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Operating as usual


June is , and we want to stress the importance of making your health and wellbeing a top priority! As we age, there are health recommendations for the age-group you’re in. Are you between the ages of 40 to 49? If so, Dr. Cody Wingler at Catawba Valley Family Medicine–Bethlehem has some recommendations for you!

If you’re between 40-49, we recommend:
• Full Checkup with Height, Weight, Skin at least every 2 years
• Blood Pressure Check Yearly
• Blood Tests for Diabetes, Cholesterol, and Kidney Dysfunction at least every 2 years
• Colorectal Screening, discuss with MD if you are African-American or if you have a family history
• Sexually Transmitted Diseases, both partners should get tested, including HIV before initiating sexual in*******se
• Eye (including Glaucoma Screening if you have family history or if you are African-American) and Ear Exams every 2-4 years
• Dental Exam 1 to 2 times a year
• Tetanus-Diphtheria Booster every 10 years
• Influenza Vaccine annually
• COVID-19 vaccine

“The best advice I can give anyone is that they should never neglect their health. Often men in this age range get so busy in their careers or with their families that they neglect to take care of themselves. It is very important to make time for your health, both physical and mental. Exercising the recommended 150 minutes a week and eating a healthy diet are very important to your health. Also, with the recent change in colon cancer screening guidelines, men need a colonoscopy at 45 instead of 50. Certainly, if you are a man and do not go to the doctor on a regular basis, you may not keep up with cancer screening guidelines and not know this important change,” Dr. Wingler said. “Your 40s is a decade that can either set you up for great health as you age. Continuing healthy habits or replacing bad ones will pay dividends as you get into your golden years.”

Dr. Wingler is accepting new patients! To learn more about becoming a patient at CVFM-Bethlehem, visit us online at


Come work with me!

More great opportunities:


Great news! Starting 4/15/22, my office will be IN-NETWORK with Blue Cross Blue Shield Value plans!!!!


Check out our ad in The Taylorsville Times! So glad to be back serving the citizens in Alexander County!


Office is opening at 1pm today! Be careful out there and keep enjoying the snow!


I am seeing this in the office. Please wear your masks, and get vaccinated if you haven’t yet!

A notice to our community:

Catawba Valley Health System (CVHS) is experiencing unprecedented patient volumes in the Emergency Department and hospital. This is largely due to the spike of COVID-19 cases. While you should never delay getting care for a medical emergency, please consider whether your health issue could be treated at your primary care office.

Please note that our Emergency Department is not performing rapid COVID testing for well individuals. Options for testing can be found


Welcome Dr. Wingler to our Bethlehem practice! Now welcoming new patients of all ages.


I’m thankful that as of today, I am no longer restricted in my ability to practice medicine in Taylorsville! This has been a long time coming, but with God’s help and guidance, we have successfully navigated the last year. I’m looking forward to seeing my patient’s friendly faces. I’ll be starting on Monday with orientation at at CVMC, then starting seeing patients at Catawba Valley Family Medicine Bethlehem this coming week! If you want to schedule an appointment, please call 828-495-8226, or click the call now button on my page! We are closed today and tomorrow, but come Monday morning, I’m open for business again!


People ask…are you going to vaccinate your kids?

Yep. First shot for both today!


Booster shot ✅

Get Vaccinated. If you have questions about the vaccines, shoot me a message!

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Pictures and diplomas being hung! Whose ready for the new office?


Just a reminder…I’ll be in practice at Catawba Valley Family Medicine Bethlehem in 79 days!


Vaccine Update & Q+A LIVE w/Dr. Paul Offit

This is great information!


Just an example from Idaho. Vaccination is not perfect and never will be! BUT look at the difference in cases, hospitalizations and deaths among vaccinated vs not vaccinated!


Who’s ready to come see me???

My new office is scheduling patients starting the first week of December! Call 828-495-8226 to schedule your follow up appointment with me!

It’s been a long time coming, and I know this hasn’t been easy on anyone. You have been very patient patients! Never did I think that I would spend a year away but God knew exactly what his plan would be and we have just been along for the ride. I look forward to seeing you at my new office at Catawba Valley Family Medicine Bethlehem!



I will be back in practice with Catawba Valley Family Medicine Bethlehem starting November 29th! Mark your calendars…I know mine is!!!

How a shortage of doctors impacts medical care in North Carolina’s rural areas 04/20/2021

How a shortage of doctors impacts medical care in North Carolina’s rural areas

1 doctor for every 4,273 patients in Alexander County and yet some people think it is ok to prevent a young local doctor from practicing here for one year. Thanks WBTV News for putting this out here. I am a local family doctor, born and raised in Taylorsville. I made it my life goal to return back to Taylorsville as a doctor to provide healthcare to my rural community which is considered a federally designated healthcare shortage area. I practiced in Taylorsville for 7 years, and after leaving one job for another in Alexander County, my former employer is enforcing a non compete agreement in my contract to the detriment of my patients and our county.

How a shortage of doctors impacts medical care in North Carolina’s rural areas This kind of data is why WBTV and the company that owns us - Gray Television - is making a commitment to report on efforts to Bridge the Great Health Divide.

