeping, to ear infections, sensory issues, anxiety, and frequently sick.

Read more here:

Ready to see how Chiropractic can help? Call now to talk with our Team: 480-588-5111

Birth Trauma — Oliver’s Story | PX Docs Birth trauma can affect both the mother and baby post-birth. Pediatric Chiropractic can help care for and avoid long-lasting effects of birth trauma.





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We'll be here Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to check your Nervous System!


Adjustment at work, CALMING the Nervous System







New Bump on the Board - 28 weeks! Welcome to the Elevated Family!


Thanks for the great review 😀


Closing at 4:30!
Enjoy the Afternoon

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We provide compassionate service with a unique and sincere approach, no matter what the reality of your situation is. Through us, we connect you to the vitality that you, your child, and your family deserves.

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