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Fertility Coach Sara Rector, MFT Sara Rector, MFT has been helping individuals and couples cope since 1980, and in private practice s


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For 33 years, has been acknowledged throughout the month of October. It was declared by former President Ronald Reagan in 1988 as a way to publicly bring awareness to the pain and grief families experience when they lose a pregnancy or infant, as he wanted to provide a place for those people to come together and honor and remember their loss.

We know the loss you've experienced isn't just recognized during one month. For so many of you aching for the child that was once here and gone too soon, we see you. Our hearts are with you this month and always. 🧡


We learned this from Katy , that being childless doesn’t have to diminish happiness, or fulfillment, or womanhood. You are worthy.


And Labor Day weekend family picnic photos and all the back to school photos...🥺😔stepped away from social media after sharing the wonderful Buttigieg twins news but in a brief return, was overcome with sadness and thought this was worth repeating. Just be gentle with yourself. ❤️


We read this earlier and then, sure enough at my local coffee shop EVERY SINGLE TABLE had a baby (or two) ... at it and I couldn’t get out of there fast enough ...AND without coffee! All I had were tears streaming down my face as I raced home.

Sometimes it is the least obvious place that triggers me the most.

The Baby Section at Target is still painful to this day. Especially the baby girl section. Our two adoptions that did not work out were both baby girls. I have completely fallen apart over a unicorn onesie that I can’t buy.

Not because I can’t afford it, or don’t want it, but because I cannot use it. Such a simple little joy that I always thought I would have and never thought it would be taken away from me.

If you are struggling today, please know that I am here for you, and sending you so much love.

Is there a place that hits you hard? A place that seems normal but is triggering?


May we recognize all the rainbows here with us today, honor the memory of the ones we've lost, and hold the umbrella for all those still standing in the rain.


🌎 Honoring International Women's Day!

The circles of women keep circling and becoming ever larger and STRONGER and are rising now more than ever~ International Women’s Day is NOW and of course every day.
Tag a woman or women you love and we’ll widen the infinite circle~


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