Lose-Lose: Noncompete Agreements Hurt Doctors and Patients 03/04/2021

Lose-Lose: Noncompete Agreements Hurt Doctors and Patients

Patients and Doctors should NOT be in a lose-lose situation.

Lose-Lose: Noncompete Agreements Hurt Doctors and Patients Restrictive covenants, also known as noncompete agreements, represent a unique piece of contract architecture that exists in many business fields and may have merit in certain circumstances. When applied to medical practice, however, these agreements can be particularly harmful. Read more in the Fre...


2nd Dose Vaccine Update:

Well, that time flew by between my first and second shot. I got my second vaccine yesterday at the Alexander County Health Department and it went fine. I have definitely felt more aches and chills with this one, but that was totally expected. I have not had a fever.

Some co-workers who were infected with covid in the fall who got their first dose this week had more symptoms than I had with my second vaccine dose. The CDC recommends vaccination even if you have had a Covid infection in the past.

I definitely recommend everyone to get their vaccine with the time comes. Side effects are nothing some ibuprofen and Epsom salts won’t fix. Much better than risking a Covid infection.

Remember to wash your hands, mask up and space out!

Photos from Cody A. Wingler, MD, FAAFP's post 01/01/2021

Last post vaccine update:

Felt great yesterday and this am. No further issues or side effects. Now to wait until 1/26/21 for dose #2.

Finished another New Year’s Day tradition. Little more wet and soggy but I ran up Hibriten mountain in Lenoir to the star. Socially distanced of course.

Now is as good as a time as ever to start exercising. When I started, I could run half a block, in the flattest place on earth. Now I can run up mountains. Never give up, never quit and you will get better. One step at a time!


Post Vaccine Day 2:

I had a few aches and headache last night but nothing ibuprofen didn’t fix. Ran 5 miles, hiked another 3.25 with Melanie Teague Wingler.

Moral of the story? The side effects of the vaccine are minimal compared to covid infection.

I have also been seeing reports of people getting the vaccine and getting COVID. Just like with the influenza vaccine, it takes time for the vaccine to work, and the studies showed efficacy after two shots. It takes two shots to reach full potential and if you got exposed to COVID in the interim, it won’t be fully protective.

Also, you cannot get COVID from the vaccine. Your body won’t make anything more than one piece of the virus. It’s like someone putting a steering wheel in a garage and expecting a car when they walk in the next day. It’s not going to happen!

If you have any other Covid vaccine related questions you want answered, put them below...I’ll do my best!

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Post vaccine day 1

I had a mild (and I mean mild) headache and arm soreness. No other symptoms. Even took my running buddy Barkley on a 5 mile run this am.

I know a lot of my patients will have concerns about getting this vaccine. Please know that this vaccine was built on 30 years of knowledge of mRNA technology and it is SAFE. I recommend that when you get a chance to get it, don’t waste it.


So glad I was able to get my COVID vaccine today with the Alexander County Health Department! Thanks to the staff for making the process effortless.

If you want to know more about the vaccine rollout and other vaccine related questions, be sure to go the NCDHHS website (,-how-will-people-know-when-to-get-their-second-shot).

So glad to be able to protect others, as well as my family and myself with this vaccine!

I will update daily to let you guys know what to expect!


When I took my oath to practice medicine, I promised to protect my patients from harm and prevent disease where I could. I am committed to using the expertise and knowledge gained over my medical career to help protect you from the wide-ranging and often devastating impacts of COVID-19. I am deeply concerned about the toll of COVID-19 on our community and the consequences of failing to follow basic preventive practices.

Here’s what I’m asking you to do:

• Wear a mask when you are in public places. Masks should cover your nose and mouth.
• Maintain a physical distance of at least six feet when you are near people who do not
live with you.
• Wash your hands frequently with soap and warm water for 20 seconds or with a hand
sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.
• Stay home when you are sick.
• Avoid large indoor gathering, especially those where masks and social distancing are
not observed. If you are going to have large gatherings, do so in a manner that will protect the most vulnerable. Our church is distanced, temperature checked and masks are required.
• Take care of each other and help those in community most vulnerable to COVID-19.

These simple measures will help to reduce the spread of COVID-19, help keep our community open for business, and put us on the path to a return to normalcy.

Our community has a longstanding tradition of looking out for one another, and these times are challenging us to continue to show support, compassion, and grace. I hope you will follow this commonsense advice and do your part to keep us all healthy and safe.

Cody A. Wingler M.D., FAAFP

Photos from Cody A. Wingler, MD, FAAFP's post 04/19/2019

Now this was fun! Career day at Bethlehem Elementary was a blast! Talking to first graders and a special boy’s kindergarten class about being a 👨🏻‍⚕️


Here in Hilton Head to learn more about treating diabetes, thyroid problems, and other hormone issues...

2016 Alexander County Readers' Choice winners announced 12/07/2016

Thanks again to our wonderful patients!

Mobile uploads 04/30/2015

National Leadership Conference





174 Bolick Lane
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