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Dr. Lori Monaco
Dr. Lori Monaco


September is National Vascular Disease Awareness Month and it's a great time to Get Active!
Leading a sedentary lifestyle is one of the biggest risk factors for any type of vascular disease, but thankfully, this is a risk factor that’s within your control.
The American Heart Association recommends 150 minutes of exercise per week, and it doesn't need to be intense either. Even walking around your neighborhood is good for your vascular system.

Try a new activity to squeeze more activity into your day:
💃Dancing Connecticut Dance School

🥾Hiking 一 there are many good hiking trails in Connecticut and nearby states AllTrails + Connecticut Trails

🏃‍♀️Aerobics classes - Orangetheory Fitness Shelton, Orangetheory Fitness Fairfield

👯‍♀️Barre - Pure Barre, Pure Barre , Pure Barre Pure Barre

🚴‍♀️Biking - Visit Connecticut
Sadly I lost my heart monitor recently, does anyone have one that they can sell?
Thank you so much Orangetheory Fitness Shelton for hosting a drive and collecting 1,400 diapers!! We're so grateful for your donation!🧡

If you or your company like to host a product drive, learn more here!

#DiaperBank #Volunteer #BasicNeeds #DiaperDrive #ChangeFromTheBottomUp
When can we expect to see the July classes?
Is anyone else having trouble accessing the App?
Are you taking requests for the Dri-Tri playlist? I know they have in the past.
I’m seeing some other people post about a dri-tri coming up. Are we having one?
What’s up with the giant fork in the OTF at
Home vids? 😂
Have you heard anything?
Any chance of finding a gym buddy to push and encourage each other? I live in Milford and work in Shelton...want to start going two nights a week...but often I'm so dam tired!!
Hell week got us like ...
Believe in yourself and amazing things will follow. 💪 We’re so excited to debut a sneak peek of our new documentary, Momentum Shift, with our OTF family today. Prepare to be inspired by the incredible stories of individuals who found they were stronger than they ever imagined, including our founder, Ellen Latham. The film will be available in theaters and on streaming services soon. Some studios will host screenings of their own, so be on the lookout! Shout out to Orangetheory Fitness Burlington, MA and Orangetheory Fitness Shelton for helping us bring the stories to life.
Thank you To the amazing OTF coaches and family. Dee and I killed this race today 🏃🏽‍♀️💪🏻👊🏻
When you work hard with bands, you get a reward 👍🏻💪🏻 haha don’t be mad coach joe
Thanks for being my co-pilot on this journey. Two years ago today was my first class.

Orangetheory Fitness is the leading high intensity training gym. Our innovative workouts make us a health studio that you will see results at.

Orangetheory Fitness is the leading fitness gym near you. It offers group personal training workouts based on high intensity interval training that blend cardiovascular and strength training. Call our Shelton, CT fitness studio today!

Operating as usual

Timeline photos 10/03/2022

EUPHORIA • 💯 how it feels to complete your 500m row

Your “split time” is your best guide tomorrow. It shows how long it will probably take you to complete your 500m, depending on how much POWER you put in your leg drive. The more power, the lower your split time. And as always … if you need help finding your split time on the monitor, flag down your coach. They’ve got you, we’ve got you, you’ve got you.

Show us with emojis how the euphoria of crushing those 500 meters will feel below ⬇️

Photos from Orangetheory Fitness's post 09/30/2022

Did you know Orangetheory hosts an annual convention?

We soak it all in from industry experts and OTF leaders for studios to bring it all home. The goal is to energize and educate teams from around the globe to keep providing each and every member with the most exceptional experience every time they walk through those studio doors.

is the ultimate uplift. Best kind of over-the top. Innovative, inspiring, insightful.

This event is meant to help us help you gain more momentum. And it’s shifting up like never before.

What to expect:

MORE community
MORE fun

We’re relentless in our pursuit to keep improving. Now, the question: are you?


Hell Week

Project: Hell Week 🤐

After hundreds of tests, we are releasing the eight most challenging (but doable!) workouts that’ve never seen the light of day. Until now.

Your mission: Complete four of the eight workouts from October 24-31. You’ll earn that coveted Hell Week shirt. Bragging rights. A lit-up badge on your Challenges tab.

