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Advice and Appointments 12/19/2022

Advice and Appointments

Small Town Pediatrics will be closed for the holidays, Dec 26-30, and reopening with regular hours on Jan 2nd. If you anticipate a refill need for a scheduled prescription medication, please contact our office before 5:00 Dec 22nd.

Dr. Mark or Dr. Scott will be on call as always to provide care advice for urgent needs. Please call or text if your child has an urgent health need. Other requests - appointments, prescription refills, non urgent questions will be answered most quickly by sending a message through our secure patient portal (see web link below or in comments). We wish you all Happy Holidays.

Advice and Appointments Never worry about your child alone. CALL 911 For all Life-threatening Emergencies Then Call Us Contact Us During Office Hours Portal messages are the fastest way to request care advice or any appointment type. Text or call the office staff for help with forms or billing issues. BUSINESS HOURS


🎼Heigh Hooo - It's off to work I go ⚒


Get Vaccinated Oregon

Looking for a place to get the Covid vaccine for your 5 and under? This tool let's you search by county.

Get Vaccinated Oregon


We've had a number of calls from parents seeking Covid vaccines for their younger kids now that the FDA and CDC have reviewed and endorsed the new formulations. Just wanted to let everyone know that Small Town Pediatrics is reaching out to multiple potential partners to see how we can make these vaccines available to our families and others in and around Silverton.

This may take a few weeks to work out, but we will do our best keep everyone informed of opportunities for kids from 6 months to adult age vaccinated.

Is Homemade Baby Formula Safe? 05/16/2022

Is Homemade Baby Formula Safe?

Desperate times do not always call for desperate measures. The baby formula shortage may cause you to consider other choices like watering down formula, using milk substitutes, using homemade formula.

Follow this link to learn why the American Academy of Pediatrics warns against these ideas.

Small Town Pediatrics is sorry finding formula is difficult. Let's make sure to be informed about safe and unsafe choices for your baby.

Is Homemade Baby Formula Safe? ​It's important for your baby's health to stick with products that meet federal standards, prepared according to directions on the label. Although recipes for homemade formulas circulating on the internet may seem healthy or less expensive, they may not be safe or meet your baby's nutritional need...

With the baby formula shortage, what should I do if I can't find any? 05/14/2022

With the baby formula shortage, what should I do if I can't find any?

The baby formula shortage has caused a lot of questions and concerns. What substitutes are safe and good for my baby? Can I make my own formula? What are alternative sources to find baby formula? Follow this link for answers from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

With the baby formula shortage, what should I do if I can't find any? ​Shortages of infant formulas have occurred in some stores, mostly due to pandemic-related supply chain issues and a recent large-scale recall of contaminated products. Read on for tips for families struggling to find infant formula.


Happy Mother's Day to all the Small Town Pediatrics Moms. We appreciate you. 💟💗💓🌷🌸🌹

FDA Warns Consumers Not to Use Certain Powdered Infant Formula Produced in Abbott Nutrition’s Facility in Sturgis, Michigan 02/18/2022

FDA Warns Consumers Not to Use Certain Powdered Infant Formula Produced in Abbott Nutrition’s Facility in Sturgis, Michigan

Just a safety FYI. There has been a recall on dry infant formula. It is very limited - one group of products from one plant. The lot number on the bottom of the can will tell you if your formula may be contaminated.

The FDA is advising consumers not to use Similac, Alimentum, or EleCare powdered infant formulas if:

the first two digits of the code are 22 through 37; and
the code on the container contains K8, SH or Z2; and
the expiration date is 4-1-2022 (APR 2022) or later.

See article for full details.

FDA Warns Consumers Not to Use Certain Powdered Infant Formula Produced in Abbott Nutrition’s Facility in Sturgis, Michigan The FDA is investigating consumer complaints of Cronobacter sakazakii infections and one consumer complaint of infection of Salmonella Newport potentially linke


We're Hiring!!!!! Know a good candidate to be our Part Time Medical Receptionist? Please share this link.

Special Covid Announcement - Omicron Edition 01/17/2022

Special Covid Announcement - Omicron Edition

We are seeing a lot of Covid among our patient families and we know rules for testing and quarantining can be confusing. In an effort to make things a little clearer and hopefully easier, we have put together some basic information about testing, symptom relief, and how to protect your family and community. Please reach out if you have additional questions.

Special Covid Announcement - Omicron Edition Small Town Pediatrics Update - Omicron Edition.   Everyone’s getting Covid…   We have been getting a lot of calls about exposures, tests, and symptoms. Unfortunately with the Omicron variant, our tests don’t seem to be as reliable as with earlier strains. We see families where all members ha...


Our Small Town Pediatrics staff will be taking time with our loved ones to celebrate the holidays. Our office will be closed Dec 24 - Jan 2. But don’t worry, we will still be here for you. As always, Dr. Mark or Dr. Scott will be “on-call” and answering texts and phone calls 24/7 and providing care as needed

Wishing you Happy Holidays, joy, and peace.


