Dr. Marva Robinson

Dr. Marva M. Robinson, Licensed Clinical Psychologist based in St. Louis, MO

The Official Statement of The Association of Black Psychologists, Inc:

“Our protest is the collection of voices unheard, the fury of the invisible, and the power of the grieving. We will continue until justice is served. Our protest is our Breath.”

#TheABPsi #ZolaUp #OurProtestIsOurBreath

The Official Statement of The Association of Black Psychologists, Inc:

“Our protest is the collection of voices unheard, the fury of the invisible, and the power of the grieving. We will continue until justice is served. Our protest is our Breath.”

#TheABPsi #ZolaUp #OurProtestIsOurBreath

The Official Statement of The Association of Black Psychologists, Inc:

“Our protest is the collection of voices unheard, the fury of the invisible, and the power of the grieving. We will continue until justice is served. Our protest is our Breath.”

#TheABPsi #ZolaUp #OurProtestIsOurBreath

[05/24/20]   Never run back to what broke you...
-Madam CJ Walker

Happy Mothers Day to all those listed below:

Dr. Jameelah

Homeopathic Doctor Jameelah Franklin.

Listen to my story and favorite herbs that can help you cope with anxiety and stress!

[02/13/20]   Even when the fog is so deep- you can’t see the road in front of you, just step anyway. Trust your foot will land where it’s supposed to.


Veteran's Radio Network - 2 - 9-20

soundcloud.com Listen to Veteran's Radio Network - 2 - 9-20 by KTRS 550am #np on #SoundCloud

Set In Soul

I highly recommend journaling to all my patients. Something like this helps elicit things when staring at a blank sheet is hard.

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I was working with a patient recently and he was ashamed to talk about how he was feeling about the death of Kobe Bryant. He kept saying “but I’ve never met him, he didn’t even know I existed. I’ve never even been to a game!” He was confused as to why he was sad, tearful and grieving the loss of a man he’d never met?

You don’t have to have a physical relationship to have genuine feelings about someone. Celebrity deaths often impact millions of people- most of whom have never been in the same place as the celebrity they admire. Emotional connections are formed in more ways than one- when you admire someone, celebrate their success, and have interest in their personal lives- you have formed an emotional connection. So it’s only normal to grieve their death. In essence you are grieving the loss of a personal relationship. Think about it. Ever have a friend your extremely close to and months or years can go by without you talking? However, if they are in trouble or need you- your the first to be there. It’s the same thing. The emotional connection, bond, and admiration surpasses time and distance. So please give yourselves permission to express and feel the grief that you know is there. There are more people around sharing your same feelings than you’d know.

Set In Soul

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This Moving Company Helps Women Leave Abusive Homes At No Cost

goodnewsnetwork.org A California moving company has been donating its time and labor to help victims of domestic violence move safely and quickly.


A Special Veterans Day Episode

Veterans Day is tomorrow, and I am a strong believer in honoring those who serve. We can be critical lovers of our country—loving it enough to work to make i...


Veterans Day Discounts 2019, Free Meals, Resources Exclusive to Veterans - VAntage Point

Everyday I thank the brave men and women who have served this country. On Monday Nov. 11th Dozens of restaurants will proudly serve free meals. Check it out!

blogs.va.gov The Veterans Day 2019 list of resources, discounts, free meals for Veterans will continue to be updated. Veterans Day Discounts


Magnesium Puts Psychiatric Drugs to Shame for Depression

collective-evolution.com Depression is one of the most widely diagnosed conditions of our time, with over 3 million cases in the U.S. every year, and 350 million believed affected worldwide.1 Conventional medicine considers antidepressant drugs first-line treatments, including the newly approved injected postpartum drug cos...


Violence can lead to PTSD in children

ksdk.com "I don't think people really talk about the trauma, that it has an effect."


National Conference on Culturally Competent Response to Disaster

An upcoming conference to support other communities dealing with natural and man-made disasters.

eventbrite.com To respond to the increase in natural disasters, learn about successful disaster-related strategies for marginalized and rural communities.

Discussions after seeing “When They See Us” is recommended. A brief debriefing can make a significant difference.

