"A fun place for children with developmental and sensory needs" We are a pediatric occupational therapy clinic specializing in sensory processing disorders, autism spectrum disorders, and developmental delays resulting from a variety of diagnosis.

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[08/13/20]   Good luck to all the TherapyLanders and area children starting school at Thomas Jefferson today! You guys got this!!!! We are here cheering you on and ready to assist with your school needs!

If anyone needs any schools supplies Willow Ridge Rehab and Living Center (Skilled Nursing Facility) is hosting a back to school drive thru!

Handy chart posted by some fellow OT’s few days ago.... and with the earthquake around here this am, guess we need to pay attention to that item in 12-15 year old category that says “knows emergency response to fires, earthquakes, strangers”. See! Us OT’s got this & preparing your child!


***Read below steps on HOW TO TEACH CHORES.***

Last week's OTTTT was about introducing chores to your kids, the first step for them to help out other people, develop a sense of responsibility and accountability, and becoming independent in performing life skills.

Your usual chores-by-age guide just got the Growth OT Treatment! 🍳🍳

We didn't only group them by age, but also by category depending on the level of difficulty and the skill level needed to complete each chore.

Introduce them to your kids gradually until it becomes part of their routine.

1. MODEL. Show them how it's done. Allow them to observe you and watch you do the chores. Bring them to the kitchen or the grocery store. Talk them through the steps. 🧹🧹

2. ASSIST. Break the chore to smaller steps and allow them to do some parts of the chore. Gradually assign more steps to them until they can perform the entire chore. 🗑🗑

3. GUIDE. Give verbal reminders to check on errors or missed steps and to refocus on the task when they get distracted. Give cues and tips on how to do a step better. Give praise and make the chore a family bonding experience. 🛒🛒

4. ENCOURAGE INDEPENDENCE. Keep giving time and effort doing the chore with your child until you can incorporate the chore into their daily routine. Make bed right before they leave the bedroom. Pack away toys before they sleep. Water plants before they take a shower. 🍽🍽

**Watch our OTTTT about chores (link below!) and watch OTTTT #3 tonight at Growth with OT Cesar** 🥰🥰

[08/08/20]   From us therapists at TherapyLand and around the US, to all the wonderful teachers:

Dear Teachers, ❤️

We were terrified.
We were not ready.
We didn’t know what was to come.
We did not want to change our ways.
We couldn’t imagine what each day would look like.
We were stressed, exhausted, overwhelmed, and anxious.

But fast forward 5 months.

We are ok.
We have adapted.
We are stronger together.
We are essential.
We feel our worth.
We make a difference and others know it.
We are proud to go to work.

I know many of you return to work in the next few weeks and it is scary but I promise it will be okay. Be flexible, be strong, be creative, and be proud! You are so needed and remember that now more than ever these kids need your 💙 and support.
We’ve got this (teachers and medical staff) and this too shall pass!

Just thought you could use a little encouragement from some people who have felt what you feel.

Your Therapist Friends!

Love on the Spectrum | Official Trailer | Netflix

Finding love can be hard for anyone. For young adults on the autism spectrum, exploring the unpredictable world of dating is even more complicated. Love on t...

Stride Rite Rolls Out Shoes For Kids With Special Needs A major shoe company is unveiling sneakers specifically designed for children with special needs.

Word Porn

Sometimes angels are disguised....

Amazing Auditions

❤️❤️❤️ Nothing makes us OT’s happier than seeing someone find their passion and never give up on reaching their dreams. OT is all about “living life to the fullest” and this is so heartwarming to see this wonderful young man do just that!

INSPIRING dancer Andrew has Cheryl in TEARS 😢

Psyched Mommy

I had a very specific event not too long ago that left me on the verge of breakdown. It seemed so silly, but it felt like I was receiving every bit of sensory information in the room. I was cooking while I had my son watch a cartoon, the oven fan was going, he kept running up to Alexa and requesting songs, my husband walked in to ask me a question, and I was sure I was going to lose it.

Immediately, I shouted like my life depended on it “please, turn that down...turn it off.”

This is not the only case of sensory overload I’ve experienced. I’ve noticed it more and more as I’ve become a mother. I’ve swapped silent car rides for car rides entertained by Blippi’s top musical performances, snack requests, and what feels like 100 questions.

