Come Play, STL

Come Play, STL exists to serve children and families through a holistic non medicated approach to pediatric mental health utilizing medical professionals.

Come Play, STL exists to serve children and families through a holistic non medicated approach to pediatric mental health utilizing medical professionals.

Come Play Friends, we hope you have a great holiday today. We are so thankful to know you, and we love working with you every single day! You are amazing!

58 Fun and Easy Yoga Poses for Kids (Printable Posters)

We love doing yoga with our Come Play friends. Here are some fun poses you can try at home along with printable posters: Our yoga characters demonstrate 58 fun and easy yoga poses for kids, followed by the yoga pose name, possible keywords, and descriptions.

Come Play grown-ups, we think you’re amazing and that you deserve some grade-A self-care. What are some ways you model caring for yourself to the young people you love?

How to Talk to Children about Mental Illness - Moments A Day

Feeling a bit lost about how to talk with your kiddos about mental illness? Check out these helpful tips – we use many of these here at Come Play! Advice from psychologist about how to talk to children about mental illness with an easy list of "dos" and "don'ts" so you know how to get started.

The Toddler Years Bucket List - All The Most Fun Activities to Do with Toddlers before they're Big Kids!

Do you have toddlers at home craving some fun? What about adding some of these ideas? The Most Fun Things to do with Toddlers before they’re Big Kids! (Well, OK- plenty of these are fun for big kids too, but you can start playing today…)

Storybooks that Build Character + Printable Activity Pages - Moments A Day

Looking for new books for your family’s collection? Check these books out, along with the free printable activity pages that go with them: A series of 12 storybooks that build character along with activities and printables to help further the discussions.

Hey Come Play grown-up friends! What’s your favorite lesson you’ve learned from your kiddos?

Inspiring a Connected Childhood ~ Top 5 Things I Love Doing With My Kids - Moments A Day

Come Play adult friends! What are your VERY favorite things to do with your kids? If you are wondering about inspiring a connected childhood with your kids, check out these five simple and fun ways to spend time with your kids and help them feel special.

Rainy Day Sensory Activities (Using things you already have at home)

Are your kids craving some sensory play outside of their super fun OT time? Check out these ideas: A rainy day doesn’t have to be boring! My kids love art / sensory projects and being stuck indoors is a great time to pull those out. Here are a few of our favorites, with affiliate links so you can find what you need easily: 1. Blank Canvas. Tape a paper or plastic tablecloth to...

The Best Christmas Games for Kids That’ll Occupy Them for Hours

Ahh! The holidays are approaching quickly! Are you in charge of planning a Christmas party for little ones this year or just looking for some activities to add to your family celebrations? Check out these cool ideas! It’s impossible not to have fun with these DIY ideas.

A Mike Smigiel Visual

Clinical anxiety looks different for different people, but it inhibits us from living our fullest lives. This depiction of one teenage girl’s struggle with anxiety is helpful to keep in mind: Director / Cinematographer in Baltimore, Maryland

5 Activities to Help Children Develop Emotional Control - Moments A Day

Emotional control, not something that’s easy for any of us to develop no matter our age. But here’s some tips to help our young friends with it: Recognizing feelings and learning what to do with them - here are five activities to help children develop emotional control.

Slime Recipes for Kids

Needing something fun to do at home following the spooky, exciting holiday? Check out these slime recipes:

Friends! We hope you have a great time tonight and love hearing about the big events in your life when you Come Play with us. Stay safe, and we want to hear all about your costumes!

Hi friends! We have an exciting event coming up for your children to participate in.... yoga class for kids! Join our certified yoga instructor, Julie Kopf, on an adventure learning about mindfulness and body control. Details below:

Friday November 15, 2019 - 11:00 - 11:45am
$10 per person
All children ages 5 and up are welcome!
If interested please email: [email protected]

Check out some of the incredible benefits of yoga!

Is Your Smart Child Feeling Discouraged? Find Out How a Growth Mindset Can Help - Moments A Day

We are ALL about growth mindsets here at Come Play. How do you help your kiddo focus on growth? We all want to raise kids that try, try again! Here are some resources, including free printables, that can encourage a growth mindset in your children.

Come play with us!

Kinetic Sand Activities for Kids

Kinetic Sand! Is your family a fan? We sure are! Check out these cool activities to do with your Kinetic Sand stash:

Real Psychologist Reviews Mental Illness In Movies

Whether or not we realize it, the media we consume teaches us about Mental Disorders – for the better and for the worse. This video of a certified Mental Health professional breaking down popularized films depicting people living with mental disorders is solid food for thought:

What does a real psychologist think of how mental illness is portrayed in movies? Dr. Ali Mattu, clinical psychologist at the Columbia University Medical Cen...

The Healing Power of Play - Thrive Global

Do adults need play? Absolutely! Check out these tips to connect to your inner drive for play: Hit pause on adulting! Five steps to re-connect to your inner child, and why giving yourself permission to simply play again can be deeply transformative.