How adorable is this? It is rock art with our logo! Many thanks to Ellen Snow Plazola for creating this for us. We aren't cheesy enough to say you rock, but you are definitely stone cold awesome


Small Town Pediatrics wishes a very Happy Thanksgiving to all our families. To take time to be with our loved ones, we will be closed until 9:00 a.m Monday Nov 29th. If you have an urgent need Dr. Mark is on call and can be reached by texting or calling 503 - 400 -3852. For appointment requests please visit our website or message us through the patient portal.


We've got Covid vaccines for 5-11 and 12 and up age groups now. Also Flu vaccine!


Somewhat vague Covid vaccine update. We have a limited number of vaccines for 5-11 year olds. We are waiting to hear when we will receive vaccines for 12-15 year olds. As more information is available we will plan specific days for administering Covid vaccines. Our goal is to offer the vaccine as soon as possible to your kids and to not waste any. Once you open a vial you need enough kids to use it up.

You can inquire by emailing [email protected]

Please note we do have flu shots. Wed afternoons and Thursday mornings are flu shot times. Text (503) 400-3852 or email [email protected] to request a flu shot appointment.

And YES, it is okay to get a flu and Covid vaccine on the same day.


You guys. Another 5 STAR REVIEW.
Thank you Valerie Tony Olson!

"Dr. Hamblin is the best!! We’ve been with him since 2015, since my oldest was 1 1/2 and since I was pregnant with my youngest! He's sooo great. Great at listening. Great at connecting with the kids. Great at offering suggestions, advice and support. We will continue to stay with him even though we don’t live as close anymore."


Thanks to Michelle Fenner for the five star review.


We appreciate you!!!!

"We have been taking our three children to Dr. Mark and Dr. Scott for over a year now. We followed them to their new practice and it is absolutely wonderful! The staff is incredible. They call you right back with answers to your questions, even the Doctor's call you!!!! You do not have to wait hours for answers. You can register, transfer medical records and make appointments online. I highly recommend Small Town Pediatrics to anyone with small children because everyone there just makes you feel so comfortable. Also, if you love Silverton or a small country drive to Silverton... it's totally worth it."


We got our first Google Business Review!!!
And it is 5 Stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Thank you Tara Nelson for your kinds words.

"If you are looking for a great environment with doctors who truly care about your child's health and your concerns than look no further. When you walk in the front door it is warm and welcoming. We have followed doctor Scott Hamblin because he is such an awesome fit for our family. I've never felt that a concern has been ignored or not taken seriously. I always feel listened to and that our visit is tailored to my child's needs. We cannot wait to watch as Small Town Pediatrics grows."

Appointment Request Form 10/14/2021

Appointment Request Form

You can now request appointments online! There is a quick and easy form linked here. Use this for preventive (well child) and chronic condition management appointments. If illness or injury please call or text (503) 400 - 3852

Appointment Request Form Please click the link to complete this form.

Medical Records Release Authorization 09/27/2021

Medical Records Release Authorization

We are getting close, y'all. Look for an email VERY soon inviting you to register your gets and request appointments starting in October.
If you need Dr. "Scott" Hamblin or Dr. "Mark" Helm in the meantime, please call or text (503) 400 - 3852
And if you haven't transferred medical records yet - let's get your kids in our system.

Medical Records Release Authorization Please click the link to complete this form.

Photos from Small Town Pediatrics's post 09/16/2021

Getting the office all spiffed up for our October opening.

PSCS P*P Correction Letter 09/10/2021

PSCS P*P Correction Letter

If you are one of our patient families who received a letter from Pacific Source about a change in your P*P, this has been resolved!


Click the link to learn more.

PSCS P*P Correction Letter Dear Parent, Recently you received a letter with incorrect information about your child’s medical care options. The letter from PacificSource Community Solutions (PSCS), stated that Dr. Mark Helm and Dr. Scott Hamblin will no longer be primary care providers (P*Ps) for PSCS patients. The PSCS lett...


Congratulations to Ashlyn Logan and her kiddos Laney and Everett! They won our Homer Davenport Community Festival drawing for registration at Silverton Gymnastics LLC 🤸‍♀️🤸🤸‍♂️


This Never Gets Old!

A little giggle as you send the kids back to school.😂😂😂 What type of lunch are you packing?


Late Friday (9/3) we learned a large number of our patients received letters with incorrect information. The letters from PacificSource Community Solutions (PSCS) stated that Dr Helm and Dr Hamblin will no longer be primary care providers for their PSCS CCO/Medicaid patients as of the end of this month.

THE PSCS LETTER IS INCORRECT. Dr. Scott and Dr. Mark will be available as primary care providers (P*Ps).

As of Sunday, we heard back from the local CCO director (who is on vacation out-of-state). She has acknowledged the mistake, and the highest levels at PacificSource are working to fix it. Our colleagues at Childhood Health Associates of Salem have also pledged their help.