We know all fitness levels can do this. Registration starts tomorrow. Drop a ✋ or send this to someone who needs to know.


How did you feel before and after your first OTF class?

Timeline photos 09/27/2022

What goes through your mind when sitting in your car after an class?


What's your favorite music to workout to at OTF?

How Exercise Can Improve Your Physical and Mental Health 09/24/2022

How Exercise Can Improve Your Physical and Mental Health

Invaluable – a word to describe your health. An investment in your health is one of the single most important decisions you can make to improve your life. That's why we at Orangetheory are committed to it. But don't take it from us; click here to hear what our members have to say.

How Exercise Can Improve Your Physical and Mental Health What’s your health worth? Plenty. Invest in it through Orangetheory Fitness, and reap the benefits of improved physical and mental health over and again — long after you leave the studio.


🧡😀🥳✌️💪 Your last five emojis are your Orangetheory vibe. Go!

Photos from Orangetheory Fitness's post 09/22/2022

Happy 🍂 Fall might be our favorite season at here at Orangetheory … not sure if it's because we love squashing 🎃 goals or if it’s just something about the color 🧡 Whether you’re preparing to hit an All Out PR or lifting heavier on your deadlifts to pick up the biggest pumpkin in the patch, tell us those goals ⬇️


Power walker appreciation post!

Where's all of our PWers who crush inclines & speed on the Tread? 💪🍊

Photos from Orangetheory Fitness's post 09/20/2022

Connor’s goal: lose 100 pounds in one year.

“The [second] picture was taken in September 2020. I weighed around 340 lbs. College happened. Then a desk job. Then COVID. It all ganged up on me — and that picture finally made me see it.

A few days later, I said the words, ‘I want to lose weight’ out loud. I had thought it a million times in my head before, but just the act of saying it to someone else kickstarted my accountability.”

In December 2020, Connor walked into his first Orangetheory class in a while. He had already put in some work, so when Coach Bekah saw him, she said, “Connor, you look awesome.” This gave him motivation for months.

Then the 2000-meter row happened in summer 2021. It’s no secret, this endurance row is challenging. But when we say Connor did it, he DID it — in 5:56 minutes. He shared his results when @otfnewport posted their leaderboard. “I didn’t expect to get as many comments on it as I did, many from OTF members and employees I barely knew.”

It was the love from this community that inspired Connor to reach his one year, 100 lb. goal.

“Later in 2021 was the mile run challenge. I finished in 5:10. Afterwards, another member just said to me ‘That was a heck of a run.’ I thank the entire OTF community for the encouragement those simple words gave me.”

High-fives, Connor! 🤚 You never know how much a kind word or thoughtful gesture can improve someone’s life story. So, why not say something to someone in class? Or even down in the comments.


Who's going today? Drop your OTbeatReport below! 👇💪

📸 Orangetheory Fitness Hackensack


You are built to Tri! Let’s do this 💪

Drop your photos below after you crush it!


All Out With Aoki

POV: @steveaoki’s bringing the beats for class THIS Monday and you NEED your workout bestie to pre-book & go with you


How are you feeling
after today's Tread Prep?

Photos from Orangetheory Fitness's post 09/14/2022

Do you feel like is your graduation to MORE? To row longer (and feel GOOD about it). To up your Base Pace (you conquered a 5K!).

Thali G. says, “A year ago, I could not even jog. I was 12 kilos above my healthy weight. I was very depressed. [At my DriTri] at @orangetheorycdmx, I rowed 2,000m and did 300 reps on the floor area. I ran 5 kilometers without stopping. Because everything is the attitude. I will never forget this day. And what’s more, for me, It's not just about weight loss. That's the side effect. It's discipline and consistency. It's strength and grace to discover that we are what we believe. We can do absolutely anything.”

Timeline photos 09/14/2022

Up on those treads tomorrow, we’ve got an endurance-focused block for you. Whether you are prepping for or just here for a great workout, here are a couple of tips to try during tomorrow’s tread block.

Focus on your form:

✅ Make sure your feet are landing under your hips
✅ Slight arm swing – hands to hips

Pace yourself! Start conservatively, control your tempo and focus on breathing.

Tell yourself you can, and you will. What’s your mantra to push yourself to keep going? Inspire someone and drop it ⬇️


What motivates you to keep showing up at OTF?