[06/13/19]   Definition- Battered Community Syndrome:
Battered Community Syndrome (BCS) much like the legal defense “Battered Women Syndrome” it is a buildup of psychological stressors created by a pattern of on-going long-term abuse, insults, injuries, and taunting of a community by those who control it- but do not reflect it. The insults can come in the way of seeing police patrol cars driving up and down your street multiple times a day, being followed by police as you drive down your own street with a spotlight on your car or being followed while in your local community store.
Over time, and with the inability to simply uproot- learned helplessness sets in and the community accepts their plight as their forever. There will forever be a heavy police presence, their stores will forever be owned by non-community members and you will forever be antagonized by your city government, police department and school district.
It becomes extremely dangerous- when learned helplessness sets in because the individuals who occupy and entire community all share in the misery- there is no way out. Hope diminishes. Motivation to leave is but a fantasy. This morbid, psychological paralysis reinforces the message to the community they are not “members” of a community- but are instead victims, held captive by their marginalized status.
The community can be described as a powder keg- but contained by the need to protect one another. The explosion occurs when a member of the community is assaulted, murdered, or publicly shamed. At that moment, the catalyst is the enforcer who has tapped the powdered keg too hard- leading to the reaction of a very emotionally damaged community.

Dr. Marva Robinson

An Amazing opportunity for our veteran's! Free Estate Planning! Ever thought about drafting a will? getting your affairs in order? or having a lawyer to review your insurance policies- you can have that done for free!!!


CaseSearch - MuniCourtNet

***ST. LOUIS*** A three-day warrant amnesty program will be held March 4-6 in St. Louis Municipal Court.

The court, at 1520 Market Street, will be open from 8am to 7pm March 4 and March 5 and from 8am to 5pm March 6. Defendants should bring valid photo identification with their name on it.

*people with outstanding warrants for many types of city ordinance violations can show up in court on those days to pay fines without facing arrest. Once the warrant has been resolved, they will get a new court date or be put on a payment plan

** the amnesty excludes people charged with driving under the influence, leaving the scene of an accident or with violations related to prostitution

check your name to be sure you do not have a warrant at:

article- https://www.stlouis-mo.gov/government/departments/municipal-courts/news/st-louis-municipal-courts-offers-warrant-amnesty-program-march-4-6.cfm


[02/15/19]   ATTENTION:
St. Louis City has a plan of action for our homeless for Friday 2/15/19.
"St. Louis Winter Outreach will be activated tonight for the winter operations protocol for shuttle services. Due to the predicted weather conditions/low temperatures, overflow cots will be available to shuttle people too.

St. Louis Metro is providing a warming bus at 13th and Market St from 5-7pm, providing a reprieve from the elements, while shuttling to shelters occurs from 5:30-7pm."

[02/12/19]   Therapeutic Vacation Query:
How do you think you and 1 partner of your choosing would do staying in Alaska for 2 weeks during winter- in a log cabin without any electricity or running water?

[02/09/19]   You can start or end your day on a productive foot! What is a goal you have for today? It doesn’t have to be a large goal, or in-depth. It can be- “my goal is to sort through this weeks mail”. So- even if you have a months worth of mail piled up- remember- you are only sorting this week! So what goal will you set for today?

If you or someone you know receives Food Stamps, you will also be impacted by the partial government shut down. Please read this flyer below.

Happy Friday!

[01/09/19]   Good morning!

Always be mindeful of how you seek support from- friends and family seem like good options but their response will be filtered by THEIR experiences, which is not the same as YOUR expereince.

If anyone ever tell you "get over it", "let it go", "your being a victim" it's a sure sign they are not the person you should be confiding in.

Black British World

Dare to be bold! Dare to switch lanes!

British actor Idris Elba drops some words of advice


Navigating divisive issues at the holiday dinner table with Dr. Marva Robinson

Enjoy thanksgiving while having interesting dialogue!

news.stlpublicradio.org In the upcoming weeks, friends and family will gather for delicious holiday meals. But sometimes, those meals turn bitter if loved ones discuss polarizing


Home - Mental Health America of Eastern Missouri

Looking for mental health information? Support groups? Information in general? Check out this website.

mha-em.org Just about every form of mass media has done an excellent, but erroneous and misguided, job in distorting and stereotyping the behaviors of Sociopathy and Psychopathy. The terms are tossed about in everyday conversation, often without understanding the meaning or realizing they are not synonymous. B...


My White Friend Asked Me on Facebook to Explain White Privilege. I Decided to Be Honest

yesmagazine.org He wanted to know how institutional racism has made an impact on my life. I’m glad he asked, because I was ready to answer.

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