As parents, we all ask ourselves questions like "How can I stop my child from behaving like this?" "What can I do to manage their behavior?" "Is there something wrong with him?" What if instead, we started asking the questions: "What is her behavior telling me?" "How can I improve my relationship with my child?" Curious? Watch this short video and email [email protected] to find out more about our upcoming Circle of Security Parenting Series.

What Is Sensory Processing Disorder?

We treat Sensory Processing Disorder at Come Play, STL!®i_id=93207877 Children who are deemed ‘sensitive’ or ‘picky’ might be struggling with a treatable condition.

Parents new or seasoned join Kristen Borgmeyer for 8 weeks as she walks through Circle of Security with you. Watch the video to find out what it’s about. Contact [email protected] to sign up or to answer your questions.

We were ranked as one of the best Occupational Therapist teams in St. Louis two years in a row!!! We are grateful for this honor and are blessed to do what we love every day. We could not have dreamed up better kiddos and families to care for either!

This Is Autism

“I love to be different, and I love to know I can teach the world that we all should be included, differences and all. People should know people with autism have bright futures.” We asked 5 people and 1 parent to share their experiences with autism.

Medical Philosophy 101

Feeling confused about all this therapy jargon? Check out this page on our website, which gives a description of all the approaches we use here at Come Play, STL: Learn the Research Basics Behind Our Approach

Come Play with us!

Kids Watch Ghostbusters for the First Time | Kids Watch | HiHo Kids

Their viewing of Ghostbusters didn’t go very well for these kiddos. What happens when you’ve shown your little love some movies from your past?

Check out the #HiHoKids watch Ghostbusters for the first time on our new series #KidsWatch! Be sure to let us know your favorite moments from this episode be...

6 surprising facts about Play & Creative Arts Therapy

Just some quick reminders about what play does for our brains, particularly children’s’ brains: Perhaps you only just heard of Play Therapy or you’ve never quite understood why it’s beneficial for children who are struggling? In honour of National Play Therapy week in the USA, here are quick 6 key surprising features of play & creative arts therapy that many don’t know about! 

Come Play with us!

Kids Meet an Opera Singer | Kids Meet | HiHo Kids

We love this video of kiddos meeting an opera singer. What would the young people you love do if they met an opera singer?

Learn more about Angel Blue! Website: Instagram: Facebook:

50 Things to do with Kids in St. Louis Before They Grow Up | Alpha Mom

Come Play, STL is so grateful to be located in St. Louis, a city with so many kid-friendly adventures can be found! What STL adventures has your family experienced?

Finding out my child is autistic wasn't easy—but I learned something amazing about myself

We know some of our Come Play parents need this letter to Autism today: It is tough at times, for sure, but you have opened my heart up completely, and you have made me a better person in the process. Thank you.

Free Printable Worry Monster Tracker

Our adult intern Katharine is pretty sure she needs this “Worry Monster Tracking Sheet” for herself, maybe your kiddo could get some use out of it too? Free printable worry monster tracking sheet for kids {coping with anxiety worksheets for kids}

There’s so much possibility in a clean surface, isn’t there? We love seeing our adult friends enjoy a little work/leisure time while we play with our young friends.

Come Play with Us!

Kids Meet a Terminally Ill Person | Kids Meet | HiHo Kids

(TEAR ALERT!) Our friends and families come see us in times of grief at times. Have you been having difficult conversations with your kiddos about death lately? We think this video is a beautiful example of how to do so:

Sponsor this series: Come play with us! Sign up at to get updates on HiHo, special offers, and exclusive behi...

The Most Fun Games to Play on a Road Trip with Kids

Is your family going on a road trip this summer? Check out these fun games to play: Keep kids happy, make memories and build connection with these interactive games to play on a road trip. We do a lot of driving and these are our favorites.

How Being Not Quite Perfect Makes you A Good Parent

This blog post from Picklebum might be 5 years old but is still extremely relevant. Parent perfectionism be gone! Being not quite perfect is not only ok, it actually makes me a good parent.

Autism Books Everyone Should Read

Looking for some resources to better understand your child’s Autism diagnosis and all the gifts and challenges which come with it? Check out this resource list: A list of the best books about autism for parents.

The Tree House, one of our friends’ favorite places here at Come Play!

Play Therapy TV Commercial

This commercial is always a good reminder of how kiddos communicate and how play therapy can help them to do so. Also, it makes us chuckle

"Here is a fun take on the concept of bullying and how kids talk to adults. Plus, we shot it at the house of one of our Cinematographers! The spot was produc...

Come Play with us!

What Makes You Feel Loved? | 0-100

What makes you feel loved Come Play friends?

We brought in people ages 0-100 to answer some of life’s big questions. In this episode, we asked the question, "what makes you feel loved?" Let us know in t...

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