Using emojis, show us how you feel after a workout 💪🍊

Timeline photos 09/09/2022

We’ll tell you in two words: walking recovery. 😉🧡 Now you share yours ⬇️.


What fitness goal are you looking to accomplish through Orangetheory?


Drop your Infinity challenge results below!

Photos from Orangetheory Fitness's post 09/06/2022

was single-handedly the most difficult but also the most rewarding challenge Tanya has ever done. This is her story.

“[My head coach] came up to me after a class and wanted me to give it a try. She truly believed I could do it. I laughed at her. I thought she was crazy. I could barely run one mile, let alone run a 5K, and AFTER a 2000m row AND 300 floor exercises. But I eventually caved and let her sign me up.

I didn’t want to let her down.

Once the first heat started, I was shocked to see the amount of support pouring out for everyone. People cheered EVERYONE on, whether they rowed, ran, walked, tried to hit a PR, or simply tried to finish. When someone got close to finishing their tread distance, they had a little entourage behind them cheering even louder to help them get through the finish line. They did that for Every. Single. Person.

I was almost excited (but still nervous) by the time it was my turn to go. I realized I would be the last one to finish. But it didn’t matter. It was Me vs. Me. I still had the support of everyone cheering me on, every row, rep, and step along the way.

Something that still gives me chills to this day was my last 0.5 miles [on the tread]. I will never forget it. Ashley, one of the coaches at our studio who had already finished the DriTri, jumped back up on the tread next to me. We ran side by side through the finish line.

Not only was the day I completely and wholeheartedly fell in love with OTF Third Ward, it was also the day I learned to believe in myself. I learned to never sell myself short. I CAN in fact do very hard things. I initially did it and kept going because someone else believed in me, but now, I show up to every class, every benchmark, and sign myself up for every challenge because I finally have faith in myself. I truly believe that DriTri is the reason for that.” 🧡💪🏼🍊


Who's that friend you've been trying to do a class with but haven't yet? 🤔


Bench Hop Over Tips

You’ll see this exercise in tomorrow's Infinity workout. It’ll help you build power, condition your core and improve coordination. This is what Coach Ben from OTF Dayton wants you to know:

✅Set your hands right under your shoulders

✅Core stays nice and tight

✅Stay light on your toes

Not too sure about this one? Don’t miss the option at the end of the video.


Infinity Breakdown

♾️ Important breakdown of tomorrow's Infinity workout ahead ➡️➡️➡️

Think of the Infinity signature workout in three parts —

For the 🏃 and 🚣 portions: you’ll work to see how far you can go in one run/row block

On the floor 💪: you’ll practice the same six exercises you'll perform at the main event.

is yours if you show up for Infinity.

Ready? Tag a friend who’s (even if they don’t know it yet). 💪


What's your 2000m Benchmark Row time goal? ⏱💪

Photos from Orangetheory Fitness's post 09/02/2022

Long weekend to-do list: Get that friend you’ve been trying to convince to do Orangetheory with you to attend an OTF class ✌️ (What you do after that is none of our business 😉). What’s your best tactic to get your friends into the studio?


Step one: Tell yourself you’re built to TRI.

🚣 2000-meter row 🚣
💪 300 bodyweight reps 💪
👟 5K run or 1.55-mile walk 👟

DriTri proves how far you’ve come. As a total beginner or a seasoned athlete, it WILL challenge you. It will change you, but no sweat (or actually, lots of sweat). You train every class. Also available are the Sprint and Relay options.

Ready? Of course you are. The weekend of September 17-18, make yourself proud.

Let these Orangetheory members show you the is for everyone (that means you too!):

Timeline photos 09/01/2022

Great job crushing Marathon month, !

A new month is here to set goals and lock 🔐 in.

In September, what do you hope to accomplish?

Drop it below 👇


Green Day (noun) • a day where you come in just to get the good vibes and get your sweat on without pushing it above that 84% max heart rate 💚

Are you enjoying these ? What else would you like to know? 💪🍊


Finish Strong today!

Timeline photos 08/30/2022

You never know when you’re going to be handed a medical diagnosis you have absolutely no control over.

Jen’s health journey started when she was 28 years old with a young daughter who she wanted to be a good example for.

