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Timeline photos 12/03/2022

Timeline photos


Timeline photos 12/03/2022

Timeline photos


Timeline photos 12/03/2022

Timeline photos




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Timeline photos 12/03/2022

Timeline photos







How are you doing through all of 'this'?

With so many changes this year along with technology being a priority for communicating with friends/family, etc., it can leave you feeling isolated, alone, disconnected from people and things that help make us feel vital and valued in our lives.

You're truly not alone if you're feeling this way. I can help you get through this and come out of this time even more connected! Message me to schedule your first session FREE!!




On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being the least, 10 being the most) how OVERWHELMED are you feeling? If you've been in school, have any child(ren) in school, work, don't work, have family/friends in your life, you MAY have been feeling overwhelmed at least once a day... how intense it is depends on your individuality.
This is an election year, we are dealing with covid-19, racial 'explosions', & (potentially) just wanting to protect ourselves & loved ones through this, hoping it will end SOON! (Who could've guessed we'd be HERE at this time last summer...)
SO Many changes--people are revamping their lives, re-evaluating...do you feel stuck, lost, uncertain, scared...I can help! All healthy relationships begin with YOU!! I'm Here. And You are NOT alone!
If you'd like to message me, schedule a time to chat, Skype, just listen...I look forward to hearing from you. 😊

Image: How to Volunteer at an Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand | Go Overseas 06/28/2020

Image: How to Volunteer at an Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand | Go Overseas

...And speaking of coined phrases like 'the elephant in the room', if you are on social media site(s), belong to a gym, listen to or watch the news, chat w/family & friends, you're probably aware of a FEW things transpiring around you lately--regarding our world, our country, individuals...along with regular 'life' you're dealing with. How are you doing with the 'elephant(s)' in your room'? I can help you get through this! Message or call me if you'd just like to chat for a while. Your first session is free! 🙂

Image: How to Volunteer at an Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand | Go Overseas Found on Google from gooverseas.com

Most Funny and Cute Baby Elephant Videos Compilation 06/28/2020

Most Funny and Cute Baby Elephant Videos Compilation

Just for Fun...Did you know: Elephants are smart, emotional, self-aware and highly social creatures, they have incredible memories, & their ears can reach up to 5 feet long?!!

What video have you watched recently that's made you smile or laugh?

Most Funny and Cute Baby Elephant Videos Compilation Cute and funny baby elephants. Baby elephants playing, cuddling, racing, swimming, dancing and more! Puppies & Babies & Kitties OH MY! New videos all the tim...

The Space-Time Continuum 06/28/2020

The Space-Time Continuum

Are you familiar with the 'time-space continuum'? Do you feel like we're in one now, a new one? How are you 'coping' with limitations, restrictions on you, your family, etc.? I'm here if you need to sort some things out. It WILL Get Better! Deep breaths! We can message, Skype, chat on the phone...


The Space-Time Continuum More at https://philosophytalk.org/shows/space-time-continuum. Strange things are said about time: that it's illusory, that it has no direction. But what abo...


How are you? Really.
Technology can be fun, lonely or both. Share below or message me. I’ll chat with you. 😊


Where does Your Strength come from? Family, Friends, Reflecting/being alone, Nourishment you provide for your body, Movement/Exercise/Rest, How & Where you Work/Live...
Boundaries you do or don't set...All of the Above?

We are created to keep moving forward on our journey, to keep desiring more from ourselves & our lives...are you content with Your Strength?

If not, I can help! Your first session is free!! Message me. 😊


Happy New Year!! Did you Celebrate? Work? Spend time with family or friend(s)? Go to be early? Whatever you did or didn't do, I hope 2020 is an Amazing Year for you with more coming into your life that you desire and that makes you Happy!! 😊


'Children Live what They Learn' is a famous quote you may have heard of. When we grow up, become adults, start living our own lives, WE Get to Choose! How we live, the choices we make, who we spend time with, where we work, if we go to church or where, etc. Are you 'following' rules you were raised with to make someone else happy...still? You can make choices that make YOU Happy, respectfully and lovingly!!
{I can help! Your first session is FREE!!! Message me! 😊 }

Katy Perry - Roar (Official) 10/17/2019

Katy Perry - Roar (Official)

Do you ever feel sad, down? Is the relationship you're in not satisfying for one or more reasons? Or are you currently single, maybe missing someone or just missing having someone special in your life?
Whether you're single or not, it's Very Ok to feel low once in a while. Do you have a friend or two you can confide in? A dog, cat, maybe a gerbil?! A child/children who make you smile, laugh? What if you don't have any of those options in the moment? What then?
There are So Many genres and realms of music around us: movies, tv, the radio, itunes, pandora, church, live concerts, karaoke, etc. Do You Have an Absolute Favorite Song?! It might not be easy to choose just one!!
Do you ever replay a song that reminds you of your vitality, strength, courage, value--as Loud as You Can & Sing to it as Loud as You Can?!! If you haven't or haven't lately, the time is NOW!! It's 'therapeutic', I assure you!
If there is more you need--to talk about, seek guidance for, message me for your first session at no charge!! I can help! 😊

Katy Perry - Roar (Official) Get “Roar” from Katy Perry’s ‘PRISM’: http://katy.to/PRISM Katy Perry Complete Collection on Spotify: http://katy.to/SpotifyCompleteYD Katy Perry Essentials ...