The Small Town Pediatrics team has worked very hard from the start to make sure all of our current patients can easily continue care with Dr. Mark Helm and Dr. Scott Hamblin. We ARE on-track to open in Silverton in October with the ability to accept all insurance plans (except Kaiser), including PSCS covered patients.

Stay tuned as we all work over the holiday and next week to correct this miscommunication. We all regret any distress the letters may have caused.

Announcement 08/28/2021


Just a little update for everyone waiting for our opening in October...

We are well underway! So far through we've had about 250 families sign up for email updates.

Many families have shared with us the number of kids they are planning to transfer with us, and we are counting more than 300 kids so far. We think that's great since we are still in the early days (and not even open yet).

Dr. Scott and Dr. Mark know many more who are planning to continue to be a part of our practice.

We have created an on-line form for families to authorize medical records to be transferred to the new practice. If you've signed up for email updates or clicked the "sign me up" tab, be on the lookout for an email with a link to this form.

Announcement Opening Soon in Silverton 607 Welch Street Silverton, OR 97381 Phone: (503) 400-3852 Fax: (503) 334-2268 [email protected] FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK Join Our Facebook Group Dr. Scott Hamblin and Dr. Mark Helm have been

Managing Older Siblings While Breastfeeding 08/18/2021

Managing Older Siblings While Breastfeeding

Older siblings are often curious when Mommy breastfeeds the new baby. Here are ideas for including big brother or sister, plus important advice if you are breastfeeding more than one child. 🤱 👶🤱👶

Managing Older Siblings While Breastfeeding Many women who breastfeed their newborns wonder how their older children will respond to nursing sessions and worry about how to keep older siblings occupied during frequent early breastfeeding sessions.

Homer Parade 2021 - Jim Kinghorn 08/18/2021

Homer Parade 2021 - Jim Kinghorn

A Breastfeeding Checklist: Are You Nursing Correctly? 08/16/2021

A Breastfeeding Checklist: Are You Nursing Correctly?

August is National Breast Feeding Month. Here are a few tips for first timers. 🤱👶( . Y . )

A Breastfeeding Checklist: Are You Nursing Correctly? These common signs let mothers know whether or not they are nursing their baby correctly.


Congratulations to Jamie Sims and her son, Ryder, who won our The Oregon Garden Pass giveaway at Homer Davenport Days

Photos from Small Town Pediatrics's post 08/11/2021

August is Summer Sun Safety Month. Dr. Mark suggests sunscreens with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.
🌞 Great for sensitive skin 🌞 Don't have to be applied in advance


Hi Everyone. Today is your last day to come visit us at Home Davenport Days. Shout out to Stayton Sports Store for our spiffy new shirts.


Who is going to Homer Davenport Days Aug 6-8th? Small Town Pediatrics will be there and we've got Dr. Mark, Dr. Scott, swag, and prizes!

Yes,prizes!! Thanks to our community partners Oregon Gardens Revolutionary Dance & Movement Co. and Silverton Gymnastics LLC we will be drawing winners for some pretty cool stuff.

Come by our booth and say "hi"

Vaccine Update & Q+A LIVE w/Dr. Paul Offit 07/31/2021

Vaccine Update & Q+A LIVE w/Dr. Paul Offit

We're getting questions about COVID vaccines in kids and adolescents, particularly as we all face the threat of the delta variant. This video is informative, balanced, and up-to-date. It is worth the 45 minutes to listen to these 2 nerdy/geeky, but committed and informed physicians. Dr. Offit is a respected pediatric infectious disease specialist, and a good communicator. Dr. Damania/ "ZDogg" a hospital medicine doc turned internet 'phenomenon.'

There's a bit of medical jargon and some parts that would be better understood with charts and graphics. But both ZDogg, MD and Dr Offit make it reasonably understandable for us all.

Vaccine Update & Q+A LIVE w/Dr. Paul Offit We're talking with vaccine expert Dr. Paul Offit about variants, kids & COVID-19, boosters, breakthrough infections, misinformation, schools + masks, immunit...

Reading to Children: Why It’s So Important and How to Start 07/29/2021

Reading to Children: Why It’s So Important and How to Start

it is never too early or too late to teach your child the joys of reading. Over the next few days our Facebook Group will be suggesting favorite books for different age groups and tips for getting kids interested in reading.📚📚📚📚

Reading to Children: Why It’s So Important and How to Start One of the most powerful things you can do for your child is to read with them. Learn more about the benefits, along with tips for reading to babies, toddlers, and beyond.


At Small Town Pediatrics we are committed to providing top quality medical care in a small and highly personal practice setting. Our goal is to help all our Small Town kids achieve their best start toward their healthiest and happiest life.

We believe that you should never worry about your child alone.

As pediatricians, Dr. Mark and Dr. Scott are experienced and knowledgeable about medical, developmental and behavioral health from infancy through adolescence.

We are very excited to be returning pediatric care to Silverton starting in October 2021. Our office in the Northwest Medical Building is conveniently near Legacy Silverton Hospital. With text messaging, secure email through our easy-to-use patient portal, and telemedicine visits, ready access to your child’s doctor is always as close as your phone.





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