“I started going to Orangetheory and in one year I lost 100 pounds. About 1 year into maintaining my weight loss, I began having some neurological issues, vision loss and seizures. It was soon discovered that I had a very large brain tumor. I underwent brain surgery and had it successfully removed. I spent 4 months in occupational therapy relearning how to do basic tasks like talking, writing, and eating, and trying to regain the 50% of my vision I lost in surgery. I returned to OTF 3 months into recovery after I received my first clean brain scan - It has been my main method of rebuilding strength after having to sit on a couch for 3+ months. OTF is my therapy now. The thing I can do that reminds me how strong I am.”


Challenging yourself is how you get stronger 💪

Come in today to find out how much you're capable of.


How many miles do you have left to hit your marathon month goal?



One step at a time, one foot in front of the other – every mile making you stronger. With just 3 days left in , it’s time to double knot those laces and finish what you started. Who’s with us? ✋

Non-Scale Victories at Orangetheory 08/28/2022

Non-Scale Victories at Orangetheory

Friendly reminder: The scale doesn’t know that you showed up to class 3x this week or that you finally have the endurance to run to catch your flight. These Non-Scale Victories (NSV’s) are accomplishments! Hitting your goals is much more important than a number - read the article below to learn more about NSV’s.

Non-Scale Victories at Orangetheory Non-Scale Victories: Deeper sleep, more energy, better mood and other Orangetheory benefits that have nothing to do with weight loss

Photos from Orangetheory Fitness's post 08/26/2022

PAWSITIVELY pumped for ! 🐾

And on a Friday?! 🙌

Check out a few of our favorite pics from members everywhere. We KNOW there’s gotta be more. , help us out.

🐶 Flood this post with pics of you living with your fur baby ⬇️.


Describe how you feel after a workout in one word 💪

Photos from Orangetheory Fitness's post 08/25/2022

Neon lights and crushing milestones? Count us in! 💪

What are some fun themes your studio has done this year?

📸 Orangetheory Fitness Third Ward


Over or Under? Which is your approach to the rower?

Timeline photos 08/23/2022

Are you Team Treads or Team Floor first?

Janaysha says, “When I first joined, I strongly disliked running on treadmills. I preferred weight training over cardio. Within just a few months of joining OTF this is absolutely changing. I found myself preferring the treadmills more often, AND I can feel my cardiovascular system getting stronger which is a huge deal for me as heart issues are quite prevalent in my family. I recently went from a power walker to a jogger all because of OTF.”


2G or 3G, which is your fav?


Because it's ok to realize you need to pause and embrace where you are.

You got this and we got you! 🧡💪


On the floor, we're working both sides of the body today while doing some climbing on the treads.

Push pace in 3,2,1....Let's go!

Timeline photos 08/20/2022

We’re raising the BPMs today as we go ALL OUT w/ AOKI! 🎶

Drop your splat point total below after your workout 💪

📸 IG/OTFmissionvalley


Rolling hills ⛰
Load and Xplode 💥
Endurance 🏃🏻🏃‍♀️

Today's a great day for a workout! Who's in?


How many miles did you get in during that 23-minute tread block 👀🔥🧡

Photos from Orangetheory Fitness's post 08/18/2022

Spoiler alert: Sharing a common goal of living more life through their journey turns into experiencing living together 💍

Both Averly and Trevor were attending school at West Virginia University when they started their Orangetheory journey – Averly was a division 1 collegiate athlete and a member while Trevor ran obstacle course races and was an OTF coach. Both being athletes at heart, Orangetheory was the perfect place for these two to find each other. After graduating, their career paths sent them to different states and after two months being apart, they realized how much they wanted to be together.

Trevor transitioned his job and they’re now living their best life out in Colorado. Averly says, “During our free time we make Orangetheory a priority, whether it be with me attending one of Trevor’s classes or us attending class together. We love our life together and will forever be thankful that Orangetheory brought us together.”

As we always say, couples who sweat together, stay together. How has your significant other helped you stay accountable to experience ?


OTF Fam! Let's go the distance today.

Are you ready? You got this!

Orangetheory Fitness Shelton

For an hour-long full body workout that is intense and produces the results you desire, come into Orangetheory Fitness in Shelton, Connecticut. Whether you need to take a class before work, on your lunch break, or after work, we have you covered.

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