Do you ever feel like your day--at work, school (class all day, a long lecture)--or even an hour can be loooong?! Our metaphorical sayings: "Life is Short" can be ironic at times! I believe it's meant to be a reminder of doing and being the best of who you are--being true and good to yourself and others in your life, to be intentional and open about what you want from your own life and others.
Life...people...relationships can be complicated, even 'messy' sometimes. As much as we'd like to, we can't just overcome difficulties at the snap of our fingers.
People come and go from our lives--sometimes when we don't have a say in it.
Are you struggling with a relationship in your life, not knowing how, what, when, where--to move forward or 'handle' what you're going through?
Life IS too short...I can help you move forward! 😊
Message me if you'd like to schedule your first session at no charge (we can meet in person if you're local, skype, have a conversation on the phone)!


Has someone ever asked you to give them...more space, privacy (if it's a teenager, maybe), give you more compliments, express more of your thoughts, feelings, even actions? What about YOU? Have you (ever) wanted someone to do more of something or be better with you in some way?
Do you believe this means it changes who that person is? If you've been asked for more from someone, does it make YOU feel like they don't accept you? Or is it in how they ask you?
This can be tricky sometimes...or simple, depending on the dynamics in your relationship and who you and the other person are!
Giving someone more compliments or asking for them doesn't change your personality...does it?! Some people believe that to be true.
What do YOU believe?
***Message me if you'd like to schedule an appointment.
Your first session is FREE!!***


Do you believe you matter? That you have value and purpose? What if someone makes you feel like you don’t? Or (you think) they don’t like you? Do you take it to heart, personally? Is it hard not to?

Think about this: how important are they to you and your life? How easily Can someone make you feel devalued, inferior, unimportant, stressed, IF You Let Them?

Do you have inner strength—even IF or WHEN someone in your life leaves, rejects you, or you choose to walk away? Do you believe in Yourself?

Would you like to—believe in YOU more or just figure out how to start to?

You Can redirect your thoughts, your mind!
And You DO Matter!
You Have Value and Purpose and So Much to Offer!

My first appointment is free! Message me. 😊


My Hope for You is that 2019 is Better, Healthier, Happier--All You Want it To Be--& More!!!


Whether you are Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Agnostic, etc. the 'Holiday Season' is here!

Do you embrace it? Enjoy it? Dread it? Pay no attention to it? Live in a warmer state/climate with palm trees and beaches? Or a colder area with snow?

No matter where you are or what you do or don't believe or practice, I hope this 'season' finds you smiling, laughing, taking moments in time--in your days--that bring you Much Happiness and Joy! 😊


Recently, someone asked me if I get emotional. 🤔
How would you respond? Should I have said, "Of course, I'm a female" or, "it depends"?

We all have emotions and feelings--women and men--because we're human. It's how we choose to 'handle' these feelings that can make all the difference: being self-aware, knowing why we feel as we do, thinking before (re)acting. How others in your life handle their own emotions matter, too!

How are you handling emotions--your own or someone else's close to you? Are you struggling? You're not alone. I can help. 😊 Your first coaching session is free! All you have to do is message me.


You can want change and better things in your life--in relationships, your career, the vehicle you drive, the place you live, etc. and {still} be thankful for what you have now. Whatever you do/are doing today, I hope you find thankfulness in your heart! 😊

Scene from The Holiday 05/28/2018

Scene from The Holiday

What do you think of when you hear the word 'LABEL'?
Campbells' Soup? Heinz Ketchup? Johnsonville Brats?!
(Are you getting hungry?!)
BKE, Lucky? Columbia? Ann Taylor? Wrangler? DeWALT?
What about labels on other people? Famous or imfamous? Brett Favre, Aaron Rogers, Taylor Swift, Garth Brooks...your neighbor, co-worker, Pastor or Priest, Military men and women...
And what about YOU? How do You label Yourself?
How much do you let others label you?
Have you seen this movie (clip below)? With some encouragement & support, this older man overcomes his physical limits and confidently walks, then goes up stairs to receive honorable acknowledgement on a stage with a huge audience! He overcame his Own Label of himself.
We ALL have the ability--and yes, even the power--to change our 'labels': what we choose to believe about ourselves and others.