Some days I take it all in stride, and others I feel like I’m drowning in sensory input. Given how much I’ve noticed sensory overload in my life since becoming a mother, I thought it would be a great opportunity to discuss this week.

Have you experienced this? Share with me…

[07/19/20]   Congratulations to all of the area seniors graduating this weekend! We are so proud of all of our TherapyLanders past and present that are graduating!!!!

High IQ and ADHD: How Intelligence and Identity Collide High IQ and ADHD are not mutually exclusive. Learn from an expert about high-achieving adults with ADD, and take steps to solve problems that stem from misconceptions.




Broward Chapter

OT Memes



U.S. Pediatricians Call For In-Person School This Fall The dangers of social isolation outweigh the risks of in-person classes for most children, says the American Academy of Pediatrics.


“I have ADHD and have taken medication for it since I was a child… having ADHD, and taking medication for it is nothing to be ashamed of nothing that I’m afraid to let people know.”

We love the no-nonsense response of Simone Biles when she discussed her ADHD. She's right. It's nothing to be ashamed of.

Read on for the stories of 19 other famous people with ADHD, like Justin Timberlake, Solange Knowles, Adam Levine, Channing Tatum, and more.

Clap Your Hands

Early Autism Signs - early intervention is the key!

Dank ADHD Memes

TherapyLand is saddened to hear of the loss of an area child. Her family, friends, teachers, and any of our TherapyLanders that knew her are in our hearts and prayers during this most difficult and tragic time. We hope all of our community can use this angel’s life to remind us ALL to encourage love, not hate toward one another. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

The Forest City - Dunbar family is incredibly saddened at the loss of one of our students Aaliyah Norris. Please keep her family and friends in your prayers. If your child is in need of support coping during this difficult time, feel free to reach out to the school.

Angela Anagnost-Repke, Writer

They're worth it.

For more, follow Angela Anagnost-Repke, Writer.

TRAY WALKERS: Studies Show Kids that Use Tray Walkers are Delayed in Mental and Motor Skills Studies Show Kids that Use Tray Walkers are Delayed in Mental and Motor Skills This article provides helpful information about tray walkers and your child’s development. Affiliate links are included for your convenience. Checklist also included below. Integrated Learning Strategies (ILS) is a lear...

OT Memes

For ALL children and all children with some extra special needs. We know how much a strong father really means to children. You guys are our heroes!!

Thank you to all of our heroes!! Happy Father’s Day to some awesome Dads!!!!


What’s the big deal about #wsitting? #OccupationalTherapy can help


Harmony of the Mind, Body, & Soul LLC

So true! 💛


Benefits of #barefoot

Michael Jackson - Heal The World (Official Video)

We love everyone at TherapyLand and stand by all. No one should be discriminated against no matter their race, nor their sex, religion, wealth, age, or disability. We have always stood for assisting everyone in obtaining the goals rightfully theirs, and fought for our patients’ rights. We will continue to do so no matter the obstacle. Human ignorance and racism lead to destruction and our world does not need anymore destruction or division!! Let’s get through all of these challenges together... with love, positivity, understanding, change, and support for our fellow Americans. We support all our TherapyLanders and our community. Peace, Love, Freedom, Equality, Liberty, and Justice for all. 🇺🇸

“Heal The World” by Michael Jackson Listen to Michael Jackson: The “Heal The World” short film furthered Michael Jack...

Dyslexic Renegade

I forgot where I saw this but imagine? What about dyslexia? Imagine dyslexia was a good thing at schools and not “we can’t help you bc we don’t have the funding”? Having dyslexia in a not dyslexic world is hard but dyslexic kids allowed to learn the way that works for them then it would be a good thing.

American Occupational Therapy Association - AOTA

An important message from AOTA’s leadership on justice and systemic racism.

Occupational therapy in an equine environment benefits youth with autism - College of Health and Human Sciences A recent CSU pilot study aimed to develop and evaluate occupational therapy in an equine environment for youth with autism.

Polyvagal Theory: Why ADHD Brains Can’t Get Anything Done in Quarantine

Why ADHD’ers (adults and kids) struggle to accomplish much during this pandemic Can’t get anything done lately? The polyvagal theory helps to explain ADHD paralysis in quarantine, and points the way to better productivity.

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