Are you stuck in a label? Or is someone you know and love?
I can help! Your first session is FREE!!! :)


Scene from The Holiday My favourite scene in The Holiday, because Kate Winslet says that Irene Dunne is *fantastic* :) (film rights belong to Universal Pictures)


When someone asks you if you 'own it' what do you think of? Honestly and openly admitting mistakes? To your boss, co-workers, those closest to you? We all make them (mistakes).

What about the rest of you? Are you fun or funny or both? More serious? Easy-going, particular, set in your ways, defensive, sensitive, passive, loving, kind, hard on yourself or others, honest, private, outgoing, an optimist or pessimist...

There is Only 1 You! Do you EMBRACE the unique person that you are?
Whether you're perfectly content and satisfied or working on some things, isn't it about time you 'owned it'?!

If you're struggling, I can help! Your first session is free! 😊

Photos from A Healthy Relationship means a Happier You's post 02/05/2018

I watched a movie this weekend that defined the meaning of Compassion as: 'to suffer with someone'. Does that sound like very much fun?! I'm willing to bet no one likes the idea of suffering--on any level!
..but what about the one person you're closest to? Your children, your family, your friends--those you care for and even love?
Do you believe you are compassionate? What about when YOU need compassion?
We're all different, but we're all created, in part, to connect, and to have good, even great relationship(s) with others.

How are your relationships going? Would you like to RECEIVE more (Compassion)? And what about Giving Compassion? Are you available for those you love? Are your and their needs mutually met? What would you like to change, if you could?

Compassion is a Noun and a Verb. Below are two definitions...and a few pictures for you!

I hope you're having a Great Start to this New Year! Message or text or call me to schedule your first appointment--it's FREE!! 😊


Have you made any Resolutions? How many? 10, 20, 1? How's it going so far? Are you not where you'd like to be? Disappointed, disheartened? Any change, no matter how big or small, begins with YOU! Y!our actions, thoughts and words.

Remember no one is perfect! It's OK to fall and get back up again! Give yourself credit for all you Are Doing Well!

Feel like you could use a little help, a boost? Message me!
Your first session is free!


I hope 2017 brought you
Memories to smile upon
People & situations you've learned from
and Love.
May your 2018 be
Even More
Than you're wishing, hoping or praying for!


The Holidays are...Almost Here!! Do you host or go to a Thanksgiving Dinner surrounded by mostly family? Do you hang out with friends (maybe family doesn't live close by or you are not on good terms); do you have to work, or just choose not to 'celebrate' for 1 or more reasons?

Holidays can be wonderful, happy, fun; stressful, depressing, sad--or all of the above!

Whether you just need to talk to or are in need of improving a relationship with someone you care about...whatever that looks like, I can help! Your first session is free--message, text or call me and we can schedule a time to meet!

Photos from A Healthy Relationship means a Happier You's post 07/29/2017

Have you ever been fired? Asked to leave a place? A party? How about feeling dismissed by someone close to you that you love and care about? Once? On a regular basis?
Or...have you done the 'dismissing' TO someone in your life?
It's been said that resentment develops when someone you value repeatedly makes you feel unheard, dismissed, or puts other interests ahead of you, according to what your values are.
When it comes to emotions and our hearts are involved, we can react emotionally first, sometimes wishing we would've responded differently. But...there is still [always] a reason for our feelings / reactions.
Relationships take work and always take two.
How are you doing with the person / people closest to you in your life? Would you like things to get better? Or are you unsure of what the future holds?
Message or call me to schedule your first session (free)! I can help you get to a better place!

Timeline photos 05/25/2017

When you think of 'family', who do you think of? Your parents? Mom OR Dad? Brother, Sister, Cousin? Significant other? Child/children?
What if you never had that kind of 'family', or lost someone close to you? Who, then? A BFF, your dog, cat, fish--you can talk to about ANYTHING? I hope you have 'family' in your life!! You ARE Valuable & Deserve to be Loved!!
{Struggling with 'family'? Relationships aren't always easy! I can help. Message me, call or text. Your first session is free!}

Photos from A Healthy Relationship means a Happier You's post 03/15/2017

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you value Your Opinion over others'? How often do you give your opinion, even if you're not asked? Does it depend on the person & / or circumstances?
People will give their opinion whether they're asked or not. It doesn't mean you have to heed to what they think...you can take it into consideration to see if it coincides with what You Think, Believe, Value.
A view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.
"I'm writing to voice my opinion on an issue of great importance"

synonyms: belief, judgment, thought(s), (way of) thinking, mind, (point of) view, viewpoint, outlook, attitude, stance, position, perspective, persuasion, standpoint; More
the beliefs or views of a large number or majority of people about a particular thing.
"the changing climate of opinion"
an estimation of the quality or worth of someone or something.

"I had a higher opinion of myself than I deserved"


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